Camping with My Daughter Ch. 02

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I awoke to feel the brisk alpine air on my face. The faint light from the rising sun illuminated the tent walls like a very dim Japanese lantern. It was cozy inside the double sleeping bag and I was sure that the tent had held in most of the body heat we generated in the night. I could feel my eighteen-year-old daughter’s body against mine. We were spooning. My arm was under her neck and head and my hand was gently cradling her petite wrists as her arms that were crossed in front of her chest. My other hand rested on her hip. Her bum was pressed against me. I was so amazed by the firm, smooth and shapely ass upon which my hand lay. Unable to resist the human urge, I softly palmed the tight perfect butt cheek. We were both naked and my semi-erect cock was nestled against her ass.

As the fog continued to dissolve, the whole thing burst forth in my mind. I was laying naked in a sleeping bag with my daughter because I had fallen asleep after having had sex with her. I began to relive the past night and the events that led up to this. I recalled that she went skinny dipping and that we both wound up naked frolicking on the bank of the lake. I remembered as she begged to see my cock and how it all progressed from that to us having wild sex in the tent.

My daughter, sweet Casey, began to stir. Reality took a firm hold and I was on the verge of panic as I knew that, soon, I would have to face her and the reality that our relationship had changed forever. Last night, I had actually given in to my daughter’s desire to have my cock inside her. We had made love for the better part of the evening.

Now, I was paralyzed with a mixture of emotions; fear, guilt, anxiety, but also love and desire. I could feel the softness of her hair on my face. Her head was nestled beneath and beside mine. I inhaled her scent relishing in its alure. I pressed my hand harder against the cheek of her ass caressing its taught surface.

Stirring from her sleep, she moved ever so slightly. Her firm ass pressed harder against my now-stiffening cock. I involuntarily pushed back against her ever so slightly. Feeling aroused by the pressure of her ass on my cock, the images of yesterday and last night flooded into my foggy mind; her gorgeous body emerging naked from the lake, the look on her face as she stared at my stiff member, and the magnificent view of her on top of me riding my dick and moaning as she came.

Waking a bit more, her arms moved. As I released my tender hold on her wrist, she took my hand in both of hers and placed it on her breast. She was awake. “I love you, daddy. I love you so much. Did you like last night?” she asked in a dreamy voice.

“Oh sweetie, I am so full of emotion right now,” I replied.

She rolled towards me and, smiling, said, “I hope the biggest one is love. And I hope that you also feel the same wonderful feeling that I have because we made love.”

“My sweet girl, I love you so much and always will. I’m just a little concerned about how what we did will change things,” I replied.

“Oh, dad, I know it will change. But I know that the change will be for the better. I feel so much closer to you now; close the way I believe mom was with you,” she said. As she said this, she kissed me on the cheek. Then she kissed me again and again. Finally, she kissed my mouth as she snuggled closer to me. “Daddy? Can we make love again? Can we do it now?” she purred.

“Oh, baby. I don’t know if this is a good idea,” I replied. “I mean we can’t keep doing this. Last night was so nice and it all felt so good, but, I’m your father, honey it’s so wrong,” I added.

“Dad, please don’t let anything get between our new love. This feels so right and I want it more than anything. You are my dad and I love you. And because of that I know you would never do anything to hurt me or let anyone else. I know you will always be with me. So, I KNOW that this is right,” she said as she took my cock in her small hand.

Her kisses, her voice, her persuasion and her expert squeezing of my cock all melted me. Placing both my hands on her ass, I pulled her to me. I kissed her. She was right. I loved her so much and nothing could change that; not even sex. And my god, what a great feeling; sex with my gorgeous young daughter! As we lay facing each other; my hands moving on her ass and her hand on my cock, we continued to kiss passionately. Lifting her top leg ever so slightly, she began to rub the head of my cock against her lips.

Holding her tight, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and slipped one hand down in search of her sex. As my fingers slipped across her anus she moaned into my kiss. Sensing her pleasure in this, I stayed there and began to toy with her sweet little ass hole. Again, she moaned. She was liking this. With two fingers I rubbed the precious little star eliciting even more noises of joy from my little girl. She was unrelenting in pulling and squeezing my now fully-erect cock. We continued to kiss growing more passionate Silivri Escort in our foreplay. I began to fondle her gorgeous breasts. I let my fingers dance across the surface of her unique puffy nipples. I pinched and tweaked them softly. Using my thumb, I flicked the tip of her nipple causing it to stand out a little from its special mound. Any thought of ‘Father-daughter’ disappeared. Now we were just lovers. And we were loving with our entire souls.

