BBC Club: Cindy

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Big Ass

With a bag of groceries under one arm, Jim Jameson struggled to quietly close the door with the other as he shuffled into the kitchen and set the bag down gently. He removed a single red rose from his mouth.

Friday was date night and after a long week he was looking forward to dinner, maybe a movie then a long weekend with Cindy, his beautiful blonde wife.

They’d been married for almost 10 years and he still liked doing little things to show he cared: flowers for no reason, love notes in her bag, weekend trips and all the romantic things people in love are supposed to do.

She’d said that she had something extra special planned and Jim’s curiosity was definitely peaked. Their anniversary was still a few months away, but knowing his adventurous wife he imagined a long night in the bedroom. It was a big possibility that they wouldn’t even make it past dinner let alone out to a movie!

But it didn’t matter. The 35 year old natural blonde bombshell was still his favorite dish.

With the rose back between his teeth, Jim grabbed a bottle of white wine and two glasses and walked down the hall towards the bedroom.

He heard them before he saw them but it was only a split second before Jim had a full color triple X image to go with the porn soundtrack blasting from the living room.

He peeked around the corner to see his wife on all fours in front of the couch, her plump ass dancing to the rhythm of fucking. A large black man pistoned into her from behind as she gripped the couch cushions for dear life, her lips curled back in unmistakable pleasure.

The steady, slapping sound of their sex was almost hypnotic and Jim stood mesmerized by their motions.

Cindy growled like a big cat and the rumbling shook Jim from his shock. He looked around and the room was a frenzy of the telltale signs of foreplay: clothes everywhere, the open bottle of wine, the interracial porn playing quietly on the flat screen, his wife’s blissed out expression.

Cindy moaned and bit a mouthful of couch cushion before opening her eyes to see her husband standing there.

“Oh, Jim honey, mmm, you’re home” she said panted. “Surprise!! Ooh fuck yes!”

The rose fell from Jim’s gaping mouth as he watched her pussy stretch to accept inches and inches of black cock. Despite the paralysis affecting 95% of his body, the remaining 5% was rapidly rising and firming into a noticeable bulge in the front of pants.

“Um, hi hon.” He said, still not able to believe the live action fuck flick he’d stepped into. “Ah, what’s happening?”

“This is your surprise!” Cindy said, grinding harder on the huge cock and obviously enjoying her “gift.”

“And he’s such a BIG surprise too!” she panted. “Sooo big! And you said you wanted to see me filled with the biggest cock. Right baby?”

“Yes. Yes I did.” Jim smirked and shook his head as he walked into the room, placing the wine on the table. He poured himself a full glass and downed it quickly, his eyes never completely leaving the sexy scene in front of him.

“I see somebody likes the idea” Cindy said, noticing Jim’s chubby and licking her lips. “Why don’t you sit down and get comfortable baby. Let us put on a show for you.”

Jim poured another drink and plopped down on the opposite couch, a sudden wave of emotions washing over him. A part of him was confused and a part was slightly jealous of the big hunk making his wife scream and cream. But beyond the slight affronts to his manhood, Jim was incredibly, undeniably horny. And as the shock of the situation wore off he realized that his kinky, insatiable wife was granting him one of his biggest, most taboo fantasies!

His own 6 inch cock was rock hard now and he fished it out and gave it a few firm tugs, moaning and settling in as his own personal sex show played out in front of him.

The duo dripped sweat and sex onto the carpet as the ebony stud smacked Cindy’s ass and raised large red handprints on her pale cheeks.

“Mwhaaaah! Fuuuck!! Aaahh!!” She inhaled thick gulps of air as she screamed her pleasure to the world.

“Fuck…me…Fuck…Me…FUUUCCK MEEE!!” She begged.

Jim’s stroking became more intense. He’d been thinking about sex all day and this unexpected show was more than enough to push him over the edge. He twisted his hand around the head of his dick, drawing his fist along the sensitive shaft as he imagined his wife’s tongue performing the same motions.

“I’m coming!! Bang that pussy daddy! THAT’S…What…I…Need!!

Cindy’s bubble butt bounced as she pogoed back and forth on his come stick. The man drove his huge cock into her cunt as she shook and came, gushing around his girth.

It was the image of her luscious ass that sent Jim over. As his wife continued to thrash and come, he threw his head back and splashed a huge white load into the air, covering his hand and work khakis.

