Best Served Cold…

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Big Tits

It was a write-off, she was sure of it. There was surely no way the car could be driven ever again, the front end had a huge dent in it and engine parts and various dark fluids continued to fall onto the road as the pick-up truck hoisted the mangled wreckage onto it’s back.

“Honestly.” she asked, turning to the pick-up driver, “How bad does it look?”

He raised an eyebrow at her and removed his baseball cap.

“Little lady, you’re lucky you’re still breathing.”

‘Little lady?’ She hated that immediately, it was so condescending. Not only was she the same height as the driver, but aside from this incident she was a mature and responsible 22 year-old who had always taken the lead in every situation she had been in, and had never gone off the rails. Sure she had a reputation for being bossy and controlling even among the members of her own family, but as far as Jodie was concerned, if nobody else was willing to take the initiative, she always would.

This explained why, when she had found herself running late for a job interview for a trainee executive administration assistant at a very prestigious local law firm, she had taken the initiative to borrow her Father’s car while he was out of town on business to drive into the city, and unfortunately crashed it into a tree while swerving to avoid what she believed to be a cat, and what in fact turned out to be a black bag drifting across the road.

The truck towed the car to a local garage, where the mechanic examined it.

“The good news is that she can be repaired.”

Jodie felt like hugging him until she heard the next sentence.

“The bad news? It’ll cost you.”

The bill had come to over $1000, money she didn’t have and looked unlikely to get, having not got to the job interview, so she was left with no option than to borrow the money from her annoying younger brother Ryan, who just so happened to have money to spare after recently selling a car. They agreed that Jodie would pay the money back as soon as she landed a job, but seven months passed and rejection after rejection caused some serious doubt in her mind that she would ever be able to get her brother off her case. She hated that he had power over her because she was the oldest and had ruled his life since childhood with a rod of iron, and to have him telling her what to do was too much for her to take, it really was.

One day Ryan approached her with a proposition.

“You know you’re never gonna get the money, it’s been seven months and the opportunities are drying up faster than a menopausal swinger’s club.”

She hated the way he made everything sound dirty, but she let him continue.

“Face it, we have to come up with a compromise.”

Jodie thought about it for a while, her blue eyes traced the patterns on the carpet and she twirled her blonde hair between her fingers. Finally she looked at him and made a suggestion.

“Okay, you call it quits on the debt and I promise to cook you meals, do your laundry and clean up after you for a year.”

He shook his head. She went back to thinking.

“Well, how about all of the above, plus I write all of your college work for the same period?”

He smiled and shook again. Jodie slumped back in her chair with exasperation and flopped her arms and hand palms-upwards on her knees.

“Well what then? I don’t have anything more to give you!”

Ryan continued smiling, then sucked his bottom lip.

“There is one thing you have that I could use.”He grinned and Jodie knew exactly what he wanted.

“Ryan, No.”She protested with him. “Ryan. I…can’t. No!”

Ryan continued smiling but he wasn’t going to change his mind.

“It’s only going to take an hour at most, I promise. Make sure you shower first, and don’t dress in anything too complicated.”


She entered the room dressed only in a white toweled bathrobe which she self-consciously pulled tight around her body. She was already regretting agreeing to this, and even though there was no way she could afford to pay him back the money, Jodie made one final attempt to bargain with Ryan, offering to give him the expensive laptop her Father had got her for her 22nd birthday, which she had brought with her, and that she would do chores for him and write his papers for the rest of the semester. Ryan, sitting on a wheeled office chair in front of an empty table just shook his head.

“One hour Jodie. One hour and it’s done, the debt is paid and your time and property still belongs to you.”

It was a convincing argument. She loved the laptop and had struggled with the thought of losing it, especially since it was a gift from her very proud Father.

He beckoned her over to the desk and she walked over to him, still clasping the robe with one arm as she laid the laptop on a bookshelf next to the desk.

“Turn around and take off the robe.” he said in an an amiable, gentle voice.

He remained in the chair and she had to almost step over his legs in order to bayan esmer escort bursa get to the table, then, staring at the blank white wall she opened her robe, just a little, and let the belt hang loosely down by her sides.

“One hour, Jodie.” his voice reassured.

