The Robertson’s Sissy Ch. 19

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Restrained against the head board of Jenny’s bed I sat watching the two women kiss and enjoy each other. I was excited as Lela just revealed that we were going away to a private area of Mexico for a week. I was sure that Lela would pull out all the stops but was nervous about becoming Michelle full time.

My thoughts were interrupted as Jenny sat up and grabbed both of their wine glasses, “I’ll get us one more glass.”

The sexy asian strutted out as Lela brought her attention to me. Rolling off the bed I watched as she seductively put her panties and bra on before crawling back on the bed. Straddling my lap she embraced me in a kiss as Jenny returned with their glasses.

“Thank you love,” Lela said as she grabbed the glass of wine from Jenny and took a sip.

Jenny leaned in and gave her a kiss before responding, “I’m going to freshen up a bit. Don’t you two leave yet.”

Lela grabbed my hand and jiggled the handcuffs and laughed, “I don’t think Michelle is going anywhere.”

Jenny smiled before heading to the bathroom as Lela sipped her wine and stared at me with the largest smile. Her free hand explored my body and my breasts.

“I’m regretting not making you get real tits. I think you need them.”

I responded in shock, “You just told me today I wasn’t going to need them.”

Lela shrugged her shoulders, “I know but. Ok. You’re right.”

It was this moment I knew I was going to end up getting them done. What Lela wanted she got, there was no way around it. She quickly changed the subject and kissed me while telling me how things were going to be.

“I love you so fucking much. I am going to give you the perfect life. I’m going to take care of my little princess,” Lela whispered before finishing, “You are only going to get the best and I am going to teach you everything you need to know. I am going to love you, fuck you, punish you for just for fun and humiliate you because I know you enjoy being my little bitch.”

Lela smiled and finished her wine in a few large sips before leaning into my ear.

“You are going to serve this pussy but more importantly I am going to give you all the dick you crave,” she whispered as she licked my ear.

Placing her glass down she was now able to wrap both her arms around my neck and passionately we kissed. Lela sat up and pressed her body against me, her large breasts right in my face as she tilted my head up to kiss her. Immediately my cock began to stiffen and it wasn’t long before she noticed.

“Babe, I love how you never fail to get hard for me,” she laughed as she stroked my cock before placing it between her legs. Pulling her panties to the side she placed my now rock hard cock between the crack of her soft ass.

“Mmmmmm I like this,” she laughed as she slowly rotated her hips with my cock wedged in her ass.

Our passionate kissing resumed as she kissed me aggressively while breathing heavily.

“I can tell you’ve had enough to drink,” I laughed as our kiss broke.

“Why is that?”

“You kiss me differently when you’ve been drinking.”

Lela smiled and gave in, “Yeah you’re right. But not because of my kisses.”

I stared at her confused as she smiled.

“I tend to get very oral when I’ve been drinking,” she said before leaning into my ear to finish, “And I really want to suck your cock right now.”

Lela bit my ear as the bathroom door opened and Jenny returned in just a bathrobe.

“Oh, what is this?” She said as she crawled behind Lela and rubbed my cock which was still wedged in Lela’s ass.

Lela laughed and twerked her ass as Jenny rubbed my balls. I thought I was going to instantly cum but it ended almost as quick as it began. Jenny continued to rub my balls as she kissed Lela’s neck.

“Want to come over for a bit around noon tomorrow?” Lela asked as she kissed Jenny over her shoulder.

“Oh of course I do.”

Lela turned to me and pulled out the keys to my cuffs, “Ready to go babe? You have to go home and do a lot of packing.”

I nodded as she unlocked the cuffs and freed me before getting off the bed. Lela squeezed into her sexy dress as Jenny helped me button my blouse. The three of us walked downstairs together as Lela handed me the car keys.

“Go start the car. You definitely need to drive.”

I walked ahead and sat in her Mercedes and turned it on. I watched as the two mature women made out in the dark for the last time this evening. Lela finally joined me in the car and we backed out onto the road. Lela rested her head on my shoulder and began kissing my neck.

“I fucking love you. You made me so happy tonight. You make me so happy in general.” she whispered while aggressively kissing my neck and collar. Her hand softly rubbed my thigh as her tongue worked my ear.

“Yeah, I had enough to drink,” she giggled as her hand slid up my skirt and found my cock.