Casey moved to roll. I followed her lead as she rolled on top of me. Moving her hips and using her hand, she guided me to her opening. She rubbed the head of my cock on her inner lips moistening the tip of my member. My hands were now cradling her ass-cheeks. Moving in synchrony, I pulled her onto me as she guided me inside her. She moaned loudly as the head of my penis slid into her. Pushing up, ever so gently, I slipped all the way inside her.

My daughter’s pussy tight little pussy engulfed my prick as she began to move her hips. Holding her ass, I pulled her to me with each thrust of her hips pushing myself deeper and deeper inside her body. Casey held me tight grinding her pelvis back and forth. I could feel her mound at the base of my cock as it rubbed against my pubic bone. I could sense her rubbing her clit on me seeking higher pleasure. I have never in my life felt so held; so wanted.

Casey clenched my hard cock with the soft, silky walls of her sweet pussy. It was as if she was hugging my dick in a loving way. It was driving me insane and I was about to come. But I didn’t want to come just yet. I wanted to savor the wonder of this moment. I wanted to be inside my daughter for as long as I could.

“Oh, god, daddy, I ‘m coming!” screamed Casey. Her tempo quickened as she hit the fringes of orgasm. I looked into her eyes; illuminated by the rising sun. Her gorgeous blue eyes looked back at me with all the emotion a daughter could have as she made love to her father. “I love you daddy … I love you!” she cried as she leaned to my face kissing me. She grunted as she kissed me. I could feel her hips lurching against me as she came.

It was pure heaven. Losing all control, I began to shoot my seed deep inside my daughter as we both came together. I pumped hard pulling her ass hard to me as I filled her with cum. I was bursting with love and lust as we both reached the pinnacle of ecstasy. I sucked on her little tongue as if it were the last bit of water and I was dying of thirst. Then, taking one of her precious tits in my mouth, I started nursing her puffy nipple. It was obvious that she loved it. She again began to grind herself on me. In seconds was coming again.

As she finished this one, she collapsed on my chest. It felt so good having her small little body on top of me. Emotionally, it felt like how I used to hold her on my chest when she was smaller and at the same time it was just like the way her mother would lay on me after we’d fucked. But now, the precious body that lay on me was my woman-daughter and I was holding with all the love I could muster. She pressed her breasts into my chest and held me. I held her back, my cock still inside her. It was the most wonderful feeling. As she held me tight, her vaginal muscles contracted squeezing my cock. I was in heaven.

The sun warmed the tent as we dozed. I woke to her movements as she began to dress. She pulled on a fresh pair of panties from the pack. I watched as that magnificent ass slipped beneath the sheer material. Then, I marveled at the show as she wriggled into a fresh pair of khaki shorts. She looked so good, so pretty, so sexy. She looked over her shoulder as she picked up a sweater. Turning she said, “I’d leave these out for you to eyeball but it’s just too cold out there.” The cropped sweatshirt slipped over her head and down her torso. As those luscious orbs disappeared, she smiled down at me and said, “There’s always later.”

I lay there for a couple minutes trying to get the fog clear from my head. I was still confused and shaken by the events of the past twenty-four hours. How had I gone from a dedicated and protective father to a sex crazed incestuous man who, even now, could think of nothing more than his daughter’s sex. I was shaken from my internal philosophical debate by a vigorous shaking of the tent.

“C’mon, lazy bones. We got a long way to go and I want to take a few breaks along the way to smell the roses,” called Casey.

“Ok, Okay, I’m up and rolling,” I replied. I dressed in a fresh set of clothes as yesterday’s wardrobe lay, who-knows-where, in the forest having been hidden by my girl. “Hey, where are my clothes from yesterday?” I said as I poked my head from the tent.

“Right here,” said Casey nodding to a folded pile of clothes.

