Birthday Foursome

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This is now officially Chapter 1 of many to come.

Criticism is fine, as long as its constructive.

Here’s your first story, specifically written for your bday [Sorry, it’s in first person from my POV…]

“Wake up, baby, Happy Birthday…” Mike gently calls

Stephanie gently flutters her eyes open, a smile spreading across her face. She starts to stretch, but she can’t move her arms. As she slowly wakes up, she realizes that her wrists are held together by a soft cuff. Her eyes open wide, startled. “What’re you doing, honey?”

I can’t help myself, I giggle from behind her. She rolls over and sees us, naked, me kneeling beside my standing husband, his dick hanging down on level with my face. “Hi, Stephy,” I whisper.

“Wha…what’re you two doing here?”

At that, we all smile. “We’re your birthday present,” says Ken, “or perhaps you are our unbirthday present. We haven’t quite decided.”

“Either way,” Mike smiles, “you’re going to be fucked every way you can imagine.”

“You’re all ours,” I say as I stand. “But first thing’s first, we have to make sure everyone is ready.”

I walk over to Mike, sliding my hand down his pants and groping his package, rolling his balls in my hand. “Mmmmm, hello Michael! You know, the thing Ken finds most sexy for me to do before I have his cock in my mouth…is for me to take his pants off for him.”

I make sure you have an excellent view as I slide to my knees, undoing his pants and pulling them down. I moan softly as I see his cock. It’s so long and smooth, and I have to have it in my mouth. I reach out with my tongue and lick up his shaft, pausing for moment on his head to run my tongue all over. Then I begin to take his shaft into my mouth, going so very slowly. I maintain eye contact with him, one hand wrapped around him to pull him deeper, the other reaching up to lightly scratch his chest.

You watch as his fingers snake through my hair, wrapping around my head, squeezing lightly as I suck even more of his length into my wet mouth. But Mike has a certain sense of urgency now that he’s getting his cock sucked, and he pushes my head down, forcing more and more of his dick into my mouth.

As I strive to make his dick disappear down Pendik Escort my throat, you feel your legs being spread and Ken’s tongue begins to explore your shockingly wet pussy. He licks up and down, quickly flicking his tongue across your clit, eliciting a shocked gasp from you. Ken slides two of his fingers into you, pumping them in and out as his tongue glides over your clit.

You begin to moan loudly just as Mike starts to growl and pump his dick faster into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye, I see you starting to buck your hips as your orgasm approaches. I pull my mouth off of your husband’s big cock to watch you cum, jerking him quickly as I hear you panting louder and louder until finally you scream “Oh my fucking god YESSS!!”

I decide that I, too, need to cum, so I pull Mike onto the bed, laying him so that his face is beside your waist and his cock is sticking up so long and hard right by your face. I climb on top of him, slowly lowering my pussy on to his huge dick, hissing softly as it slides into me so deeply.

As my tight pussy envelops his cock, your husband starts to moan which turns into a growl as I begin to bounce myself on his cock, my big tits bouncing along with me. I take them in my hands and pinch my nipples, throwing my head back and moaning as I ride him. “Oh yeah, Mike, come on, fuck me, fuck me so hard, show your wife what’s coming!”

As you watch me riding Mike’s length, you feel yourself lifted into the air and flipped over. You find yourself on your stomach, unable to look behind you, all you can see is Mike’s cock slamming in and out of my pussy. You feel your pussy being opened and explored again by Ken’s fingers.

For a few moments you are simply at his mercy as your husband slams his long cock into me. His thumbs spread your ass and his tongue gently tests your hole. “Oh my God, Steph, Mike’s dick is so fucking big inside of me!” I scream. He returns two fingers to fucking your pussy. As he sinks his first finger into your ass, you erupt with a loud moan.

“Mmmmm, Stephy, you’re really tight, aren’t you?”

You softly moan “mmmhhmmmmm” as I see you bite your lower lip. As Mike growls and I moan, you hear the slight spurt of liquid leaving a bottle Pendik Escort Bayan and a snap like a thick rubber band.

