Babydoll Ch. 06

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Chapter 06 – New Year’s Eve

This one was actually written before the last one. It was much easier to write than the last one. Once again, I appreciate the comments and feedback of the Babydoll series. The encouragement has far and away outweighed any criticism that I have received. Any likenesses or similarities are purely coincidental. Please read the previous chapters, if you haven’t. This is a taboo topic, so I know that it is offensive to many people. The material is erotic to me because it is forbidden in society. In no way do I condone such activity. This is purely fantasy. Hope you enjoy the fantasy. Any feedback will be kindly appreciated.


Christmas had come and gone. The family was all round for the holidays. There was hardly any time spent alone. There were always 4 or 5 people in the house. The only one of us working the week following Christmas was Jan.

Sure it was fun, but I was beginning to wonder whether I’d ever get any time alone with Ash before going back to college. I was going back on the 4th of January. The week was flying by and the relief that I received on Christmas Eve was now wearing off.

Although my concentration was still focused on Ashley, my mother was still catching my eye. Something about her was certainly peaking my curiosity. There was certainly something new about her aura.

Mama seemed to be more caring, more loving, and more nurturing towards me. She was giving me hugs and kisses and certainly seemed to be around more frequently. More than once she complimented me on my maturity and told me how much I reminded her of my father. It certainly made me curious about what she was thinking…

It was New Year’s Eve and we were throwing a party at our house for friends and family. Since we had the nicest house amongst the general population that we associated with, it always seemed we were the one’s that threw the big bashes around the holidays. This year was to be no exception.

We all pitched in to make the house perfect for the occasion. I had been woken to assume my usual chores of outside house duties. The good thing is that it was winter so there was no grass to mow, but windows needed to be cleaned, cars had to be washed, and the landscaping needed to be detailed.

This was easy work for this time of the year. Mom had me up by 9am and I was done by 1pm. Ashley, Jan, and Mom, on the other hand, were vacuuming, dusting, and detailing all three stories of the house up until 2pm. The inside and outside of the house were immaculate by the time we were finished.

My stepfather put in his usual 9 to 5 day, so he was absolved of any household duties that day. He would stop by the liquor store on the way home and pick up some extra booze for the festivities. His only responsibility would be to play bartender in the evening when everyone arrived. He loved to show off his ability to make the most exquisite cocktails.

After finishing my chores, the only cocktail that I was thinking of was getting my cock in Ashley’s tail. Remembering the blowjob she had delivered for my Christmas present on Christmas Eve, I realized that our affair was building to a crescendo. During the little time that we had alone together after Christmas, Ash teasingly hinted that tonight could be the night that I would get the full attention that I been longing for.

It would only be a few days until I would be heading back to college and I would have to make the most of the time that I had left with her. I was hoping that sometime during the upcoming semester that I could get her to pay me a visit. I don’t know if Mom would go for that, but that is the future and this is now.

Jan had disappeared. She told Mom that she was going to see her boyfriend and she wouldn’t be back for a few hours. So for the next few hours there would only be Ashley, Mama, and myself in the house. I knew that with mom concentrating on the party that Ash and I could spend some quality time together, if you get my drift.

Mom was starting the final preparations for the party. She still had to make sure all the booze, brews, and munchies were set up. There were gorukle escort going to be a lot of people that night. Although it was a “bring your own beer and food” type of party, you still have to make sure you have a bunch of stuff to throw a successful party.

While all the girls were working downstairs, I had been up in my room listening to music and looking at some of my old Playboy’s. The girls in the magazine looked so hot in their typical poses, but I couldn’t help but pull out the May 2000 edition. She was the one Playmate in particular that always stood out and caught my eye.

At 18, Ashley was looking very much like Shannon did in her portfolio. Shannon was 22 in 2000, 5″6″ tall, 34-24-36. I could see that Ash’s body had filled into the look of this one particular Playmate. Ash was a little taller, but they looked identical – body wise – in the photos.

I covered the face and looked at the picture of Shannon standing in her red panties with her arms stretched out looking in a mirror. The perfect breasts, the flared hips, the smooth complexion, and wavy blonde hair all had an eerie resemblance to my lovely sister. My once flaccid member started growing thinking about the comparison. My beautiful sister was Playboy Playmate material.

I just laid back and enjoyed the stimulating feeling of knowing that my sexual partner was a goddess. Heck, at that moment it didn’t bother me that it had been so long since we had last hooked up. I had felt her body against mine and we both had climaxed many times. Even if we hadn’t coupled since July, we still had done things that had fulfilled most of my desires.

I was hard as a rock, but I didn’t want to play with myself. I wanted my honey. I kept hoping that Ash would come around. I needed her. I was getting antsy waiting for her. What was she doing? Where was she? I kept the door to my room open so that I would know when Ash was coming.