“Thanks, baby,” I said as I emerged fully from the tent. Standing, I took in the view; gorgeous. The sun was well clear of the mountain’s crest and was brightly illuminating the glorious sight before me. Silivri Escort Bayan Casey was bent over pulling up stakes from the tent cover. Her shorts were stretched tight and her sweet ass cheeks were hanging out. But the most eye-catching thing was the view of the underside of her breasts that were exposed by her loose-hanging and cropped sweatshirt. Looking up her shirt I had a full view of her beautiful breasts. All I could do was stand there and take in this eye-popping sight. Her tits now shook as she wiggled the tent stake loose. Wow!

“C’mon slacker, are you gonna help take this down or stare at my tits all day?” she smiled as she looked between her legs at me. As she spoke, she wiggled her torso vigorously causing those sweet globes to sway and jiggle. It also caused her shirt to ride up her chest even higher.

We packed up everything including my wayward clothes that Casey had hidden the day before. In less than an hour we were well on our way to the next spot on our trek. As we hiked, I lost count of the number of times that I stumbled because I was staring at my daughter’s perfect ass. As we finished a particularly arduous climb, we decided to stop for a snack.

It was nearing midday as we dropped our packs and took a break from the walk. The temperature had climbed a little. Though we had chatted a little during the trek, the subject of our new-found closeness was avoided; that is, until we stopped.

Casey mixed a little flavored powder in our water as I got out the snacks and sat on an almost bench-like rock to lay them out. I turned and looked as she was shaking the water bottle. I felt the smile slip across my face as I watched her amplified shaking. She held the bottle high over her head causing her cropped shirt to lift half-way up her torso. Her tits bounced exaggeratedly exposing the bottoms of those luscious orbs.

Then she started to do a bit of a dance; her hips swaying and flipping side to side. When she stopped, she came over to me and sat on my lap. She sat the water bottle down and, taking my face in her soft hands, she leaned in and kissed me. There was no tonguing, no mouth-grinding; just a prolonged sweet open-mouth kiss. Leaning back, she said, “The last 24 hours have been the best of my life. Daddy, I have wanted to be with you like that for years. I played out making love to you in my head so many times. But the real thing was more than I ever could have imagined. And now my head is filled with so much more. Please tell me it’s okay. I’m worried because you’ve been so quiet this morning. Please tell me you want me too.”

“Oh, my sweet little girl. I don’t think I could want you any more than I do now. I have played last night’s surprise over and over in my head as we’ve walked this morning. That’s why I’ve been quiet; that and watching this hot ass in front of me,” I said as I patted her on her firm butt.

Casey hugged me tight burying her head into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around my daughter and held her tight. We stayed that way for a long time until she slowly lifted her head a bit and began kissing my neck. I let my hands roam over her slipping one under her shirt. I cupped her breast and gently squeezed it and kneaded it gently. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began to softly tweak it.

Casey moaned and squeezed me tighter. She seemed to melt onto me. That’s when I decided that this would be for her. I just wanted to please my daughter and make her come. She had been the lead up to now in our father-daughter dance; now it was my turn. I moved to kiss her. As I slipped my tongue into her mouth, I released her breast and moved my hand to her waist. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled down the zipper.

Slipping my hand inside her underwear, I began to make small circles with my fingers working slowly downward. Casey arched her back a bit and moaned into my mouth as she sucked on my tongue. My fingers made it past the small patch of hair on her crotch to her lips. I slipped my middle finger down her little slit. She was so wet. I toyed with her little clit, flicking it gently with my finger and lightly rubbing it in small circles.

Suddenly Casey wrapped her arms around my neck and began to shudder. Then she thrust her hips against my hands and grunted. She was coming. I continued to finger her until she stopped her gyrations. Knowing that her clit would be sensitive, I moved my fingers lower into her shorts and slipped two fingers inside her tight little hole. She straightened out a bit more opening up her seated position to offer me more access to her sex.

Standing, I turned, sat her down, and lay her gently back on the rock. I pulled her shorts and underwear off over her shoes. Kneeling between her open legs, I delved between her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy. My tongue found and went immediately inside the entrance to her vagina. I pushed it as hard as I could probing deep inside my baby’s sex. Opening Escort Silivri wide, I engulfed her mound. I wanted to feel every part of her sweet young cunt with my mouth. My tongue worked inside her exploring every surface of her tight little hole.