Two months earlier Jim and Cindy had been laying on their backs breathless and staring up at the ceiling. The early Sunday morning fikirtepe escort fuck had been one of their best and they were both covered in a sheen of sweat.

“You really want to see me do it, don’t you?” She said as their hearts slowed down to normal pace. Her hand traced over the hills of her tits, snowcapped with a load of his frosting.

“Huh?” Jim had closed his eyes and was preparing to drift off into a nap after their morning workout. “What’s that?”

“You want to see me” she brought her come covered finger to her mouth and licked it slowly.

She reached down between them and pulled out the big black rubber cock and wagged it in front of his face.

“You want to see me get fucked by a big black cock!”

Jim opened his eyes slowly to see the big dick just inches from his face, still glistening with his wife’s juices. He looked at her with a shy, sly smile.


“Ha!” She snapped and slapped his chest with the big phallus.

“I knew it! Buying me this big thing and all that interracial porn you’ve just ‘happened’ to be finding! I knew you were up to something!”

“So, what if I am?” He challenged his wife of nearly a decade. He knew she was adventurous in bed and they’d talk about and done their share of wild things over the years.

Sure, suggesting that she fuck a black guy was by far the most outrageous thing he’d ever come up with. But something told him it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

“What if” he continued, “I want to see my wife-who is the most beautiful, attractive, sexy woman on the planet-deep in the throes of ecstasy with the hottest, hunkiest guy we can find?”

Jim had rolled onto his side and had taken the big dildo from his wife. It was deep brown and almost a foot long and she’d looked so sexy fucking herself with it as Jim’s dick had exploded in her mouth.

He traced the mammoth toy through the pools of come on her chest and she shuddered at the thrilling sensation. She looked back, her eyes still playful but perfectly serious.

“So you’d be ok with me fucking some big black stud?”

Jim’s cock was rapidly rising back to full hardness as the conversation progressed.

“Oh yes baby! Would you do that for me? Would you be my personal little black cock slut?”

Cindy held his gaze as she took the dildo from him, which now had a film his come mingling with her juices.

“Maybe…” She slipped the big head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip.

“If you’re a good boy. Our anniversary is coming up and you never know what could happen.”

The fantasy sent a shiver through them both before Jim gave a lusty growl and rolled over on top of his wife, determined to show her just how good he could be.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind of even hotter sex, dirty talk and intense fantasies. To Jim’s delight, Cindy quickly latched onto his BBC dreams and wasn’t shy about letting her husband know how much it turned her on.

She’d whisper her taboo fantasies to her husband when an attractive black man passed them on the street.

“Um, look honey” she’d purr and grind herself against her husband. “I bet he has a huge cock! Do you think he’d fuck me? Do you think he’d like me being a little white slut for his big, black cock?”

They ordered more black dildos, dug deeper into the internet’s bottomless well of interracial porn, and their lovemaking often included dirty narrations where one or both of them would reveal just how much they wanted a big black cock to complete their hot sexy times.

But what Jim didn’t know that was while he was hard at work during the day, Cindy was at home working to make their fantasy a reality.

Their anniversary was coming up and she had planned to wait until then to surprise her husband. But all the nasty fantasizing was making it hard to control her own urges and her pussy throbbed uncontrollably whenever she thought of being taken and stuffed to bursting with by a big cock of the darker persuasion.

Cindy had always secretly been attracted to black men but had never had the opportunity to sate her chocolate craving. Despite her deep desire, she loved her husband and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

But now that she knew that Jim was into it, she wasn’t going to waste any more time. She was going to find the biggest, most alpha, masculine stud in the Bay Area. And Jim was going to watch her get fucked her senseless!

She’d started by searching Craigslist before joining other sex focused social networks. She’d had a few promising conversations when she found the website for an organization that called themselves The BBC Club.

Looking at the website description made Cindy’s pussy pulse with excitement.

“Welcome to the BBC Club. We are a group of athletic, well hung, well educated, black men that enjoy giving women the experiences that they crave.

Our website is open to the world but our club is located in the California Bay gebze escort Area. Our private parties are open to those who want to experience life’s darker pleasures. Single ladies, lonely girlfriends, hotwives and cuckold couples are all welcome. Full club membership available for select individuals.

