At The Movies

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It was a Tuesday night and I was bored. I had no desire to sit on my couch and watch TV all night, so I started going through the movie show times. A few grabbed my attention and were showing soon, but the last thing I wanted to do was go sit in a dark room by myself for 2 hours. If I wanted to do that, I could stay home and watch porn.

I didn’t have to think twice about whom I’d call, as I grabbed my phone and started scrolling through my contacts. Mary’s name showed itself and all I could think of was the last time I’d seen her. Almost a month ago I met her at a bar and the night ended with us together at her place going at it. Well, I should specify that the night wasn’t what ended our first encounter. More like the 7:00am garbage trucks reminding us that it was morning already.

But after that night, we fell out of touch and it wasn’t until I happened across her at a friend’s pool party that we found ourselves locked in each other’s arms in the hot tub. Just thinking of her glorious tits and sweet, wet pussy made my cock grow a little inside my pants as I pressed send and dialed her number.

The phone rang only twice before it picked up.

“Fuck me.” she said on the other end, followed by a laugh.

“Is this how we’re greeting one another now, because I kind of like it.” I replied back joking.

“What’s up?”

“I was wondering the same about you. What are you doing tonight?” I asked, my hand slowly stroking the growing bulge in my pants, trying to calm it down while thinking about her.

“Nothing really. Just watching TV. Why?”

“Want to get together and go see a movie?”

“Sure, sounds like fun.”

“I’ll be by in a little bit to get you, then.”

“I’ll be sure to put on clothes then. Guess I can’t go out naked.” she said in a way that I could tell she was smirking.

“Oh come on now. That’s just mean.”

“I know. I’ll see you in a bit.”

I hung up the phone, shook my head to snap back to reality and headed for the door. The drive seemed to take forever but I soon got to her apartment and found myself ringing her buzzer. I barely let go of the button and she was at her door, swinging it open to reveal herself. She stood there, tight jeans clinging to her gorgeous legs, and a blue top that hugged her breasts reminding me exactly of what they looked like.

I could tell the bra she wore beneath her top was thin as the cool air of her apartment had already started making her nipples hard. I resisted the urge to simply jump her right there and forget the movie all together as she walked closer and pressed up against me.

I felt her breasts press up against my body as she closed the door behind her and locked it. We headed for my car and drove off to the theater, the whole time discussing what had happened in the weeks since we’d seen one another.

I watched as with every bounce in the road, her breasts bounced in her top. Subconsciously, I think a part of me started aiming for the potholes on purpose just to watch them jump more. My free hand covered my cock, trying to keep it under control as I watched. I’m sure she noticed as a few times I noticed her smiling for no reason.

We arrived at the theater and got out of the car. I met her on her side of the car but before she walked to the doors, I grabbed her arm and pulled her close to me. A glance into her beautiful eyes and I kissed her passionately. She pulled me tighter towards her, our bodies pushing up against one another; the bulge I was trying to hide pushing up against her pussy. suadiye escort

After the long passionate kiss ended, I looked at her as she smiled back at me. I remembered why I loved being with her. Our first night together was an incredible night of pleasure that easily topped any other night I had ever had. I wanted so badly to bend her over the hood of my car and fuck her right then and there, but I quickly resisted the urge.

“You gotta learn to control that little soldier of yours.” She snickered.

“Little?” I asked shocked.

“Sorry, your major general then. Or…something…I don’t really know military terms that well.” She said laughing, me along with her.

We turned and walked into the theater, my arm around her waist. She chose the movie, an action movie with a washed up star from the 90’s. I was shocked she chose one like that, though not complaining.

“I want popcorn.” She said as we headed away from the ticket booth and got in line at the concessions.

As we stepped up to the counter, she ordered her popcorn and the worked took off making it. My hand that had been around her waist took on a mind of it’s own as I glanced down at her perfect ass. It slid down onto one of her ass cheeks and slowly started to squeeze it. I realized what was doing and quickly blocked it from the person in line behind us at the counter worker.

Mary turned and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Will you wait a minute? We’re not even in the theater yet.” she said through gritted teeth.

I smiled and raised my hand back up to her back as she paid for the popcorn and soda, and we headed to the theater. We laughed the whole way there as I reached and grabbed a handful of popcorn from her bag.

“Hey now! Did I say you could have some of that?” she laughed.

“Are we talking about the popcorn or…” I replied back.

“Oh you never have to ask for that.” she said as we turned into the theater.

We quickly found our seats, in the far back of the theater and away from the handful of others that had also decided to go out for that night. The movie started and we found ourselves in the darkness of the theater.

The previews started and I reached for another handful of popcorn, purposely rubbing the back of my hand against her breast as they pushed up against the container of popcorn. It lingered there for a moment as my fingers tried to grab a hold of a kernel or two. They finally did and as I popped them in my mouth, she blindly reached across my lap, feeling for the soda in the cup holder to my left.

Her hand missed the soda but instead found my thigh where it felt around and rubbed across the ever-growing bulge in my pants. The feeling of her fingers running across my cock made it throb in anticipation, wanting her to pull it out of my pants and shove it deep into the back of her throat.

Her fingers finally rose up and grabbed a hold of the soda. I watched as she slowly wrapped her gorgeous lips around the tip of the straw and sucked. She lowered her mouth down a bit further onto the straw and back up twice before handing the soda back to me with a smile.

The teasing was killing me. I wanted her so bad right now, but if she was going to do this to me then I was going to do it right back. I reached for more popcorn, completely with another brush up against her breasts and a handful of kernels. This time however as I raised my hand out of the bucket I purposefully dropped a few down her low cut top. They fell inside her cleavage and I quickly acted yakacık escort like it was an accident.

She smiled and shook her head as she looked down at her tits.

