Birthday Present From Daddy

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Sunshine was flooding into my room the morning of my 18th birthday. I lay there sleepily wondering what the day may bring. I was to have lunch with my dad. This will be fun I thought. He picks the most fun places. Hanging out with Dad has always been fun. Shopping afterwards, that will be great. He said he was taking the afternoon off to spend with me.

Dad and I have been alone for about 5 years since mom left. She hit the door and never looked back. She just couldn’t handle it all she told my Dad. Dad was so sad, forever it seemed. I know it must have been hard, I look so much like her. My hair is a deep red, long and silky down my back, it reaches down to my waist, straight and thick. I am slender, but short, breasts that are just a little too big for my frame, but heck I can’t change that! My most striking feature is my eyes. At least that’s what I have been told; they are sky blue, different for someone with dark hair. Oh, and freckles across my nose and cheeks, cant do much about them either! I stretch out in my bed, working out the sleepy kinks, feeling the silky nightie against my skin. My hands slip down thinking of Daddy. He is so handsome, I watch him when he doesn’t think I am looking.

At 38, he is tall and muscular; being in the Navy has made him a hard body. I giggle thinking about last night when he went for a naked swim. I sat at my window watching he didn’t know I was still up. My fingers start playing with my clit as I close my eyes, remembering him walking across the deck of the pool, buff and ready to dive in. He certainly isn’t like any boys I have ever seen. My clit throbs as I think about the size of him, and the muscles in his ass, ohhhhhhh it makes me so wet thinking about him giving that cock to me. I put a finger into my pussy fucking myself while my thumb rubs my clit.

What a way to start a morning, thinking of my dad fucking me hard. I can feel it building up inside me, I put another finger up me and fuck my hand, moaning into my pillow till sweet release came. I lay there breathing heavy, wishing for one day for that to happen. But I don’t think I could ever get Daddy to think of me that way. I slip out of bed and strip off my nightie, walking to the door I am thinking of what to wear for lunch. I want to look good for Daddy, make him see I am not a kid anymore.

I take a long hot shower and shave my legs and as I work up I thought I would keep shaving and make my pussy nice and smooth. I wonder if Daddy would like that. I get more shaving gel and lather my pussy and start shaving. I slowly shave it clean and rinse off. I hope he likes if, I mean if I ever get the chance….

I walk to my bedroom and dry may hair so it hangs straight to my waist, a silky shining curtain of hair. I slip on satin thong panties and reach for my dress. It was a short slip type of dress golden yellow, it was above my knees but swirled out softly around my hips. I wear no bra; my breasts rubbing softly against the material makes my nipples hard. I look at myself in the mirror and add a bit of mascara and a touch of lipstick. I tremble, knowing what I want, but keep thinking how will I get it? I slip on my sandals, and walk to the door; Daddy should be here to pick me up.

Within a few minutes the car races up the drive and he hops out. He is so tan and good looking; I am so lucky to have him as my dad. All the other girls drool over him, as he is very sweet to all my friends. He walks to the door and I see his eyes light up at the sight of me.

“Happy Birthday darling,” he calls out. “My goodness look at you, you look like a bit of sunshine for your old dad,” he exclaimed.

I open my eyes in mockery, “Daddy you are not old!” He leaned down to kiss my cheek, but I turn my head just quick enough that his kiss landed on my lips instead. He steps back with a wondering smile. I softly smile back, “Come on daddy I am starving!” He takes my hand and opens the door for me, just like a gentleman, certainly not like the boys from school I keep thinking! Daddy opens the car door and as I slip in I make sure my dress slides up my thighs so he could have a good glimpse of my legs. He stares down at me and I slowly look up touching my lips with my tongue. He smiles and shuts the door.

The restaurant was beautiful, everything so expensive. We laughed and talked away the two hours it took us to have lunch. I made sure my knee would brush up against his and I would touch his hand or arm whenever I could. It was so hard to make him know what I wanted so badly. I felt like I as failing. I would catch him looking at me with a dreamy look though every once in awhile. I could only hope it was working.

We left the restaurant to shop as he promised. Walking along the sidewalk I notice a store. “Angelica’s Boutique” the sign read. It also said you must be 18 to enter. I nudged daddy; “Oh, Daddy lets go in, I am 18 now!”

