Chalk and Cheese Ch. 03

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Hello again, here’s chapter 3 – I hope you enjoy. To the v kind person who sent me the email re my sentence length, I have done my best to keep an eye on this, but thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you very much for all of your comments so far, and please rate and comment on this one, I’m enjoying doing this so much!


Elle x


Greg and Tori were sitting in the back of the taxi apart from one another saying nothing. She was staring out of the window and he was staring at her, wondering if she was regretting her offer to come and stay the night. He wasn’t sure what to say – she had been so chatty for most of the evening, he really hadn’t had to do anything and now her silence was a little disarming.

Looking for a mode of distraction, he reached into his pocket to check for his phone. He had switched his phone on to silent once he had realised that he wanted to spend the evening with Tori, and devoted his attention to her. Looking at the phone now, he could see that he had thirty two missed calls and his voice mailbox was full – God he was going to get it from Tamara on Monday.


I really wanted to bang my head against the window. I wasn’t normally so impulsive and I rarely went all the way on a first date. To be honest, I rarely went on dates full stop. Yet here I was, in a taxi, on the way back to this very nice man’s flat where I supposed we were about to have sex.

I wasn’t the most confident when it came to sexual matters or matters of the heart in general but that sodding chocolate fondant had brought something out in me. Something that insinuated that not only was I a sexual tigress but that I was happy to take the lead and show him the best time. Which I was, well maybe not happy but willing at least.

The problem was that I was very good in theory and not necessarily in practice (having been out of practice for so long). And now I found myself travelling towards what was probably going to be the biggest humiliation of my life – all because of a bloody chocolate fondant.

London was lovely by night, full of lights that merged into blurs as we sped past. Their calming effect restored some semblance of normality to my brain during the journey. I had to evaluate this night. I did want to continue spending the evening with him and it had been so long since I had been with someone, I was letting the negative voices erode the great night that I had had. I resolved to myself that I would just throw myself into this evening. If it all went to shit, I could just go home tomorrow and not have to see him again.

People did it all the time, there was no need for me to turn into my mother and overanalyse the situation. But I hadn’t done anything like that since Him, and the horrible episode that was Him had been two long years previous which meant I should be over it by now – and yet I wasn’t sure that I was yet.

I could feel Greg’s eyes on me throughout my pensive thoughts and it was at this point that I decided to take the plunge. I rolled my head towards him leaning back against the cool leather of the seat and his smile took my breath away. It seemed as though he were asking permission for something. It would seem that he saw something that encouraged him to reach over to take my hand that was resting in my lap and stroked it gently saying nothing.

I smiled back at him and took a deep breath, my heart beginning to race at the touch of his fingers on mine. He raised my hand to his lips and kissed it gently, staring into my eyes and making me lose my breath. Oh God, I hadn’t anticipated my evening ending in this way and boy was I in so much trouble.

Still holding my hand, he scooted over to my side of the back seat and closing his eyes, rested his forehead against mine, saying nothing. His other hand came around to hold my waist and as he grasped me. I moaned softly wishing he was braver than me and that he would take the first step that I was just too frightened to make. He must have read my mind because he took a sharp breath, gripped me a little tighter and licked my lips before sinking his tongue into my mouth and kissing me into oblivion.


Greg was roused from his pleasurable state by the sound of the cabbie,

“Alright lovebirds, that’ll be twenty pounds, sixty pence please.”

Tori giggled in embarrassment and made to reach for her bag to pay for the taxi. Greg stopped her with his hand,

“My treat.”

“I don’t mind paying – we can split it.”

“Don’t worry, you can pay me back somehow.”

He winked at her and opened the door to let her out whilst paying the driver. As mardin escort he waited for his receipt, he watched Tori run her fingertips gently over her lips as though tracing where his lips had just been. He loved to watch her. He groaned involuntarily when she slid her fingers into her mouth and he wondered what she was trying to taste and if she was trying to taste him. He was eager to have her, but he didn’t want to pressure her into anything. He kind of got the feeling that she was a little apprehensive and he wanted to ensure that he made her feel as comfortable as possible. He waited for her to step out of the taxi and took her hand,


She nodded and smiled up at him.

“Just this way.”

They walked in silence, the tension building steadily between them. Greg flicked glances at Tori periodically, each glance lingering on a different spot on her body. Greg promised himself he would lick each spot at some point during the coming evening.

They stopped in front of the lift and Greg leant his shoulder against the wall whilst waiting for its arrival. He smirked as he watched Tori look everywhere but at him. He was enjoying her nervousness although he was starting to worry that she was regretting her choice to come home with him. And while he would not force her to do anything by any means, now she was here with him, he’d be loath to let her go.

Greg watched her tapping her toe, the cool leather of her sole clicking on the marble lobby floor, emphasised by the fact it was the only sound around them and conveying her nervousness. Greg watched her. He could have stood there and watched her all evening.

