Bound and Loved

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I’m straddled across a chair, with my head on the backrest. A length of silken cord ties my left and right ankles to the chairlegs, just above my stiletto-clad feet. Another loops loosely around my neck, around the top of the chair, and tightly around my wrists in front of me. I can move a bit, but the bindings on my ankles and wrists stops me from lowering myself onto the chair below. It’s an awkward position and my legs are feeling the strain.

As I try to give them some relief I can’t help but wave my ass in the air. I’m blindfolded but in my mind’s eye the image is clear; my shapely ass framed by the garter belt and stockings I slipped on earlier, my breasts in their bra against the back of the chair, my legs spread, and my cock jutting out underneath me.

I hear soft footsteps and then someone tugs on my hair, pulling my head back and causing my mouth to open slightly. Something metallic and awkward is quickly slipped between my teeth and twisted, opening my mouth wider. At the same time I feel a strap being pulled around my head and tightened: it’s a gag then. At least it’s an open one, giving me freedom to breathe.

Fingertips are suddenly dancing down my arced spine. I shiver. They move further down, lightly skipping over my brastrap and across my garter belt. The fingers stop at the base of my spine.

The fingers are removed but then I feel something cool at the top of my thighs. The feeling spreads as fingers start working along the gap between my legs. In moments the fingers have started ranging between my hairless balls and my special place; I can’t help but moan.

This involuntary expression of appreciation is recognised and rewarded. The fingers lift away temporarily and then return, working first the slippery tip of one and then another into my only hole.

After a minute of this gentle teasing the fingers are removed. My special place, my only hole, feels ready. As if in response, something bigger and smoother than a finger presses home. suadiye escort It keeps pushing, firmly and gradually, stretching. Then with a rush it’s in, and I close around it, a largish plug. I feel that wonderful fullness of anal penetration and my throbbing cock bounces as I twitch.

Now I feel hands cupping my breasts, pushing the underwire of my bra into my ribs. My breasts yield as they are squeezed and my nipples thrill as the hands brush over them. His fingertips dig into the squashed flesh above my bracups, my nice little b’s forced into a shallow cleavage. I moan again through my open gag.

This time my reward is going to be less about my pleasure. He places his hands on either side of my head and then I feel a weight on my tongue; he’s going to take advantage of the open gag. I try to relax but he forces his thick manhood in too fast. I try to back off for a moment, to prepare myself for his invasion but I can’t. His cock hits my throat and my gag reflex cuts in.

He doesn’t care; he knows how much I loved it when girls used to gag on mine. Now he’s going to make my newly feminine form experience the same. Gripping my head more firmly, he starts thrusting in and out of my gaping mouth.

The ropey, thick strands of spit from the back of my mouth increase. He starts pulling further back, drawing them down my chin, where they hang. The physicallity of what he is doing to me is exciting. I can feel my cock and balls bouncing and the plug in my ass is getting pulled slightly in and out as I flex.

At this point he’s eased up on ramming his cock down my throat. Instead he’s slowly inserting and then drawing it back, encouraging me to dribble and drool. Eventually the mess of spit on my chin drops; it doesn’t land on my breasts, which are behind the chairback, but drops to the floor.

Satisfied, he lets go of my head and withdraws his cock from my mouth. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I start writhing against my bonds, wiggling yakacık escort my ass, flexing my cock and squeezing the plug in my ass.

I feel him tug on the plug; he’s about to do it! He pulls on the plug with one hand while the other cups my balls and grips my cock’s shaft. Again the blindfold is no barrier to me seeing this in my mind’s eye; I can see my transgendered body clearly; cock and balls jutting out from between my stocking-clad legs, breasts bobbling in their black satin bra, and ass waving in the air, just the base of the plug showing from my hole.

Suddenly the pressure on my hole increases and the plug stretches me wide. Then with a rush it’s gone. I can feel my ass gaping, the cool air of the room playing in my special place. I feel so empty! So desperate for filling.

I feel his fingers at my hole again, great dolops of lube being smeared on this time. I moan again; while the roughness and pain of a spontaneous fucking is good sometimes, nothing feels better than properly lubed anal.

Especially when a cock is this big! He’s slipped it into me suddenly, forcing the fat head against my rim. After a moment’s resistance he’s in; the plug has done its work. Slowly his shaft glides into my ass until I feel his pelvis press against my butt.

The feeling of fullness, vulnerability and sexiness is incredible. This is the feeling that drove me to the change, to start hormones and wear women’s clothing all the time. Sex with women had always been fun for me, but I had spent as much time on my back alone with a dildo and bra and panties set as I ever had with girls.

All that time practicing had never prepared me for the reality of being taken like the transgendered slut I’d become though. His cock inside me to the hilt, I press myself forward against the chair, pushing my breasts in their bra up against it, using the stiff fabric to stimulate my nipples. He follows me forward, kissing my neck and keeping me impaled on his rod.

I şerifali escort moan again. Satisfied, he starts slowly withdrawing his cock. Inch by inch it pulls out, taking my tightly wrapped asshole with it. Just before the head emerges he starts driving back in. He gets into a slow rhythm, and I’m loving the slow pulling and pushing as it accentuates the sensation of being fucked.

Now he starts lifting the pace. I’m getting forced back and forth with the power of his thrusts. As a male this utter lack of control might have been intimidating, as my transfem self, it’s the best feeling in the world.

I’m really needing his cock now, needing the violence of his assault. His cock is big enough to prod my prostate as he fucks me and so as he drives harder I start to feel an urgent pressure behind my cock. Moaning loudly now, I’m consumed by my need.

I let out three short rasps of air and noise, a sign he recognises. Suddenly he withdraws entirely and I’m left hanging. Then he slams back inside. It’s my favourite feeling of the entire night, my loose ass gleefully accepting his thick cock’s rapid invasion, assisted by the lubrication applied so liberally. I believe it’s the closest I’ll ever get to having a wet pussy of my own, able to take cock on its own terms.

Knowing how much I love this sensation he repeats it eight or nine times. But he himself is getting close. And I still need his cock. Quickly he pulls out for the finale time and then repositions himself in front of me. He hurriedly removes the gag and my blindfold and unbinds my hands.

Released, one of my hands drops to my throbbing cock and the other grabs his thick shaft. I look up into his eyes and smile. He looks down at my messy face as I start jerking the cocks in my hands. I look at his big shaft, which only seconds before had been giving me so awesome an ass fucking.

Consumed by my need, I take him into my mouth. After a few moments both he and I are ready to orgasm. I release him from my mouth and finish us both with my hands. Spurts of cum shoot out and up across my stomach, chest and breasts.

He unties my ankles. Standing up on wobbly legs, I glance down. Pearls shine across my breasts and stomach. My lover bathes in my glory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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