Bad Boy Ch. 02

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Normally, she would have comforted him after a beating and stroked his sore skin to help him come back down to earth. On this occasion, she left him there, a trembling wreck while she casually put her slippers back on and lit a cigarette.

She watched the redness on his skin develop and realised that they weight of the strikes she had given him weren’t really that bad. Yes, he would be sore for a little while, but there would be no lasting damage. His mind, on the other hand, was a different element altogether.

She moved around to sit nearer to him and relaxed her demeanour a little. She could see his cock, still hard and aroused, below him and knew only to well that despite it being a process of punishment that he had probably loved every minute of what had just happened.

He waited for his breathing to settle before finally turning to her and asking if he could move. She simply nodded and let him adjust his position. Unfolding himself he then sat, cross-legged on the floor in front of her, his cock resting nicely in his lap, his twitching balls resting on the carpet beneath him.

“So…Have you learned your lesson?” She quizzed him, knowing only full well there was no real lesson for him to have learned.

“Yes, Ma’am, I have!” He replied, his eyes pointing downwards; he looked a shadow of his usual self.

“You know, I’m not really bothered about you chatting to that girl last night,” she added, “I was more bothered about the fact that you didn’t text me when I asked you to!”

“I know, Ma’am” he nodded “and I’m sorry. My phone battery died, but I did text you as soon as I got home!”

“Ah, well!” She observed, “It would seem you got a beating for nothing then! What a shame!”

“Yes, Ma’am…” he uttered, reliving the last few minutes in his head, his cock still twitching in his lap, “but I need it!”


At that she turned on her heels and made her way into the living room. He followed her and kissed her briefly by way of a proper “thank you”. Naked, sore, and in denizli escort a semi-state of arousal he helped her make some breakfast and they sat together eating toast, drinking coffee and watching the early news on the television. Although he felt far more relaxed he knew she hadn’t finished with him yet, and there was probably much more to come. He was right!


She showered and left him to clear the breakfast things away. Emerging from the shower she made him dry her carefully with the big fluffy towel, apply her deodorant, and massage body lotion into her legs and feet. She then instructed him to apply ‘the parachute’ which he always found uncomfortable due to the large size of his balls.

Standing in front of her, his balls surrounded by a thick piece of leather, he soaked up her naked form. She was easily as tall as him, with an array of imperfections, but there was something so powerfully sexual about her body that he could not resist her. Her breasts were large and soft, her belly rounded and curved, yet he cherished every inch of her.

Eventually she moved aside and told him to lie down on the bed. Within moments she was squatting above his face, looking down along the length of his body. He could see her labia dangling down above his face and ached for the opportunity of feasting on her. She attached a length of chain to the underside of ‘the parachute’ and then lowered herself into position.

Rarely did she give him any warning. He had learned to breathe in quickly in order to not pass out while under her. Her sweet, warm, cunt, covered his mouth and he revelled in his position. He loved it when she queened him and his cock responded accordingly. She wriggled on top of him, working her pussy into just the right position for her, and then as his tongue found its way in between her already wet folds she began rocking over him, obviously getting herself off. He was aware that his hands were free but instead of lifting them to help and support diyarbakır escort her, he hooked them under his own hips out of the way.

She loved sitting on his face. He had such a soft, sensual mouth and she relished taking orgasms in this way. She liked being able to watch his cock and balls twitching and to see his body writhe beneath her. Briefly, she lifted herself and allowed him another breath. She heard him gasp then lowered herself for more. He stretched his open mouth around her whole pussy and sucked and licked for all he was worth. He knew how many subs had begged to be under her, yet she had chosen him. As far as he knew he was the only man that had touched her in all the time he had been collared.

She ground down further, pressing her full weight against his face, feeling the tip of his nose rubbing against her perineum. She could feel him straining his tongue up into her as deep as he could and clenched her muscles around him to make him know she was there. His cock lurched in response and she teased it with the metal chain attached to ‘the parachute’. Little droplets of pre-cum had been oozing out of him and she wondered how many times he might be able to cum today. She had been training him to have multiple orgasms and so enjoyed watching him reach those peaks of euphoria.

He could feel and taste her getting wetter and wetter, her urgency building, her hunger more and more apparent. He wriggled his chin below her and snatched every opportunity for a quick breath when she moved up enough to break contact with his face. Then he sensed it. The involuntary tightening of her, the sound of her breath coming short, and he worked his mouth harder and deeper. She worked with him, knowing her own body, and yanked on the chain, pulling ‘the parachute’ tight and his balls with it as she shot her squirt into his waiting mouth. He growled into her and continued working, knowing the orgasm would soon follow and she would want more.

Instead, she moved antalya escort down his body, quickly, and squatted immediately over his now bulging penis. She was so wet and warm he could barely contain himself. Her big meaty pussy with its deceptive inner tightness worked and worked up and down his shaft until she exploded over him and his cock, balls, groin and crack were seeping with her juices. She pulled harder on the chain, almost unaware of his presence, using him, wanting more and more. He bit into the side of his cheek, struggling not to cum, trying to control himself just for her.

Then, again, she changed her position. She was now on all fours, her breasts pendulous beneath her. She pulled him up behind her and he waited for her to lead him. He knew what she wanted but had to be patient. She hooked the chain between her legs and pulled him in closer. Feeling back with her spare hand she stroked her wet slit then reached back to find his hard, slippery cock. Inch by inch, she slid back onto him feeling his full length fill her inside. The leash tightened around his balls and he felt locked in place behind her. She rocked then; rolling her hips over his cock, seemingly oblivious to his gasps and groans behind her.

“Fuck me!” She demanded, giving some slack on the chain.

He then held onto her hips and started to work in her. He knew he couldn’t thrust too hard or fast — it would make him cum. He looked down and saw his meaty cock sliding in and out of her meaty cunt. It glistened at the base from her juices. It turned him on so much to serve her in this way. He knew many others would see this act as anything but submissive but he was doing her bidding, he was pleasing her, fucking her, following her lead. She owned him and he loved her for it. He could feel the familiar spasm rising high inside her, he continued moving inside her. In and out… In and out… In and out. Until the leash around his balls tightened again and she pulled him deep into her.

“Now!” She commanded, her voice almost a groan.

In an instant, and only one more thrust, his cock was deep inside her pumping his thick white load into her twitching and still orgasming, pussy. The feeling was sensational and he felt the room spin around him, his breathing virtually stopped, her groans mixed with his as she fell forwards onto the bed and pulled him with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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