Beverly and Her Mother in Law

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Chapter 1

The house that Beverly lives in is beautiful. She has great friends. The only thing that Beverly does not like is; her husband works constantly, her mother-in-law lives with them. She is going to meet her friend Shirley this morning a coffee shop. This is a weekly event, so they can plan to attend upcoming events in the town. Exchange tidbits of information circulating about the people in the town they live in.

Beverly arrived at the coffee shop first. The waitress on duty escorted her to a table. A man about 50 years old was sitting at another table watching her. She did not like the way he was looking at her, so she changed seats putting her back to the man just as Shirley got there.

Shirley and Beverly spent about an hour at the diner trading information on what is happening in their town. Shirley had to leave to go to the hairdressers. Bev stayed asking her waitress for the check as it was her turn to pay. The waitress said the gentleman that was at the table in back of you paid for it. He left you this message. Bev opened up the paper which said. ‘My name is James Rolls I want to meet you. Please call me’ He left a phone number with instructions to ask for Mrs. Fox she will take the message.

The note shocked Bev. She did not know what to do. Bev was not going to call him although she thought he was kind of cute. She dismissed the note she received from the older gentleman figuring he will not pursue her anymore if she did not call.

The following week when Beverly went to the coffee shop to meet Shirley, she was surprised to see Mr. Rolls also. He came over to Beverly and said. “You’re going to meet me eventually, so why not stop fighting it. Meet me in the park across the street this afternoon”.

This shook up Bev and when Shirley got there she could see Bev was not herself.

“What is the matter your in outer space today”. Said Shirley concerned about her friend state of mind.

Bev said. “I have a lot of thinking to do that is all.”

After coffee Bev went home. It was a sunny, warm spring day. The flowers were starting to bloom. As soon as she arrived home her mother-in-law started quarrel with her asking her when she was going to get a job. She was concerned that her son working too hard so that maintain Beverly’s life style. This upset Bev, she decided to go out to the park across from the diner to walk around. It was a nice day with no inclement weather forecast so she walked the mile and a half to the park to relieve the stress that her mother in law was creating when her son was not around.

Bev walked around the park, until she found a vacant bench in a quiet part of the park. She brought a paperback book with her to read. This is something she does to mentally bring herself some relief from her Mother-in-law’s nagging.

Looking up from her book she saw James standing there watching her.

“You look very beautiful sitting there Beverly”. He said.

This excited Bev as she was almost 45 years old her husband has not complimented her beauty in many years.

Bev said, “Thank you James, but how did you find me?”

James told her he was very enchanted with her. He made it his mission to know a lot about her.

Would you want to sit here on the bench with me telling me your observations about me?” said Bev.

“Yes,” he said, “but you are to address me as Mr. Rolls from now on. Is that understood?”

“Ok” said Bev turning away from him in embarrassment.

James sat down next to Bev telling her that he liked the smell of her perfume. He put his arm around her telling her. “I have a suspicion that you are not appreciated by her family.” Within a half hour they were talking like they were old friends. He was so charming that before she knew it they were kissing. James was touching her like she longed to be touched by her husband. She was feeling like she was the most desirable woman in the world. She did not want this moment to pass.

James got up saying he had to go. He gave Bev his number again; told her if she wanted to meet again to call. Her head was spinning. She loved what he did to her but she is a married woman. She did not know what came over her kissing a man she really does not know.

All night Bev was going over what had happened in the afternoon. She was very confused. James, Mr. Rolls, as he wanted to be called, made her feel like she was still a sexy woman. Then he abruptly left, she was confused falling into a fitful sleep.

The next morning, after her husband John left for work. Beverly called the number she was given. A woman answered saying she was Mrs. Fox. Bev asked for Mr. Rolls telling the woman who she was. It took James about 5 minutes to come to the phone. Bev told him that she wanted to meet with him again.

James said, “Fine, I will meet you in the park again this afternoon. You will wear a short skirt, blouse with buttons, no panties, pantyhose or bra.”

“What,” said Bev in shock figuring that she heard him wrong?