“Oh sorry! I’ll get those.” I said as I reached into her top, my hand wrapping around her right tit and slowly squeezing it. My fingers found her nipple, still hard from cool air of the theater, and gently squeezed and pulled on it. I watched as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, enjoying the foreplay. Another squeeze of her breast this time a little harder and my hand made it’s way to the popcorn I dropped inside and pulled it out.

She moved to my hand and wrapped her mouth around my fingers and the popcorn. Her tongue flipped the popcorn into the back of her mouth as she sucked on my fingers. She slowly pulled them out of her mouth before taking a final deep swallow of them. Her eyes locked onto mine as she finished and let go of my hand.

I hadn’t realized it but her other hand had slowly found its way to the bulge in pants and was gently rubbing it. My cock throbbed again and grew another inch as it ached to be free and feel her hand directly. She handed the popcorn to me and unzipped my pants. Lowering herself to the floor between my legs, she reached inside and grabbed tightly onto my massive cock and pulled it out into the open.

The 8-inch throbbing member wasn’t in the air for long before her mouth wrapped around the tip and started sucking. I felt her tongue work the end, slowly wrapping around and around it before taking more of the shaft. The sheer feeling of her mouth around my cock made me relive every moment of ecstasy from our first two encounters.

The movie began with a bang and loud music that covered her every suck. I sat back in my chair and watched the images on the screen, though I wasn’t able to pay attention to a single thing I saw as I felt the tip of my dick push further into her mouth. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock, pushing it deep into her throat, until her lips reached the base of my shaft. The walls of her throat wrapped tightly around my dick as my left hand reached for the side of her head.

I gently grabbed her hair and raised her head a few inches before pushing it back down. I closed my eyes as I slowly fucked her throat with my massive cock, enjoying the feel of it pushing into her throat. After a few more thrusts into her, she looked up at me and smiled as she took my cock out of her mouth. With a couple base to tip licks of her tongue, her hand lowered to her pants and unbuckled them.

She stood up, pulled her pants down slightly and sat directly in front of me on my seat, her ass pressed up against my hard cock. I reached around her and found her pussy. My fingers went into autopilot as they gently rubbed her cunt. She let out a soft moan that continued to be covered by the film as it played on screen, as their speed increased. One finger slipped into her pussy and shoved up inside as far as I could go. She was wet already as my finger slid in with no resistance.

My right hand reached in front of her and slid up inside her shirt to grab a tit. I resumed my earlier tease of squeezing her breast gently with a solid tug on her hard nipple. She arched her back into me as I sped up with my fingering her, my cock pulsing against her back. I breathed heavily onto the back of her neck, kissing it in unison with her breathing.

I felt her body tense up briefly, before losing control as she came. I slid my fingers out of her pussy and rubbed her cunt şerifali escort to help prolong her orgasm as she continued to shake. She finally settled as she grabbed my hand and raised it up to her mouth, sucking on the fingers, tasting herself on me.

My cock could not take it any longer and I pushed her forward to the row before us. She leaned on the chairs like someone would if they were tired of sitting back in their chair, as I positioned the tip of my dick on the edge of her pussy. I slowly rubbed it up and down across her soaking wet pussy, before shoving the tip inside. She moaned as I shoved it the rest of the way in. We sat there motionless, enjoying each other connected before I pulled out slightly and thrusted back into her.

She bounced forward hard onto the chairs in front of us, a lucky thing there was no one sitting in that row. Another quick pull out and thrust in made her moan fairly loudly, but the action packed music of the scene on the screen again covered our fun.

I started speeding up my thrusts into her, slapping my thighs against her ass and pounding her pussy as hard as I could. Her breathing increased as she tried as hard as possible to not look like we were doing what we were doing. I looked up from watching her pussy swallowing my cock to those in the theater and met eyes with another woman.

She was sitting next to her boyfriend who leaned forward, heavily engrossed in the film while she sat bored out of her mind. It took her a moment to realize what we were doing but once she did, she quickly averted her gaze before slowly turning back. The look on her face was questioning. I smiled at her and nodded, letting her know that yes in fact we were doing what she thought we were doing. She smiled as she bit her lower lip and turned back to the screen.

I leaned forward and started to whisper into Mary’s ear when she turned to me.

“I know. I saw her too. That’s so fucking hot.” She said.

“Knowing someone else knows what we’re doing.” I said gently kissing her back as she sat upright.

“Fuck me…please…” she said and without a care of anyone in the theater, I raised her up onto my lap and started bouncing her up and down onto my cock. Her tits bounced around beneath her top as my hard dick shoved deep inside her repeatedly. The walls of her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock and squeezed it with each bounce.

Her pussy wanted my load now as it seemed to hold tighter around my cock with each passing moment. I sped up her bouncing, her moaning increased and after a few minutes, we each came. Her body spasmed and tightened even more around my cock as I shot my big load deep inside her. It had been building up since our last all night session and it was amazing when it finally let loose.

We sat holding each other, my throbbing cock still inside her, as our bodies slowly regained their composer, just as we noticed the end credits roll. We both snickered as she slid back to her chair and pulled up her pants and I shoved my cock back into mine. We had completely missed the movie.

The woman who caught our eye earlier glanced up at us and smiled as she walked out with her date. You could see it in her eyes that she wished she could have been partaking in what we had been but wasn’t with someone so ballsy to do such a thing.

After the theater emptied out of the few people inside, the two of us stood and embraced. We kissed passionately as I held her tightly against me, before turning and walking out of the theater. Back in the lobby, we walked over to the ticket booth and I got out my wallet.

“Can we have two tickets to the next showing please?” I asked.

The teller looked at us strangely, unsure of what to say.

“We really liked that movie.” Mary said in response.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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