It was warm and yet her nipples were standing out very prominently through her dress. He dragged his gaze upwards to her collarbone and promised himself he would lick across the delicate bone very gently before sucking on her neck. He moved his eyes up to her left earlobe wondering if she was sensitive there and whether she liked to be bitten. His eyes then made their way to her lips where he watched as she took a deep breath and licked her bottom lip slowly from right to left before sucking it in with her teeth.

He echoed her deep breath by taking one of his own and lifted his eyes to meet hers, inhaling sharply again when he saw how dark her eyes were conveying her lustful intentions. He smiled, a full beautiful smile, and took a step to hold her again but was interrupted by the “ping” of the lift signalling its arrival. He followed her into the lift raking his gaze down her body and again stilling the urge to take her waist in his hands. Soon, he told himself, very soon.


Greg led me into his flat, and slammed the door behind us. It was dark but somehow it didn’t matter as one wall was one big window and the lights of the neighbouring buildings cast a gentle glow across the room. Greg made his way past me and went to switch on a lamp but I stroked his wrist gently,

“Do you mind if we leave the light off?”

Greg furrowed his brow but nodded,

“Sure, whatever you like.”

I smiled back at him and felt my heart skip a beat, or whatever it says in the songs. I was trying to think of all the porn movies my friends and I had watched on drunken evenings together, all of the Cosmo articles that I had read about pleasing your man. It had only taken one sentence that had put the proverbial spoke in the wheel where my sexual confidence was concerned,

“You just don’t do it for me,”

That was all he had said, and that had echoed in my brain for the past two years preventing me from having sex with anyone – even myself. And so now, what did I think I was doing having led this hunk here under a promise that I wasn’t sure I could keep.

I realised that I was lost in my thoughts again, and when I looked across at Greg, I was still holding his wrist. His very large wrist that I could barely get my hand around. I looked up at him to find him looking back at me, his lovely features only highlighted by the light of passing traffic but otherwise shrouded in darkness. I could work with darkness. I had to make good on my offer, and I really wanted to. I was so tired of having locked myself away that I felt I owed this to myself.

“Tor, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. I’m happy to talk or whatever,”

I smiled as he shortened my name even shorter that I had stipulated. It felt nice, personal even. I liked the way it felt. It emboldened me which prompted me to take a step back from him. I dropped his hand and looking at him slowly slid the zip of my dress down. As the dress loosened, the cool air hit van escort my back and prompted goose bumps to rise on my skin. I heard him moan and this caused me to shiver whilst a fresh gush of arousal caused my knickers to stick to my pussy and wish he was touching me. His moan bolstered me, and I continued. I reached behind me and undid my bra, letting it drop to the floor and rubbing my fingers gently across my nipples while watching him watch me. God, this was sexy. I lifted my leg to take my shoe off, but Greg was by my side in a second. He echoed my earlier action and held my wrist,

“Please, leave them on.”

His words kind of broke the sexual spell I was in and I felt a little at sea. Here I was standing in my stockings, a pair of sheer black boyshorts and my patent red heels. My breasts were swollen with arousal and my nipples were so hard I felt they could probably break glass. I nodded at his request and he led me to the sofa where he had been watching my impromptu striptease.

He sat back down and pulled me between his legs, his head reaching the underside of my breast. He ran his hand down my back and over my butt and pulled me closer to him. I was finding it very difficult to breathe. I could feel Greg’s breath on me, and then his cool lips as they pressed a kiss to my stomach and then his warm tongue as it slid into my navel. I inhaled again and tried to pull away from the pleasure, so intense was the feeling, but his hands were strong, and he held me easily within his grasp. I felt his hands come around my waist and I heard him mutter, “I knew it” before continuing down to my knickers. He looked up at me,

“I like these, were they very expensive?”

I shook my head,


And with that, he ripped them off, prompting me to moan. His

hand stroked over my hip and round as he used both of his hands to gently spread my legs. He lifted two fingers and slid them over my clit very gently. The sensation caused my knee to buckle and Greg looked up at me,


I nodded, as much as I could,


He lifted my right leg and placed it to rest on the sofa behind

him so that I was open to him. I would normally have found this position embarrassing, wondering if everything was ok, you know, down there. But I was so turned on that I could barely breathe and all I wanted was him to touch me. I thrust my pelvis towards him, trying to get him to touch me; but he was just watching me, inhaling me, squeezing me and making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

His first lick took me by surprise, but the second and all of those that followed caused me to moan his name over and over again. He buried his face between my legs as he spread me open and fucked me with his tongue. He raised his hands up to my breasts and grabbed them as he ran his thumbs over my nipples. I threw my head back and grabbing his head, thrust myself into his face. I couldn’t articulate my feelings but every time Greg moaned, I moaned a little louder. I was so turned on by his excitement which prompted him to lick me a little harder and as I could feel my orgasm approaching I gripped his hair and moaned,

“Greg, oh God, I’m going to.”

