Carsyn’s Comeback

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“Be serious,” she snapped, tossing her long blonde curls. “I’m Carsyn Leigh. I don’t do songs with gangster rappers.”

Her manager, Ben Kasper, sighed. He slammed his laptop shut, pleased that Carysn jumped at the sound.

“Carsyn, it’s been over eight months since you’ve been in the charts. You’re 18. The time to strike is now. Crossovers are a hot market. You want to go pop, and Ty Miller can get you instant credibility. He’s on the rise. His last album outsold yours by nine million,” Ben said.

Carsyn sniffed in contempt. Her green eyes flashed daggers at her manager for bringing up the stark truth. Her career was floundering.

Since she was 14, Caryson had been a shooting star on the country music scene. Her house was decorated with Grammys and Moonmen. Lately, after her last album didn’t sell, the interest in her was cooling off. Ben wanted to keep her relevant, she knew, but at what cost?

“I want to go pop,” she agreed, finally. “I don’t want to work with misogynistic assholes that wear gold grills and flash gang signs.”

“Well, that limitation might be insurmountable,” Ben said. “Call me when you decide. Ty is very busy right now and needs an answer by tomorrow. I took a meeting with his team yesterday and they tell me he’s very interested. Don’t write him off so quickly,” Ben warned.

With that, Ben left Carysn’s penthouse suite. Carsyn sighed and made her way to her kitchen.

The granite and stainless steel chef’s kitchen was imposing when she first moved in, but now she was used to it. She flicked on the recessed lights and wandered over to the fridge for her nightly indulgence, a big glass of red wine. It did nothing to help keep her 5’10” lithe frame slender, but it did relax her. She could be “tightly wound” as her mother used to tell her.

Tightly wound was what it took to be a superstar, though. If Carsyn didn’t pay attention to every detail and engineer her celebrity persona, she’d have dropped off the radar of the American public a lot faster than she currently was.

Carsyn pulled out her smartphone and ignored the various social media notifications. She googled Ty Miller, stage name T Shot. She clicked over to images.

He was handsome, of course, especially when he smiled. His skin was almost the exact opposite of hers, a rich dark brown compared to her lily white. She wondered briefly what it would look like to see his skin on hers, but then she pushed the thought from her mind. She looked back at the photos. He had beautiful dark eyes and very white, straight teeth. Almost all of the top photos on Google showed him surrounded by buxom women wearing very little. He was also usually holding a bottle of liquor. He looked like a stereotypical rapper, in her opinion. True, his last album had been amazing, but she wasn’t sure she wanted him to be a part of her career. He just seemed so different. Would her fans understand?

Carsyn finished her glass of wine while she watched some of his rap videos. He had moves, she thought. He was probably smart. Definitely sexy. Carsyn left her wine glass in the kitchen, knowing her maid would take care of it in the morning. She made her way to her bedroom.

If the kitchen was elaborate, her bedroom was ostentatious. Carsyn practically needed a ladder to climb into the huge white bed with down pillows and soft cotton sheets. She slipped out of her dress and tossed it on the floor. She slept naked, a lifelong habit.

Along with her wine, Carsyn had another nightly indulgence. She ran her hands over her slim body, feeling the smooth skin and the hard hip bones underneath. Her lower stomach was a sensitive place, and goosebumps rose at the sensation of her fingers moving over her flesh. Her hands snaked lower, reaching the slight mound between her legs, stroking lightly. She was already wet in anticipation of her nightly ritual.

Carsyn closed her eyes and tried to conjure the images that would normally get her where she needed to be. Her fingers moved against the small bud that dominated so many of her thoughts lately. Pressing gently and then harder as she stroked, she opened her legs wider and let her thoughts run wild. She imagined herself fucking an entire college football team after they lost the big championship game. She moaned at the images coming to her, samsun escort sweaty skin and hard cocks slamming into her pussy. Gradually, under her insistent fingers, the bud became more sensitive and each time she passed over it, it felt better and better. When she couldn’t take it any longer, she slipped a finger inside herself, and then another one. She was so wet they slid in easily.

She pumped steadily, moaning out loud. She worked her hand faster and faster, desperate to come. Carsyn ran a up her body, squeezing her small breast. Her temperature rose until a fine sheen of sweat covered her forehead. She worked her body into a frenzy, but still her orgasm wouldn’t come.

Panting and frustrated, she finally allowed herself to think of Ty Miller. She imagined his cock, black and thick and impossibly big. Carsyn slipped a third finger inside of herself and rubbed her clit with an inexplicable urgency. She screamed as she came, shaking with the force of her orgasm.

Carsyn Leigh slept very well that night, for the first time in a long time.

“He wants to take a meeting first,” Ben said. “Real quick, at his studio. You’d record there if you go through with this.”

Carsyn paused with her fork halfway to her mouth. She pushed the rest of her salad around her plate.

“I don’t take meeting,” she said. “I give meetings.”

“Carsyn, don’t let your pride get in the way. The meeting is tonight. I gave your driver the address. You can go after the concert.”

