Breaking In Beth Ch. 02

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The next morning I was worried as hell.

Beth didn’t tell her mother. Which was great! But Beth was cold. Ice cold. At breakfast the Ice Princess wouldn’t even look at me. Overnight she’d become some stranger.

As she ate her cereal I couldn’t help staring at the petite redhead, envisioning her plump tits and juicy red pussy, hidden under just her pajamas… So close and yet so far. The memory of the hot sex the night before made me stiff.

At dinner Beth still ignored me because… hell I didn’t know. Who in can figure out females? …probably had something to do with my prick busting her cherry. After dinner I tried to kiss Beth but she pushed me away and drove off to a friend’s house.

So I left for the weekend to give the Ice Princess some space. After I returned she still ignored me. But I noticed a change in Beth. Her flannel pajamas were now satin. Her red hair was braided and now she actually wore make-up. Hmm.

Still, I was going crazy with the urge to squeeze and suckle her soft, plump tits and have her tight pussy wrapped around my prick again… Soon I gave up and took an ice cold shower.

After the cold shower I put on my bathrobe and ran to my room. As soon as the door slammed shut I heard a soft tap. My door opened, Beth poked her head in. Her red hair was in cute pigtails.

“Um… Eric. Mom’s gone and we’re all alone. Um… can we talk about… something?”

The pretty redhead stepped in my room and I noticed her new nightie— a sheer baby doll nightie that barely covered her plump jugs and left her cute belly button exposed. Hmm. Sexy nighties aren’t made for talking…

“Um sure Beth, let’s um… talk.

“Just talking… that’s all mister.” She sat on the edge of the bed and gently touched my knee.

“Bethy I’m sorry about the other night.” I lied of course. But a good lie might get me laid. “Bethy you’re not mad at me are you?”

“No…not now… but my mom almost found out.” Beth leaned forward and I could see her luscious jugs jiggling under her lacy top. “There was blood in my panties from… you know… but I told her it was spotting. Good thing mom didn’t see your goo.”

Beth frowned. “Eric you can’t do it to me again… not all the way.”

“You were incredible that night Bethy… so soft and sexy. Did you like it? Did you like my…?”

“Yeah… I sorta liked it…and you were so… hard… really hard.” The girl blushed bright red. “Well I told Emma Jo about what you did. She said you only wanted to put your stuff in me. And she was right. Gosh you put a whole lot of stuff in me. Your goo leaked out of my pussy hole all night.”

I grinned and she moved away. “Now Eric… don’t get any ideas… it’s just… Um, Emma Jo told me what she does with her boyfriend Jake.” Beth whispered. “They just sorta kiss and touch… you know?”

“Can we do that Beth… kissing and touching? Am I your boyfriend?” I edged closer. My hand rubbed her bare thigh and felt her goosebumps.

“I-I guess so… But that doesn’t mean… you know… you can do me again.” Beth wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. “P-promise you won’t?”

“Beth I promise…” A big fat lie and she knew it. My hand slid up between the silky softness of her naked, inner thighs. She stopped my hand.

“You’re so beautiful Beth. Let me kiss you.” I leaned closer and she turned her face. Our lips touched. Beth kept her lips shut, moving them against mine. I tried to slip her the tongue. She resisted at first but soon my tongue drilled between her yielding lips.

Beth groaned and her mouth opened. My aroused tongue twirled against hers, twisting together in a hot wet mating dance. As we kissed my hands squeezed her soft boobs through her nighty. Beth let me squeeze for a minute then pushed me away.

“C’mon Bethy, you said kissing and touching. I want to kiss and touch your tits.” I smiled. “Please let me see your gorgeous-gorgeous breasts. Don’t be shy.”

She whispered. “Okay Etiler escort Eric… you can take it off.” Her face flushed as I slipped off her baby doll nightie. Out bounced and jiggled the plump yummies of my dreams. My hands fondled her mounds of tit meat, and my mouth sucked her juicy-juicy nipples.

I felt her nips harden in my mouth. “Wow Bethy, your boobs are so big I bet you can suck them.”

“No-no that’s naughty.”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun.” I pulled her fat tit up to her lips. Beth blushed, opened her mouth and sucked her own nipple. Wow. I pulled the other tit up and she sucked both nipples at the same time. Pulling them up and down like titty taffy.

I almost creamed my shorts.

The little redhead released her tits and our lips met. As we gently kissed my hand moved lower, sliding up and down her silky thigh to just under the leg of her pajama shorts.

Soon each time my hand went up it slid under her shorts, touching her curly red pubes. Then I touched her pink slit—Beth pushed me away. “Stop it Eric… you… you promised…”

I yanked the girl close to me, smashing our lips together. My robe came open and my bare chest mashed against the pillowy softness of her naked breasts. We fell back on the bed and she squirmed.

“No don’t, no… STOP IT ERIC!” Beth screamed so loud the neighbors could hear.

Shit. I ran over and closed the window. Turning around I decided to release my throbbing erection. I walked back slowly letting Beth watch my stiff prick bounce up and down. Her eyes followed every menacing bounce.

