Awakened Dreams

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I lean back in my chair, having found nothing of real interest again on the computer; I decide to let myself drift into fantasy. The notion passes through my head that perhaps it is because you are on my mind that I can not find anything of interest, as lately things that once interested me no longer do. I let the thought leave, not wishing to dwell on it, and begin to lightly stroke and rub myself through my sweatpants occasionally as I slip into sweet fantasy. A familiar fantasy comes to me, as it has several times. One that began as a dream, a “Dreamer’s Dream.” The fantasy changes a little every time, becoming more devious as elements sneak into place. These changes are evidence that the seeds you have planted in my head have taken root, and are growing all of their own.

My fantasy has moved beyond the use of simple handcuffs. I now see you blindfolded, so you will not be distracted from my touches by sight, and can not anticipate my movements. I see you with a pair of leg irons secured above your calves with a long metal bar between them to keep you from closing your legs and pleasuring yourself that way. I see a rope around the chain on the handcuffs, securing you to one end of the bed, and I see another tied to a loop on the bar between your legs, secured to the other end of the bed. Thus you are totally helpless to break free of my desires, save to tell me to stop. You can beg and plead all you like and I will not let you go, but you need only speak it seriously to me and I will obey. I will not do something you wish me not to, unless I believe you in truth wish for me to continue.

The greatest change to my fantasy is it no longer ends where my dream did, it continues on. I move my hand into my pants and begin a slow rhythm as the rest of the fantasy washes over me. I pick up my fantasy where my dream left off, since the rest of it has already flashed through my mind.

I am petting and caressing the small of your back. You have fallen into a slow but steady stream of quiet moans. I kiss my way down the left cheek of your ass, and down the inside of your inner thigh. Your scent overwhelms me. I feel it shoot to the back of my head, and wash over my brain from the back after crashing into my skull as I take a strong whiff of your delightful musk. I am struck with a momentary feeling of euphoria from the effects of your scent that leaves me stunned. I gather myself up and begin to tenderly lick away the juices that dripped down your inner thighs during my earlier teasing. I clean away your nectar with the care of a cat cleaning its kitten.

You moan in disappointment as I move away. You were obviously hoping I would finally touch your burning pussy. konya escort The time for that draws near, but it is not yet to be. I knead your ass gently as I lick down the back of your left leg till I reach the restraint, and then lick my way up your right leg.

I make you roll over again, so you are on your back once more. I kiss you gently on the lips, and pull away quickly. I slide the back of my hand down the side of your face, down your neck, and your chest, till I am cupping your right breast gently. I softly massage the supple mound, eliciting a moan from you. I give your other breast the same attention, still being careful not to touch your nipples. I support my hands on your breasts by circling my thumb and the bottom of my hand, and gently begin to tease the very tip of your nipples with my fingers, eliciting a desperate moan from your inviting lips. As I tease you, you try to thrust against me to make me touch you, but your bonds leave you with little leverage, and the position of my hands prevents you from increasing contact with your nipples. I abandon your supple breasts to move lower, licking my way down your stomach. I circle the rim of your belly button with my tongue in one rapid motion, and descend lower still. I gently nuzzle your pubic patch to let you know how close I am to your dripping pussy. I lick the fresh juice of your thighs, and start to carefully tease your pussy lips with my tongue; I can almost feel your anticipation mounting. I wait till it reaches its peak, and pull away again. Your frustration is evident by the painful expression on your face.

I get off the bed and slowly caress your leg once. Without warning, I suck your left nipple into my mouth. A gasp of ecstasy explodes from you at the sudden pleasure. I flick your nipple with my tongue, and nibble the edge of it gently as I suck. I pull away and your disappointment is again clear. I put one leg on either side of you as I climb upon the bed again, and engulf your other nipple with my mouth, fervently sucking to our mutual pleasure. Again removing my mouth, I give your neck a quick lick while I massage your breasts and squeeze your nipples with my hands.

I lick the bottom of your lip, and trail my tongue straight down the middle of your body till I reach your overheated pussy. It is a stretch, but I continue playing with your tits, now with less urgency, while I begin to tease your pussy lips with my tongue again. I gently suck one into my mouth and barely graze it with my teeth while I flick it with my tongue. Knowing your need is overpowering, I quickly lick up your juices in one swipe, and plunge my stiffened tongue into your escort konya warm, moist depths. You cry out your pleasure at having finally been allowed some relief, but little do you know that I am merely building you up again. I pull my tongue from you depths, and enjoy your flavor on my tongue. I gently flick your clit with the tip of my tongue, causing you to moan, before moving up your body to ask you where you keep your “toy.” You shudder at the thought, and whisper to me where to look. I nibble your ear and blow in it before leaving the bed.

