Black Wives Cuckolding Black Guys

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When my wife Kendra broached the topic of cuckolding with me, I tried hard to act surprised and even reluctant. We’d been married for six years at that point, and kept very few secrets from each other. I’m a closet bisexual tormented by my Catholic upbringing and my wife is an atheist. To say that we came from different worlds would be an understatement. Kendra is half black and half white, born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to a Nigerian immigrant father and a white Canadian mother. Kendra grew up in a very liberal, sex-positive environment. My background is somewhat more conservative.

My name is Caleb Rutherford. I was born and raised in the City of Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to Ontario, Canada, in 1999 to pursue a university education. I was eighteen years old at the time. I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from York University and an MBA from the University of Toronto. By 2005 I was a new citizen of Canada, and I had more degrees than a thermometer. I took an entry-level job as an account manager with the Bank of Nova Scotia in downtown Ottawa, and never imagined I’d stay there so long that I’d become the branch manager.

One day, while walking through the Rideau Shopping Center, I spotted a tall, fine-looking chick with light brown skin, short and kinky black hair, and a killer booty. I approached her, and although she acted coy and played it cool, I could tell that she was feeling me. I learned her name, and after a bit of flirtation, I got her digits. Kendra Oluremi was something else. Just under six feet tall, with a curvy body, fantastic ass and a mesmerizing smile. Yeah, like the young guys say nowadays, I was definitely thirsty for this sister. That’s why I asked her out.

Kendra was a sophomore at Carleton University, where she studied civil engineering. The gal wasn’t just a pretty face and a sexy ass either, she had brains up the Yin Yang. Kendra always earned top honors in her program. As we got to know each other, I became fascinated by the wild, intelligent and freaky woman that she is. Her parents, Edward Oluremi and Justine McKay-Oluremi definitely liked me. It’s always good to get the parents blessing when you’re courting a young lady.

I proposed to Kendra a few years later, after a long courtship. we got married in a lavish ceremony inside Ottawa City Hall’s fabled banquet hall. We spent our honeymoon in a resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and after three weeks in the sun we returned to Ontario. Our lives are hectic since we’re both hard-working professionals but we’re happy. We have a son together, Elijah, and a daughter, Marilyn. They’re the light of my life. Kendra and I bought a lovely house together in the Barrhaven suburb sex hikayeleri of Ottawa, and life couldn’t be better. The only snag is that our sex life isn’t what it used to be.

I love my wife and our family means the world to me but I am also a human being and I have sexual needs. Something my wife Kendra seems to have forgotten. I love my wife and would never do anything to endanger her health or our marriage. In other words, I refused to cheat on her even though as a six-foot-two, well-built and university-educated professional black man who makes eighty five grand a year ( after taxes ) lots of women in Ottawa found me appealing. Seriously.

There’s a white chick named Mildred O’Neill at work who desperately wants me to give her the D. She’s short, red-haired, green-eyed and plump, pretty much all tits and ass. I’m not one to dip my pen in the company ink but damn, Mildred has the nicest ass I’ve seen on a white female since Coco, rapper/actor Ice T’s wife. Sometimes during my frustrated and lonely nights, I fantasized about Mildred as I jerked off. Other times, I watched porn. I like interracial porn, both kinds.

Sometimes I jerk off while watching black guys fucking blonde-haired white chicks, and other times, I watched big-booty black girls getting fucked by white guys. My favorite websites are Spring Thomas and Ghetto Gaggers. They display interracial porn at its best. Ah, the frustrated life of a married black man in North America, eh? Seriously, can my balls get any bluer? I came across a video that really excited me on this site called Screw My Wife Club. A black guy with a light-skinned black woman who watched her get fucked by a tall, bald-headed white dude. For some reason, that video really turned me on. It’s classified under reverse interracial cuckolding. Usually, in cuckold scenarios, a black guy with a big dick fucks a white chick in front of her white husband. I’d seen such movies so often that they no longer had any effect on me.

I watched that porno on the computer at home, and forgot to wipe my browser history. As luck would have it, my dear wife Kendra came across this very site on our computer and watched that very same video. Kendra confronted me about my porn usage and like millions of guys around the globe, I played dumb. I refused to admit guilt and promised her it wouldn’t happen again. I also downloaded Norton Antivirus and Internet Eraser. From now on, I’d clean up after myself after fooling around online. No harm, no foul.

Yeah, I continued my porn-watching ways, everyday I’d scour the web for the footage I craved. When you type “black cuckolds” on Google, all that pops up is the traditional black bull/white wife/white porno hikayeleri husband stuff. Nothing I wanted to watch. Shit, I wish someone made the type of porn I wanted to watch. Nevertheless, after countless hours of browsing, I usually found something worth watching. I would email myself the links on my Yahoo account and then delete any and all web history.