My prick stopped in front of her nose, and the girl’s big hazel eyes grew even bigger.

“Beth honey. Jake told me that sometimes Emma Jo sucks his cock… It’s what good girlfriends do.” I swung my prick in front of her face.” Jake said Emma really-really likes it.” Another lie of course. “Um Bethy, could you do that? Please?”

The little redhead turned green. “Gee… I-I don’t think so…”

I heard the girl gulp when my boner touched her mouth. “Here Bethy.” My hard cockhead pressed against her soft lips. “Suck it like a good girlfriend…”

Beth tried to say something but as her mouth opened I pushed my prick in, holding her pigtails. “MMFF!” she protested, but weakly as my prick slid in and began to fuck her pretty-pretty face.

“Ooh yeah Beth…” I pushed deeper and she gagged. Her watery eyes glared up at me but the girl began to slowly worked her lips down my wide shaft, taking in more and more. I felt her tongue sliding around my shaft and circling the head as her lips tightened.

The redhead sucked harder, like a vacuum. And she bobbed her head, with her red pigtails bouncing like pom-poms. I pressed deeper, feeling my cockhead hit the entrance to her throat.

The cute girl looked like a redheaded chipmunk – her cheeks bulging and her lips pouting. I watched her red pigtails bob up and down in my lap, and felt her little tongue slide around my shaft, circling my knob. It felt so damn good.

Soon my enraged prick throbbed as my balls churned. Holding her pigtails I pushed her down, stuffing her mouth with hard cock-meat. “Swallow it Beth.” The girl whined just as my prick spewed.

“Gggluggh!” Little Beth gagged and gulped—squirt after squirt —with more cum running down her chin. After a few more squirts she choked down the last load. “Ooh… Uck…” The gasping girl spit out the last glob of jizz… Then looked up at me, with tears in her hazel eyes.

“That was gross—your nasty thing almost choked me.” She wiped her mouth. “But… did you like it?”

“Oh yes Bethy it was great. You were great.” I handed her a soda to wash down the jizz. She gulped it. “Now sweetie let’s both get naked. Completely naked like before.” I dropped my robe and boxers.

Beth shook her head and squirmed as I pushed down her frilly bottoms. My lips kissed down her neck and she whimpered and slowly lifted her butt so I could slip her Beşiktaş escort shorts off. I looked down at her naked, glistening slit topped with a curl of bright red pubes.

“D-don’t stare at it Eric.” The girl acted like I’d never seen her naked.

“But Beth it’s so pretty. Spread your legs honey… left me see your pink.” Beth’s big eyes stared up, watching me as her legs parted… and her entire body turned pussy pink.

She moaned when my hand cupped the bulging softness of her warm mound. It felt even softer than before. My finger slid between the moist lips of her cunt. Little Beth panted as I tickled the fuzzy edges.

Her hand grabbed my arm and she whimpered when I touched her swollen love bud. Beth spread her thighs wider. My prick jolted up again. I pressed it against her naked hip.

“No Eric… not that… Noo!” My finger rubbed her enflamed clitty into a hard bead. Beth jerked against me. “Oh no… you’re doing it again.” Her soft skin rubbed against my aching prick. My prick bobbed up and precum oozed out on her thigh.

“Wh-what Eric? What just happened?” Beth looked down as another glob of precum dribbled from my prick. “Did you? Ohmygod did I make you cum?”

“No yet honey…” I kissed her ear. “Beth I want us both to cum.” She shook her head and pulled back, but didn’t stop my hands squeezing one of her luscious breasts and twisting her rubbery nipple.

Her head fell back onto the bed and the girl lay there panting… letting me finger her pussy hole and gently maul her big soft tits.

“Bethy… put your hand on me.” I guided her hand down to my pulsating prick.

“What? How? What do you want me to do?” Her small fingers tried to span the girth of my boner. My cock began to fuck the snug grasp of her warm hand.

“That’s it Bethy… it feels so good.” Beth squirmed as I slipped a second finger into her still virgin-tight twat. Her hand instinctively stroked my shaft. Damn, I couldn’t wait to feel the sensual delight of her sweet-sweet pussy.

“Not all the way Eric. You can’t…” She whimpered when I moved my naked thigh across hers. “Please… I’ll give you a hand job… Emma Jo showed me how on a carrot.” Her little hand pumped my prick faster.

My fingers rolled her enraged clitty around and around… like a tiny marble. Beth lifted her pussy to my finger and clenched my cock. Soon her hand strangled my shaft, jerking on it. Beth’s breathing became louder.

“Easy Bethy… just squeeze me.”

“Oh… okay Eric… ooh… Eric… “The girl panted as I worked my fingers on her sloppily wet pussy. We kissed and sucked each other’s tongues. I could tell that she was close to climax but I didn’t want her to cum yet. Not until I was inside her.

“You’re so beautiful Beth. The buxom teen’s hips twisted as my fingers rubbed her clitty and probed deeper into her pussy hole. I could feel her pussy muscles clamping my finger.