That was as far as I got before the white light hit me at the same time as the pleasure poured through every cell in my body. My knees buckled but Greg caught me and pulled me gently onto his lap. As I regained my breath, I looked up at him and could see his blue eyes darken as they took in my undone state. I smiled at him,

“Dear me you’re a talented boy,”

He grinned,

“Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

And with that, he swung me over his shoulder, naked but for my shoes and stockings and carried me into what I assumed would be his bedroom.


She was lying in the centre of his bed and he was looking down at her. They hadn’t exchanged many words and he wanted to say something to let her know that this wasn’t just a one night thing for him. She looked right in the bed, she felt right in his arms and in his mouth. It was a feeling that he wanted to retain and wanted to keep. She was beautiful but he didn’t want to be soppy. He took a breath to speak but as though anticipating his words she got to her knees and walked across the bed to meet him. His words stuck in his throat as he watched her. She raised her hands to his shoulders and pulled him closer to her so they could kiss once more. She could taste herself on his lips. For Greg, the fact that she was willing to kiss him and that she enjoyed it, turned him on more than he could ever express.

She pulled away ankara escort from the kiss and leaned back to look at him whilst slowly sliding off his jacket and letting it drop to the floor. Greg’s heartbeat started to race as he felt her little fingers undo his shirt slowly. Their eyes held one another’s and he watched Tori bite her lip feeling the tension rise once again. He was so hard for her, desperate to feel her once again but she was taking so long. He pushed her hands away and ripped his shirt off. Her eyes widened taking in his body which he had never paid that much attention to before, but right now he was glad that he had kept up with the running and the weight training.

He watched her little brown hand trace it’s way down his chest, dragging her scarlet red nails across his hard stomach causing him to pant. He moaned as he watched her undo his trousers and then slide her hand into his boxer shorts to stroke him.

He felt his skin getting hotter as she leaned forward to run her tongue over his nipple. He reached out to touch her but she leaned back, winking at him, and then leaned down to push his trousers and underwear out of the way and then take him into her mouth.

Greg swore loudly throwing his head back and reached blindly for her head. He tried to think of anything that would take his mind off what she was doing but she felt so good. Her tongue was so warm, and the vibrations of her moaning around his cock telling him that she was enjoying it as much as he was almost proved to be his undoing.

He pushed her away gently and knelt down so he was eye level with her. She looked stricken,

“Did I do something wrong?”

Greg laughed, and then realising that she really did think something was wrong, stroked her hair away from her face.

“You did everything completely right, it’s just if we want this to last any longer than the next six minutes, I needed to stop you. You’re far too good at that.”

He cemented his comment with a long kiss which provoked a moan and a sigh from Tori and which prompted both of them to lay back on the bed. Tori pulled away and looked at him as though searching for something,

“What’s wrong?”

She shrugged,

“Nothing, kiss me again.”

Greg was happy to oblige and shook off the nagging feeling that sat in his gut, leaning forward to kiss her again and settling himself between her legs as she opened up for him.

He leaned down and kissed her clit once more before holding his very hard cock and stroking it up and down her opening, gratified to see the wetness coat the head. He watched her arch her back and spread her legs wider. He smiled to himself enjoying the teasing despite how much it was killing him. But she caught him again by lifting her leg and placing her stiletto clad heel on his shoulder and pulling him to her,

“Stop fucking teasing and fuck me,”

Greg couldn’t ignore such a direct order and happily slid into her welcoming wetness.

They moaned together. He, overcome by the heat and tightness, she surprised by just how much he filled her up. She raised her hands to his shoulders as he rested his weight on his hands and thrust into her. Shallow strokes and then one deep stroke, over and over again, following her moans and pleas as clearly as directions on a map. He felt her orgasm begin to build this time. Felt her tighten, felt her body heat up, felt her pull him close as she began to topple. He was surprised and delighted when she whispered,

“Don’t stop, please don’t ever stop”

And then he heard her scream his name as her pussy sucked him in even harder. He buried his face in her neck, nipping at the sensitive skin there and waited for her to come down from her high.

As he felt her body relax, he pulled away to look at her and found a flushed and sated face that tugged at both his dick and his heart in equal measures. She grinned and wrapped her legs around his waist again pulling him to her,

“I don’t think we’re done yet Gregory.”

Greg’s cock jumped at her stern and yet teasing tone and he leaned down to kiss her again. She whispered in his ear,

“Your turn”

Grateful for the permission slip, Greg started to thrust, again enjoying her underneath him and hoping he could make her come once more. But the smell of the vanilla in her hair, coupled with her moans of encouragement and the feel of the soft leather of her shoe rubbing against his back were all too much for him. And he poured himself long and hard into her, moaning her name over and over again.

They stayed there together for a while until Tori slapped at his back complaining about how heavy he was. He bit her neck chiding her for being rude, but rolled onto his back and pulling her with him.


“Ok.” she replied sleepily.

Greg wrapped his arms around her and rubbed his face against her hair feeling a peace he hadn’t felt in a very long time and very much looking forward to the next morning.


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