Brenda Gets an Upgrade (Twofer!)

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Heya! This is a pretty standard “guy has lots of sex” story. I could probably have split this one up, but I decided not to, so it’s kinda long even though it is easily 70% sex scenes.

This story contains: penis growth, nymphomania/satyriasis, lesbian incest, anal, exhibitionism, group sex, light D/S, many bisexual women, cuckolding


John’s car rolled to a stop in the driveway. He sighed heavily. This is it, this is when we finally get serious. He looked over at Brenda for reassurance. She put her hand on his knee and smiled. Somehow it raised his hopes and made him more nervous at the same time.

John and Brenda had been the talk of their college dorm for months, since Brenda was widely considered the hottest woman in the building, possibly the whole campus, and John was, well… unimpressive. Brenda barely fit in her DDD-cup bras, John’s hoodies had room to spare. Brenda strutted around campus showing off her ass in tights, John scurried between physics classes. Brenda was the center of attention, John actively avoided it. Their pairing was extremely unusual, to the point that people suspected that Brenda had somehow discovered a monster hiding in John’s pants.

It confused John too, especially because he did not have a monster in his pants. But she seemed to really like him, and truth be told, he liked her too. The stereotype that hot girls are mean is just not true, Brenda was kind and intelligent, and in their most intimate moments John would look into her eyes and know that he loved her and she loved him.

Still, this was a little soon. They’d only been dating for two months and already Brenda was asking him to meet her mom! But it excited him too. After all, he knew he would be doing this sooner or later.

They rang the doorbell, and John steeled himself. He glanced at Brenda one last time just before the door opened.

“Helllooo!!” rang out Brenda’s mom as she the threw open the door. John’s first thought was: damn, I can see where Brenda gets it. The woman before him looked not a day over 30, and she had a rockin’ body even by those standards. Her breasts looked absolutely enormous. Not only that, but she knew how to show it off too. Her dress’s neckline plunged deep, showing off a valley of cleavage, and the rest of it hugged her trim body.

John just stared for a beat, earning him a beaming smile from the sexy older woman. Then he regained his wits and said “Hi! How are you tonight Ms. Baker?” He extended a hand, which she took for a little longer than may have been strictly polite.

“I’m good! Great in fact! Come on in you two, dinner’s just about ready.”

As she turned and walked towards the kitchen John couldn’t help but admire her ass. Brenda slapped him on the wrist in mock admonition.

Small talk ensued. John learned that Brenda’s mom was named Matilda. She was an R.N. and a widowed mother of two, and she made great salsa. He also learned a few embarrassing details of Brenda’s childhood, which amused everyone except Brenda to no end. John drank a little bit of beer and enjoyed the attention of the two most beautiful women who had ever even looked his way.

Eventually the conversation turned serious, although, not in the way that John expected it to. When the question did come it took him completely by surprise.

“So, John, how’s the sex?”

Truth be told, he was barely keeping up. At first Brenda had seemed remote, almost distracted, but at the end of their second date she had kissed him and then said he was the perfect man. Then she dragged him into her room and bounced on top of him for the entire night.

She was insatiable. They had steamy hot sex at least once a day. That was the other reason everyone in their dorm talked about them — they were “that loud couple” practically every night and many mornings. Once he had gone home for a three day weekend and she had texted him pictures and videos of herself masturbating for two days straight. When he finally got back to the dorms she fucked him until he couldn’t get it up any more.

Of course, that wouldn’t be an appropriate answer to her mom’s question! Nobody wants to hear that their daughter is a nymphomaniac!

“Uh, it’s, uh, good.”

Brenda and Matilda giggled at each other and Brenda said, “Oh, it’s quite good. I think he’s perfect for it,” and squeezed his arm for a second.

John was puzzled by that comment, but his confusion smoothed over quickly when Brenda started stroking his thigh under the table. For some reason he was feeling really aroused, even more than he normally would be when he was drunk and getting stealthily teased by his insanely hot girlfriend. But, hey, since when was that a bad thing? He reached out to take another sip of beer.

Ope, looks like that beer was a little harder to catch than he thought. He spilled it all over the table. Brenda gently pushed him back into his chair. He grumbled something and waved his arms to apologize.