I turned on to the main road as Lela freed my cock from its panties and pulled my skirt up. My hard cock sprung free when Lela stroked it and whispered in my ear.

“They xslot one thing I’ve really wanted tonight I haven’t gotten, but now i’m gonna get it.”

Immediately Lela’s head dip down over my lap and the warmth of her hot mouth engulfed my cock head. I let out a soft moan and began rubbing her back as she licked my cock before taking it back in. This wasn’t a passionate teasing blowjob, no, this was a “I want you cum now” blowjob.

Her soft hand feverishly stroked me as her mouth worked the tip of my dick. I should have been focusing on the road but I was completely distracted by the mass of hair bobbing up and down in my lap. I wanted more and pushed her head down, but Lela always wanted to be in control. She fought me at first but quickly gave in to her lust, gliding down the length of my cock while massaging my balls.

Her soft lips gilded back to my cock head where I escaped her mouth with a loud pop.

“Cum for me baby. Please cum in my mouth,” She begged as she stroked me.

She would occasionally stop and take me back deep in her throat before popping back up and begging for my cum. Everytime her head bobbed up her thick ass would jiggle a bit in her dress and I needed it. My hand traced her back down to the bottom of her dress where I tugged it up, exposing her tan ass which drove me crazy.

I reached underneath her and felt her toned flat stomach all the way down to her panties. In one swoop I shoved my hand down the front of then where her wet pussy was waiting.

My latina cougar let out a loud moan on my cock as I put pressure on her clit. With two fingered I pressed hard against it, trapping it between my two fingers as I rubbed her hard. Lela squeezed my thigh tight and let out a loud howl as she looked up and stroked me.

“Holy fuck! Please Michelle! Please cum!”

I rubbed her pussy as she stroked and stared up at me. She wouldn’t stop begging for my cum as she licked the underside on my cock head. I wanted to give it to her but I had just gotten off at Jenny’s and found it difficult. I was out of time as we pulled up the Robertson’s driveway but I knew Lela was so horny she would take me inside and fuck my brains out.

I parked the car as Lela popped her head up.

“You’re not leaving this fucking car until you cum in my mouth,” she demanded as she pulled the front of her dress down, exposing her soft firm breasts.

“You want to play tough. Ok slut. I’ll play,” Lela told me in a fiery tone as she pulled her hair back and secured it in a ponytail.

Down she went on my cock again as I reclined the driver’s seat. She was a woman on a mission, throwing everything at me. Placing her hands on each thigh she worked me with just her mouth, Twisting her head and body causing her ponytail to flip around. Lela didn’t just blow me with her mouth, she blew me with her entire body as it twerked and twisted.

My hand found her back and began working down towards her ass when she grabbed my wrist, diverting it towards her exposed breast. Turning her body to look up at me she began licking the underside of my cock while stroking. Her hand brought mine to her breast where she roughly kneaded and massaged it. She continued to beg me to cum but I just couldn’t. As I roughly massaged her breast she began forcefully smacking her face with my cock while helplessly moaning.

“Ok. You want to play rough? Well then get rough with me bitch,” Lela panted as she moved my hand to the back of her head.

I pushed her back down my cock and pulled her back up by her ponytail. Lela was loving this and screaming on my cock in pleasure. I forcefully guided up and down before I began thrusting my hips slowly. I picked up the pace until I was giving her a face fucking with no mercy. Few other women would have enjoyed this but Lela moaned louder than ever as she gagged and choked on me. Tears and makeup streamed down her cheeks as I pushed down a final time.

Holding her down tight she twisted her head side to side as my cock twisted in her throat. This finally did it as I warned her I was going to cum. Lela popped off and gasped for air before hovering over my cock with an open mouth. With a tight grip she stroked me hard as I squirmed in the seat.

Finally a rocket of cum shot up into her mouth with such force it made a hollow squishing sound as it hit her back teeth. Immediately she wrapped her plump lips around my cock head as I unloaded a fierce orgasm. My hand began to push her down but she stopped me as she gently clenched her teeth down on my cock.

She never did this before and I took it as a warning not to go any further. She wanted to taste me and that wasn’t going to happen in her throat. Wave after wave pulsed through my cock as she moaned in relief with each.

I finally collapsed back as she continued to suck my sensitive head with a mouth full of cum. I caught my breath as she allowed my cock to slip free. She smiled as she swallowed while squeezing every drop from me and licking it off the top. She ended it with a soft kiss to my cock xslot Giriş head before collapsing her head on my thigh.

