Bare Tommy

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This is story of extreme Femdom. Unless you are one of those (grown up) little boys that like, or think they would like, their bottoms to be severely strapped or caned, then this story is not for you! In fact it was written for one grown up little boy, who sincerely deserved this kind of treatment.

It has no redeeming features or content. I sincerely suggest that it is not for the faint hearted or Vanilla.


The long louvered bonnet of the Jaguar XK150 gleamed under the Malaysian midday sun as it nosed its way along the dusty coastal road. Tommy casually checked the gauges as he made steady progress towards the south. To his left, he could see the blue of the South China Sea appear between gaps in the long grasses, which bordered the road.

He had deliberately chosen the quiet country roads; after all, he was in no hurry. It would be seven weeks before he had to meet his parents and sisters in Singapore. Plenty of time, he thought, to enjoy the Jaguar… and February was the best month of the year for fine weather in Malaysia.

The Jaguar was the result of many happy but intensive months of work for Tommy and his father. They had rebuilt the car to exacting standards and Tommy had expected his father to sell the car on completion to fund the next project. Instead, Tommy’s father had handed him the keys on the morning of his eighteenth birthday. That had been three months ago, just before his fathers posting to the new oil terminal in Singapore.

The oil company that his father worked for, had generously shipped their belongings and the Jaguar out to Singapore – and for the last three weeks, Tommy had been driving up into Malaysia and across to the east coast, staying at small hotels or guesthouses. The sun had shone constantly and Tommy had not had need to put the hood up once.

The road was clear apart from a dusty and rumbling truck, which was about a mile ahead of him. He let his speed drop to forty-five as he began to catch the truck. The sequence of events that followed, happened so quickly that Tommy, on reflection, would have said that he had acted on instinct rather than any planned strategy.

As Tommy looked forward beyond the truck to make sure that he could overtake in safety – a girl suddenly appeared from the tall grasses on the right-hand side of the road. She was running at speed – and instead of looking in front of her, she was looking backwards towards a clump of trees beyond the grasses. Without breaking pace, she ran across the road… right into the path of the truck. To Tommy’s amazement the truck lumbered on, leaving the girl lying in the middle of the asphalt surface.

Tommy braked hard; the new discs and pads brought him to a halt within a few feet. He quickly drove the car on to the grass verge and switched off the engine. Within a few seconds he had sprinted towards the girl and had carried her to the side of the road.

He laid her on the grass and placed his ear to her chest. He could not detect a heartbeat. He placed his fingers gently against her neck and could feel no pulse. Instinctively he ripped the buttons of her dress apart, baring her chest as he straddled her body. He began a lively count of, one, two, three, four… as he pounded her breastbone with the heels of his hands. After a minute, in which Tommy thought that he would have administered about one hundred pumps, he listened again. Amazingly he heard the faint but steady thump of her heart. Quickly he lifted her head and placed his lips to hers and exhaled into her mouth. He filled her lungs, before pressing against her chest and then repeating the procedure.

As he lifted his head for the twentieth time, he heard a ragged indrawn breath. He placed his ear against her chest and listened intently. Incredibly the girl was breathing and there was a steady heartbeat. Tommy knew how unusual it was for a heart to start from CPR and wondered whether in fact her heartbeat had been too weak for him to hear, or whether the girl had in fact had a miraculous escape from death.

He pushed the material of her dress further apart, baring her small breasts fully as he began to massage her chest with firm strokes. He was rather amused at the thought that he had nearly decided to ignore the CPR classes that had been offered at college so that he could spend more time working on the car. After all, he had thought, when am I ever going to need to practice CPR!

He worked diligently; monitoring her heartbeat and breathing. He massaged her slender upper body to aid her circulation as he had been taught. Now that the panic was over, he was able to look at her properly for the first time. She was a pretty girl, probably in her late teens. Her features looked more Indian than Malay, but Tommy could not be sure. Her eyes were still closed but he could hear that her breathing and heartbeat were steady and strong.