He bursa eve gelen eskort bayan repeated the way he wanted her dressed enunciating each word. “If you want me to meet with you those are the terms that I will meet you.” Said James.

Bev thought about it for a long time. Her face turned red as she said, “Where are we going to meet?”

“In the park, the same area that we met yesterday, about one thirty would be fine” Said James. He then hung up, leaving her with dead line.

Bev went upstairs to get ready, but she does not know why she is doing this. She found a pretty skirt that was just below the knee, a flowered blouse with buttons down the front, a pair of shoe comfortable for walking to the park. Bev took a shower, shaved her legs, taking time to trim her mound. She is turning red thinking about how she will be nearly naked meeting a man that has told her how to dress.

Looking through the downstairs closet Bev found her London fog coat to put over her outfit. She did that to get out of the house without her Mother-in-law noticing her outfit.


Not really knowing what Mr. Rolls is expecting of her, Bev goes to the area that he has told her too. She sat on the bench all afternoon, but he never showed up. Bev was sitting there reading. Good thing she brought a book with her. She was getting angry.

“Who does he think he is? Standing me up like this.” She thought as she got up and left.

On her way home there was a BMW that was following her. She turned frightened until she saw it was James. He pulled into a parking spot rolling down the window. James asked Bev how she was doing. She said she was upset that he only showed up now. “Did you dress as I asked you to?” he inquired. “Yes,” She told him “I have on a skirt and top.” “What are you doing with the coat on?” She took off the coat. “Good,” said James. “Now open your blouse to let me affirm that you obeyed my instructions.

“I will not do that right on the street here.” said Bev with anger in her voice.

“Then I will leave now, call me when you are willing to do as I say.” said James as he left

Bev was down hearted. She was almost in tears, yet she was mad at James. Who does he think he is. Wanting me to do these things in public she thought as she walked home.

It took 2 weeks before Bev realized that she would have to call James if she wanted to see him again. He was not even at the coffee shop, when she went to meet her friend Shirley the last 2 weeks. Beverly found the number she decided to give him call. She got Mrs. Fox on the phone. Bev asked for Mr. Rolls after she introduced herself. It took James about 10 minutes to get to the phone. When got on the phone he reprimanded her. Told her that she is to do exactly what he says this time, as it is the last chance she has of ever seeing him if she does not comply this time. She will have to follow his instructions to the letter. It occurred to Bev that she will have to do as instructed or risk no seeing Mr. Rolls again. James knew that she will now comply with his wishes as he knows that she enjoyed his company to this point. Dr. Rolls has a degree in psychology along with a medical degree. He finds women that are lonely and tries to help them.

He told her to wear the same outfit she had on when she went to the park 2 weeks before. Find a bench in the secluded area where they went the first time they met. Bring a book to read. Unbutton the blouse all the way down. Sit with your legs spread, read your book until I get there, sometimes this afternoon after one thirty PM. That is the way I want to see you when I first set my eyes on you. Is that understood?

Beverly did not dare argue with him she just said, “Yes sir.” Before they disconnected.

Going upstairs she found the outfit James requested. She got ready in record time as it was nearly 12 noon. She wanted to make sure she arrived at the park on time. Bev snuck down stairs to get her London Fogg coat to wear over her outfit. She did not what her Mother-in-law to question her or inquire about her outfit. Bev took a book with her walking to the park as quickly as she could; it was about one and a half miles hike. The weather was beautiful and the birds were singing.

She found a bench in the secluded part of the park. She took off her coat put it on the bench sat down on it. Bev wanted to make sure she did everything to his likings today as she knew she had only this one chance to salvage the relationship, if you could call it that she thought. She looked around for a little while it was almost 1:30 in the afternoon. It was a weekday, so not many people were in this part of the park she convinced herself that it would be safe as she unbuttoned her blouse all the way down. This made her feel embarrassed if someone was to see her. Then the hardest part of this whole exercise was sitting on the bench with her legs spread. She felt very exposed this way, but that is what Mr. Rolls wants, she bursa eskort bayanlar will have to do it to see him again.