“That’s so late,” Carsyn protested.

“Ty keeps late hours,” Ben said. He wiped his face with his napkin and glanced at his watch. “Speaking of being late, we should get to the venue.”

Carsyn rolled her eyes. Ben could be such a buzzkill, but he kept her on time and moving from one event to the next. Her concert was going to be at a small, intimate venue to disguise the fact that there was no way she was selling tickets like she used to. Oh, to be 14 again, she thought dryly. She didn’t really mean it, but she knew she had to get her sales back up before everyone lost interest.

At the concert venue, she changed into a slim red dress and black high heels. The dress had a back cutout that allowed Carsyn to show off her lacey black bra. It might have been a tad obvious, but she needed to signal to the world that she was a grown up. Carsyn curled her own hair and did her own makeup, something she had done from the beginning of her career. She chose a bright red lipstick to complete her look. She looked sexy, she knew, and she liked it. She ran a hand over her dress to smooth it out as it hugged her slim hips. Her legs were her best asset and she liked to put on impossibly high heels to give them even more length.

The show went well. Carsyn enjoyed being on stage. Her voice was only growing stronger, and she was testing out some new material for the album and the audience really seemed to like it. All in all, a success, but now she was tired and had to go meet Ty Miller. She thought about changing outfits, but she was tired and wanted to get this over with. She didn’t mind Ty seeing her in her stage costume. She felt powerful in it, and she wanted him to know she wasn’t going to be pushed around if they did a collaboration.

The driver took her immediately to the studio, which, Carsyn had to admit, was fancier than she has supposed. She breezed past the marble foyer and made her way to the sound studio by following the signs. Carsyn knocked and entered.

The studio was dimly lit. Carsyn could make out several leather couches and a mini fridge and the immense soundboards where mixing was done. At the controls sat a tall, gorgeous black man. He smiled at her, taking in her outfit.

“You don’t disappoint, Carsyn Leigh,” he said.

Carsyn swallowed hard. She stood still as he crossed the distance to shake her hand. His hand was warm and so big it nearly engulfed hers. Even though she was extra tall with her heels, he still towered over her.

“Do I call you Ty or T Shot?” she asked.

“You…you can call me whatever you want,” he said finally. He crossed his arms over his chest. He was even more muscular than his photos. He smiled as he took in her gaze as it roamed over his body. God, he was beautiful, she thought. escort samsun She met his dark eyes again, trying to not be distracted.

“My manager said you wanted a meeting. Well, I’m here,” she said shortly. She knew she was coming off as a bitch, but she didn’t care. Every nerve in her body was on fire. She wanted to touch him so bad. But business and pleasure didn’t mix. She was a country pop princess and he was a bad boy rapper.

“Ben said you were searching for a rapper to fill 45 seconds on your new track. I’d like to fill that hole,” Ty said. He smirked. He knew exactly what words he was picking.

Carsyn sank into a couch and crossed her long legs. She let the silence fall around them. Ty stayed standing, watching her intently. He was dressed all in black and looked quite intimidating with all of his muscles tightly outlined. Carsyn’s thoughts drifted to her epic orgasm last night and she dropped her gaze to the bulge in his pants before she could reign herself in. A flush marched across her cheeks. She would not think about that.

“It’s a 30 second spot,” Carsyn corrected.

“That’s probably negotiable, don’t you think?” Ty said. He stood in front of her. The crotch of his black jeans was at her eye level. Carsyn looked up at him. She would not think about his cock. No. Nor the fact that blood was rushing between her legs. Her hands ached to touch herself.

“Not really,” Carsyn said.

“Let’s cut the crap,” Ty said with a sigh. “You need me to make your track hot. I don’t need you for shit.”

Crueler things had been said to Carsyn, but his words stung in the way that only the truth could. Carsyn got to her feet. They were standing so close she brushed against him as she moved. She could smell him, a faint cedar mixed with mint scent.

“If you don’t need me for shit, why are you doing this track?” she asked.

“Because I want you,” Ty said simply. “I want to feel your tight body coming on my dick when I fuck you senseless.”

Carsyn laughed breathlessly. In part, she was trying to distract herself from the growing ache between her legs.

“You’re insane. I’m not just anyone. I’m Carsyn fucking Leigh and I was famous before you and I’ll be famous after you,” she said softly. Her eyes dared him.

Ty took her up on the dare. He reached up before she could stop him and he tangled a hand in her blonde curls. He pulled her head back so that she had no choice but to look at him.

“You may be Carsyn fucking Leigh, but I’m going to fuck Carsyn Leigh,” he said.

With that, he kissed her, hard enough to bruise her lips. He didn’t release the pressure of his hand in her hair, which let him kiss her all the way down the slim column of her throat. Carsyn gasped and half-heartedly tried to push him away, but he didn’t let her. He moved a hand up her short dress and between her legs. Damn, Carsyn thought. It was a dead give away. She was so wet she was practically dripping. Ty smiled triumphantly and he pushed her down onto the couch.

