Aunt Jean

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I went to my Aunt Jean’s house last summer to give her a hand cleaning up around her place. She isn’t a spring chicken anymore in her mid 60’s, and me only 27. She has always been one of my favorite Aunts, kind of eccentric but a really sweet lady all the same.

We had been mowing her large yard and picking up tree limbs that had blown down in a recent storm. It had been a long day already, and was only nearing noon. She had gone inside to fix some lunch for us while I finished up some things outside. I was glad to get inside to some air conditioning for a while and take a break. Aunt Jean was busy making sandwiches and fixed us a cold drink. When I noticed she must have been glad to get inside too as her nipples were sticking out quite far in the chilled air against her sweaty shirt.

We were both dressed for the summer heat. Me dressed in my T-Shirt and shorts. Aunt Jean had on a loose fitting shirt and loose shorts on. As she bent over me passing me my lunch I could not help but see down her shirt, I was staring straight at her large nipples surprised that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Aunt Jean caught me looking and I feigned embarrassment at getting caught.

“See anything interesting?”

I laughed and said “Yes Maam, It looks good to me!”

She smiled with a gleam in her eyes and replied, “You dirty little thing!” I had never had any sexual feelings towards her before this moment.

We sat and ate our lunch discussing what else we had to do and how long I would be able to stay and help etc… After lunch I told her I was so full I felt I could use a little nap.

“That sounds like a good idea!” She said

I told her I would lie on the couch as she only had a one bedroom that was in any order to sleep in. The rest were all in disrepair at this time. Cluttered up with her historical items and family tree paperwork etc…

“Nonsense, My room has the air conditioner in the window and I know you would be more comfortable there.”

So I went to take my nap, taking off my sweaty T-Shirt, a few minutes later she entered.

“Would you mind it I took a nap also?”

“Not if you don’t mind me snoring!”

“That is one of the silly things I miss about your Uncle.

He had been dead for around 12 years at this time. As we napped I awoke to find her snuggled up to me with her back to my stomach, the warmth from her ass had given me an erection. And I went right back to sleep. When I woke up a bit later, I found that I was holding her tit in my hand, lightly squeezing her thick nipple, I was hoping that she was still asleep so I could remove it without her noticing. As I tried to move my hand I felt her grasp it and hold it firmly on her breast. I couldn’t tell if she was still sleeping as her breath was coming in even movements. I just held on hoping I could get out of this without embarrassing either of us.

I again tried to remove my hand a few minutes later only to hear her say,

“Please don’t, I need to feel this for awhile. It has been so long and I miss him so, Please, just hold me tight for awhile!”

So I did. I found out later that she had never even masturbated in the 12 years since my Uncles death. And as I continued to caress her breast her breathing became more labored, and she was moving her hips against my erect cock. Shit! I thought. What should I do? This is my Aunt Jean. She is older than my Mother and now she is humping her ass against my hard cock.

She then reached around and grabbed my hard on and started to rub it thru my shorts, I knew now there was only one thing I could do. Fuck Her!

I bursa eskort moved my hand and she sighed thinking I was going to get up and leave in disgust, I guess, but I moved my hand down to her crotch and began to massage her pussy thru her shorts. She gave another sigh and began to hump against my palm and opened her legs for me to have better access to it. I slipped my hand inside her shorts and found she had no panties on under them.

As my hand reached her pubic area, I found the hairiest pussy I have ever put my hand on. I slipped my finger in her jungle of hair sliding me fingers around until I was between her thick cunt lips, feeling her moisture and ran my finger along her slit, feeling how wet she was exciting me to no end. Her thimble-sized clit was erect and in need of attention, so I began to caress it and lightly pinch it in my fingers. Her hips began to move even more all the time rubbing against my hard cock.

“Get up Aunt Jean, Take your clothes off for me. I want to see you!”

“Are you sure you wanted to see an old lady naked?”

I just kissed her softly and said yes. Aunt Jean stood up, took off her loose fitting shirt, looking away thinking I would think she was disgusting in her old age. Her body was in great shape for a woman her age, her tits were large and hung slightly with large dark brown colored nipples and since she had never had children they were free of stretch marks. She then bent over to take off her shorts.

She had a slight bulge in her belly, but not fat. And I had just thought her cunt was hairy when I felt it, Her hair went almost to her belly button and down between her legs about 4”s on her thighs and was so thick I couldn’t see her thick pussy lips. She hung her head low.

“Am I too horribly ugly naked?”

I smiled and removed my shorts pointing to my hard cock.

“What does my cock say?”

I was a teen and once saw my uncle’s cock hard and it was at least 10”s long and thick as a coke can. I didn’t think I could do anything for her being only an average 6 inches and about 4 and a half inches around, and after the years she had his monster cock to fuck.

But boy was I wrong! I had her lie on her back and kissed her from her toes, smelling her sweaty feet and licking them clean for her, She was squirming and trying to get away but I held her tightly. I then moved up to her knees then on to her inner thighs and licked and kissed her up to her thick bush.

I was more than pleasantly surprised when my nose got near her bush that she had only the sweet smell of sexual arousal and not a smelly odor of sweaty pussy, as we had worked quite hard this morning. And as thick as her bush was, I know it’s a natural odor keeper!

I pried open her thick bush with my fingers, and found her sweet pussy inside and began to lick her cunt, sticking my tongue inside as far as I could, wiggling it from side to side and fucking her with it. She began to twist and buck against my face, crying out in her first orgasm in over 12 years.

I then assaulted her clit, sucking it hard then biting it, as it grew even larger than before. I bit her inner thighs making her moan approval and tell me how great it felt. I raised her legs higher over her belly and then went to my goal, her asshole. As I kissed it her legs trembled and she cried out.

