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The brunette leans back on the bed, pinching her own nipples and licking her lips. The blonde moves to between the brunette’s thighs, spreading them and kissing the insides of the open thighs. The brunette moans, pinching her nipples harder. The blonde drapes her hair over the brunette’s stomach and mound, teasing her, stroking every pore with her silken mane. The brunette can’t take it any longer and takes the blonde’s head in her hands, directing it towards her eager pussy. Sasha loves watching cunnilingus and she starts to play with herself, I look over at her, she obviously isn’t about to wait for my subtle movements, so I let her go, and begin playing with her nipples instead.

Just as the brunette on the screen pulls and her breasts and moans I become rougher with Sasha’s tits, rolling the left right nipple between my thumb and finger I take the other in my mouth, she moans like the brunette on the screen, I look up at her face, searching for a sign of sarcasm, but I find none and continue to suck. She’s taken her hand away from her pussy, she knows when to stop herself just in time, and save it for my mouth. Her hand reaches down and finds one of my breasts, I begin to bite delicately on her nipple, and she retaliates by squeezing my nipple, I bite a little harder, then continue sucking. I continue my biting routine by sucking the sore nipple and she digs her nails into my nipple as I bite hers. I change my position so that I can see the television screen once again, I sit behind Sasha who Bostancı Escort half sits on me, this way I can pleasure both of her breasts at the same time, and dip down to her pussy whenever I wish, she sits across me so that my pussy is accessible to her.

The girl with the silicone tits is on her hands and knees, her breasts hang in that perfectly rounded way that only surgery can make possible, yet they looked so big I looked closer for the stretch marks she must get from being in such a position. She was still feasting on the brunette’s pussy, who was still moaning and gasped as the blonde inserted two fingers into her. As Sasha saw this she began playing with my pussy with her own fingers, lubing up my clit with my own juices and gently coaxing my entire vulva to relax and enjoy her work. On the television the blonde’s ass was up in the air, her knees spread for balance, all that pussy and ass would surely not be wasted for much longer. I was right, soon a male entered the scene, his cock showed obvious approval at the sight before him as he positioned himself behind the blonde and began rubbing his hands over her ass and thighs. Sasha knew what was coming, she’d been a lesbian her whole sexual life and did not like the sight of dicks going into women, but we still liked a bit of hetero-sex in our porn, even though she wouldn’t admit it.

I pushed Sasha off of me and positioned her on her hands and knees in front of me, just as the blonde was positioned, Bostancı Escort Bayan her arms on the bed keeping her head up just enough to see the action on the screen, and her ass in the air, all for me to play with. The blonde looked behind her at the man who had decided to join their fun, she smiled and returned to licking the brunette. The man began rubbing his cock all over the blonde’s ass and thighs, running it along the wetness of her pussy occassionally and spreading that juice all over her ass and thighs, painting her with it. Sasha put her face down on the bed, hiding her eyes from the cock on the screen, I smiled at her embarrassment and knelt behind her, licking her pussy which was hot and wet, I traced my tongue over her clit which was throbbing from the on-screen action. She moaned into the satin sheets and with the pleasure she looked up at the screen, the man was now putting his dick into the blonde piece by piece, she tried to lean back on it but he held her hips firmly and removed it all together when she pushed back.

Sasha moaned out loud, and I took this cue and became like the man on the screen, using my whole hand as a cock. I put in two fingers just a little, and as Sasha moved back I removed them, she knew I was mimicking the film and so she forced herself to not sink back onto my fingers. “Do you want something inside of you Sasha?” She moaned in response. “Do you want my cock inside of you Sasha, do you want it?” She moaned again, forgetting Escort Bostancı that she publicly hates phallic objects. As she kept still I moved from two fingers to three fingers, as she cried out for MORE COCK! I put four in and started fucking her, moving my body with my hand like it was a penis joined to me.

She started twisting and rocking on my fingers, getting wetter and wetter and never taking her eyes from the screen, the man on the screen was fucking the blonde faster and faster, pushing her face into the brunette’s pussy which she was still devouring, this set off a chain reaction as the brunette ground her pussy against the blonde’s tongue, moaning and sighing and shouting “yes!” Sasha moved more rapidly around my fingers as the on-screen action increased in tempo, with my other hand I started playing with my own pussy, and soon rubbed my clit over Sasha’s thigh, rubbing and grinding against her as I kept my fingers firmly inside of her, wiggling my fingertips around deeply inside of her, she moaned keeping me in just the right position.

Just as the film was reaching a climax so did we, they all began screaming and moaning and sighing in unison, and I ground my clit harder on Sasha’s thigh, pushing her flat on the bed, as I straddled one thigh and rocked and pushed, then I thrust my fingers in and out of her just a few more times as she exploded underneath me, then I came with my other hand pinching my clitoris just once. I lay on top of Sasha as we caught our breath and watched the man come all over the blonde’s ass and thighs as she rocked back and forth still riding her orgasm. I kept my fingers inside Sasha’s hot cunt, her juices were all over my hand, and mine all over her thighs, I kissed her on the neck and she moaned again, reaching for the television remote to switch it off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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