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It’s a typical Friday night at our house. I work at a software company and travel on my job often. My wife Molly and I have been married for six years now. We bought this nice home about a year after getting married straight out of college. We live in the country. The house is secluded and sites back behind trees on forty acres. We have five bedrooms and a guest house. I guess you could say we got our dream home early in our marriage.

About several months ago we attended this live stock auction in town. Molly wanted to have horses and we had a barn and plenty of fenced land for several horses. We bought four horses in about as many weeks and soon found that taking care of these wonderful animals took more time and work than we originally thought.

After all, Molly was only interested in riding them. She knew nothing about taking care of these large animals nor did I. My name is Tom by the way. My wife Molly is twenty-eight. I’m hitting forty now and consider myself a very lucky man. Molly is my trophy wife.

I was up at the feed store one weekend buying supplies for the herd when a man approached me and we started to talk. He was a tall slim black man. He walked over and shook my hand and introduced himself as Harry.

“You live up at the old Johnson house don’t you, Tom?”

I smiled as I tossed a bag of feed into my truck. “Yes, that’s right. The big white one down at the end of the dirt road.”

Harry smiled as he leaned his arm on my truck. “Well, I know a lot about that old place you know. I worked there for several years before old man Johnson passed away.”

I turned around with interest on my face. “Oh, really? What sort of things did you do for the Johnson’s, Harry?”

Harry grinned as he helped me put the last bags of feed onto the back of the truck.

“I guess you could say I was everything to them. I took care of the animals, the grounds and even worked as a handyman around the house.”

Harry laughed than added. “I even drove Mrs. Johnson into town whenever she went shopping so I guess you could say I was their chauffeur too!”

“So, what do you do now that the Johnsons are gone?”

Harry sighed. “Well, I’ve been working here and there to make a few bucks when I can but I think I’ll be moving back to Alabama where my family is from and see what kind of jobs I can find there.”

I started thinking. I could sure use somebody like Harry out at the place. We had plenty of room and perhaps Harry sex hikayeleri could move right back into the guest house where he use to live. We talked for a long while and told him I’d speak to my wife. Molly felt relieved and excited that she was finally going to have some help taking care of our horses and the farm.

Harry moved in the following week. I can’t tell you how hard Harry worked on getting things fixed around the place. Molly even took him up on his offers of driving her into town to go shopping once a week.

Harry practically took over the place within a few short months. We could always depend on him for the littlest things. Harry made sure everything ran like a fine tuned machine and we were pleased.

Molly moved her shapely round ass on the bed as I kissed the crack of her cheeks than slapped her ass a couple times. She yelped out in pleasure and turned her head around and tried to look at me as she spoke.

“Come on baby, stop teasing me and fuck my ass.”

I slapped her bottom again only a lot harder and watched as her white flesh giggled to the touch of my bare hand. I used both hands on my wife’s ass this time and grabbed hold of each cheek and squeezed them hard.

Molly couldn’t move much. I had both of her hands handcuffed to the front of the bed. I scooted down just far enough to bury my tongue between the cheeks of her ass and poked my tongue near her asshole. Molly arched her hips up trying to push her body back against my face. Her hips rocked from side to side as I held her cheeks apart.

I leaned up and over my wife’s round ass feeling the warm hot white flesh against my thighs as I reached out and around and aimed for my wife’s nipples. I pinched each one very hard making her scream out with joy. She loved being treated like a slut. She was my wife and my slut whore.

We loved this kind of fantasy play. It’s something we enjoyed since our dating days. I kept playing with Molly’s hard nipples and kneaded her large breasts with each hand making her moan with delight.

I arched back up and slapped her ass really hard making her ass shake and quiver as she screamed out to me for more.

“Please baby. I need you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside my ass….Please!”

I was rock solid hard. I reached for my tube of lubricant and rubbed a small amount over the head of my cock and around my shaft. I teased Molly for several minutes until she practically begged for my cock.

I porno hikayeleri carefully aimed it at her tight little ass and worked the head inside. I’m not that big so I slipped in rather easily after the head was inserted. I than grabbed hold of Molly’s ass and rode her like she was a horse.

