Being Busted Brings Benefits Ch. 04

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The orgasm Mom experienced doing anal with me must have exhausted her because once on my bed she laid down and was out like a light. So much for the challenge to empty me, although she did say we had all weekend since Dad would be gone. I let her sleep, pulling up the covers over her naked body and putting a pair of shorts and T-shirt on. I went downstairs, it was only midnight on Friday, and drank some Gatorade and heated up some leftovers since I hadn’t eaten much thinking about Dad leaving town. My phone on the counter chirped signifying I had a text. To my surprise it was Makayla, my last girlfriend I broke up with less than a month ago.

The break up was her idea. She said she wanted to explore ‘other opportunities’. I had no idea why she was texting me already. I read the text and shook my head: I think I made a big mistake. I want to talk.

Getting back together with her was the last thing on my mind. Finding a new girlfriend was the last thing on my mind now since the arrangement began with Mom. I decided to ignore the text and finish me food. Makayla texted again within five minutes, talk about needy. This one said: Are you home… I’m outside your house.

What the hell? Now she’s staking me. It was obvious she wasn’t going to let me ignore her and I expected the doorbell to ring any second. I didn’t want her to wake Mom, especially not now after knowing how jealous she said she got. Going to the front door I looked out the window and saw Makayla’s car idling on the curb. I opened the door and went out. She saw me coming and unlocked her door, letting me in.

“Good to see you, David. Thanks for coming out,” she began.

She looked good, always did when we dated. Makayla has long straight brown hair, brown eyes and a very pretty face. Her body’s great as well, I had no lack of attraction toward her, like I said it was her idea to break up.

“Good to see you too? So what’s up?”

“Well, like I said in the text, I think I made a mistake breaking it off with you and was wondering if you wanted to try again. I know I ended it and was kind of a bitch and I’m sorry.”

“You know? To be honest I don’t. I’m over it, I’ve moved on. But it was nice to see you,” I said starting to open the door.

She grabbed my arm, turning me back to her. “Wait, David. I miss you. I miss what we had. What we did,” she said giving me a telling look to what she meant.

“Yeah, well we had fun, I can’t deny that but it’s over. You went looking for better, not my problem.”

“I was a fool… give me another chance. I’ll do anything,” she blurted, looking ashamed she had said it.

“Wow, Makayla, I never pegged you as the desperate type. I’m done, I have someone else now.”

“Who!? You’re lying… I asked around and you’re not even dating.”

“Someone new someone none of your friends would know. I don’t have to tell you shit.”

“Just think about it, she can’t be that special.”

“Don’t have to think about it and yes she is. Bye Makayla,” I said getting out and walking to my door without looking back.

Mom was waiting by the front door when I walked in.

“Was that Makayla,” she asked, dressed in her robe.

“Yeah, she wants me back. Can you believe that?”

“Actually, yes I can. I told you they would miss you after they couldn’t have you anymore. I’m sure she realized that after the next cock she fucked. How pathetic it was compared to yours.”

Mom’s potty mouth was in full swing at 1 A.M. I laughed and shook my head.

“What did you tell her?”

“I told her I was over her and moved on. That I had someone else now.”

“Me? Did you mean me?” Mom asked.

“Well yeah. I haven’t thought about another woman since the kitchen. Should I have?” I asked.

“Yes, I mean no, it’s just. David… I’m your mother?”

“Let’s not worry about that, things will work out. I just want to focus on our arrangement right now.”

“Okay… I won’t ruin it then.”

“Sorry about waking you up?”

“You didn’t. I came down looking for you since you weren’t in the bed with me.”

“I got hungry and then Makayla texted.”

“I see. Well let’s go back up,” she said taking my hand.

I followed her back to my room. Inside she dropped her robe, and slid under the covers of my bed naked. I shed my clothes and slid in next to her. She snuggled up to my, laying her head on my chest and hands on my stomach and side. Just lying there naked with her excited me and my penis rose steadily until it was erect. I didn’t say anything and she hadn’t noticed yet.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her.

“Good, a little tired but the nap helped. You really wore me out with that last one. I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.”

“Don’t be, I needed a break anyway.”

“And now?” she asked sliding her hand down toward my hard cock. “Does something need Mommy’s attention ag….” Just as she said the last word her hand found my hard cock.