I placed my hands beneath her bottom and lifted her up to my face. The smell of her sex was intoxicating causing me such euphoria that it made my head swim. After a bit, my tongue moved to her clit and I began retracing the path my finger had taken moments before. She began humping my face. Occasionally, I would swallow, savoring the taste of a mouthful of her juices. I will never forget the taste, the smell and the feel of her sweet pussy. I even let out an involuntary ‘Hum’.

At my vocal-buzzing of her clitoris, she froze and remained still. I didn’t let up my humming vibration of her little bud. Suddenly she went from perfect stillness to bucking wildly. She put her hands on the back of my head and started fucking my face with her crotch.

“Oh god, daddy! OH GOD DADDY! It feels so good. Don’t stop … don’t ever stop … please! Ohhhhhhh. God!!!!!!!” she screamed.

I continued to tongue her and hum on her clit. Soon she was no longer holding my head against her, but; she pulled me back and away from her now-sensitive sex. Sitting upright, she pulled my face to hers and devoured my mouth with her lips. She was all over it, licking and sucking on every surface. She was so turned on and it was contagious.

As she continued to kiss me with passion and vigor, she began pulling at my belt and working my fly open. As she worked to free my cock, she pulled me to my feet so that it would be in front of her face as she sat on the rock. In an instant, my hard prick was free and in her hands. Her mouth was on it in a flash. Greedily she sucked and licked at it moving her head in a bobbing motion.

I looked down at her beautiful blond head as it pumped up and down on my cock. It was a glorious sight. Then, looking down further. I marveled at the view of her ass. From where I stood looking down, I could see her cheeks spread by her weight being seated on the rock. That perfect, perfect ass was there in all its glory just for me. I marveled at the beauty of her ass crack as it disappeared under her. I felt as my orgasm began to swirl in my crotch.

It was a lingering orgasm. I fought as long as I could savoring the feeling of my daughter’s mouth on my cock. But it was to no avail. I lost all touch with reality as the view, the ministrations of her mouth on my dick, her beauty and the taboo nature of it all flooded into my mind. I exploded into Casey’s mouth. I shot the first hot load of cum as she had my cock buried in the back of her throat.

Casey went wild! She grabbed my ass and began face-fucking my cock with her mouth. She sucked, licked the shaft, bobbed her head and swallowed all with such fluidity that it felt like a perfectly created sex machine. I could feel the head of my dick hitting the back of her throat and pushing down into her esophagus. I must have unloaded ten ounces of cum. And she swallowed ever last drop!

“Oh … my … God … Casey! That feels so good!” I said as my knees almost gave way. Vaguely I was aware that I was looking up at the sky with my head thrown back in ecstasy. My daughter had just given me the best blow job of my life.

Casey continued to slurp at my cock licking it and cleaning off any remnants of cum that lingered there. I looked down at her. She was looking up at me as she ran her tongue along the underside of my relaxing cock making it disappear into her mouth as she reached the end. She pulled her mouth away holding onto the shaft. She looked up at me and smiled a wonderful, happy smile. There was a small bit of cum on the corner of her mouth which she promptly licked away and smiled an even broader smile.

How could this be wrong? It made her so happy. It made me happy. It felt great to both of us. It was at that moment that I surrendered to a journey of incest with my sweet angel of a daughter that I hoped would never end.

After we dressed, we sat side by side on the rock. I had my arm around her as she leaned into my chest. I sat there holding my daughter close to me. She felt so tiny but so powerful.

I inhaled. The odor of her sex hung in the air. Her aroma, the feeling of her body against mine, all that had happened; it was so overwhelming. But I no longer felt any conflict. I kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Casey. I love you in every way possible. I never want this moment to end,” I said.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you too. I am yours forever. I want to be by your side, in your arms and in your bed from now on,” she replied looking up at me.

We kissed; a long lingering lover’s kiss. I was in love with my daughter. After what seemed like hours, I said, “Baby, we gotta get moving. We need to be another ten miles before we set up camp for the evening if we’re gonna get out of here tomorrow.”

She hopped up and took both my hands in a feign assistance at getting me to my feet. I stood and, turning, I looked at the mess on the rock. “Some little critter is going to have a feast when we get out of here,” I said indicating the mashed and crumbled food on the rock.

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