We go from mild to wild, one on one or groups. It’s all good. We know just how to treat a lady. And just how to use a dirty little slut!

Enjoy the site. And if you’re in Northern California and ready for The Big Black Cock Experience contact us for more information.”

She knew she’d found what she was looking for and spent the next few days chatting in the site’s forums, exchanging emails and browsing the buffet of sexy blackness in the photo and video galleries. Her pussy clenched as she imagined a room, then an entire club, then an endless legion of big black cocks fucking and filling her in every way imaginable..

Finally, she decided on one hot stud to take her black cherry. Kwame was a 27 year old, tall, dark, semi pro football player. He swung a thick 10 inch bat between his legs and long dreadlocks flowed down over his muscled back.

Unbelievably, his cock wasn’t even the biggest Cindy had discovered on the site. But she loved his total package of sex appeal, ripped physique and slightly boyish charm. And his beautiful chocolate bar was far bigger than anything she’d ever tasted. She couldn’t wait to feel it melt in her mouth, her hand and deep inside her pussy!

Over the next few days she took her black dildo loving to new heights as they got to know each other on the site. She’d keep herself stuffed with one or more black rubber cocks while they chatted and come buckets watching his videos, imagining his hot liquid passion coating her insides.

Back in the living room, Jim sat on the couch watching his beautiful wife get the fucking of her life. Neither he nor Cindy had to imagine a thing as they were introduced to the wonders of big black cock in living, throbbing, hi definition.

Kwame piston fucked her until she almost passed out and his dark dick was covered in Cindy’s cream as she shook and screamed through a series of rapid fire orgasms.

After a while he slowed and carefully uncorked from her hole, smacking each quivering butt cheeks before collapsing back on the sofa. But the virile young athlete hadn’t come yet and was still ready to rumble, his pole jutting from his neatly trimmed pubic hair, rigid and shining with wife juice.

Cindy moved her eager face to his sticky treat. She flicked her tongue across the tip and Kwame gasped. She opened her mouth wide, engulfing the plum sized head and sucking forcefully.

“That’s right, baby. Taste yourself on daddy’s dick.” Kwame said as he pushed her head down further.

Lacey shivered at his encouraging words. She’d been fucked so good that she couldn’t put together a complete sentence, but her body responded by kicking into high gear and inhaling the hard, sweet meat.

Already close to coming, Kwame’s cock did battle with Cindy’s mouth but she took it all like a trooper. She stretched her lips wide as Kwame prepared to fill the hot wife’s throat with his load. The thick pipe alternated between deep gagging thrusts and slow stirring motions.

The facefucking was forceful but careful. Kwame was determined to open her throat and get her used to taking big cocks, but he also didn’t want to get too rough with her before she was ready.

But Cindy was ready. She felt so submissive between his big legs and loved how full her mouth was with his meat. She slurped at the delicious elixir from her cunt and his precum.

Once he was sure she could take it, Kwame grabbed the sides of her head and forced her closer towards his groin, plugging for a few heartbeats before yanking her back up. She gasped for air as thin lines of saliva dangled between his cockhead and her hot mouth.

Kwame repeated the motion over and over, increasing in force and each time pushing her face down just a little further. After about 5 minutes his dick was pistoning steadily into the dirty wife’s face and Cindy was gagging like a true cockslut.

“Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!” the wet music of their throatfucking rang out around the room as dick banged tonsils.

Cindy frigged her clit furiously with one hand while grabbing Kwame’s hip and raking her nails across his skin with the other.

Jim sat on the couch in awe as he jerked himself, his erection already hard and ready for a second round. He knew this kind of scene would be hot but he didn’t expect this! His amazing wife looked so slutty on her knees servicing the larger than life dick.

Spit and precum drooled out of the sides of her open mouth as she accepted more and more cock. Jim didn’t think he’d ever seen her more beautiful.

Kwame was also admiring the sexy woman hungrily swallowing him up. Despite his age he’d broken in lots of wives and knew some needed a little convincing to get going. Some thought içerenköy escort they could take his massive dick but then backed out once the meat hit the pan.

But sometimes he’d find a super hot woman who knew just what she wanted and wasn’t shy about throwing herself before the altar of big dick. Cindy was just the kind of slut he loved. And judging from his stiffy and the grin on her husband’s face, Kwame was pretty sure that he’d just found the latest BBC Club recruits.