“Good grief, David. You’re already throbbing! And you wonder why Makayla wants you back,” she said grabbing my shaft in the middle Çapa Escort and squeezing tight. “What am I going to do with you? I honestly didn’t expect this, not again. Looks like I have more work to do.”

“What can I say… I got it bad for my mommy.”

“Your cock sure does!” she said diving under the covers.

She licked my chest, down my stomach and over my cock, all the way to my balls in one long lick. Suddenly my left nut was inhaled into her mouth. She sucked until it began to hurt before releasing the left and finding the right, doing the same. Licking back up my shaft, she used only her lips to pull my cock vertical before sucking me inside her mouth, down deep to her throat. The pleasure was exquisite, so slow, so hot, and wet, mind blowing. Finding a woman that worships a cock like my mother does is virtually impossible. The sheets were still over her head so all I could see was the contour of her bobbing, twisting and pleasuring my cock. What I felt was supreme talent that put what she did in the shower to shame. She kept me on the verge, but never let me go over the cliff. Keeping me so close for so long with just her mouth showcased her gift and love for head. I was the beneficiary of her skill and love. I was the luckiest man in the world for that half hour or more, I lost track.

Finally my cock popped out of her mouth, throbbing uncontrollably and so pent up with pleasure I thought I might die before release. She had teased me so long, right at the point before nothing can stop it, the ache in my balls for release seemed like I had been saving this load for a week. That’s how good she was. Of course I didn’t stop her, what man would. She poked her head out of the covers with a large smile on her face.

“Did my boy like that?” she asked.

“You have no idea.”

“I think I do. From the way you were acting and what your cock was doing I think I know you loved every second.”


“Good, all those bad memories of other girls can be replaced with me.”

“What other girls?” I said.

“That’s my boy,” she said throwing a leg over me and lifting herself just above my cock.

I felt her hot wet pussy slide over my dick as she looked me in the eye. My head was throbbing at the wet entrance, but still she didn’t move back onto me, teasing my glands with her wet lips. Swaying side to side she opened herself, letting the tip of my head in slightly as she watched my expression. What a fucking tease she was, driving me insane to be inside her. I wanted to grab her ass and slam her down on me but she shook her head, seeing my desire.

“Let, Mommy, work. Trust me you won’t regret it. Don’t move.”

She pinned my arms down with her hands, rocking side to side on my cock head, slathering it with her juices. Slowly, oh so slowly she pressed back, down on to my cock, inching her way agonizingly slow until I was fully enveloped. I can’t describe what this did to me, how utterly unbearable it was not to move. Her perfect pussy encapsulated the whole of my cock in unqualified perfection. Going that slow, I felt every part of my cock caressed by her lips and massaged by her wet sex.

“Good boy, David. Mommy likes how obedient you are,” she said bottoming out on my rod.

“What do you want to do to me, David? What has, Mommy made you want?” she asked. “Let me guess,” she said before I could answer. “You want to fuck me like never before, don’t you? You want to hammer that big fat cock in and out of Mommy’s cunt and spray your load deep inside!”

“Yes!” I screamed, forcing my hands free and rolling her over on her back with ease.

She weighed nothing, easily moved and manipulated by my strength. As soon as she was on her back I pulled out and slammed my cock home as hard as I could, pinning her arms down and banging into her over and over in a state of animalistic passion. She had brought something to the surface I didn’t know was there. Something I had seen in her, I must have inherited. I became crazed, thrusting my cock so hard and so fast inside of her I seemed a different person.

Even my noises were savage, grunting and moaning as I rose up on my knees, dug in my ankles and pounded away with her legs up and over her body. The depth of penetration was total, my balls slapped and mashed up against her ass as I thrust every inch after inch into her over and over until I was coated in sweat and dripping down on her.

My screams mixed with hers only to be out done when she came. She urged me on. Telling me to fuck her faster and harder even when I couldn’t go more. She grabbed my legs, pulling me into her with force, scratching my thighs with her nails, wanting more and more of my cock like a woman possessed. She knew what she had awakened and she wanted all of me.

My sexual rage kept me from cumming a long time. My endurance and young body proved useful as she came multiple times under my barrage and still I wasn’t finished. Her pussy was on fire and each orgasm only added to the lubrication, making her sex a veritable wonderland for my hard cock. She didn’t Çapa Escort Bayan dry out, she didn’t want me to ‘wrap it up’, and she only got better the longer I fucked her until I couldn’t hold out any longer.