Brenda moved into his field of view konyaaltı escort and said, “John, honey, just relax.” And… was her sweater pulled down? Mmm, her tits looked so good though… so big and jiggly…

John blacked out. He dreamed about sex.

John awoke slowly in an unfamiliar room. His head was fuzzy. God, how much did he have to drink? He could only remember two beers. The sun was up and he… was he tied down?

In fact John was naked and his wrists and ankles were tied to a bed frame with silk rope. As the fuzz in his head cleared he also noticed that he was hornier than he could remember ever being. He glanced down at his raging erection. It looked bigger than normal. He tried uselessly to pull at the restraints. When he couldn’t relieve himself he threw his head back and groaned.

Footsteps came down the hall, and in came Brenda, gloriously naked and smiling. John admired her amazing form for the millionth time. Her straight brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, and pretty face never failed to captivate him. But at the moment he also had other things on his mind, such as her big perky breasts, long slender torso, smooth white skin, and her scrumptiously wide hips and long legs atop which, he knew, sat the most unbelievably perfect ass in existence. Brenda was tall for a woman, standing almost 5′ 9″, but unlike many tall women she had never tried to hide her height. If anything she liked to emphasize it, always standing up straight to show off her assets and wearing heels to events.

This gorgeous creature crawled up on the bed and said, “Hey honey! You’re finally up!”

She straddled his hips and pressed her body onto his to kiss him passionately. His dick wedged between her perfect ass cheeks.

He gasped for air when she finally released him from the kiss.

“Wh-what’s going on here Brenda? Why am I tied up?”

She sat up and squeezed his cock, making his need for sex even more urgent. “Oh, gosh, it’s so hard to explain. Are you sure you want me to explain it right now? When you’re in this state?” She put her hands on his chest and stroked him. He noticed for the first time that his entire crotch was already wet. He groaned and humped uselessly, eliciting a giggle from the angel on top of him. “I’ll explain later then.”

She lifted herself up and sat down on his manhood. Both sighed heavily, finally ending their anticipation. Brenda began to move her hips on top of him in little circles. He couldn’t do anything to encourage her besides jerk his hips a little bit in time. It was maddening, and when she saw his frustration she seemed amused.

“Don’t worry honey, we just needed you tied down for a little bit. But this is kind of fun, right?” She panted while she rode him hard. The entire front of her body was flushed. “It’s fun to be tied up, isn’t it stud? You like being my play thinggg?”

He could barely speak, but he had to say something. “Yes… God yes, I need you so much.” He groaned loudly as she changed up her motion to start slamming herself down on him. The room was filled with nothing but loud slapping and heavy breathing for a bit.

John didn’t notice Matilda come in the room, also naked. But he did notice when she reached around to tweak her daughter’s nipple, surprising the sex-crazed woman and making her body seize up in an intense orgasm. Her back arched and her sex juices leaked out and coated his crotch as her pussy milked his cock.

John thought he would come too, but his desire only mounted. Matilda noticed and said, “Ooh, looks like your stud’s in need hun. Should I help distract him?”

Matilda was indeed distracting. Although she didn’t have the youthful radiance of the 19-year-old sex bomb riding John’s dick, the 40-year-old seductress did have a body most women that age would kill for. She was shorter and had much bigger tits. They looked absurdly large on her small, slender frame. She had kept in great shape. Under her healthy skin her body was covered in toned muscles. Her bush was also a lot bigger, clearly she preferred to keep it natural unlike Brenda’s well-maintained garden. He got to see it up close when she shoved it in his face.

He lapped her slit like a starving man. She sighed and said “Ohh my Brenda, you’ve taught your man well.” Brenda, still recovering from her orgasm, smiled stupidly and said, “Yeah, he’s really good…” then she started riding again.

John was having the time of his life. He’d never been double-teamed before, even though he was used to constant mind-blowing sex this was a new high for him. Brenda’s pussy felt even tighter than usual and he’d never lasted this long. His world seemed to contract until all he knew was the hot pussy dripping into his mouth and the other one bouncing up and down on his dick. He couldn’t do anything about it, not that he wanted to. Brenda was right, at this point he was just a toy for these women, and he loved it.