Daddy looked at me and said, “Honey bursa suriyeli escort escort I am not sure that’s the store for you.” I put my arm under his linking us together and opened the door. I gasped as we entered. Lingerie of every kind was displayed, lace and feathers, silks and satins. Even black leather bras and panties. I looked at daddy and smiled, “Sure it is!” We walked into the store like a couple, I was so excited. The saleswoman came up and introduced herself and offered her assistance. Daddy looked at her and replied not yet. As I looked around I noticed that they had more then just lingerie, vibrators and lotions and books lined the back wall. In one section there were riding crops and paddles, whips of all sizes.

Just looking at these things was making my pussy damp. I had found daddy’s books on BDSM, and read them all. I was always so turned on after. I wonder if daddy had any of these things hidden at home. I could tell daddy was uncomfortable and turned back to the lingerie.

“Daddy, please may I look at the nightwear,” I begged him, making pouty lips and batting my eyelashes. He shook his head yes and I headed for the beautiful clothing. I went through the racks of silks and feathers till I came across a simple pure white silky nightie. The neckline was very low and edged in lace so delicate and it had tiny panties to match. I held it up to me and the sales lady shook her head, “you have fine taste dear, would you like to try it on?” I shook my head yes and she gathered a few more things and off we went. As I slipped my dress off the lady said “I am sure your husband will be very pleased to see you in these.”

I just smiled back, trembling knowing the truth. I slipped the nightie on, the silky material feeling so cool on my breasts. I looked in the mirror and sighed, it made me look so grown up. My nipples grew hard and I could see them through the material, the sales lady shook her head, “That is a perfect fit and you look stunning.” I was so excited, she handed me the other lingerie and after trying them on I choose two things, the white one and a black one, knowing how daddy would be shocked to see me in them. Daddy paid for them, but the lady had wrapped them so he never did see what I had chosen, she winked at me, knowing I wanted to surprise my “husband.”

We left the wonderful boutique and daddy asked me what I wanted to do now. I suggested the lake, knowing it would be free of people, so early in the afternoon. As we got there I was relieved no one was about, I wanted to put my plan into motion. I kicked off my sandals and headed into the water. Laughing I dared him to take off his shoes and socks and come in. I walked in a little further lifting my thin dress up higher and higher, turning around I bent over slightly knowing he had a full view of my bottom. I acted like I was looking for a stone or shell in the water. Giggling I touched the front of my dress into the cool water.

Standing up I laughed and acted like it was an accident, daddy stared as my dress stuck to my bare breasts where he could see the nipples dark against the material, my nipples hardened knowing he was watching. He called out, “honey you are getting all wet!” and I thought to myself in more ways than one daddy! I walked slowly to him and stood in front of him, licking my lips I splashed him, just a little. He laughed and said I was up to no good and he would have to punish me if he got all wet. All I could think of were those paddles on the wall of the boutique. I stuck out my lip in a sexy pout and asked softly, “Will daddy spank his little girl?” He smiled and turned back to the beach.

It was turning dark as we got home, daddy said he had a few things to do and then I could open my present from him. I said O.K. And headed to the shower, saying I would be back in an hour. I took my time preparing, wanting to be perfect for daddy. This will be my own birthday gift to him.

I returned to the den with my usual robe on looking for daddy. He was sitting on the couch, relaxed with a drink in his hand, wearing his robe too. It had been a fun day and was ready for quiet time. Next to him were two small boxes all wrapped so pretty. I sat down making sure my robe parted to reveal my legs but not letting him see what I had on underneath.

He smiled and handed me one of the gifts. “I can open now daddy?” He just shook his head slowly watching my face. I tore the paper off the box and opened it. Inside was a gold necklace with a heart. It was beautiful, the heart had engraving on the back, “happy happy, love daddy” Daddy knew it meant a lot to me for happy happy was what we always told each other when things weren’t at their best. He always said he wanted his baby girl to be happy happy. I handed it to him so he could put it on me. The gold was cool against my skin but quickly warmed up, I could feel bursa ucuz escort the heart drop between my breasts.