You can’t pay attention though, because you hear me start to shout “OH FUCK, MIKE, I’M CUMMING….oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…yes!!!!” As I experience my first earth shattering orgasm of the day, my pussy convulsing wildly around Mike’s cock, you feel Ken’s swollen member as he rubs the head of it over your clit.

He leans forward over you, his cockshaft rubbing against your clit as he slides forward, he grabs your hair and pulls your ear to his mouth, whispers “happy birthday” and kisses you on the cheek.

Ken then pulls back and places his dick at your wet entrance, and slowly presses it into you. His cock is so fat and it stretches you as the head slides in. I pant loudly as I cum for a second time on Mike’s hard shaft, I reach down and rub his balls, rolling them in my hand. Oh, they’re so heavy, they must be filled with sweet, wonderful cum.

Ken starts to slide his length into your tight pussy, his girth stretching you as his cock thickens partly down his shaft. I love hearing you moan as he slowly pushes it deeper still. He pulls it out just a bit, then puts it further in. He finally gets his cock fully inside you, his huge, loose balls swing up and slap against you.

You moan softly and he smiles, knowing that you will actually be able to take all of him. He begins to slowly pull his cock out and gently push it back in, building a slow, firm pace. I love hearing you gasp as he increases the speed, gradually building to the point where he is really fucking your tight little pussy. As he continues to drive his huge dong into you, causing beautiful noises and faces, Mike and I switch positions so that I’m laying in front of you on my back and he’s slamming his long cock into me.

You see my titties rocking as he pounds me, and I rub my clit, so I’m crying out in ecstasy. It’s all too much for you when Ken reaches around your waist and starts to roll his finger over your clit. You collapse, the strength driven out of your legs, as you convulse and scream, “Oh dear god, Ken!!” He smiles and laughs joyfully as you cum hard, clenching his dick. He starts to fuck you Escort Pendik even harder and reaches forward to grab some of your hair. Your husband gave my pussy a wonderful pounding, but now its time for him to cum.

Luckily, we discussed this beforehand, so he pulls the length of his cock out of my mouth, and walks over, and slides it into your mouth, which is conveniently open because of all the moaning you’re doing. Since he just got done with some vigorous fucking, he’s still in a thrusting mood and starts to fuck your mouth.

I come up behind him, with a wonderful view of my husband pounding your tight cunt, I press myself against your husband’s backside and press my finger to my lips in the ‘be quiet’ gesture. Your eyes widen and you try to nod, but it’s hard with a cock thrusting into your throat. I got the message though, and so I slide my finger into my mouth, that way I can get it nice and wet. So I drop to my knees behind Mike, sliding down, which of course drags my tits along his back, then I slowly slide my wet finger into his ass. He jumps slightly at first, but then lets out a long moan which turns into a growl as he starts fucking your mouth again.

Ken keeps fucking you as Mike pulls your head to the base of his cock. His balls bounce under your chin and your throat constricts around the head of his dick. Your body pumps a burst of adrenaline through you,exciting you, lighting your nerves on fire. Everything is suddenly much more intense, the two huge cocks filling you so well, your eyes closed so you can experience every little bit of sensation. Mike shudders and moans as his dick begins to pump thick, hot streams of cum into your mouth. He pulls out in time to shoot one long strand over your face. As soon as his cum hits your tongue, you begin to climax once again. squeezing Ken’s cock.

As you lose the strength to keep yourself up, you feel him slide out of you. He walks up to where Mike and I are standing, and I remove my finger from Mike. On my knees, I suck Ken’s cock briefly, savoring the taste of both him and your juices. As I pull my mouth off his cock, I also slide off the cock ring which had been keeping him so very hard and preventing him from cumming. He then pushes his member into your mouth, thrusting softly. You feel his cock swell in your mouth before he pulls it out and blows his huge load all over your chin and tits. I moan as I watch and crawl forward to begin licking all the cum off of you, kissing you deeply at times. The guys start to get hard again, but more on that next time.

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