Aunty’s Sex Slave Pt. 04

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The evening before the party, as we relaxed watching one of the femdom videos I had selected from Aunty Pat’s wide selection of porno movies, she told me about the three ladies who had been invited along to the poolside party.

“You’ll love Ebony,” said Aunty Pat, as she gently stroked my eight-inch erection, while we watched a trio of sexily-clad dommes put a pony boy through his athletic paces.

“She’s a 40-year-old – a black lady, as her name suggests – and she’s a university lecturer,” my aunt informed me. “She’s got a big body – not overweight, just big, and she’s heavily into watersports, golden showers, you know.”

Indeed, after more than a fortnight at aunty’s secluded property, I knew very well!

“Then Paula – she’s a 35-year-old blonde, and she’s from England, so you two should get on,” said Aunty Pat. “She’s also a rather large lady, and she specialises in flogging. She’s a part-time dominatrix at one of my dungeons.”

Aunty grinned at my look of discomfort. “Don’t worry, she’s got a new flogging game you’ll just love!” I sincerely hoped so, but somewhat doubted it!

“And Paula?” I asked, as I watched the pony boy being cruelly disciplined for some minor infraction during his prancing exercises.

“She’s the baby of the group,” explained Aunty Pat. “She’s 20, a blonde, rather skinny, hardly any breasts, and she’s got a thing about pony boys, so you’ll be perfect for her.”

Again I looked apprehensive. “Don’t worry, darling,” my aunt reassured me, “she’s quite light – but she will expect several orgasms during a ride!” Dominas riding me and expecting orgasms was nothing new to me, now!

“And if you’re wondering where Bobbi fits into the picture, she’s Ebony’s personal assistant at the university and works part-time with Paula at one of my dungeons.”

Party day dawned clear and hot and I was ordered to arrange five recliners in a circle surrounding a black rubber mat, just off by the pool. Conchita and Pepina were also in attendance, dressed in saucy little black latex bikinis and high heel boots, to act as waitresses for the five dominas.

Just before midday a car arrived carrying the three guests and Aunty Pat ordered me into a kneeling position in the center of the mat, my naked body glistening with sun tan lotion. She then went to greet her visitors, leaving Conchita and Pepina bearing drinks trays, and me kneeling on the mat.

Some minutes later, five women emerged from the back of Aunty Pat’s spacious home and walked across the lawn to accept drinks from Conchita and Pepina.

From my aunt’s descriptions, it was easy to identify who was who. Ebony was a big black woman, naked save for gleaming black leather boots which came so far up her magnificently marbled thighs they were almost in danger of stroking against her prominent pink piss flaps.

Her snatch was shaved, only a thin layer of crinkly black hair glistening around her sex lips and on her mons. Her breasts must have been as big, if not bigger, than my aunt’s 40-inchers, with stunningly-hard nipples surrounded by wide areolae. Her hair was bunched up in Afro-style and she was grinning broadly as she looked at me, kneeling in submission, my stiffy waving before me.

After accepting a glass of bubbly from one of the garden girls, she stepped onto the mat and knelt beside me. “Hi babe,” she smiled, stroking my erection. “Do you like golden bursa eskort bayan showers?”

I gulped a “Yes, very much, Mistress Ebony” reply.

She continued: “And eating pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress Ebony,” I answered.

She gave my cock another caress. “Great, then we’ll get along just fine!” she said before rejoining the group.

Next, I was approached by Paula, a woman who my father would have described as “a blowsy, barmaid” type, her blonde hair dragged back in a severe ponytail, her cheeks rouged.

She was busty but her breasts were encased in a tight red leather bra. A matching red leather garter belt was slung around her middle, holding up black stockings. Bright red leather boots which came half-way up her big thighs completed her outfit. Her pussy was totally free of pubic hair, her sex lips thick and pendulous.

“‘Ello, darlin’,” she said, in a broad London accent, “my name’s Paula. I’m lookin’ forward to floggin’ you – won’t that be fun, eh?”

I nodded: “Yes, Mistress Paula.”