As for his part James was only a short distance away from her in the tree line toward her back. He wanted to have her expose herself but in a safe way. The area they were in is not used very often. There are a few retired men that frequent this area. He befriended them for his purposes informing them that a younger woman would be in the park today reading a book.

While she was on the bench reading a few people came by. She had all she could do not to close her blouse and her legs, but she knew if Mr. Rolls did not see her as he told her he would leave. She would never see him again. This was very foreign to her, a man she just met having so much power over her. Finally, after Beverly sitting on the bench reading for over 2 hours having many people mostly older men seeing her exposed. James showed up. He congratulated her for doing exactly as he had told her to do.

James said, “You did well today so far. Now I want you to remove your skirt and blouse. You will not say a word to me about it; just do as you’re instructed.”

Beverly looked around, there wasn’t anyone around, so she did as James asked. Bev removed her blouse and skirt. James told her to give them to him. Bev gave the clothes to him. She did not know why James wanted to humiliate her. Beverly was going to ask him the first chance she got to converse with him what she did to deserve this treatment.

“Good” said James, “Now sit on the bench on your coat and start playing with yourself, while we talk. The first thing Bev asked James is why he was making her do these things. James told her that he was not making her do anything she could leave right now if she wanted to as he handed her clothes to her. She did not move to retrieve her clothes from James. He continued to explain to Bev that she was too beautiful to have clothes on. He knew that the first time he saw her. James was right when he saw her body for the first time today the woman stood 5’6 tall with dark hair on her head and matching pubic hair that was nicely trimmed her breast were not large but nicely formed with large nipples. He was impressed with her beauty and told her so.

They were talking about everything; Beverly was very taken by his personality. He was looking at her playing with her womanhood as she conversed with him; to her amazement she was enjoying her exposure. That is until a few older men showed up, she tried to covered her nakedness, but James told her to uncover her lovely body to let them look at her beauty. James told the older gentlemen, the ones he befriended, to sit down if they liked across from her. Beverly turned very red as uncovered her body for all to see. James told her to spread her pussy with her fingers so the men can get a good look at your womanhood. She was very humiliated now, spreading for complete strangers. Bev will not go with James anymore after this, she vows.

They were there talking for over 3 hours it was getting dark. James told Beverly that they would be going and the men said good-bye and thanked Beverly for the show. She got used to the men looking at her by this time. She was disappointed that the day was coming to a close. Beverly put on her coat forgoing her skirt and top as they walked to the car. James gave Bev a ride to the end of her street. He told her he would call her when he has time to meet with her again


When she was dropped off James gave her the skirt and top, it was the first time she realized that she only had on the coat. It went to just below her knees. As there was no way she could carry her discarded clothes she told him to keep them until the next time she sees him. Smiling he told her OK.

She would have to get into the house, to her room to put on some clothes. Bev was walking up her street, when she got toward her house it seemed as all the neighbors were out in the yards. Everyone wanted to talk to her. This embarrassed her, she was wondering if they could tell she was naked under her coat. If there was some way that the men could tell, as they were all trying to engage her in conversation today as she walked by their houses?

Bev got into the house ok; she ran up to her room. Got into a jogging suit just as her mother-in-law came through the door to her bedroom, Wow, she thought that was close. She was getting the third degree from her mother in law. Bev told her she went to the park to read.

Her mother-in-law left the room saying “there is something going on here, but I don’t know what it is yet, but I will find out.”

About 8 days after she saw James in the park Mrs. Fox called her. Bev’s Mother- in – law answered the phone. She called Bev. Mrs. Fox told Beverly to be ready at 12 noon to be picked up at the bus stop at the end of her street after she picked up the phone. There is a package that will be there by 11 am. You will wear that outfit so the taxi görükle escort bayanlar driver will know you she was told before they disconnected.

The package arrived on time. Beverly got ready paying close attention to her pubic area she wanting to make sure it was tidy; She put on this beautiful Pink outfit. It consisted of a Skirt, blouse and shoes. She only put on what was in the box only. She did not dare put on any underwear, as it was a warm sunny day she went to the bus stop in the outfit that was send to her only not wanting to make Mr. Rolls angry.