Jodie took the robe and slipped it back over her shoulders and her blonde hair fell against her bare shoulder blades. It felt soft and pleasant, but she couldn’t enjoy the sensation knowing her brother was watching. She kept her arms in the sleeves and the robe fell limp after exposing her smooth back, then she slowly dropped her arms and the robe slid off and fell to the floor, and despite having her back to Ryan, Jodie had never felt so naked and aware of her body. She closed her eyes as if to escape the situation, but Ryan’s voice pulled her back to reality.

“Oh, that’s nice.” His voice was shaking a little and she realized that he was probably masturbating. “Verrrryyyy ni-ice…” It also sounded like he was shaking, possibly with excitement.

She heard him take two deep breaths as if to steady his nerves, then she felt his hand pushing the small of her back softly. The sensation made her jump a little.

“Just bend over a little please.” He instructed, and she did, but kept her legs clamped tightly together, which he didn’t seem to mind.

She heard him stand up and she waited for his weight to press down on top of her, but it didn’t come. Instead she felt the faint trace of a finger delicately drawing a line down her spine, the sensation made her arch her back slightly, then she heard the chair creak as he sat down again. She was confused.

His hand brushed over her right ass cheek and she immediately tensed her butt.

“Just relax…” he said and she did.

His hand stroked her cheek again, and then she felt his other hand on the left. They worked together, just stroking gently, barely touching at all, and in a way it was kind of pleasant, Jodie thought. Maybe he just wanted to have a good look and a to touch her a little and she would be free to leave. He placed both hands flat onto her butt and gently squeezed briefly, then he pulled them apart and Jodie tried to stand up.

“Ryan, I…”

“No!” He interrupted and pushed her back onto the desk gently but forcefully at the same time. She leaned onto the desk again and Ryan went back to it. He pulled her cheeks apart a little again and she heard the creak of the chair as he leaned forward and placed the firm tip of his tongue onto her ass. His hand slid up onto her back again as if to preempt her standing up, so she just stayed still and stared at the wall with her wide blue eyes.

Ryan’s tongue was warm and wet and she felt it probing her ass in tight circles for a few minutes before he started to apply more pressure, and despite her tensing up he managed to push inside about a half inch, making her protest again, which he ignored. He pushed more and slid inside more, alternating between relaxing his tongue and feeling her tight ass squeezing it, and tensing it and forcing his way further inside. Eventually, as his lips surrounded her hole he had his tongue at full extension inside her, and she tasted fantastic.

“Oh Ryan, please.” She whimpered, “No more”

He continued, pulling his tongue out and pushing it back in again, her ass getting wetter and more slippery with his saliva with each stroke, and when he was done he pulled it out and slowly licked all the way up her ass crack with a wide, flat tongue.

Jodie released the breath that she imagined she had been holding for several minutes now, and opened her eyes to stare at the wall. She heard the chair creak and a rustling sound coming from underneath the desk. It concerned her.

“Ryan, what are you doing? What do you have?”

He tried to calm her down.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be scared of.”

She heard a rattling sound and turned as he placed a plastic cup onto the desk, then he reached into a bag and pulled out a clear, plastic bag and opened it over the cup, and half-filled it with the crushed ice that was inside.

“Oh Ryan, no…”

He picked up the cup and she couldn’t no longer see it, then the empty cup was replaced back on the desk. Jodie wondered what was going to happ-

“OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOOOOO…” she almost screamed as his ice-cold tongue touched her hot ass. She sprang up off the desk but he pushed her back down and reapplied it. She screamed and her breath came in short gasps and she shivered as he slid his freezing cold tongue all over her ass before licking a little inside her. Finally, when the ice had melted and his tongue had warmed she calmed down, but continued to protest.

“Ryan you asshole, don’t fucking do that again, you hear? I’ve had enough now.”

With that she stood up again, only to be pushed back down.

“It’s only been 15 minutes, you still owe me over $800.”

Her front touched the desk again and she went back to staring at the wall.

There was more rustling and she turned her head slightly to see if she could bursa ucuz eskort see what was next — she couldn’t, but braced herself. Surprisingly it was just his tongue again, soft and — thankfully — warm. It probed her from the folded skin around her pussy all the way onto her ass, and back inside again. He let her cheeks go and they closed around his face as he pushed and pulled his tongue inside her asshole.