“No… Ugh… no,” Beth whimpered clamping her thighs together and trying to push me off when I again rolled half on top of her. “You promised… only touching…”

“Yes Beth, now I’m going to touch you with my rock hard cock.” My knee forced between hers as she writhed and her small hands tried to push me away. I saw tears well up in Beth’s eyes and released her body. I wasn’t going to force-fuck the girl.

“Please sweetie… we did it before.” My lips kissed down her neck and tits, and tickled her belly button.” Bethy my cock needs you… needs to be inside your warm sweet pussy.”

“I know Eric… but… I’m scared… and last time you didn’t even think about knocking me up.”

“Holy shit— you’re right Beth.” I yanked open a desk drawer. “Look I have condoms. Purple condoms.”

Beth’s face flushed and she whispered. “No Eric… mom put me on the pill.”

“What? When did she do that?”

“…the same day you moved in.” A slight smile crossed Beth’s face. “Mom said one day you’d try to poke your Taksim escort thing in me. And boy was she right.” The cute girl looked up into my eyes. “You’re going fuck me again… aren’t you?”

“No Bethy, this time you’re going to fuck me.”

She looked shell shocked. “Really? Me fuck you… How?

“You get on top Beth… it won’t hurt.” The redhead looked nervous. “C’mon darling… fuck me—ride me like a cowgirl.”

“But? Are you serious Eric?” I nodded.

“Okay but… I don’t think my mom would like this…” The girl glanced back at my door then got on all fours above me. I moistened her furry red cunt with my finger as my mouth sucked her hanging breasts. It was great.

Beth lifted her leg and gripped my prick, moving it to her moist hole. It didn’t go in. Then lovely girl lowered herself on my cockhead while twisting her hips in a screwing motion. I absolutely loved watching the Beth trying to screw herself onto my cock…

But it still didn’t go in. The determined redhead spit on my cockhead. Then she lifted her knees up to her ears and jumped up and down on my boner… like it was a pogo stick.

On the third bounce my stiff prick popped in— Beth screamed. “OUCH!!” I pulled on her hips and Beth whimpered as my shaft split her pussy lips. Soon I felt the wonderful, hot clasp of her pink tissue as my swollen prick pushed in and out.

Her sweet twat felt even tighter than before.

“Do it Beth… Fuck me—Ride me.” I panted and lifted her big boobs up and down, urging her to spring up and down on my prick. Timidly she raised her hips slightly. My hands jerked on her boobs to give her more tempo, she began to ride me hard.

“Eric… Ahh Eric… “She moaned, her eyes widening as I drew her down further, impaling her sweet body on my thrusting shaft. With each stroke the snug mouth of her cunt engulfed the head of my cock.

“Ohh Beth… you feel so good… Do you like it?”

“Maybe… ugh Eric… I guess… ugh…”

“Bethy… you’re so tight and wonderful.” Her hanging tits looked even bigger than before. The humping girl looked down at me with heavy-lidded eyes, her pretty red lips opening and closing with each moan.

As we humped I sucked her big-nippled breasts as they jiggled and swayed. Bethy bounced on my prick, slapping my face with her heavy udders… just like before. I just love getting my face smacked with ten pounds of titty meat.

Soon Beth’s breathing became louder as her body trembled with tiny jerks and twitches. “Oh Eric, your pole’s going way up in me… It-it feels like I’m riding my bike—without the seat.”

“Eric… Ooh Eric… “She panted. ” I pounded up into her flaming cunt while pulling down on her hips, grinding our pubes together. “Ungh… Ungh… Unghh…” The redhead panted in shallow gasps as her body jerked and spasmed around my prick.

“Ohhh yesss Bethy.” Her pussy muscles massaged my pulsating cock. I opened my legs and, as she sank lower between my thighs, taking me inside until the tip of my cock bumped and pushed on something hard… a sweet spot deep inside her cock-filled cunt.

Beth’s nails gripped my chest like feral claws.

Hanging on to her heavy boobs, I arched up pounding my prick into that g-spot. Beth’s head flew back. “Aaaah Eric… Oh my gawd!”

Suddenly the cum in my balls jetted up through my buried shaft, spewing into her spasming cunt. My enraged prick felt like a long spear, piercing her cunt flesh. Beth’s soft pubes mashed against mine, again and again as her tight sheath milked out my cum.

“Ohhh Eric… Ohh wow… “Beth sighed, her body going limp above me. Lines of red tinged cum spilled down my cock. She collapsed on my chest and we lay there, hugging.

“Wow Eric… I guess you took my cherry… again.” Beth sighed and wiped her dripping pussy with a tissue.

I kissed her face and nibbled at her ear.

“Bethy that was so incredible.” We kissed, our tongues touching, teasing and caressing.

Beth whispered. “My mom won’t be home until tomorrow… “The teen girl crawled under my covers, blushed and looked up with her clear hazel eyes. ” Eric I’m… I’m sleeping with you tonight… Okay?”

I kissed her ear. “Maybe sleeping… “

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