I turned and hugged him tight pushing my breasts against him. I pulled back and kissed him again on the lips. “Thank you so much Daddy!” He smiled and handed me the other box. It was very light and I had no idea what it could be. I opened it and inside was the receipts for college paid in full for the first year. I looked and they were for the college here in town. I threw my arms around him, he knew I didn’t want to leave him. We had argued he thought I should go away and be on my own. Now I could stay with Daddy.

“Thank you Daddy,” I hugged him tighter, “You are the best Daddy anyone could have!” He laughed and sat back on the couch. I stood and softly whispered, “Daddy I have a gift for you too.” I stepped back and slowly removed my robe. I could hear him suck in his breath, as I stood before him in my new lingerie. The white silk barely touched my thighs, my breasts trembling under the soft material, as my nipples hardened under his gaze. I lowered my head so my hair hid my face; he sat and stared looking at me from head to toe. He stood and took my hands, whispering, “Baby what are you doing?”

I looked up with tears on my lashes, “Daddy, you have been so good to me, loving and kind and gentle, making sure I was always taken care of, I want to take care of you. You have been alone so long. I want to give you me.” He smiled and shook his head, “You are my daughter, not someone I should do this with honey.” I reached up and kissed his lips, pulling him close to me, “Daddy please, I have saved myself for you, knowing this day would come. I have watched you, naked swimming you make me so hot Daddy. I read all your books, I want you to do those things to me Daddy, no one else!” I pulled away and took his hand and led him to his room. The bed there is huge with four tall slender columns. I knew what they were for. For tying wrists and ankles.

I looked at Daddy and said, ”Please bind me to the bed and take me, I am yours Daddy, Your little baby girl wants to feel your hard cock in my pussy.” Daddy could only stare at me; I shivered from the intent look in his eyes. He sighed and took my hand, “Are you sure baby, this is something I only dreamed of, I never would do anything to hurt you, and I know it is wrong wanting you this way.” I shook my head, turned to him with opened arms. He held me close kissing my lips, his tongue slipping into my mouth; I felt the heat of his skin against my breasts, his shaft hardening between us.

His kiss made me weak in the knees, leaning against him, my tongue dipped back into his mouth, and he slowly picked me up our lips never leaving each other’s and carried me to the bed. Breaking the kiss he set me on the edge, “Darling baby are you sure about this,” his eyes anxiously looking into mine. “Yes daddy please I want you so bad.” He reached and pulled the covers off the bed, stripping it till just the sheet was on. Standing still for him he gently pulled the silky nightie from me. I shivered in the night air his gaze on me making me so warm. His hands reached for the small panties and he slowly pulled them down to my ankles.

“You are so beautiful baby,” he whispered softly. I watched his face as his eyes took in the sight before him, he hungrily looked at my breasts, the gold heart laying between them, down my flat belly to my clean- pussy. He asked if I really wanted to be bound, my hands and feet to the bed. I shook my head yes. He went to his closet and brought out the leather restraints, I knew they were there, just never sure what they were. He pushed me back on the bed gently, helping me to get to the middle. Laying me back he kissed me again, working his way down my neck nuzzling me softly. He ten bound my wrists and attached the other end to the top posts and did the same with my ankles.

I was shaking with excitement as he looked at his handy work. My legs parted I knew he could see the moisture I felt on my soft pussy lips, my nipples hard and long he brought out nipple clamps, he looked at me and I shook my head yes. He slid up on the bed and kissed my hard nipple making me moan. Taking his tongue and licking it, sucking it, biting it gently. It was making me pull against the leather binds. It was torture but I felt like I was in heaven. He attached one clip tightening screw, making me gasp.

Reaching for my other breasts he kissed it massaging the fullness of me, licking the nipple making me cry out and move against him. He said softly, “Not yet little one, you must be ready for this.” He screwed on the other nipple clamp bringing the chain that was attached down and setting it on my stomach. He watched me squirm, wanting, waiting for the unknown. He slowly slipped off his robe, naked he was his cock throbbing, and I could only stare. He walked over and bursa üniversiteli escort dimmed the lights and lit many candles. I tried to relax but couldn’t. I trembled not knowing what he would do, but wanting it done.