I return with the toy, but lay it aside as I go back to sucking and teasing your nipples. I trail my tongue down the swell of your breast, then move up and gently suck on your neck for a moment. I drag my hands back down your body as I move lower again, stopping to massage your breasts, and move myself down between your legs. I slide my tongue into you again, slowly turning it as I explore your folds. I grab your toy, and begin to slide it into you slowly, pushing it all the way in on one strong but sensuous stroke. I start gently licking and sucking your clit as I move your toy in and out just barely. I slowly pick up speed with my oral ministrations as I gradually increase the length of the strokes with your toy. I occasionally leave your throbbing clit to lick the juices that are dripping from you and the toy. I speed up the thrusts, and add a twist to each in and out. I can tell from your frantic moans you are getting close to cumming. I continue my pace, still slowly speeding up, not wishing to rush your orgasm. I can feel you tense as you cum, your face contorts and your mouth opens in a silent scream of ecstasy. No sound issues forth beyond an occasional squeak or gasp because your lungs have tensed up like the rest of your body.

Your orgasm subsides, but still I continue to speed up, hoping to bring you the rarest of treats. I pump faster and faster, my arm beginning to ache as I reach the limit of my abilities. You never had a chance to die down, and your heat is rising again. I hear your moans getting louder and more frequent despite your lack of breath. I redouble my efforts with my mouth, frantically licking, sucking and pumping. I run my free hand up your body, and start to pinch your nipple. That does it. You start to come again, moaning loudly to my thrusts while still gasping for breath. As your cum fades, I slow down, reversing my original trend of slowly getting faster to let you down easy. I pull your toy from you, and lovingly clean up the mess, both on the toy and between your legs. I move up to you, and kiss you deeply, savoring the feeling of your tongue against konya escort bayan mine, and knowing you can taste yourself on me. My dick is pressing against your pussy, and it twitches as I kiss you. I could slide it into you so easily, but I won’t. Even in a fantasy I can not bring myself to betray your trust, that which you have so willingly and completely given me. Besides, that would ruin our game.

Ending our long, passionate kiss, I slowly remove your blindfold with a caress of my hand, so I may look into your eyes, but you sense my intention, and turn your head away. I know it is something you hate, but I feel I must. You hate it because it is intimate… no, that is not entirely correct; it is but a fraction of the truth. You fear it. You fear it because you can see into the other person’s thoughts, their desires, their secrets, like a window into their soul. Worse, you fear it because you know they may be able to see back. However, you are still weak and cannot resist me. I turn your head to mine, and fix you with a stare as you try to avert your eyes. Then I soften my gaze as I begin to feel the connection building between us, and start to see within you.

I see first satisfaction, a heavy cloak of it just beyond the surface of your window which hides your deeper thoughts. I enter through your window, and push deeper, past the shroud of satisfaction. I sense something, something powerful, a deep yearning, a powerful sense of longing; it seems the culmination of several desires. I sense something mixed with this, it feels almost like a pain, I try to give it a name: turmoil, or perhaps confusion. No, that is not what this is, this is conflict. You long not for one thing, but for several, and you can not have them all. I contemplate what this could mean. You wish for freedom, to be free at heart and in life, to escape the bonds of family and society and live on a whim. I ponder what could be causing the conflict though, and I see your need, your need to be close, you do not wish to lose what we have, you never do with anyone, but you often do because you feel it as another bond, and you guard yourself from it. You wish to love and be close, but fear you can not do so without losing your freedom. It is likely you are right, but nothing is certain. I sense something else as well, but it eludes me, some third source of longing and conflict, perhaps you guard it. You guard it so well even I can not reach it. I feel these are things you do not wish to know, so what secret is it you hide even from yourself?

My thoughts change course as I idly wonder what you have seen within me as I looked into you. Can you see into me as well? I am certain you can, probably better than me. What have I hidden from you, or from myself, that you have unlocked within me? I regain awareness, as if I have come back into my own body, and your eyes stay locked with mine as I bring my lips to your ear to whisper to you. “Your turn,” I breathe softly into your ear, and release you from your bonds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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