Change of Life Ch. 13

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At around 8AM I woke up from a very bad night’s sleep. I went down and made coffee, strong and breakfast for myself. I figured Shirl wouldn’t want anything to eat for the entire day. She had crashed and burned last night, drunk as I have ever seen her.

It was Monday morning the end a three-day holiday weekend and I had told Shrill we had to talk. I left her a note in the bedroom by her sink. It was around 11AM when she finally came down and sat in the kitchen where I was. She was still wearing her ripped and torn babydoll PJ top without her panties. It was the same outfit she had on when she came home drunk around 1AM last night. I found out later that she had ripped the panties using that big vibrator before she left, so she said. But it still didn’t explain what she did or why she had on the outfit when she left the house after our fight. She told me last night her panties were actually hanging off her hip when she left the house slamming the front door. If I had realized it, I would have gone and made her come home even if I had to slap her and drag her inside.

As I held the vibrator in my hand, I looked at her and she said, “The batteries are dead.”

It was still sticky with her cum. I smiled to myself as I wondered how far up her cunt she could and had shoved that 10-ich thing last night. Then I frowned thinking about what she was thinking about when she did it! Was it’s Mandy’s tongue or my cock, or perhaps someone else’s cock or tongue. I looked at her and I knew she was a hurting puppy this morning. She said, “That’s where I went last night Bud. I went out to buy batteries for the damn thing. Shit even the fucking vibrator isn’t there when I need it. It’s just like you Bud it must be a male one!”

Even if it wasn’t fair, I was going to find out what the hell she did and where she went last night. I said, “Shirl!”

No reaction! So I said it louder, “SHIRL!!!”

She moaned and said, “I hear you, stop shouting, please!”

I said, “Then look at me and answer me when I talk to you like a normal human being.”

She said, “There’s nothing normal about me this morning. I’m so fucking hung over from last night. Oh God where are the aspirins?”

I got up and got her two then said, “I know you are hurting from the booze. But Shirl I’m hurting from what you did and said to me last night. We have to talk about this. Now we can do it now or later today but we will talk about it before you leave this house again. If not, I’ll ask for a separation or maybe even a divorce. That’s how upset I am at this moment. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?”

She said, “Later, we’ll talk later Bud! Ohhh!” She ran to the bathroom and I heard her throw up again.

When she came back I gave her coffee and she sat down again on the chair. I asked, “So you went to buy batteries and then what? I mean batteries don’t get you drunk and they don’t rip your nightie. By the way why did you wear that almost nothing out to the store?”

She said, “I didn’t give a shit what I had on when I left I was so mad at you. You’re lucky I had this much on. I was seconds away from pulling off my nightie so I could fuck myself with this damn thing before it died. Then you came in the room and we fought like hell. Then I went to the kitchen and looked for batteries. Didn’t find a fucking one the right size, so I left to go buy some. I didn’t even care or really knew what I was wearing. That’s your fault!”

I said, “My fault? How the hell did this become my fault?”

She said, “You should have come after me and made me go in and change.”

I said, “Well if I had knew you were dressed like that I would have. I had no idea what you were doing when I heard the front door slam.

She said, “I was going to go over Mandy’s but changed my mind. I said fuck everyone I’ll just go get batteries and use my vibrator and fuck myself silly. Then after I got the batteries, I decided to stop at the Iron Gate and had a drink.”

I said, “You had the nerve to go in the Iron Gate Bar with that on? God! You were looking to get fucked. Man have you changed, for the worst!”

She said, “I had my coat on too Bud. So I sat down on the stool and ordered a drink. As I was drinking it, the bartender put the bill in front of me and it was $25.00. There’s a cover charge after 9 PM! It was then that I realized I didn’t have enough money to pay for my drink.”

I said, “I have told you a hundred times to either take the credit card or carry money for emergencies.”

She said, “Yea I know stop yelling and stop trying to correct me, this is not the time Bud!

