Brett and Barb Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This story involves incest, if that’s not your thing than please find something else to read, I might suggest my short “Dressing Room Stranger Fuck” series. Also there is group sex, anal sex, and DP if that’s all ok, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3: The Morning After

The next time I woke up Brett was climbing into bed with me and it seemed Matt was no where in sight, I assumed he had gone back to the main house. Brett began to cuddle up to me but got confused when I pulled away from him.

“Oh, you just think everything will be fine now, do you? You get drunk as a skunk on our wedding day so you pass out before we even get back here and you expect me to just snuggle up to you and be happy like nothing happened?”

“Barb, sweetheart, if you want to kill me I understand, but right now I’ve got the biggest headache of my life and I just need to sleep. Please, I’m going to go to sleep, try to be quite for awhile then you can do whatever you want to me, I deserve it.”

“Well then I’ll leave you alone.” I got out of bed and began to put on the skimpy nightdress I had brought for after the wedding night sex.

“Thanks so much, sweetie.” He managed to mumble as he drifted back asleep.

I left him sleeping as I went down from the loft and out of the pool house walking toward the main house. Once inside I grabbed myself a quick bite to eat in the kitchen as I tried to figure out what to do. As I was thinking I found my thoughts moving from what to do back to what had already been done. Soon I found that my hand was rubbing my pussy through the thin material of the nightdress as I remembered my father-in-law taking my virginity before spewing his sperm deep into my twat.

I was startled and for some reason I felt a little guilty as I pulled my hand away quickly when I heard Tracy, J, Steven, and Ryan laughing as they approached the kitchen where I was sitting. When they rounded the corner they saw me and got a little bit more serious. “Morning Barb, how’s Brett doing?” Tracy asked me kindly like she hadn’t been licking her brothers’ juices out of my pussy the previous night.

“Huge hangover.”

“Sorry to hear that. Hope he gets better. What Eyüp Escort do you have planed for the day?” The plan had been for us to spend the next two days resting and relaxing at Bunt Manor before leaving for the two month long cruise that would be our honeymoon.

“Don’t know for sure, probably just bum around home and rest from yesterday.”

“Sounds good sis, we all got to get back home, but it was really a great wedding, congrats again.”

“Thanks.” I said as Tracy and her three brothers came over and gave me a hug and a loving kiss on the cheek before heading out the door to go back to their normal lives spread around town.

A few seconds after they had all left Tracy came back in. “I almost forgot Barb, Matt came back into the house half asleep and told me about a dream he had had where you sucked him and then rode on top of him till he shot inside you.” I just looked at her and nodded my head yes. “Good work sis, just so you know I told him he shouldn’t tell anyone else about his ‘dream’.” She had raised her eyebrows at me to emphasize the word dream.

“Thanks Trace.” I blew her a kiss before she smiled and turned to go out the door.

I sat for a second or two remembering Matt’s young cock inside my pussy and soon found my hand was rubbing my clit. I decided I definitely needed to go see what everyone else had planned for the day.

I made my way up to the second floor where the bedrooms where, first I looked into Matt’s room and saw him deep asleep in his bed. Next I went next door to find that Jack’s bed and room where deserted. Then I made my way over to the master bedroom and as I neared it I heard the obvious sounds of sex. I didn’t hesitate at all before I pushed the door open and walked in. I saw three naked bodies on the bed, all moving in rhythm. I saw Dad flat on the bed with his big cock in his wife’s pussy as she was lying on top of him. The really surprising thing was Jack. He was on top of his mother with his dick buried deep in her ass. My new mother-in-law was between her husband and her son getting what was clearly the fucking of her life. I slipped my nightdress off as I walked over to the bed to get a better view Eyüp Escort Bayan of the action. I watched the three of them as my fingers found their way into my pussy.

“Morning Barb.” Dad said as his wife continued to work between him and his son.

“Morning daddy.” I said as I fingered myself watching their three way fuck. They didn’t even slow down as we traded these pleasantries. Before too long Jack grabbed his mother’s hips and began spewing into her ass, this seemed to cause her to orgasm, which in turn made her husband shoot into her pussy. I watched mesmerized as the three of them shared their orgasmic bliss.

After they where finished Jack rolled off his mother who then rolled off her husband and they all turned to look at me. “So, how’s Brett doing today?”

“He’s got a big headache; I left him to sleep it off. You guys think you could double fuck me like that?”

“Sure, but right now we might need a bit of help.” Jack led his shrinking cock into his mother’s mouth as Dad motioned to me and I crawled over and took him into my mouth. We sucked side-by-side on these two cocks until they where both hard. I then mounted my father-in-law and relished the joy of having him inside me again. Mom then spread my ass cheeks apart as Jack put a bunch of lube all over my ass crack and began to rub it all over. He rubbed it over the outside of my ass and then worked his way to my asshole where he slowly started to work his slick fingers inside my only remaining virgin hole. The feeling of his fingers inside my butt while his father’s cock rested firmly in my pussy was simply wonderful and before too long I told him to go ahead and give it to me. He then got up and positioned himself behind me and began to slowly push into my ass.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you Barb.”

“OK, it hurts a bit, but so, so good, please don’t stop. Yes just like that, slow and steady.” Before too long I had Jack’s young cock buried in my recently virgin asshole while his father twitched inside my pussy. “Hold it there for a sec. God, it’s so fucking wonderful.” The guys both stayed still inside me for a bit as I adjusted to being so full. “OK, that’s better. Now Escort Eyüp let’s fuck.”

It took us some work but we finally worked up a rhythm between the three of us. The feel of these two huge cocks inside me was simply wonderful and I was very soon experiencing a long string of orgasms. We seemed to fuck forever and it was purely magnificent, but finally the guys both shot their seed into my two holes at the same time. I was in pure heaven as I felt them spasm and spew inside me. After they had finished shooting into me we separated and then we all four cuddled together as we talked about the events of the past few days.

I learned that my new parents-in-law had had a pretty open marriage back in the seventies but had stopped when the STDs of the eighties became really big. It seems they had recently been talking about reopening those experiences in their marriage and they had agreed that if an opportunity presented itself they would take it. What they hadn’t ever dreamed would be that such an opportunity would involve their own children. They told me that they had learned last night that the twins, J and Tracy, had always seemed so close not only because they where twins but also because they had been fucking each other for probably ten years already, all without most of the family having a clue. They had learned that Ryan had only recently discovered the incestuous relationship and had agreed to keep it a secret only if he could get some action with his sister, who had apparently been eager to meet such a requirement. They also had discovered that Steven and Jack where very much like their father and it seems the new sister-in-law in that it seems we all just love to fuck and it didn’t matter if it was with mother, daughter-in-law, or whomever.

They told me that we had to be very careful because Matt and Brett still didn’t know about any of this and especially with what had happened with me last night they didn’t know for sure how well Brett for one would take it. Also if there was one guy in the world that Matt simply adored above all others it was his older brother Brett, so he would most likely be unable to keep such things a secret from him. We determined it would be best if these two brothers were to discover the new found loving relationships of their family at a later time, in a more controlled manner. We talked for a while about what had happened and how much we had enjoyed it all and eventually we all drifted off to sleep.

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