“Holy shit. Thank god we didn’t do anal. My little hole couldn’t handle that,” she laughed as she caught her breath.

She sat up and I figured we were done but Lela leaned over and kissed me while sliding over the console and straddling me. I don’t know at what point her panties came off but she was bare bottom as I grabbed a tight hold of her teasing ass. I laid there with her on top of me as she made out and came down from our excitement.

Our two extremely sweaty bodies pressed together as she collapsed on me, snuggling her head on my shoulder and neck. We didn’t say a word, the only sounds were her lips gently kissing my neck and her softening breathing in my ear. For about 10 minutes we laid there silent in each other’s arms as the windows began to defog.

The silence finally broke as Lela regained her strength, “I don’t want you to go but you need to clean up and go home to pack.”

We fixed ourselves in the car and stepped out in the cool summer night. My sweat drenched body made the cool air feel colder than normal as I followed Lela into the house. Luckily Daddy was already asleep so I didn’t have to see him. I knew he still hated my guts so the less I saw him the better.

I followed Lela to the bathroom where she turned on the shower before peeling her tight dress and bra off. The naked latina kissed me as she buttoned my blouse and stripped me naked of all my feminine attire and wig before guiding me to the shower.

Lela washed the smeared and running makeup from her face before turning to do mine. She never needed makeup though, she was just as beautiful without it. With a cloth she scrubbed my face while gently stroking and lathering my cock. We lathered and washed each other as we passionately kissed. I held her from behind as she pushed her soapy bottom against my groin and rubbed. Our slick bodies effortly rubbed each other as she teased me a bit.

She backed off before I got fully hard as we washed the last of the soap off us. We ended our passionate shower and wrapped each other in a towel before heading to the bedroom. I sat at the edge of the bed and removed my towel to change back into my shorts and t-shirt.

Lela wanted to play a bit more and pushed me back on the bed. She giggled as she crawled on top and straddled me before slowly dropping her towel. Her naked body was still wet with beads of water as she leaned over and kissed me. Her wet hair fell to the side of my face as she squeezed her thighs, trapping my semi flaccid cock between her wet pussy lips. We made out as her pussy slowly slid up and down my cock until I was fully hard.

“I don’t want you to go,” she whispered between kisses.

I grabbed and squeezed her ass as she applied more weight on my cock, “You are making it very hard for me to.”

She grabbed my wrists and pinned them down before denying me anymore pleasure, “You’re right. No more. After what we just did in the car I don’t think I can handle another round with you.”

She saw the disappointment in my face and smiled before rubbing her pussy hard up and down my cock

“Go home and pack and I will finish this up for you tomorrow.”

With that she popped off my lap and helped me get dressed.

“Come over at 2pm. I may have a little present for you. Bring your passport and anything else you need to move in with us. I will pack your bags for our trip.”

I finished dressing as Lela covered herself in a robe before walking me to the door.

“Oh wait, I almost forgot!” Lela said as she grabbed the front of my shorts while holding my cock cage.

As she locked it up I pleaded, “Please Lela I’ll be here tomorrow.”

Lela snapped back, “Excuse you bitch. I need to make sure my little girl stays a good little girl. Don’t tell me no again. You know what happens.”

“I’m sorry Lela, Thank you for my chastity cage,” I tried to recover in a submissive tone.

Lela gave me a blank stare as we ended our night with a few soft kisses before I walked out the door. I started my car and turned around as Lela watched me from the window. I couldn’t wait to get back here tomorrow to let her finish what she started again.

I drove home and slipped quietly through the door to my bedroom. It was the early morning hours and I was exhausted so I collapsed on my bed and slept in all my clothes.

I woke in the middle of the next morning and made my way to the kitchen for breakfast. My mother already left for work so I had the house to myself. I ate breakfast and thought about what I needed to pack along with how I was going to tell my mother I was moving in with the Robertson’s. She always wanted me to step up as I became an adult so she would most likely be happy to see me take a step like that.

I finished and began packing whatever I felt I may need. I packed some clothes knowing that I would be Michelle most of the time and didn’t need them. Phone chargers, ipad, money as well xslot Güncel Giriş as important papers and my passport.