That left the 20-year-old Bobbi, to greet me. She was wearing a jaunty little satin jockey’s cap on her head, a shiny black PVC bra covering her hardly-there tits, and black leather riding boots. In one of her leather-gloved hands was a cruel-looking little riding crop.

Bobbi knelt close to me, so I could stare at her pussy, covered in a light wisp of fairish hair, the piss flaps peeping through her unshaven but sparse thatch. “I do hope you like being a pony boy, because I love having orgasms on slave’s necks,” she said, smiling at me, our faces nearly touching.

“I like being ridden, Mistress Bobbi,” I replied.

As she stroked my hard-on, she laughed: “Great, because I’m going to play with you first!”

I was then left to kneel in the sun, while the three guests and Aunty Pat and Anita – both wearing skimpy little PVC bikinis and high heels – lay around chatting, and drinking.

Later, Aunty Pat approached me, carrying a pair of white sox and sneakers. “Get these on your feet, Rick, Bobbi wants to go for a ride,” she informed me, throwing the sox and sneakers down on the mat in front of me.

After I was “shod”, Bobbi made me squat while she placed a short pair of reins and a red rubber bit in my mouth. When she had straddled me, I was ordered to rise. It was easy – she was much lighter than Aunty Pat. I felt her pussy snuggling against the nape of my neck.

When she was comfortably mounted and I had a good grip of her booted feet, I felt a sharp sting of her crop against my left buttock, followed by a terse “Walk on!” I started off, with Bobbi making me do a couple of laps around the lawn to encouraging calls from the audience, before pointing me out into the property and away from the house.

As I ascended a smooth incline which led away from the house and the pool, Bobbi’s gasps indicated that she was in imminent orgasm mode, and as we crested the ridge and out of sight of the group left by the pool, my rider cracked me across the buttocks and ordered: “Faster!”

I obeyed and soon the 20-year-old had thrust her body against my sweating neck in a noisy climax. As Bobbi recovered from her excitement, she allowed me to slow, then dismounted and walked beside me for a while, stroking my cock with a gloved hand.

“Shit, that was fun,” the young secretary and part-time dominatrix said. bursa merkez escort “University is boring, and sometimes just getting slaves ready for Paula can be a chore – but riding a pony boy, that’s what I call pleasure!”

I nodded, the rubber bit still firmly in place.

Bobbi then re-mounted me and we went off deeper into Aunty Pat’s property, until she had enjoyed two more orgasms before reining me to a halt back at poolside. I was panting and sweating, as she dismounted and told Aunty Pat: “Thanks, Pat, he’s a lovely pony boy!”

Pat grinned: “OK Bobbi, any time – now why don’t you and Rick strip off and have a nice dip in the pool, and then we’ll get him ready for a session with Paula?”

Bobbi and I stripped and swam for a while, until Aunty Pat called out: “OK Rick, time for your whipping!” I heaved myself from the pool, towelled down and presented myself to the blonde London dominatrix.

Paula had a metal spreader bar ready, which she attached to my ankles, forcing my legs wide apart. A heavy leather yoke was then placed across my neck and shoulders, and my arms and wrists strapped down onto it.

The English whip expert then produced a black marker pen and a four-foot long whip, with a leather flap at the punishment end which must have been all of four inches square.

“I’m going to mark my targets, darlin’,” announced the English woman.

Then, using the leather flap from the flogger as a template, she drew “targets” onto my naked flesh until there were 10 black-marked squares outlined on me.

The boxes were around my nipples, one on my belly, one on my abdomen, one on each inside thigh, one on each buttock and one on each shoulder blade.

Paula stepped back to admire her handiwork, and proclaimed herself satisfied. Then she picked up the flogger and stepped off to one side. Aunty Pat, I noticed, had produced a video camcorder and was filming my predicament.

“I’m now goin’ to flog our lovely young man from position one through to 10,” Paula told her audience. “So I’ll start at ‘is nipples, then belly, abdomen, thighs, ‘is back and finally ‘is buttocks. If you ladies would like to count as I go along, that’s fine with me. Fine with you, slave?”

I nodded, what else could I say?

Paula then stood in front of me, measured her distance and cracked the flogger against my left nipple. A searing pain shot through my chest.