Carsyn could have tried to fight him off more, but they both knew that it would have been a lie. Instead, she reached for his belt buckle. He remained standing, staring down at her with dark eyes that were impossible to read. A small smile played on his lips. Carsyn was past caring what he thought. She knew what she wanted. What she needed.

He was so big. She could hardly believe his cock was real. He laughed when he saw her eyes grow wider. Carsyn took it in her hands and ran over the length with her fingertips. The thought of it in her pussy…Carsyn suppressed a small moan.

“Put your little mouth on it,” Ty said. He placed a hand on the back of her head gently. “I want to see Miss Country with a big black dick between her beautiful lips.”

Carsyn didn’t know why she was doing what he wanted her to, but her body had a mind of its own. She put her lips around his dick and he immediately groaned in satisfaction. Carsyn moved her lips up and down it tentatively, while running her fingers along the shaft. She tasted his salty pre-cum, and swirled her tongue around the tip, desperate for more. His cock swelled and got harder, if that was even possible. Soon his dick was coated in her saliva and Carsyn was bobbing on it samsun escort bayan like a pro. She looked up at him once with her lips around his dick and he sucked in his breath.

“God, you are so fucking hot,” he moaned. He pushed her back on the sofa roughly. He pushed aside her panties and stroked her clit once, lightly, and raised his fingers to his lips. He licked his fingers clean. “Tastes so good,” he whispered.

He hauled her hips so the edge of the sofa and spread her legs. He kissed her inner thighs gently before moving to her clit with his tongue. His tongue moved over it, softly, then with more force. When she thought she could take no more, he slipped a finger inside her. She was so wet and it felt so insanely good that she begged him for another finger, and another. And another. Soon he was moving in and out of her with a furiousness that finally made her cum so hard her legs shook. She was sure if there were anyone else in the building they would have heard her screams as she came.

“What a little hot slut,” he breathed. “No one would believe it.”

Carsyn smiled. She reached for his cock again and stroked it. He reached under her chin and held her head so that she was forced to meet his eyes.

“I make you come twice, I get 45 seconds on the track,” he said.

“Deal,” Carsyn whispered.

He wasted no time. In a flat second, he pushed Carsyn back into the sofa and ripped her underwear off. He looked her in the eyes when he thrust into her hard. Carsyn screamed. She’d never felt something so big inside of her before. She groaned as he eased out and then pushed back inside her.

“Oh, God, you feel so good,” she whispered. Her entire body felt like an electrified nerve, completely on fire and out of her control.

“Your pussy is so damn tight,” he groaned. He thrust into her again and she clutched at his muscular buttocks. He thrust again, moving them both up the couch until Carsyn was back up against the leather armrest.

Ty pumped into her at a frantic pace. Carsyn whimpered as she braced against each thrust and tried to match him movement for movement. He slammed into her with uncontrollable lust. It was pure, animalistic fucking. Carsyn reached down to rub her clit, desperate for another release. She had never been completely dominated like this. She was loving it. If America could see her now…their country pop star getting fucked senseless by rap’s bad boy. She almost came at the thought.

Ty’s hand joined hers as he thrust. He moved over her clit, softly, then quicker, until she could take no more. Then, just as she was on the brink, he’d stop. Carsyn cried out, and tried to replace her hand for his, but he quickly held both her wrists in one hand over her head.

“You’ll come when I’m good and ready for you to come,” he growled at her, thrusting with each word.

“Please,” Carsyn begged. “Please let me come.”

Ty’s answer was hard, vicious thrusts. His dick was so hard she didn’t know how he wasn’t coming himself. Finally, he reached down and rubbed her clit furiously. Carsyn screamed, coming instantly. She arched against his hand as her pussy clenched as a tidal wave of pleasure coursed through her. Carsyn’s eyes rolled upwards and her mouth gaped open.

“Jesus,” Ty said with a smirk. He didn’t wait for her orgasm to finish before he pounded into her again.

“Oh, fuck,” Carsyn screamed, clutching at Ty’s frantic hips.

He bowed his head and sucked on her tit, which had fallen out of her red dress. His tongue flicked across her nipple and she shivered. Unbelievably, pressure was building between her legs again. Carsyn moaned as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Ty thrust into her with the whole weight of his body. He watched her flushed face the entire time, savoring each of her throaty moans.

“Oh, God, fuck me,” she moaned. His hips moved impossibly fast and within seconds, Carsyn came for the third time just as Ty emptied his balls in her tight, wet pussy. He groaned as he came. He had wanted to come on her pretty, teenage face, but in her pussy was a good second place.

He pushed off of Carsyn and zipped his pants up. Carsyn lay on the leather couch, one tit out of her dress, her underwear ripped and tossed aside. Cum leaked down out of her pussy and was beginning to run down her thigh. Ty smiled at the sight. A country pop star with a taste for black cock.

“I made you come three times,” he said. “That’s gotta be a 60 second spot.”

Carsyn smiled up at him.

“No deal,” she said. “But if you keep me coming like that, you might just get a thank you in my liner notes.”

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