She knew it was coming, she knew I was close.

“Cum for me, David, Cum deep inside… fill me with your love!” she screamed.

All of the rage and sexual energy had built up over an hour to this moment. Hearing her words capped of the pleasure as I burst inside of her, filling her with my seed. The orgasm was in itself savage, pulling my insides out as my cock convulsed, spewing forth the deepest dregs of my essence. So much came out it began overflowing as I thrust into her, running out the sides, coating my balls and her body. I filled her pussy to the limit and beyond.

The effort finally hit me, once my cock stopped its spasm. I fell over Mom, panting for breath and covered in sweat. She put her arms around me, whispering in my ear.

“I told you I’d make you feel better. Told you I’d empty you tonight.”

She had. If I was to cum again only blood would come out now.

Both of us were too exhausted to clean up. We fell asleep in each other’s arms with my cock and cum still inside of her.


I woke up alone. I looked at my clock to see 10:02. I slept in, good thing it was Saturday. The next thing I noticed was the smell of bacon. Mom was cooking breakfast. I got up, walked to the bathroom naked and realized my cock was covered in dried cum from both her and me. It flaked off into the toilet as I took a leak. I used a warm wash cloth to clean myself off somewhat, returning to my room for some clothing.

I found Mom downstairs cooking in the kitchen with her apron on. She smiled, finished putting some food on a plate and brought it over with some OJ. As she turned to return for her own food, I about choked on the juice. Her backside was completely naked. All she had on was the apron.

“Nice outfit,” I said, once I could breathe again.

“Oh, this. I thought you’d like it,” she giggled.

She gathered her own food and came and sat down across from me.

“Your father called. He landed safe and should be home Sunday night.”

“Cool, so what do you want to do today?” I asked, taking a large bite of eggs.

I was famished; last night’s efforts had taken all my energy.

“I’m sure you have homework. You should work on that until you’ve recovered a little.”

She had a point. I hadn’t woken up with a boner and seeing her in just her apron didn’t get me hard either. She had officially emptied me for the time being.

“I do. I’ve kind of gotten behind, with… all this?” I said.

“And we can’t have that. Part of this arrangement was to help you study and keep your mind off sex so you could. I think we might have managed that last night so prove me right and study. Your father will come unglued if you fail even one class.”

“Okay, and what about you?”

“I’m more than satisfied, David. I’ve had more sex in the last few days than I’ve had in the last few years. Not to mention the best sex of my life.”

“Well, thanks, Mom… I’m glad to hear it.”

“I’m sure you are, Mr. Cocky. Just remember where you got that from.”

I smiled, finished my breakfast, showered and went to my room to study.


She brought me lunch, dressed in normal clothes, around two and I had actually gotten a lot done. I thought I might be caught up by tonight if I worked through the afternoon. My mind was clear and not once did I get distracted by thoughts of porn or sex. She left me alone again to study. I had never focused on school for such an extended period of time. I was amazed at how much I could get done and finished all my assignments, plus that research paper I was supposed to be doing when all this started. I was just wrapping everything up, saving my work when Mom knocked.

“Dinner’s almost ready. I made your favorite.”

“Awesome, I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Did you get a lot done?” she asked.

“Everything! It’s all done.”

“Really? Well, good. I knew I could help.”

“You did, I can’t believe how much you helped,” I said, jumping up and kissing her on the cheek. “Thanks, Mom.

“Anytime, Dear,” she said, before leaving.

She had set the dining table and we enjoyed a wonderful meal together, talking about normal stuff a mother and son would. Finally at the end, when she was clearing the plates she asked what she was really thinking.

“So how are you doing? Have you recovered today?”

“Yeah, I think. Haven’t really thought about it.”

“Oh, that’s good,” she said walking to the kitchen.

When she came back I asked, “And how are you doing?”

“Me… oh just fine.”

I could tell she wasn’t. It was like the floodgates had opened for my mother and she was having a difficult time controlling herself.

“Really, Mom? We said in the beginning we would tell each other when we were in need of help. Are you sure you’re fine?”

She stopped, looked at Escort Çapa me and seemed torn or conflicted, “I’m sorry, David. I’m not fine. I’ve been going nuts all day. I’ve changed my underwear three times. It’s just, you… me alone in this house. You’re father gone… I tried to let you study… I did at least that.”