I would also look at harmless stuff like TMZ and World Star Hip Hop online so that my wife Kendra wouldn’t grow suspicious. If she checked the PC every day and didn’t find anything, she’d suspect something. That’s why I covered up my porn addiction with other shit. I simply hadn’t counted on the spyware she put on our computer to track my comings and goings in cyberspace. Damn it, women are too sneaky! You should have seen my face the day Kendra told me that not only was I busted, but she knew about my cuckolding fascination. I’m going to make your fantasy come true, my wife said wickedly, and I think I almost passed out.

After this day of revelations, Kendra and I grew closer. We began watching porn together now. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my wife likes porn as much as I do. Her favorite sites are Real Black Anal, Black And Bisexual, and Thug Hunter. Apparently, lots of heterosexual black women like interracial gay porn. Hmmm. I didn’t know that. Good to know. While online, Kendra and I searched for a third party to help make our cuckolding fetish come true. Thus we came across Marshall Stephens, a young white guy living not far from us. He’s twenty two, studies chemistry at Carleton University and identifies as bisexual and highly experimental. Perfect.

Kendra and I set up a meeting with Marshall, and the young man was polite, friendly and respectful. Oh, and he firmly believed in using protection. Awesome. We invited him to our bedroom the following Friday night for some fun, and Marshall definitely did not disappoint. I sat there and watched him really give it to Kendra. Marshall got naked, then made Kendra kneel before him and suck his dick. Grabbing her by the back of her head, the white thrust his cock down my black wife’s throat. Kendra gagged on his dick a bit, then began sucking it earnestly.

I watched, growing more turned on by the minute. Marshall rolled a condom on his thick white cock and then put Kendra on all fours. Kendra spread her big black butt cheeks wide open and Marshall sprayed her with lubricant before pressing his cock against her butt hole. Gripping Kendra’s wide hips tightly, Marshall began fucking her hard, with deep thrusts. Damn, I cannot believe this shit. I’m a black man jerking off while watching my sexy black wife get fucked in the ass by a seks hikayeleri white dude. Now that’s definitely not something you see or read about every day, that’s for damn sure.

Kendra howled like a woman possessed as Marshall filled her tight asshole with his hard white dick. He fucked her hard until she begged for mercy, only then did he pull out. Marshall looked at me then at Kendra, and smiled. I felt my dick harden. Since Kendra wasn’t riding Marshall’s dick at the moment, I’m pretty sure the sister doesn’t mind if a brother hops on for a ride. I joined Kendra and Marshall on the bed, and then Marshall and I got real acquainted while Kendra lay there, watching us.

Marshall and I stroked each other’s cocks, then I began sucking his dick. Dude had a delicious dick, and I couldn’t get enough of it. That’s why I told him to stick it up my ass. The young white dude looked surprised. I grabbed him by the collar. Yeah, I had some words for him. What the fuck is your problem? If a black dude tells you to stick your white cock up his black ass, fucking do it. Unless you’re some kind of racist? Marshall smiled and said he just wanted to make sure he heard me right. He rolled a condom on and we got going.

I sighed happily as Marshall worked his dick into my asshole. Kendra watched us, her eyes wide. That’s right, babe. Your black husband didn’t bring the bisexual white bull around just so he could fuck your chocolate booty. Brothers need some white dick too, you know? Lucky for me Marshall didn’t discriminate based on race or gender. This progressive young bisexual white guy slammed his dick up my black ass as my black wife watched. I stroked my big black dick as Marshall filled my ass with his white cock. Finally, I felt happy and satisfied. Dude had me right where he wanted me and if loving his white dick up my black ass was wrong then he didn’t want to be right.

Marshall freaked me for a good half hour, pumping his big white cock up my black ass. And I loved it. Afterwards, he sucked my dick until he came, then swallowed every last drop of my cum. Kendra watched us, looking both stunned and turned on by what she was watching. Why is she so surprised? I told her I was bisexual from the get go. Marshall and I finished our thing, then he thanked Kendra and I for a wonderful time and left.

Kendra and I had a nice long chat after Marshall left. We both had a lot of fun with him, but decided it was a one-time thing. We made love for the first time in ages, in the living room. Kendra grabbed my dick, sucked it real good and then climbed on top of me. I smacked her ass and slammed my dick into her pussy. Burying my face between Kendra’s big tits, I fucked her hard. We went at it for a good half hour before I came, flooding her cunt with my manly seed. I love you sweetie, Kendra whispered into my ear. I smiled and nodded, then took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. I guess the passion’s back in our marriage!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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