There had been no other traffic on the road and Tommy had began to wonder what the best course of action would be, when he heard, and then saw a police car urfa escort coming from the other direction. He could hear it slow and then stop as he resumed his task. He did not look up as he heard footsteps approach but remained bending over the girl while he massaged her breastbone.

Suddenly there was an incredible pain within his head and then… blackness. The single blow from the nightstick had made him slump over the girl in complete unconsciousness.

**************** Two young women were seated at either side of the modern sculptured office desk. One was dressed in the pale sienna uniform of the Malaysian Prison Service. The uniform was beautifully tailored to her slender frame, perfectly amplifying her firm breasts and flat stomach. The epaulettes upon her shoulders signified her high rank within the service. Below the short sleeves of her tunic dress, her bare arms glowed with the beautiful light natural tan of young Malay women. Her face was lightly made up, although her exquisite looks had no need of further embellishment. Her eyes were bright and intelligent and seemed to sparkle as she looked across her desk at the young English doctor.

“We have a problem… not of our making, but nevertheless Vicki, we have to try and make sense of this.”

Doctor Vicki Turner moved her slender body forward and leaned her elbow on the young prison governor’s desk. She was wearing a white short-sleeved lab coat, which was made of fine white cotton, ideally suited to the heat of the Malaysian weather. Although she was young – and this was her first position of authority, she seemed perfectly at ease with her position as Prison Medical Officer.

Vicki smiled as she replied. “I know Atikah. The girl’s mother is on her way and I really don’t know what to tell her. That fat pig of a sergeant insists that the boy was actually raping the girl on the side of the road. He says that he was perfectly within his rights to use force and prevent any further abuse of the girl. The boy is barely conscious and certainly has concussion. In view of the circumstances and the sergeant’s accusations, I have had him strapped to a gurney in ward two. The girl is in ward one. She is still unconscious and doesn’t look as if she is going to come out of her coma very quickly. Her response to sound and light has been improving over the last hour. So I am fairly satisfied that she will recover. “

“How did we indentify the girl Vicki? I have no documents for her and yet her mother is on her way.”

Vicki frowned as she replied to the pretty prison governor. “The sergeant recognized the girl and took it upon himself to inform her mother that she had been raped by an American… and that he had arrested him. We got a call in the medical block to say that the mother is on her way.

Atikah looked thoughtful for a moment before speaking again. “Are you sure that the girl has been raped?”

Vicki smiled ruefully. “Well I don’t have proof that she was raped, but there was definitely semen within her vagina and the girl has undoubtedly had sex within the last two or three of hours. However I would like you to take a look at the boy and you will see why I have my doubts about the sergeant’s account of things. I am also wondering why we haven’t heard from the police, if he is being charged.”

Atikah picked up the passport that was lying on her desk. She rifled through the pages until she came across the passport photograph. “Tom Walsh… erm, let’s see… born in Seattle, Washington State, on the sixteenth of January, nineteen eighty four. So he has just turned eighteen years of age. He looks very young on his photograph; perhaps he has used an older one. He certainly doesn’t look eighteen on here.”

She picked up some of the other items on her desk. “His drivers license is current and valid and all his insurances for the car are in order.”

Vicki looked meaningfully at Atikah. “That’s why I would like you to come to the medical block and have a look at him. In some ways he is most unusual. What I mean by that; is that, that photograph you have in your hand is an accurate facsimile of his face. He looks extremely young for someone who has just turned eighteen.

He is tall and well built; in fact he has a perfect physique. But I think he has reached maturity very late. I examined him while he was still unconscious and I think that he has only reached puberty quite recently, in fact probably during the last year… perhaps even only a few months.”

Atikah paused for a moment and then stood up. “Come along then Vicki lead the way. Are you going to tell me that this young man is physically incapable of rape?

Vicki smiled as she opened the office door and led the way through to the long corridor.

“No… he is certainly physically capable of rape, but I think that when you can see him properly, it will be a lot easier for me to explain why I don’t think that he has committed rape.”

The two young women walked quickly down the long corridor of balıkesir escort the Kuantan Province Correctional Facility for Women. Atikah nodded occasionally as they passed some of the female warders as she spoke to the young doctor.