“NO, Please don’t do that. It’s such a nasty thing!”

I stuck my tongue inside it and fucked her with my tongue, she shook as her orgasm overcame her. And her hands pressed my face in between her ass cheeks until she came again. bursa escort bayan

Aunt Jean then let me know it was now my turn, and crawled down and kissed my nipples sucking them tenderly. She had her hand on my cock, slowly jacking me off. As she moved lower She licked inside my belly button then continued on to my hard cock. She made love to it with her mouth, kissing and commenting on how pretty she thought it was. Licking the precum from its head, sucking it lightly. Then moving down and caressing my balls with her lips, sucking them into her mouth one at a time.

Then she did something I would have never thought she would do. She went farther down to my asshole. She had me where she wanted me that is for sure. As she began to tongue the puckered rim, she started moaning. Her tongue went deeper inside my asshole fucking it with her mouth and as She raised her head.

“I would’ve never thought I would love the smell of a man’s asshole and the taste.”

I pushed her head back down and told her to continue to tongue fuck me like I had her. As she jacked my cock off with one hand, I saw in the mirror on her dresser behind her that her other hand was finger fucking her wet cunt furiously while she fucked my asshole with her mouth.

When I neared my orgasm I pulled her up and kissed her ass-fucking lips and told her to get on top of me so I could fuck her like she needed. I thought she would get upset with the language but didn’t really care at the moment. As Aunt Jean held my cock in her hands and lowered her dripping hairy cunt onto me she smiled the most seductive smile I’ve ever seen on a woman.

She held my cock in her hand and slid it inside her hairy pussy. She was as tight as a young woman and had to move her ass around to make it get inside her. She started moving up slowing and back down again, her juices running down her cunt and onto my balls. I told her to play with her clit as it turned me on watching a woman pleasure herself. She held her hair aside with one hand and fingered her clit with the other, and soon was Cumming, her stomach flexing as she humped me harder and faster.

I watched as the sweat came rolling down between her breasts, forming a trail down her belly. And I moved my face up and licked it off her, then began to pinch and bite on her nipples. As she started fucking me faster.

“Would think badly of me if I asked you to bite me harder?”

I assured her it would not. As I bit her what I thought would be hard enough

“No, bite me Harder!”

I was so afraid to hurt her but it seemed that’s what she wanted. So I clamped down on her nipple with my teeth and she immediately began to have the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever seen a woman have.

“Did I hurt you Aunt Jean?”

“No. When your uncle and I had sex he would hurt me by biting my nipples and even slapping me, calling her nasty names, and it made me cum.”

“Do you want me to do that to you Aunt Jean?”

Without saying a word she got up and went to her closet and brought out a large paddle, handed it to me, then lay down on the bed on her knees on the floor.

I had heard of submissives but never really thought it was true, but here she was, my Prim and Proper Aunt Jean handing me a paddle and wanting me to spank her ass with it. I picked it up and told her if this is what you need, then you shall have it! I started out slowly and not very hard, until she pleaded with me to make her sorry she was such a nasty whore and she should be ashamed that she was fucking her nephew. görükle escort

I began to spank her ass harder calling her an incestuous whore and how she was deserving of the punishment she was receiving now. She was bouncing her ass towards the paddle with every stroke. Then she even began thanking me for making her pay for her evil ways. As her orgasm took over. I really got into this game.

As we rested a few minutes, I asked her how she got into this lifestyle,

“Your Uncle came home drunk one night with a few of his friends. They played cards and had me get out of bed and fix them some food.”

She then went on to say.

“They made lewd comments about my body, how sexy I looked in my nightgown and what they would do to me, and your Uncle said for them to go ahead, Fuck her!”

She explained to me that she had tried to get away, but they held her down and raped her in front of my Uncle while he sat back laughing. One held her hands over her head, while the others bit her tits and pinched them making her scream out for help. But still my Uncle laughed at her calling her a slut and saying how she wanted them to fuck her. She begged them not to do this, but they continued.

One stuck his cock inside her not giving her time to get wet while another forced her to suck his cock. When one came in her pussy another would take his place. The bastard forcing her to suck his cock pulled it out and came in her face laughing at her.

After they were done and left, my uncle then told her to suck his cock since she seemed to enjoy sucking his friends so much. When she refused, cursing him, he slapped her down and raped her pulling out in time to cum on her face and fell asleep.

“I was never the same after that.”

. After that if he shouted at her to do something for him, it had to be done then or he would punish her for fucking his friends. She soon began to feel it was a necessary part of her sexual release to be abused as he would force her to suck his huge cock until she gagged then turn her over and fuck her, Calling her the worst names I could imagine.

I asked her if she wanted me to do the same, She hung her head low and said

“Yes Sir!”

I continued to spank her and called her a nasty cunt degrading her. I told her to finger fuck her cunt while I spanked her, then she started to cum again. I grabbed her by her hair

“Bitch I never said you could cum!”

I then spanked her harder. She was in tears and never stopped moving her ass against my paddle! As she began to have another orgasm without my permission I rammed my cock down her face and made her suck me until I was ready to cum. I pulled out just as I started to cum, and splattered her face with my spunk. It was on her eyes, nose, lips and throat when I was done!

“Now Bitch, clean your nasty face up with your fingers and eat my cum like a good whore.”

She came again as she did. I asked her,

“Is that what a good slut needed to be happy?”

She wiped her tears away and said to me, “Yes Sir, it is, thank you!”

As we dressed to finish our chores, “Aunt Jean I was impressed with you as a hot fuck, and I have decided I would enjoy continuing our relationship. I will make sure that you get the discipline you require.

She bowed her head again and said “Thank You, Master!”

I slapped her on the Ass as we went outside!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened it was only written for You, the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! 😉 Thanks, mustanger7up

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