I tried relaxing listening to the stereo. Some good old Rock and Roll on the radio only intensified the feelings more. Listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” only gave me even more lustful thoughts.

Finally I heard Ash coming up the stairs, going to her room. I stepped outside my door and saw her looking so hot with her hair tied up in pigtails, wearing a navy blue long sleeved t-shirt and faded blue denim skirt. I pulled her into my room, “Hey come here, I’m bored.”

Ash – “OK.”

I was going crazy inside, but I tried to stay cool. Once we had gotten into my room, I shut the door. I didn’t want anyone to be happening by and peering inside. I hugged Ashley closely and softly pecked her lips.

Ashley saw my Playboy’s lying on the floor of my room. She sat down and started looking at them. After studying a few of the models in the pictorials she commented, “I’ve always thought this magazine is so classy. Look at these girls they are so beautiful.”

I knelt down behind her and massaged her shoulders, “Hey they are pretty, but you’re just as pretty as them.”

Ashley gave me a dubious glare, “You’re just saying that. These girls are perfect. I’m not.”

“They have flaws Ashley, nobody is perfect,” I seriously retorted. “You know they airbrush the hell out of those pictures. I don’t see any flaws in you. You have a perfect complexion, your body is amazing, and you carry yourself like a lady.”

“You really think so?” She questioned.

“Hell yeah Ash. Let me show you this.” I then proceeded to pull out the portfolio of Shannon. “Look at her. You know what I see in her?”

“What, What do you see?” she anxiously asked.

“I see you Ash.” Then I covered the face of Shannon in the picture. “Can’t you see it?” I picked up the magazine and walked toward the mirror. “Come here.”

I helped her up by the hand and we walked over to the mirror and looked in it, “Look at yourself.”

Ashley — “I don’t know Jim.”

“God girl, it’s like looking in a mirror to me. I’ll show you.” Then I walked over and locked the door to my room. Proceeding back over to Ashley’s spot in front of the mirror, I slowly started lifting her shirt.

“Jimmy, altıparmak eskort bayan what are you doing? Mama is right downstairs.”

I moved my lips to her ear and whispered, “She’s busy getting ready for tonight.” Coaxing her arms up I slowly removed the tight blue t-shirt she had on. We were both looking at her in her white lacy bra, I gently lifted her bra-covered breasts and let them fall “You see, look at your breasts so nice and soft and round and luscious. I think we need to get you into Playboy.”

She giggled like a school girl “Ohh, Jimmy. Your so silly.”

I slowly started unclasping her bra to set free her wondrous orbs, so that I could hold them in my hands. I began fondling and tweaking her nipples as they started to grow in my hands.

I slowly sucked on the nape of her neck as I ground my cock into her backside. Raising my mouth to her ears, I blew into her ear, “God you turn me on Baby. I want you. Let me taste your pussy.”

Ashley – “I dunno. Remember….Mom.”

Jimmy – “I promise. It’ll be alright.”

Without her saying a word, I raised her denim skirt and placed my thumbs in the sides of her skimpy blue polka dot cotton panties and slowly slid them down as I started kissing her back all the way down to her fine ass.

I took her hand and lead her to the bed, “Relax baby, big brother’s gonna make you feel good.” Sitting on the bed, she grabbed my pillows and reclined back exposing her flower.

She was completely exposed to me except for the denim skirt. She started to take it off but I coaxed her, “Leave it on. You look so hot and sexy in it.”

I slid it a little further up her waist exposing the neat Auburn tuft lightly covering her mons. Spreading her legs with my hands I pushed against the middle of her thighs and dove in with unabashed exuberance. There was already a fine dew emanating from her silky loins that excited my hormones even more.

Ashley knew what was coming. She wriggled her ass against the sheets in anticipation of the upcoming onslaught. The dewy pink folds of her beautiful pussy began opening as I first ran my tongue along them. I gently spread her labia with my tongue and rested my nose against her pubic bone. I slowly started tongue fucking her entrance like a slow French kiss.

As I pulled back I could see that her clit was no longer concealed. I slowly lowered my mouth and flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue sending her body into a writhing shiver. I looked to her eyes, but they were closed as though she was struggling with consciousness.

I whispered to her, “I know you love it baby and I love doing it for you.”

I then gave her a surprise as I spread her ass cheeks and licked her asshole. She started giggling, “What are you doing, You’re licking my ass?”

“You better get used to this sugar, does it feel good?” Then I started lapping the whole area.

She nervously giggled, “Yah, but that’s dirty.”

“It’s all dirty baby, It’s all dirty,” as I went back to work.

Ashley was really starting to get into it as she inhaled deeply and became serious about her impending orgasmic fate. Then I started tonguing her ass again and she boisterously laughed as she arched her back in pleasure. She smiled at me, “Jimmy stop licking my ass.”