When Cindy finally did the impossible, when she forced her throat down onto that last evil inch Kwame couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Ohh fuck Cindy! I’m coming you slut! I’m coming down your throat!”

A long moan of release accompanied the long streams of come that bulleted from his dick and shot straight down the pretty blonde’s throat. He held her face as his come rockets hit the bullseye and slid down her esophagus. Then he pulled her mouth to the tip so that she could taste the rest of his gift.

Cindy growled like an animal as the batter filled her mouth to overflowing. His come rolled into her mouth in heavy waves, sweet yet salty like the ocean. She alternated between swallowing the tasty juice and letting it dribble out of the corners of her mouth.

“Oh shit! Of fuck! Yess baby! Take that dick!!” Kwame’s hips bucked and raised off the couch as she drank from his tap. Cindy’s swallowing massaged the head of his cock and coaxed out a steady stream of thick white seed.

Come poured like a fountain from his dick and by the time he was spent Cindy’s cute little chipmunk mouth was overflowing with nut. Kwame started to soften in her mouth and the river of come drained out like a damn had been unplugged.

She stroked him slowly as the waterfall of come cascaded down her hands and dripped onto her wedding ring.

She dipped her head lower and licked up the bittersweet cream like a cat, twirlling her tongue through the come that dripped from her diamond ring, the ring-and this entire night-a testament to the love she felt for her kinky husband.

She drizzled kisses along Kwame’s semi-stiff shaft and soft waves of pleasure rumbled from his groin to his feet. He placed his hand on the back of her head before caressing the top of her neck.

“Whew! Jim, you have got one hot little woman here! I can see why you need some help keeping up with her!” Kwame looked over at Jim who was still idly stroking his own hard cock.

“Yeah man, she’s a wild cat! It’s no stopping Cindy once she gets started!”

Cindy stayed one the floor between the two men, catching her breath as they spoke. She looked from one to the other and couldn’t believe her luck, her husband-the love of her life-sat there stroking his hard dick while her new lover-the unbelievably sexy young black man-waited to give her more earth shattering orgasms!.

Her eyes ping ponged between the two hard cocks, then she slowly rose to her knees and brought Kwame’s only slightly deflated cock back to her insatiable mouth. She sucked him gently while the men talked, loving the feeling of submission and service that action implied.

Soon Kwame was rock hard again and all attention returned to fucking. Cindy swung her leg over his lap and slowly dropped her dripping pussy onto his tower of power. Both her upper and lower mouths inhaled widely as she was stretched open again and cried out at the pleasureable reunion. Jim watched his insatiable slut wife and licked his lips.

“Ohh Jeeesus!” Cindy moaned as the big snake burrowed itself back into her humid cave. Her pussy was sore from the fucking but the stinging pain only added to her sensations. Her pussy had never gotten this kind of workout before and it burned so good!

“Oh fuck Jim baby! He is so fucking BIG!” Cindy crooned as she wriggled her plump ass, the full enormity of the situation driving home inside her.

“Yeah, you like that big cock baby?” Jim’s asked as he stroked himself.

“Oh yes baby! I love this cock. It feels AMAZING!”

She ground slowly on Kwame’s lap, using his massive ladle to stir her hot insides. Kwame’s big hands caressed her even bigger ass, then traveled up to tweak her nipples as her breath quickened.

Her stirring motions evolved into a back and forth frantic jerking that caused his dick to bang directly onto her gspot and her clit to rub sparks against his crotch. Cindy gasped at the sensation and felt the beast of an orgasm reawakening inside of her.

She looked down into Kwame’s eyes to see him looking back, his face a mask of lust and concentration. She loved the fullness of his lips and bent to kiss him passionately while she rode his cock-pleasing the sexy black man with both of her eager wet mouths.

Everyone in the room moaned loudly at the sexy scene and Jim thought he had never loved his wife more than at that moment. He wasn’t sure how much she was doing this for his benefit versus her own enjoyment, but the live sex show in his living room was definitely turning him on more than anything he’d ever seen or done before.

Cindy bucked up and down on the massive rail road spike as she barrelled towards her own release like a runaway train. As she rose and fell Jim saw that the black cock was painted in a thick layer of his wife’s creamy excitement.

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