Bev got to the bus stop at about 5 minutes to 12. She sat on the bench and waited; at exactly 12 noon a taxi stopped. The driver said “hi Beverly have you been waiting long?” She got in the cab wondering how the driver knew her name. He told her that he was sent by Mrs. Fox to pick the woman at this bus stop with the pink outfit on. After Bev was confident she would be safe she entered the car and off they went. It was a 45-minute drive to Mr. Rolls house, it was up in the hills on a rather busy street.

The driver told her to remove her clothes leaving them in the car. She will then get out of the cab and press the button to open the gate. She was shocked that she would have to do this. Bev felt very humiliated having to do this in front of a strange man, but James has said she was very beautiful naked. This was the only thought she had as she disrobed. James wants to see her nude, so she complied with his wishes even though she was very embarrassed to do so.

She got out of the car as the cabby opened it for her getting an unobstructed view of her flower of life. Looking around, there were people everywhere she looked, they could see her. After she opened the gate Bev hurried to the back door. She rang the bell, but had to stand out there for over 10 minutes before someone answered the door. A tall man introduced himself as Arthur the butler. So many people are seeing her naked now she could not believe it. Arthur escorted her into a living room. There she met Mrs. Fox. She told Bev to make herself comfortable and she will get Mr. Rolls for her.

After a few minutes James came into the room. He greeted Bev with a kiss on her hand and on her cheek. He then rubbed her breasts as he likes women’s nipples erect. Putting his hand between her legs he was testing to see if her pussy was moist. She became very embarrassed when her pussy was becoming wet, but enjoyed his manual manipulation of her womanhood. They talked for over an hour, until Mrs. Fox came in and said it was ready for dinner. They had a light dinner that was very delicious complimenting Mr. Rolls and his house keepers culinary talents, they finished after which Arthur came in to clear the table.

James told Bev to sit on the couch with her legs spread to pleasure herself. Arthur was still picking up the dishes with Mrs. Fox was helping him. She was facing them. This was very humiliating for Beverly to accomplish.

“Why is James trying to humiliate me?” said Bev to herself as she complied with his wishes. She was rubbing her pussy, as she was talking to James. Before long she could not talk she was in the throes of a tremendous orgasm.

James said, “I am proud of you Bev” She smiled and just laid back and relaxed.

The time went by fast it was almost 5 pm. James said that the taxi driver is here to pick you up. I will call you when I am free again. He said she was a beautiful lady to her as she was leaving. He thanked her for the wonderful afternoon. With those words he kissed her on the mouth as he played with her pussy. He told her she was very wet. Bev was still horny and needed relief.

Bev followed Mrs. Fox to the back door. Bev went out to the cab the driver opened the door for her she slid in without worrying about the beaver shot she was giving him in fact she prolonged her intimate exposure in the process of getting in the cab. He did not give her the clothes back until she asked for them about 2 miles from her home. She finished putting her clothes on, just as the taxi pulled up to her driveway. Bev went to pay the driver he said it was all taken care of.

Chapter Two

It has been over 3 weeks since Bev heard from James. She wanted to see him again. Today her Mother-in-law went out with her friends. Beverly could call James to see how he was. She wanted to inform him that she is free today to go to see him. She called getting Mrs. Fox his housekeeper. She told Beverly that Mr. Rolls was busy he not want be disturbed. Bev told Mrs. Fox that she wanted to talk to James. Mrs. Fox said, “Ok,” putting her on hold. It took 10 minutes for James to pick up the line. Beverly explained to James she was free today. James told her in an irate voice “if she must come over, come to the back entrance, leave all your clothes in your car.

Beverly got into her car excited to go to see James. She was happy she called him insisting she talk to him. Who does Mrs. Fox think she is anyway saying he was busy not wanting to be disturbed? At the gate she pressed the buzzer to get in as she did the last time she was here. The gate opened she parked her car at the rear entrance, took off all her clothes, went to the door and rang the bell. There were people on their decks very close to her. She knew that they could see her, but she did not care as she was going to see James in a few minutes.

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