With time to kill I decided to write my mother a note about moving in with the Robertson’s and how they decided to take me on vacation with them. My mother loved the fact that these people gave me a job and took me in, she would love hearing all this. I ended the note telling her she could call me when she was free before leaving it on the counter.

I lounged around the house until it was time to leave and grabbed my bags. It was a rainy day so I took my time driving to the Robertson’s house. I pulled up to see Jenny’s car in the driveway, I forgot Lela invited her over early.

I got out in the rain and ran to the door where Lela and Jenny were standing just inside. I walked in and greeted the women as Lela took my bag and kissed me.

“On your knees,” Lela demanded as she dropped my bag.

This was a very different Lela than I left the night before. I quickly obeyed as Lela walked up and stood next to me before turning sideways.

“Worship and rub my leg as I finish with Jenny,” Lela ordered as she pulled my head towards her.

I hugged her smooth leg as she pulled my head right to her crotch. She held it there and rubbed my head like I was her pet as my hands rubbed her sexy thick thighs. She was wearing a pair of tight black yoga shorts which gave me her entire leg to love. Her legs were silky smooth and perfectly thick. My face buried in her crotch caught the scent of her pussy which was most likely ravaged by Jenny. I was immediately lustful and kneaded her toned calf before she lifted my face with two fingers under my chin.

I stared up at my dominant woman as she pushed her two fingers into my mouth. It was sweet and I knew this taste well.

“What do you taste?” Lela asked.

“I taste Jenny’s pussy.”

Lela laughed, “Good. Now I was finishing up with Jenny before you walked in. You’re not allowed to watch. Bend down and kiss my feet and don’t stop until I tell you.”

I knew not to test her and dropped my head down to her tiny feet. I kissed it all over as Jenny approached. I kissed each little toe while listening to the two womens lips smack together as they kissed. They made out for a bit while I worshipped Lela’s foot until they finished.

“I’ll see you when we get back,” Lela whispered.

I watched Jenny walk off and heard the door shut. I kept kissing her foot as she didn’t tell me to stop until she walked away and pulled a chair up to me. She sat down and pulled my head between her legs and grabbed my neck.

“Welcome home and to your new life. Are you ready for this? You are going to be my lover, my slave, my sissy, my bitch, my submissive or anything else I want you to be depending on my mood. I’m going to love you, fuck you, abuse you and do whatever I please with you. Do you really want this?”

“Yes Lela.”

“Good answer. You didn’t have much of a choice either way.”

“You were so loving last night. What changed?”

Lela thought a second, “I’ll give you two reasons. For one you ended our perfect night by complaining about your cage. Oh and I was loving Michelle last night. You don’t look like much of a Michelle right now. Would you like to?”

I just nodded in response as Lela leaned in and kissed my forehead.

“Go, I left out an outfit for you. No makeup or wig.”

I scurried to the bedroom where I found a small brown lace bra and panty set. With it was a matching color pair of thigh high stockings that I immediately slid up my smooth legs along with the lace panties. The bra cupped my fake breasts perfectly. I never liked brown but this was hot. The lace was see through allowing my bare skin to peer through.

My admiration of myself ended as Lela came in and dropped my bag on the floor. She demanded me on the bed and I rushed to comply. Lela slowly made her way to me and grabbed my wrists behind my head. I was waiting for her to cuff me but it never came. Instead she leaned in and kissed me before pulling her sexy tight shorts off. Underneath was a small blue thong which barely covered her.

Lela crawled on top wearing nothing but her black spaghetti strap tank and blue thong. Slowly she began grinding her pussy against my caged cock. Moaning softly as she bit her lip and stared at me before pulling her tank top over her head, allowing her braless breast to fall free.

Lela was grinding harder as she kneaded her breasts and moaned. My cock grew hard but restrained and I wanted her soft breasts desperately. I reached up but Lela quickly slapped my hand and pinned my wrist down.

“You don’t touch unless you are told to,” Lela ordered as she hovered over my face.

Slowly the mature goddess turned around, slowly bringing her ass to my face.

“No licking or any other funny business. I don’t want to punish you so soon.”

I couldn’t ever reply before she sat back on my face. My senses were overloaded by her freshly fucked pussy as her ass swallowed my face. I could do nothing but sit there and enjoy the site and smell of this woman. She grabbed my hands and slowly brought them up her body to her waist where I held her. Slowly she began shaking her hips side to side as her ass jiggled with my face in it.

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