The audience, as one, chanted “One!” Then my other nipple was struck. “Two!” cried the spectators. Both blows were perfectly placed on the squares Paula had marked.

And so she worked her way around my naked body, each time striking me with the flogger’s flap perfectly on the square indicated – I can say that because I’ve seen the video!

After she had finished, Paula turned to her audience and asked: “OK, ‘oo wants a go?”

Ebony leapt from her recliner and grabbed the whip. Her first stroke wasn’t perfectly placed, and Paula pointed it out. Ebony frowned: “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

Paula laughed: “Try it again, darlin.” This time, the blow struck my marked target over the left nipple perfectly.

After Ebony, who had to repeat her strokes several times before she landed a perfect strike, Aunty Pat had a go, and was much more proficient. Anita followed, then my aunt announced: “OK, that’s enough flogging bursa sınırsız escort bayan for a while – Ebony, time for your speciality!”

The strikingly-built black domme stepped onto the mat, her leather boots gleaming, breasts bouncing. “On your back, big boy,” she sneered and pushed me on my chest so I fell back onto the mat.

Ebony stood above me, her snatch gleaming in the light. “Now we’ve established that you like golden showers and eating pussy, haven’t we, slave?” she said.

“Yes, Mistress Ebony,” I answered.

A sneer came across her face: “You’d better not be lying, slut!” Then she barked: “Legs and thighs close together!” I obeyed and Ebony then knelt until she was squatting above my groin.

When she was ready, the lovely lecturer let loose with a strong stream of urine, which splashed warmly across my cock and balls, until it formed a yellow lake above my genitals which overflowed down my hips onto the mat.

After she had completed pissing on me, Ebony lowered her crotch until her pussy was firmly in place on my shaft and then she rode her snatch up and down on my piss-drenched cock and balls.

When she was satisfied that had done that for long enough, she knelt up above my face and with a haughty, sneering smile commanded: “Eat me, slave!” Her strongly-smelling pussy was then on my face, its urine-soaked contours giving off a strong aroma.

As I worked on her big-lipped minge I heard a cry from one of the audience – it was the Londoner: “Well knock me darn wiv a fevver – look at the filthy pervert, ‘es got a fuckin’ hard-on!”

It was true. Despite the humiliating task set me by Mistress Ebony my cock was standing rigidly to attention. When she heard that news, the black beauty pulled away from my soaked mouth and said: “Time I freshened up a little, baby.” She then lowered her pussy onto my groin once more graunched around before again presenting her piss-perfumed pussy to my mouth.

Again, after a few moments of licking her there, I heard the appalling flog artiste call out: “Whatta fuckin’ pervert – look, he’s still fuckin’ ‘ard, the dirty little sod!”

After her latest foray onto my face, Ebony called out: “Anyone want to freshen his cock and balls up for me?”

I couldn’t tell who it was who stood over my midriff and exploded a strong stream of urine onto me, but from subsequent viewing of the video I can say now it was the whip-wielding Paula.

This time, Ebony did not soak her pussy with my urine-drenched cock and balls but rubbed her lovely large breasts all over them, before presenting the gleaming globes to my mouth.

As I sucked, licked and laved at her boobs, the loud-mouthed Londoner was at it again with her comments: “Oooh, look at ‘im, as ‘ard as a copper’s truncheon, the fuckin’ perv!”

And so the poolside party continued. Pony rides for Bobbi, whipping demonstrations from Paula and pussy and breast adoration for Ebony

Finally, as the Arizona evening brought cooler conditions, Aunty Pat called a halt to the punishment party, and everyone trooped inside for a fine meal, before the domination trio departed, each one promising me to visit again.

Paula and Bobbi? I didn’t care if I never set eyes on them again. One was flat-chested and far too young – now I realise, of course, that I crave the domination of an older lady. The other was a loud-mouthed tart – great body, but none of the erotic style needed to make a slave like me hard.

But Ebony was another story. As I kissed her good-bye, I whispered: “Please come back tomorrow, please!”

She smiled at me and in a lovely husky voice replied: “Like they say in the movies, baby, tomorrow is another day!”

To be continued…

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