Time became indeterminate. The room was kepez escort filled with loud slapping, mewling, and moaning. John’s cock felt white hot and his balls felt like they were going to explode, but every time he thought he would climax it just wouldn’t come. He channeled his frustration into stimulating Matilda’s clit, and was rewarded when the hot MILF shook and squeezed his head between her thighs.

At some point, he finally felt his balls clench up and his dick jumped inside Brenda as he had the most intense orgasm of his life. He saw stars and lights. The two hotties riding him seemed to feel it as well, and in particular Brenda had her third or fourth orgasm, mixing her lover’s prodigious load with her own cream.

Matilda got off his face and he gasped to catch his breath. He didn’t have much time for it though, because Brenda dropped down onto him and kissed him again. Her flesh was sizzling hot, and she practically ate off his face for almost a whole minute. Matilda untied his arms and he wrapped them around his beautiful girlfriend.

His dick was still embedded deep inside of her, and she slowly clenched and unclenched her stomach to keep stimulating him.

“Fuck that was good,” she said when she detached her face from his. He couldn’t agree more, although he certainly could have gone for another round. She looked at him straight in the eyes, and he could see that while she was full of carnal desire there was also real affection there.

He panted and said, “So uh, why am I tied up? Also” he looked over at Matilda, who was leaned up against the headboard of the bed and slowly circling her right nipple with her finger, “why is your mom having sex with us?”

Brenda sighed and pushed herself up on her elbows. “So, there’s this family curse. Mom calls it ‘the succubus gene’.”

“Yep,” said Matilda. “All the women in our family have it.”

Brenda looked back into John’s eyes, “It makes us super horny, all the time. More than any man can handle. Before I met you I…” she looked away, “I would hook up with as many guys as I could to satisfy the itch. I’d go to parties and try to fuck every guy there.” She looked back at him. “I was really depressed. Then I met you and I knew I couldn’t do that any more, with you it was more than just sex. But, you know, it’s hard to keep up with me.”

Now Matilda broke in. “It’s terrible for us. Using toys or fucking random guys is barely enough to satisfy us, and if we fall in love there’s no way they can keep up. My husband had a heart attack while I was riding him.”

“Well… Mom found this new drug, called Virisyn-X.”

“It makes you more virile, gives you more energy, makes your sex drive stronger, makes your dick bigger…”

“They’re marketing it as a dick-growth pill, since the super-charged libido is considered a harmful side effect. And after the first few doses it’s permanent.”

John was starting to get the picture. “Oh so, you gave me some so I could ah, handle you?”

Brenda nodded. “We weren’t sure you would want it. It’s super experimental still. But, you know, for us it’s sort of the best possible thing that could happen. So we uh, put it in your beer. I hope you can forgive me.”

How could he not forgive her? If anything he was grateful. Their relationship had been amazing but he always felt unable to really please her. This would probably solve everything.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind at all. Why was I tied up though? Not that I didn’t like it.”

Matilda cut in. “It was for your own safety. You were thrashing around for about half an hour when you first took it.”

“And we were uh, taking care of our needs. On you. While you were out,” said Brenda.

“Wait… how long was I out?”

“About two and a half days.”

John’s eyes went wide. “Two DAYS? Jesus! So it’s Sunday?!”

“Yup. I was hoping we could fuck all weekend but the first dose knocked you out a lot longer than I thought it would.” She started rubbing herself back and forth on his dick. “We still have more than twelve hours until our first classes tomorrow…” She grinned mischievously at him.

John was still hard as a rock and not tired at all. He said, “Well then, untie my legs so we can get started.”

She bit her lip and started humping him in earnest. Matilda said, “Oh well, I’ll leave you two kids to it. It was nice meeting you John.” She untied his feet and slapped his thigh. “I’ll go off and keep myself busy.”

With that, John forcefully flipped her daughter over and got busy himself. Brenda squealed as he pulled out and re-inserted his sizable rod all the way into her eager pussy. She gasped and relaxed her whole body, then wrapped her legs around him. He did it again, and again, and again, faster and faster, each time making her big boobs jiggle more and more until they were bouncing around all over her chest. Her eyes unfocused and she let her arms hang limp on the bed. She seemed to try to speak but all that kemer escort came out was “Uh—uh-uh-uh-uh” in time with John’s thrusts. He changed up the rhythm a few times, until he found something that really got them both off.