In a way, Jodie thought the sensation to be oddly pleasant after a while, and certainly after the ice, it was just unfortunate that it happened to be her brother who was doing it, but if this cleared her debts then she decided that she could probably put up with it for a while longer.

She felt a drip of moisture — his spit probably — drop onto her ass and she flinched slightly. She felt his finger stroke small circles around the indented circle of her ass and then more drips. She believed she knew where it was going and she was right.

“Ryan…just GO SLOWLY, okay?”

He went slowly as requested. His finger went in a little way, just up to the first knuckle and he wiggled it very slightly before pulling it out, then he pushed in two fingers to the same point.

“S-L-O-W-L-Y…” She reminded him.

He continued slowly past the first knuckle and up past the second until his hand pressed up against her and he watched his fingers slipping in and out of his sister’s ass. He loved it. She tolerated it. He massaged a little more and marveled at how tight her asshole was when it was so soft and pleasant further in, then he pulled them out and watched as she contracted her tight muscles to close the hole up before pushing his tongue back inside as he reached back down into the bag.

Jodie heard more rustling, maybe plastic wrap or something, as long as if wasn’t cold again.

It was very cold. Cold and solid. She bucked like a rodeo stallion and he pressed her back down against the table again, she whimpered and gasped for breath as he rubbed along her ass with it, then pressed it against her lips for her to taste. It was a strawberry Finger-Pop popsicle.

“R-Ryannn…you f-fucking…” Her angry stuttering words were muffled by the popsicle.

He pulled it out of her mouth and trailed it down her spine, causing her to arch her back violently and stream a list of swear words out of her mouth at her brother. He smiled to himself as the popsicle moved from her shoulder blades down to the small of her back, then down between her ass cheeks where it rested on her ass hole once again.

She clenched her legs and tightened her ass as much as she could, but he held it there for a long time. She almost began to get used to it when she felt him push firmly and the moist freezing popsicle entered her ass, and her legs gave way underneath her and she collapsed onto the table and whimpered in a high-pitched squeak, because she found that the words no longer came.

The popsicle was colder than anything she had ever felt in her entire life and as it probed her ass, it froze her deep inside, making her shiver and gasp. Ryan watched as the pink and red stripes disappeared into her tight hole, leaving a trail of melted juice dripping down onto her pussy and running down the inside of her leg.

His cock stood on end and he dug it into her her fleshy leg but if she noticed she didn’t say anything. He used his free hand to stroke the tip up and down her burning hot pussy, which had flushed red now, he only wished he had thought to bring a second popsicle to cool it down a little.

Finally he pulled out the popsicle, it had melted to less than half of it’s original size, and he leaned forward and pushed it between her open lips, letting her taste her own ass mixed with the sweet strawberry flavor. He left the popsicle in her mouth and leaned over to lick the pink juice from her pussy and ass, and he relished the cold skin under his warm tongue as he licked, and after he placed his lips around her asshole and sucked the sweet sticky juice from inside, he spit it back over her ass and watched as it ran down into the folds of her pussy.

Jodie found her voice.

“Ryan, please. Please, that’s enough…”

Ryan was enjoying this power he had over his sister. For years she had been in charge, bossing him around and forcing him to do things, run errands and do chores, but now he was in control and he wasn’t finished with her yet.

His hard cock twitched and stood firm as he watched the juice drip down onto her pussy. He rubbed his hand over her pussy and ass to take the juice, and he massaged it into his cock as he looked at her pale body bending over the desk. In a way he had always resented her, she was a bitch and had made his life hell, but in a way he had always desired her too. She was just too perfect with her blonde hair and her blue eyes. For years he had watched guys come and go, chase her and fail miserably because she was a bitch and she loved to make people miserable. Now he had her, now he could have her if only for a short time, but he knew that she would always know he had done it, bursa anal yapan escort and he loved the thought that whenever she was being intimate with a guy from now on, part of her would remember this day.

