Big Easy Lessons Ch. 03

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Introduction: This is the actual story of how I lost my virginity. Despite the alcohol, my recollection is exceptionally clear, as it always has been after I drink. By and large, the dialog is actually what was said. The story is a bit long, so I’ve broke it into four parts. Part 1 is an overview and our meeting, 2 further discusses our drunken courtship, 3 finally leads us to bed, and 4 is my redemption. Enjoy and please feel free to comment and I’ll feel free to consider or ignore it.

Overview of Parts 1 & 2: I’m an 18 yr old male, sexually inexperienced, and just made it to New Orleans. While enjoying the liberal alcohol policy of the city with my friend, I met Lisa from Indianapolis at a local bar. She is 46 and a recent divorcee who is trying to forget her marriage with a trip to New Orleans to hang out with her friend. We have been petting and teasing each other throughout the night. After some serious exploring of her body, her friends gave me a ride to enjoy the remainder of the night with Lisa.


Before I knew it, we were getting out of the car and walking inside Jim and Kim’s home. Not a word was said as Lisa guided me to her bedroom.

“You gotta use the bathroom?” she asked. I shook my head no.

“I’m going to freshen up, I’ll be right back.”

I sat on the bed and took a quick look around. A suit case. Some clothes tossed here and there. Looks like someone visiting from out of town. I suppose you haven’t fucked up after all I told myself as I let my guard down and relaxed completely for the first time since we stepped out of the bar.

The bathroom door opened and Lisa stepped into the room shutting the door behind her. Something was different. It wasn’t her clothes bursa eskort or anything, it was her demeanor. No words were spoken as I smiled at her. The playfulness was gone. She shed all her clothes before I could blink or even look over the body that had been pressed against me most of the night. This woman is on a mission I thought to myself. She was yanking my shirt off, my shoes, my socks, my pants, and my boxers before I knew it.

Animal instincts took over. I reached up and wrapped my hands around the tops of her hips giving her a yank towards the bed. She fell onto the bed grunting as she grabbed the back of my head and shoved my head into her pussy.

Everything was moving so fast, but I finally had a brief moment to admire my first pussy. Lisa kept her hair trimmed, but she kept a full bush with a long rectangular strip of curly brown hair leading to the start of her clit’s hood. It’s like a little dick I briefly thought to myself admiring her clit. Her pussy lips were dark, long, and curled up along their edges which I couldn’t help but think looked like a piece of cooked bacon as my brain tried to take in the unfamiliar surroundings.

My tongue instinctively jetted out and without any hesitation dove straight into her pussy.

“Uuuuhh! Oh, god ya. That’s it, eat my pussy!” she ordered. The taste just wasn’t the same like back at the bar. She washed up while in the bathroom it occurred to me as I feasted on her.

In short order, her butt raised off the bed while she pushed my face into her pussy. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand, I pushed my face harder into her while pulling her back into me. My tongue was extended as far as possible in her tunnel while bursa merkez escort my nose pressed so hard against her clit and pubic mound I couldn’t breath through my nose. I was left with no option but to try to breath through my mouth which just caused me to suck her entire pussy into my mouth. My nose stimulating her clit and my mouth pulling her entire pussy in caused her to wrap her legs around my neck and grab my hair as she pushed me in further.

Panic actually set in for a second as I realized I had no air in my lungs, a pussy completely sucked into my mouth, a clit, clit hood, and a pubic mound blocking my nose, and a woman hell bent on shoving my head in her womb with not only her hands but now her legs too. At this point, Lisa started bucking and thrashing which allowed just enough room to suck some air into my lungs through my nose along with her pubic hair.

“Shhhhit I’m cuuummming!” she squealed as her entire body suddenly lurched off the bed stiff as a board, her legs clamping around my head with a death grip and her hands pulling at my hair. I thought I was going to black out because I still hadn’t gotten a full breath when she finally went limp and I shot my head out between her legs gasping for air like a sprinter in the Olympics.

My head fell down on her stomach with my mouth sucking in air and public hair as I tried to fill my lungs. The room was spinning and I was having trouble seeing. It was just a moment, but it felt like forever before the room stopped spinning and the black spots in my vision were gone. With the return of normalcy, I felt something dripping down my face. Taking a lick as my hands were still buried under her ass, I tasted bursa sınırsız escort that sweet and tangy juice that I remembered at the bar.

“I think I’ve got pussy juice all over my face” I said in a matter-of-fact tone. I could feel her chest heaving after her orgasm subsided but now it was bouncing as she giggled.

“Let me taste some of that” she said as she eased her grip on my hair letting her hands slide down to my ears and pulling me up towards her.

“You do have my pussy juice all over your face.” Lisa’s tongue took a long lap up my cheek.

I thought I’d finally have a chance to explore her body, but I had allowed just enough time for her to recover and return to her mission with a renewed vigor. Her tongue quickly shot back into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me over so she could straddle me. My cock was as hard as ever, but she grabbed it and stuffed it in her pussy so quick that I didn’t even feel her hands. If you call jackhammering a rhythm, then we had one hell of a rhythm going. Her tits were bouncing and hair flying like she was attached to bungee rope yanking her back in the air after each flying leap onto my cock. I didn’t even know what to do with my hands because she was blur on top me, so I just surrendered to let her fuck herself silly on my cock.

I know it was only a matter of minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. The friction around my cock started hurting as she began drying up due to her age, all the alcohol, or just the sheer speed of her body. My balls felt bruised from hours of stimulation at the bar without any relief and the alcohol was wearing off causing me to be extremely sleepy.

“I … I can’t cum!” I finally shouted. I was too tired and frustrated to care how embarrassing it was to admit defeat when this was my first time having sex.

She suddenly stopped, smiled lovingly and leaned forward on me.

“It’s okay baby. What if I give you a blow job?”

“I’m just too goddamn drunk.” I said again in pure frustration.

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