“You know Vicki, it is a wonder that, that stupid sergeant, had sense enough to bring them here. It is a good eighty miles to the nearest hospital. He must have known that we have a resident doctor and good facilities.”

Vicki smiled back at Atikah as they entered the medical block.

“If he had hit the boy any harder, he might have had to take him to the morgue.” She opened the door to the medical section and beckoned to Atikah.

“I think if we speak in Malay while I show you the boy. He is awake and I want to ask your opinion while I examine him. Then I would like you to explain to him why he has been restrained and what he is being accused of. I hope I am right about him, Malaysia is no place to be accused of rape.”

Two pretty young nurses were stood waiting in the smaller corridor division of the medical block. They stood side by side, bowing slightly in acknowledgment of the doctor and governor. They were both petite and neatly dressed in their nurse’s outfits. Vicki smiled at them as she addressed them both.

“Please bring the trolley to ward two and glove up. Have you told the boy where he is and why he has been restrained?”

Anis, the younger of the two, answered her. “Yes doctor, he knows where he is, but I told him it was the rule that he must be restrained as he had concussion. I don’t know whether he believed me.”

Atikah nodded to the young nurses as they entered ward two. The boy was laid on a gurney in the middle of the examination room. He was covered from head to foot in a white sheet. Even with the air-conditioning running, the room was quite warm. The strong overhead lights were reflected against the white tiled walls. Medical cabinets lined the left hand side of the room, in front of which was a modern gynaecological examination chair complete with stirrups. A flat examination bed was situated to the right hand side of the clinically sterile examination facility. The bed was equipped with broad restraining straps, which hung down from the four corners of the bed. There was also a much wider strap suspended from the middle portion of the sturdy examination table.

Vicki and Atikah approached the gurney. The boy’s eyes were closed and it was a few moments, after they had approached and were standing to either side of the gurney, before he opened them.

Vicki could see that the boy had obviously been dozing. She smiled down at him as she placed her hand on his forehead.

“I am Doctor Turner. Now tell me Mister Walsh, how are you feeling?”

Atikah looked closely at the young boy while the doctor spoke to him. She could see that he closely resembled his passport photograph and that he looked very much younger than his accredited age.

His face was handsome and neatly featured. He certainly looked young and innocent – and Atikah was a very good judge of character. She rarely took things at their face value and had during her time as prison governor heard all kinds of excuses and explanations for criminal activity. She could usually see behind the façade and was a very good judge of whether someone was telling her the truth or not.

Tommy looked up at the doctor and tried to raise his hands. He suddenly remembered that the nurses had fasted both his wrists and his ankles to the gurney.

“Oh erm… erm doctor, my head hurts, but I think that I am alright. I am fastened to the bed erm miss?”

Vicki ignored his remark, but spoke softly to him. “Well your headache should ease in time. I will give you something for it in a while. First I want to examine you and then Governor Sumalie will want to talk to you. I believe that the nurses have told you that you are in the Kuantan Province Correctional Facility, which is the nearest medical facility to where you were picked up.”

Vicki could see that the boy was eager to ask more questions. She raised her hand to silence him and spoke softly. “First things first. Now what would you like me to call you?”

“Erm… my name is Tom… erm but they call me Tommy.”

“Well Tommy, I am going to examine you… so just lie there and let me do my job, O.K?”

Somehow the gentle voice of the young doctor erased some of his unease. He let his head rest against the pillow as the doctor leaned over him. He watched her as she took a penlight from the pocket of her lab coat and leaned over him.

He could feel her breasts press against his chest and feel her sweet breath on his face as she talked to him softly.

“Look left… umm… look right. There that’s the way… now look up… and down… very good. There that’s a good boy.” Her voice was almost hypnotic as her breasts moved over his chest as she examined both of his eyes. It seemed to be an almost intimate moment as she gently touched trabzon escort her finger to his lips. “Open wide Tommy, there’s a good boy.”