He pressed the moist tip of his hard cock against her asshole and she took a deep breath in preparation, but he didn’t go in straight away. First he slid up and down, gathering the remaining sticky juice around the head of his cock before painting her soft pussy with it. He traced a line of deep sticky pink along her opening, and smeared it all over her pussy lips and clit. He was an artist and this was his canvass, eventually he would sign it but he still had work to do first. He lifted her right leg onto the desk and opened her pussy with his fingers. It looked pink and soft inside and he could see that she wasn’t wet enough, so he stroked his cock a little more until the tip was moist again and used it to lubricate her a little.

It was just enough for him to slowly begin to push his way inside her. He went in about halfway before stopping, he was about to pull back out when he looked up and made eye-contact with her. The despondency on display pleased him immensely and he was able to produce more lubricant and after pulling and pushing a little he managed to get all the way in. He looked at her face again, she was miserable — not crying — but he could see that she had shed some tears, possibly when he had inserted the popsicle, but he wasn’t sure.

“Why are you doing this, Ryan?” she asked in a hollow toneless voice, and he felt himself make her pussy even more slippery.

He continued to stroke and slid his hands over her ass and up her back. He pushed her down harder onto the desk and got a little harder with his strokes. Jodie closed her eyes. He wanted her to keep them open so he could enjoy her misery, so he spoke to her.

“Don’t worry sis, only $400 to go and you’re free.”

She whimpered and he loved it.

As much as he was loving this, he knew he didn’t have much time left. There was plenty on the clock on the wall, but not much left on his personal clock, so he pulled out and placed his cock flat between her ass cheeks and leaned over her body to speak into her ear.

“I’m gonna screw you in the ass…” (Jodie shook her head as he spoke) “…oh yes I am. In the ass. And them I’m gonna cum all over your face. You’re going to love it, yes you are. You’re going to open up your mouth and you’re going to take every last drop of my cum and you’re going to swallow it. Yes, you are.”

He pushed her ass cheeks together as he spoke and pushed his cock firmly up and down in between them.

He allowed Jodie to lean up on her elbows as he pulled open her ass cheeks once again and looked at her ass hole. He pressed his cock against it and then pulled it away and the spot of cum left by his wet cock didn’t look like enough, so he let a long string of spit fall on top of it before he rested the tip of his cock back against her hole.

He pushed slightly and felt Jodie’s resistance, so he reminded her of the money and she relaxed a little, allowing him to slide in a tiny amount. She took a sharp breath and let out a high squeak as he slipped the first two or three inches. Her ass was incredibly tight and it was almost painful for his cock to be squeezed like this, but he continued pushing, relishing his sister’s discomfort enough to forget his own. After some pushing and a lot of moaning and squeaking on Jodie’s part, he found himself pressing his balls against her pussy and it felt good, and as he pumped slowly it started to feel more comfortable, for him at least. For Jodie it was sore and awkward, and she hated it, but she knew that soon it would be over and she would be free again.

Ryan held her hips tightly and pulled her against his hips firmly, then he pulled her backwards and they both fell onto the chair, her body slamming down hard on top of his. She moaned loudly as his cock rammed inside her deeply, but it wasn’t enough for Ryan. He lifted her legs onto the desk and pushed her ass upwards until it was nearly off his cock entirely before letting it go and having her full weight fall onto him. He pulled her legs open and used his hands to open her pussy and push his fingers into her, he was not surprised to find that she was not wet of her own accord at all, and it turned him on even more that she was entirely disgusted at him.

He sucked her neck as he pushed his cock into her ass, and he used one hand to tweak her nipples. Jodie registered her disgust using a series of grunts and moans every time he touched her in a different place.

Finally, after almost $900 of action, Ryan was ready to sign his work of art.

“Jodie, this is it. Because I”m so generous I’ll let you off the final hundred or so, but you must do as I say.”

She nodded, then with a great deal of reluctancy followed his orders exactly. She knelt in front of him and opened her mouth, keeping her eyes open and her gaze fixed on his eyes as he stroked his cock faster and harder, then he shot streaming arcs of hot white cum all over her nose and lips and covered her tongue, finally pushing his rapidly softening cock into her mouth for her to suck the last of it off. He enjoyed the warmth of her mouth and her soft tongue most of all, and when he finished he sat back and watched as she struggled to swallow it all, screwing her face up as she took three or four deep gulps with her eyes screwed shut.

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