His hips moved faster than he thought was possible, and Brenda’s face opened up in something that looked like concern, or maybe even pain, as she approached the brink. She whispered “oh fuck” right before she came hard on his dick. Her stomach tensed up and her vagina pulsed. He saw this and shoved himself in as far as he could, causing her to inhale sharply. They made eye contact for a solid few seconds while she came silently. Brenda relaxed a little bit, and John began to pull out slowly. She arched her back and yelled “oooOOOHHHH FUCK. FUCK KEEP GOING KEEP GOING KEEP GOING” while he started to pound her again, until her words devolved into gibberish. She was riding the waves of the longest, most intense orgasm she’d ever had, and John’s chemically altered nervous system wasn’t even close to coming yet. John smirked at the writhing sexpot below him. Finally, he might be the one sexually overpowering her. He reached out and managed to grab one of her wildly bouncing breasts and gripped it tightly, causing her to gasp and twitch.

After a few minutes she seemed to recover, and his thoughts were dispelled when she pulled him down to herself forcefully and gave him a big sloppy kiss. Then she whispered in his ear,

“You better not stop, you big dicked fucker.”

She punctuated her demand by gripping his ass hard and pulling him into her. The look on her face was absolutely undaunted and fierce, even with her disheveled hair and red face. John could only try to match it by practically laying himself down on top of her and thrusting into her that way. He was pushing himself up by his elbows, but low enough that he could place his head alongside hers and press his chest into her breasts, which stimulated her nipples whenever his thrusting hips made them jiggle against his chest hair. She panted and made little squeaking noises into his ear while he pounded her mercilessly.

He slowed down his pace for a few seconds, bit her ear and growled, “I’ll stop when you stop, bitch,” before returning to his normal pace and then some.

They didn’t stop for almost an hour and a half, when John finally felt his next orgasm bubbling up. By that time he was desperate for it, practically frothing at the mouth with need. Brenda was back on top, twisting and humping recklessly while he gripped her waist and pushed himself up to meet her. Their bodies were both battered, scratched, red, and sweaty, but the two were still fucking like they’d just started. John suddenly tensed up and curled his toes as he felt his orgasm come over him. As his cum entered his hot lover she stopped, smiled, and sighed airily. John could barely see. His cum leaked out of her puffy, used pussy for the second time that day (that he could remember).

When John regained his senses Brenda slipped off of him and laid beside him on he bed. Both just panted while they recovered from their sexual marathon. John looked over at Brenda and they both laughed. Brenda stroked his chest.

“This I could get used to,” she said.

He laughed again. “Heheh, yeah. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. I’m so, so so fucking lucky to be with you. I love you.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!” She kissed him and cuddled up to him. “I love you too.”

After cuddling for a little while, the happy couple decided they were hungry and went down to the kitchen to fix up some lunch. They entered the kitchen naked and hand-in-hand, only to find Matilda in there rubbing herself on the small dining room table. John paused, but Brenda pulled him forwards, apparently unconcerned.

“This is just normal for us. Mom’s single right now, and we have a rule that no randos are allowed in the house, so if she gets too horny one of us has to take care of it. I hope it’s not too weird for you.”

Considering all the other crazy stuff that had happened to him that weekend, John actually wasn’t all that weirded out by seeing his girlfriend’s mom pleasuring herself right in front of him. After all, he wasn’t looking at anything he hadn’t seen before. Matilda’s eyes shot open and met his. They were burning with need. She opened her legs wide and whispered, “Please, please…” while still fingering her clit.

John looked over at Brenda questioningly. She nodded. He looked back at the wanton woman before him and continued to hesitate, even while his cock regained its stiffness. Brenda patted his back in encouragement. “Go on, she needs the help.”

John gulped and walked over to the table, placing his body between the older woman’s taut legs. She continued to burn holes in him with her eyes while he scooted her ass to the edge of the table and lined up his member with her gaping entrance. She let out a high-pitched sigh as he entered her. Brenda, meanwhile, went to go fix some sandwiches for herself and her boyfriend.

Right before he pushed the length of his rod into her, John asked Matilda, “Are you on birth control?”

She gave him a look, surprised that this smart young man could be so slow. “Always.” Was all she said, and she was rewarded when he started pushing more of his meat into her.

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