Wow, Mom was really hurting for it. I guess when you go years without the desire builds up. Then once its fair game again she wants and wants. I took the plates out of her hands, set them on the table and picked her up, setting her butt next to the plates.

“Let your boy help,” I said, unbuckling her shorts and pulling them off of her.

She lay down on the table and spread her legs. Her panties were already soaked, who knows what she had been thinking about all day. I pulled them off, viewing her flushed and glistening sex. She was shaking with anticipation before I even touched her, seeming to melt as my tongue spread her hot folds. She tasted wonderful again, smelled even better as I moved closer, letting my tongue glide into her flaming tunnel.

“Ahhhhh, ohhhhhhh, my good go…………,” she screamed out, grabbing my hair.

All day of wanting it had Mom so turned on and horny she gushed within a minute of my tongue penetrating her. Talk about a turn on, feeling her pussy convulse and her scream after doing pretty much nothing got even my well used cock to move. Her grip on my hair kind of hurt but sucking and slurping her quivering pussy was worth it. I ate her, licked her clit, even bit it while my cock grew slowly in my pants. I don’t think she stopped cumming at least it didn’t seem like it.

Once I was fully hard, which took longer than I thought it would, I got off my knees, dropped my pants and fed my cock into her dripping sex. Thrusting forward, the table rocked back and forth, making the plates, glasses and assorted dishes clatter and move. She had that look on her face again. I knew what she wanted and if I left her where she was I’d break everything on the table if not the table as well. Grabbing under her butt, I lifted her, spun her around and laid her down on the carpet floor, right next to or dining room table. She was going to get what she wanted now.

“Yes, David, give it to me…. I need it so bad!” she screamed, as I thrust viciously deep inside.

I held myself over her body, gripping the thick carpet with my hands with my shorts around my ankles, thrusting over and over with my teeth tightly together. I knew how she liked it from last night and I didn’t stop my barrage until she came again. Our full stomachs made strange noises among our moans of pleasure. Mom’s bra covered breasts only slightly moved even with my powerful thrusts on the floor. When she came she scratched my arms, arching her back to meet my cock as her pussy shuddered once more.

Pulling out I rolled her over onto her stomach, grabbed her hips, pulling her tight ass toward me, lifting her onto her knees. Her pussy was dripping, the juice had ran down and puddled in her ass now trapped there. Shoving my cock back into her sex I began sticking my thumb in her ass.

“Easy, Honey… Mommy’s little ass is sore from last night,” she said, as I inserted the tip of my thumb.

I stopped there, not pushing more of my digit in but continued to slide my engorged and wet member in and out of her succulent pussy. My thrusts pushed Mom forward, rocking her body with each penetration. Her head fell forward, the blond hair cascading to the floor as she fell to her elbows, arching her back. I felt her tight hole, moving on my thumb, opening and closing. Reaching with the other hand I grabbed her left breasts, squeezing firmly through the shirt and bra to find her nipple.

She screamed in pleasure and sucked my thumb in further as I found her excited nipple, between my thumb and fingers. The heat mixed with silky flesh surrounding my cock felt marvelous. I threw back my head in bliss, focusing on how perfect her sex molded to my entire shaft. I watched her lips cling to my rod with each entry and withdrawal, leaving it shiny and wet from her climax. My veins stood out in high definition, blue among the purple head and engorged shaft.

Sliding my thumb in all the way, Mom squealed with pleasure, putting her head down on the floor. I could feel my larger shaft under my thumb, sliding effortlessly in and out of my mother’s body. I didn’t know how anything could be better that what I was doing right then. My homework was done, I had my cock in the sexiest woman I had ever known and she was cumming again. My thumb felt like it was being sucked by her ass as her body reacted to the pleasure of her climax. Her pussy milked my shaft, she cried out in ecstasy, calling my name over and over. I was making her cum in every position so far.

My knees were starting to hurt on the carpet, so when she started to come down off her climax I pulled out, picked her up and carried her to the couch in the adjoining room. Lying her down on her back, I hung her legs over the cushioned arm and stood by the side of the sofa. Lifting her legs over and apart I moved forward testing the height from entry. I only had to squat slightly with her butt on the arm of the sofa. Pushing my engorged cock down, I entered her again, pushing her lips open and finding my way back into her luscious sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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