I kept shoving my cock deep inside her ass while she strained on those handcuffs I had attached to the headboard. I didn’t last long and shot my wade inside her ass within a short few minutes leaving my wife hanging and unfulfilled as my cock shrank down to size.

“Damn you , Tom! Come on and make me cum! I need to cum baby…Please!”

I was panting and trying to catch my breath as I unlocked each cuff freeing Molly’s arms one at a time. She quickly flipped over positioning her ass on the bed and arched her legs back and started to play with her pussy.

I knew what she wanted so I moved around on the bed and buried my face between her creamy white thighs and began to like. My face kept hitting her working hand which was stimulating her clit at the time. I soon pushed my face up until I was able to move my hand away from her pussy so my tongue soon took over the job of stimulating her hard clitoris.

Molly’s body moved and jerked all around the bed as I worked my tongue on her pussy. I brought my wife to three orgasms before I was done leaving her finally limp and exhausted on the bed as I got up and reached for a towel to wipe off my face.

I turned around and saw something out of the corner of my eye. I forgot all about the bedroom door being open. The hallway was dark but I was still able to see the dark figure of a man standing out in the darkness. He starred at me and I starred back. It was Harry.

The next morning I walked out to the barn where Harry was feeding the horse. He said his typical good morning to me as we exchanged smiles as I drank my coffee. I walked around the stable trying to figure out what to say to the man.

“I guess you saw everything last night?”

Harry stopped what he was doing and looked over at me saying. “Oh…Uh…..I’m really sorry about that, Tom. I came back in last night thinking something was wrong when I heard Molly screaming. You know it’s always better to check and make sure nothing is wrong.”

I smiled even though I was embarrassed about what he saw last night. “Oh, well….Thanks anyway, Harry. I appreciate your concern for us.”

Harry went back to what he seks hikayeleri was doing than hesitated and turned around and what he said next pretty much took me over the edge in shock.

“You now, Tom. I could give you some pointers on how to train that bitch of yours. Yes sir, I could do a lot of things.” Harry was still moving the shovel in his hands as he spoke but stopped cold and gave me a stare I’ll never forget.

“What she needs is a good black dick up that tight little ass.” He boldly continued next saying. “You just let me know Tom, and I’ll work it out for us.”

Harry stepped closer until we were face to face. “I know what it’s like Tom. You white folks are all alike when it comes to acting all proper and nice. I heard Molly last week from out here last week, you know.”

My eyes opened wide as I listened to Harry speak. “You know damn well what I’m talking about. The night Molly was screaming for you to fuck her hard and she kept taunting you about how she was going to find out how big my black cock was!”

I was in shock! I tried to shake my head and act like he was lying but it didn’t work. Harry reminded me of that night he was talking about. It was only talk. Molly loved to talk nasty when we were having sex and she mentioned Harry that night.

“Molly didn’t really mean it, Harry.”

Harry shook his head as he began working again than stopped for a second and added. “I know better. Your all the same. Old man Johnson was no different. He use to love watching me bang that white ass wife of his.”

“You mean to tell me you and Mrs. Johnson had a thing going?”

Your damn right we did. I owned the bitch and they knew it! For an old white bitch, she could fuck like a mink, let me tell you!”

I don’t remember exactly what was said next but we got into a heated discussion next that turned out a little nasty. Before it was all said and done I was standing there in that horse stall thinking about the proposition Harry had just given me. He said he could help us both enhance our sex life.

What Harry wanted to do was make my wife his slut. His whore mind you and he said it with passion and much confidence. What he than said to me gave me chills down my spin.

“Listen. I’ll have your wife walking around this stable before long begging you for cock. She’ll want that fire put out in that pussy of hers every single minute of the day.”

You know, I believed the man but I just wondered who’s cock she would be begging for and who would be putting out that fire between her legs once he turned her into a wanton whore.

Yes, Harry was all we fantasized about since his arrival and he knew it. He was soon going to get a chance to make my wife his whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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