I stopped and looked at her with an inquisitive smirk, “You really don’t like that?”

“It’s Just different. It feels really strange.”

“OK,” In what I hoped to be the final assault I started back with a schloppy French kiss and tongue penetration of her pussy.

I looked at Ash as she got a really stern look on her face. She started yammering incoherently. “Ya , Ya , ya,. fuuuuck , um, um, Uhhhhmmm. Oh my God.”

Jimmy — “Is that good, Is that good baby.”

Ash – “Yeah, Yeah, Yeh, Fuck yeh.”

Then she started cumming hard. She grabbed a hold of my head with her legs like a vice. As she started to slowly come down I pulled back and licked my finger. I barely inserted it into her ass and went back to her clit.

I thought she was going to have nilüfer eskort bayan a heart attack as she lost it, ” No, no, no, oh God, Oh Godddd!!!” She was having an orgasmic seizure that looked like a cowgirl bucking a bronco. Her pussy was spurting juice like a freakin’ waterfall.

I knew my job was done as I slowly slid my tongue back up to the top and kissed her softly on the lips. Then I hugged her and started cuddling with her. We were both sweating profusely even on this cool winter’s day.

Jimmy – “I hope that ending didn’t bother you. I just felt like pushing a new button.”

Ash – “You know my buttons. You sure know my buttons.”

We cuddled for a few more minutes silently as I gently continued softly pecking her neck. Smelling her essence was so intoxicating. I could have laid like that all day.

Breaking the complacency she turned around to face me. Speaking softly she gently whispered, “I love you so much, I wish you didn’t have to go back to school.”

Jimmy – “You can come visit me.”

Ashley almost with a tear in her eye, “Yeah, if mom will let me. You know that’s a 300 mile drive and she will worry to death.”

Jimmy – “Well let’s enjoy this while we can.” Then we met each others longing lips as the erotica once again started to flow.

Ashley pulled back and started pushing my boxers down freeing my aching swollen member. I was so turned on that my rigid member was almost blue in nature. Ashley started to move down the bed, but I stopped her.

I pleaded shaking my head, “That isn’t what I want. I need your pussy. Please, I want to feel you. I want to be all of you. One.”

“You have been good to me, you are my love.” With a voluntary affirmation, “You know what. I’m tired of this little girl bullshit. I’m a woman. Yes, I’m ready. I want it too. I want you to make love to me James. I want you.”

With a grin from ear to ear, ” Well then, Let’s get busy. “Why don’t you be on top?”

I sat back against the headboard free as a bird. She got on her knees and proceeded to straddle me. I was holding her close as she lowered herself and surrounded my pulsing cock with her warm ooey gooeyness. I whispered in her ear. “Hey diddy diddy put your kitty in the middle, let it swing like it didn’t care.”

I French kissed her and then proceeded to lower myself and lie back as she started raising and lowering herself on my rigid mast. The feeling was better than the first time because I didn’t have to take it. She wanted my cock as much as I wanted to feel the velvety walls of her pussy.

She lowered her chest against mine. We were doing the naked lambada while her love muscles were milking my engorged tool. I knew that I couldn’t last very long.

Ashley – “Ah, Ah, ah. So good, so good.”

I had my head in the nape of her neck lightly biting, licking, sucking the flavor from her body, and drooling with lust. Ashley was finding a rhythm. Her vulva dragged along my length from base to cap. The friction was exquisite. We were one organism at that moment in time.

“Oh god Baby, Do it Babydoll, ride it baby, riiidddde itttt!!!,” I moaned in her ear.

Just then our mother was calling from the bottom of the steps, “ASHLEY!!!”

Ashley ripped her juiciness from my cock’s clutches like a scalded cat. She frantically pulled down her shirt, grabbed her bra and shirt, and hurriedly got them on in seconds. She gently opened the door to my room and yelled, “Yeah Mama.”

Mom – “I’m gonna need your help with some of this food. I’m running out of time. There are gonna be people here at 7:00.”

Ashley – “OK, I’ll be down in just a second.” Looking back at me, “Woo, that was close.”

“I guess we’ll have to finish this later.” Taking her hand I slowly placed it on my stiff rod, “I’m always hard for you baby.”

Ashley smiled, “We can finish this later. I better go get cleaned up or she’ll smell the the sex.”

My balls were going to ache because I wasn’t going to go jack off. I was going to save this load for her. She was right. You could smell the love we were making in the air. I loved that aroma.

I headed for the shower. My swollen 7 inches swung and swayed like my libido. I couldn’t help noticing the pussy juice gleamed and glistened as I gave the rod a few strokes. Holding my hand up to my nose I could smell our sex.

Stepping in the shower all I could think of was how wonderful this night was going to be.

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