Tommy could not ignore the sensuality of the doctor’s touch as she stroked his cheek while shining the penlight into his mouth. He did not hear the tiny footsteps of the two nurses as they entered the room, pushing the trolley towards the gurney. He felt the sensual touch of the doctor as she delicately held his ear and reached for the octoscope. The instrument felt cool against his flesh as the doctor carefully examined each ear. Her breath was soft against his cheeks as she carefully turned his head from one side to the other.

Vicki stood up straight, noticing that his eyes had become defocused during her close examination. She smiled to herself knowing that she had perhaps aroused the boy with the extreme proximity of her body. She looked across at Akitah and gestured to his body before turning towards the young nurses.

“Would you retain his sheet in position please and put him in the chair. I would like him flat and at full stretch please. Please make sure that he is far enough down the bed for ‘Position One’ of induction please… but all with sheet.”

Anis and Pia both looked at the doctor, first with puzzlement and then with some amusement. Both the young nurses were very familiar with ‘position one’ of the prison’s induction procedure.

This was only used upon suspected carrier inductees to the prison. The completely naked girls would be summarily fastened to the gynaecological chair by the warders. The stirrups would be spread to such an extent that the girl’s legs would be stretched high and wide, almost lifting their bottoms from the seat of the chair. They would be invasively searched, both anally and vaginally. It was a demeaning and humiliating procedure, which often had the girls in tears.

Although the procedure was ultimately dehumanising, like airport customs checks, constant procedures had often revealed contraband from the unlikeliest of candidates.

The induction of female prisoners into Kuantan was a thorough and well-practised procedure for the young nurses. For Pia and Anis, the thought of suddenly having a handsome and naked young boy in such a position, made them thrill at the prospect.

Vicki made sure that they had got the message before she turned towards Tommy. She smiled as she leaned over him. Her voice was soft and gentle, in fact, almost a whisper.

“Now Tommy, the nurses are going to put you in the examination chair. I need to make sure that you are perfectly well and that you have not suffered any ill effects from the blow to your head. I will return in a little while to examine you… so be a good boy and relax while the nurses position you. Will you do that for me Tommy?”

Tommy was already under the thrall of Dr. Vicki Turner and was as acquiescent as she had hoped he would be. He looked up at her, innocently oblivious to the embarrassing procedures that were in store for him.

“Erm yes doctor.

“Good boy, I promise I will take good care of you Tommy.”

Both Vicki and Atikah moved away from the gurney and through the door into the corridor.

“I don’t want interfere or embarrass him while he is being fastened into the chair. But I did want to establish that his concussion has now abated and that he is fully compos mentis.”

Vicki took the young governor’s arm as she whispered to her.

“What did you think to him? Did he seem like a rapist to you?”

Atikah looked at Vicki. They had got to know each other well during Vicki’s appointment to the Kuantan Province Prison and Atikah had often confided her deeper emotions to the young doctor. There had often been a sexual element to their work and both of them had taken enjoyment during the examination, or the intimate searching, of attractive female prisoners. Vicki would often deliberately stimulate a young inmate to a state of intense sexual arousal.

Sometimes she would delicately tease a girl quite clandestinely. It was so easy to casually brush her fingers over a sensitive nipple, or gently score her fingernail over the lips of a girl’s labia as she carried out her examinations. Both Vicki and Akitah enjoyed a young girl’s shame, especially when she became reluctantly aroused through no fault of her own.

Vicki would often nonchalantly admonish a young girl for her lack of control, while she writhed and shivered under her skilled manipulation.

“My what a sensitive little girl you are! Have you no shame?”

Sometimes the stimulation would be so intense that a girl would be shivering in turmoil, her hips thrust upwards, reluctantly seeking the pleasure of Vicki’s delicate fingers. This would often cause the pretty young Malaysian nurses to giggle and remark on the young girl’s wantonness.

Akitah moved closer to Vicki and spoke earnestly.

“Well you know how many how many of my prisoners declare their innocence… so you may forgive me for being sceptical as a rule. But with this young man I am at a loss. I watched him while you were talking to him… and as yet, I doubt very much that he has any idea of the complaints against him. However, the situation has got more serious. I had a text while you were looking at the boy. It seems that the girl’s parents are top lawyers in Malaysia.

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