He took out a small leather paddle and held it up. He laughed softly, “Baby remember laughing about the paddling at the lake? It can come true.” I shivered waiting, lying there exposed to Daddy. His hands slowly massaged my thigh, working his way up to my pussy. He leaned down and put his lips to the inside of my thigh making me jump. I have never had anything like this done, I wasn’t like my friends, who did everything. His tongue licked my skin and worked its way till it slipped into the folds of my pussy.

He licked my clit slowly; I squirmed to get more pushing my clit into his mouth. He sucked on it, biting it, making the little bud grow in his mouth. I could feel the sweet tension build in my lower regions. I could feel the juices running down to my ass, I begged him to suck harder to make me cum on his face. Moving my hips against his mouth he slipped his tongue deep into my cunt. I frantically bucked my hips against him as he placed bith hands on my ass bringing me closer. His tongue fucked my hole as his fingers came up and rubbed my clit.

I cried out “Daddy, Daddy I am cummmmming ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” My cries carried through the room as he kept sucking my juices, moaning into my pussy. He slowly lifted his head and climbed up beside me, I could see my juices on his face, he leaned down and kissed me slowly. I could taste myself on him, sweet, different. My breathing slowed down a bit as he rubbed my arms and shoulders, kissing my skin. I could feel his shaft rubbing against me, I wanted to hold him, but couldn’t, bound to the bed I felt helpless. He asked if I ready, he looked into my eyes, “I want to fuck my baby till she cant stand it, I want to love you honey”

I slowly shook my head, trembling as I looked at the size of his cock. I never saw it close up and it looked huge. Long and thick, I hoped he could get it in my tight pussy. He slowly moved over me and settled on his knees between my legs. I lay there still as he massaged my pussy putting in one, then two fingers, opening me up for him. He leaned down and put the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. His fingers rubbed my clit as he slowly pushed his hard shaft deeper inside me. I laid still letting my pussy adjust around him; he filled me up, stretching me open. I felt like I was being split apart, this monster cock invading my cunt.

He leaned down further and kissed my breasts, and then my lips, opening my mouth with his tongue he plunged his rod deep into my pussy breaking through the tissue guarding my innocence. I cried out against his mouth moving against him. The pain was intense I could not move as he laid still giving me more time to accept the thick cock into my pussy. “Baby are you OK? It will get better I promise,” he wiped away the tears that had gathered, kissing my face. I shook my head yes wanting, needing more not knowing what it was.

He lifted himself up on his hands and slowly started moving his shaft back and forth deep in my cunt, I moaned then as the pleasure replaced the pain. He moved back a little more to watch me as he fucked his baby girl. He reached down as he moved a bit faster and tugged on the chain attached to my nipples. Pain shot into my hard nipples making me groan but felt to good for me to say stop, he fucked me faster pulling his cock up to the opening of my wet hot pussy and sliding it back in my hips moved to meet his trusts. I felt wild as he kept slamming that cock into me riding me. I pulled against the leather bindings wanting more crying out Daddy over and over. He moaned, “Talk to me baby, tell Daddy what you want.”

“Fuck me Daddy make me cum, I want to feel you explode into my cunt, make me your slutty cunt Daddy please!” I knew this was making him hotter I could feel his cock grow inside me his balls slapping my ass as he pounded that hard rod into my wet pussy over and over again. I was losing all track of time, all thoughts except for that cock inside me Daddy riding me getting ready to cum.

He held my hips as he slammed it into me fucking me harder “Daddy is gonna cum baby, you want this inside you don’t you baby girl I want to give it to you baby.” Yes I begged, “Daddy give it to me pleaseeeeeeee! I am going to cum Daddy.” He slammed his cock one final time deep so deep in my throbbing cunt shooting hot liquid inside me, I could feel it cover my insides of my pussy, he stayed still as it kept coming, breathing raggedly as he filled his baby’s cunt with his love cream. My pussy tightened around his massive cock and I held him tight deep in my hole, his balls tight against my ass as he pumped into me all he had. I laid there panting as the waves came over me.

I thought I passed out, as he came so deep inside my hot cunt. He watched me as I lay there shaking with the pleasure he gave me. It was so hot, so wet, as I could feel our juices pour out of my cunt and down my ass cheeks. Daddy then reached down and kissed me whispering, “Thank you baby you are my darling slutty baby girl.”

I looked at Daddy, kissing his cheek, saying, “I hope there is more to come Daddy”

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