Back Together Again Ch. 03

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“What do you think babe?” Josh asked me and I felt my pulse jump.

Was he really asking me this? If I wanted to have sex with two gorgeous police officers? Josh was by far the most attractive man I had ever seen, but Ryan wasn’t bad himself. He was a bit shorter than Josh but still muscular, with the same close cropped hair.

“I… I mean, if that’s what you want,” I said softly, not wanting to sound too eager, but I could already feel my pussy getting wet again.

Josh winked at me and then nodded.

“Not here, though. Ryan, meet us back at her ranch, ok?” Josh asked and Ryan nodded, his gaze lingering on me before he turned back to his car.

The ride back to the ranch passed quickly. Josh kept asking me if I was really sure about this and I reassured him I was fine with it. Ryan tailed us the whole way and when we got to the ranch I stepped out into the chilly night air. My horse, Buckshot, whinnied from the paddock and I called out to him before turning towards the house. Josh’s hand was on my hip and he was murmuring to Ryan something about a good night. I rolled my eyes, but smiled.

We entered the house and I headed straight for the bedroom, the two men trailing behind. Once in there I turned, smiling, to the two men. Josh stepped up first, an answering grin on his face, and for the second time that night, undressed me. I was stripped naked in front of the two hunks, and both of them remained fully dressed. Somehow, this turned me on more; I loved the way they looked in their uniforms.

“Turn around and bend over, baby,” Josh murmured in my ear and I obliged.

I knew what they would be seeing. A perfect, round shaped ass, a completely shaven pussy, which kırgız escort was already dripping wet, and toned, tan legs. Josh reached up and stroked a finger along my slit, pulling away some juices and licking them off of his finger, moaning low in his throat. He walked around in front of me and pulled out his cock, placing it in front of my face. I immediately took him into my mouth, running my tongue over him and sucking softly.

I felt another hand on my pussy and realized it must be Ryan. My thoughts were confirmed when he spoke from behind me.

“God damn, her cunt is fucking SOAKED,” he muttered as I heard him drop to his knees.

I felt him press his face into my pussy and begin to lick. A whimper escaped my lips as his tongue fucked in and out of my wet lips, flicking at my clit and then back into my hole. My mouth tightened around Josh’s cock making him moan and grab a handful of my hair. I sucked him deeper into my throat and he bucked his hips slightly.

Ryan replaced his lips and tongue with three fingers, pushing them slowly but steadily into my ready pussy. I cried out around Josh’s cock and heard him chuckle softly above me as he stroked my hair away from my face.

Ryan pumped his three fingers in and out of me and I gasped for breath and I sucked hard on Josh’s cock.

“Go ahead and get your dick wet,” Josh muttered through clenched teeth.

Josh was fucking my mouth now, sliding his cock into my throat and holding me there before moving his hips again. I felt something hot press against my slit and knew it must be Ryan’s hard cock. I cried out as he entered me, in one long, slow stroke. I could tell that he wasn’t eskort istanbul quite as large as Josh’s cock but it still felt amazing. He began to slam his cock into me. I had to work not to bite down on Josh’s cock and he must have realized. Slowly, he slid his cock out of my mouth and knelt down until he was face to face with me.

He kissed me then, slow and deep and I sighed in pleasure. When he broke the kiss I whimpered, wanting more. Ryan’s large hands were kneading my ass as he pounded into my pussy and I moaned softly, looking into Josh’s eyes. Josh smiled and winked at me before standing and walking around back where I couldn’t see him. I felt a large finger flick at my clit and came instantly. I couldn’t hold back the scream that bubbled up my throat as I came and I heard Josh chuckle and Ryan grunt softly. Ryan pulled his dick from my pussy and immediately Josh’s replaced it; I could tell it was Josh’s because of the size. Josh was definitely bigger.

Ryan came around and placed his own cock in my mouth. I could taste myself on him and although it didn’t turn me on, it didn’t turn me off either. I sucked at his cock, deep throating him like I did Josh and Ryan gasped.

“Fuck, I’ve never had a bitch do this before…” he muttered.

“Watch what you call her,” Josh replied tersely from behind me as he stroked in and out of my pussy.

My heart swelled with love at his defense and I saw Ryan blush a deep red. He glanced down into my face, which was still full of his cock.

“Shit, sorry honey, I didn’t mean that literally,” he said with a small smile.

I winked in response and sucked his cock harder; I could feel it pulsing in my throat. I could genç escort tell he was getting ready to cum; his breath was growing ragged and he was pumping his hips. I lightly raked my teeth along his sensitive shaft and he lost it. Cum spurted from his cock, some landing on my tits before I managed to get him in my mouth and swallow his cum. I heard Josh chuckle again from behind me as he slammed his cock into me.

I gasped at the force of his cock impaling me. Ryan had pulled away and was leaning against our bed, catching his breath but still watching. Josh grabbed a handful of my hair and lightly tugged so that my head came back towards him. His lips kissed my neck and then behind my ear, making me quiver.

“You’re amazing, I love you babe” he whispered and then continued to pound into my pussy.

I could feel myself close to cumming yet again and I grabbed a hold of Ryan’s shoulder for balance. I heard him chuckle as he grasped my arm to hold me up. Josh drilled my pussy a few more times and I toppled over the edge. My vision narrowed to a tiny dot and I cried out loud. My pussy spasmed around Josh’s cock and he groaned softly. My juices flowed around his cock and down my thighs. Ryan laughed again.

I heard Josh groan softly and then he pumped into me twice more before holding his cock within me and spilling his cum there. I cried out as I felt him cum and he moaned again.

“Fuck yeah, babe,” he muttered and I smiled.

I glanced up at Ryan who winked at me before pulling his uniform pants back up and buttoning them. Neither of the guys had stripped, only freed their cocks. Josh had his pants back up before I had even straightened up again. I smiled at him.

“Don’t get used to that Ryan,” Josh said. “This one is mine and mine only; I just felt giving tonight”.

Ryan chuckled and waved as he trotted down the stairs.

“C’mere you vixen,” Josh said tugging me into his arms where he kissed me soundly and I felt most at home.

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