I said, “OK! Then what happened?”

She smiled a little and said, “Well here I was in my nightie, with my panties ripped and hanging down my side and I didn’t realize the panties were ripped or hanging there. Anyway, this very young, very nice looking guy came over and introduced himself to me and then he offered to buy me a drink?”

I stopped her and asked, “He handed you your panties and you didn’t leave? Instead you went to a booth with him? God damn it Shirl! Do I want to hear the rest of this, or should I just Ankara travesti leave and call the lawyer in the morning?”

She said, “Well the panties seem to be laying on the floor next to my stool. You asked me what happened. I’m trying to tell you the best that I can remember. I remember being still really pissed at you. So I told him OK.”

I couldn’t help it I looked at her now beginning to get pissed off more. Then I asked, “And what did you do?”

She said, “What could I do Bud? I didn’t have enough money. I accepted and we sat there at the bar chatting for awhile.”

I said, “What did you talk about?”

She said, “Well first we talked about the city and places to go. He was new to the area and just moved here about 3 months ago. He didn’t have very many friends or a girlfriend. I told him I was married but he didn’t seem to care. He said it was good to have someone to talk with and he told me I was very pretty. He also said you were a lucky man! I think you are too. He was very nice and sweet Bud, no pressure at first to do anything but have a drink with him.”

But, I guess I shouldn’t have undone the top buttons on my coat but it was hot in the bar with my coat on. He became much friendlier then. Thinking about it now, I guess he could tell I didn’t have a lot of clothes on under my coat. I mean he saw the black see through top and he had actually handed me my panties before we moved to the booth.”

I said, “Booth! You went to a booth with him? Why Shirl, what were you thinking?”

She looked at me for a minute and then said, “Well Billy paid the bill for my drink and …. well…..well actually I wasn’t thinking of much of anything at that point. I was happy he had paid for my drink, and I was still very mad at you and he was nice and sweet.”

I said, “So was it them that you moved to the booth?”

She said, “Let me think. I remember we actually seem to be able to talk to each other easily. So as he told me about his life and why he was here in town, I started talking to him about me. I was a little nervous at first, but after the second or maybe the third drink I realized he wasn’t coming on much at all. He did hold my hand a couple of times as we talked. He also said he liked my outfit and asked if he could see it all. He did ask me to undo my coat completely one time, but I told him no. He then changed the subject and asked me how long I was married and if I have any kids. That sort of stuff. I started to feel more at easy with him. But that’s actually when we moved to the booth. One just happened to open up for us. Lucky huh?”

“As we walked over to it, Billy held my arm but I knew his hand was trying to cop a feel of my tits. I mean since I didn’t have a bra on and the coat was not buttoned all the way. I’m sure that he saw my tits as I stood up and walked away from the bar. I’m also sure he knew I had only that black nightie on Bud.”

I said, “And when you got in the booth what did you do?”

She said, “Well he sat next to me instead of across from me like you always do. He sat real close and our legs were touching, well I had my coat on so his leg was touching my coat actually. He tried to kiss me but wouldn’t let him at first anyway. I stopped him a couple more times but he said just one kiss Shirl, “Come on!” But I said , “NO Billy I’m married.”

I sat there looking at my wife wondering what she was going to tell me next that would floor me. She took two sips of coffee and then said, “But then he told me wanted to taste me. He wanted to taste my lips. So I said to myself, “What the hell! I didn’t see what one kiss would hurt! I mean……you know…..I mean a quick peck on the lips and I would pull back.”

She stopped and looked at me, she could tell I was pissed but she didn’t stop. She said, “Oh God! My head hurts! Do we have any more coffee Bud?”

I got up again and got her another cup and some bread. She took a bit and pushed it away. She said, “He got us another round and I told him one kiss buster and no tongues! OK?”

He laughed and told me, “Sure baby! If that what you want.”

Shirl said, “I told him first of all my name is Shirl and secondly I’m not your baby! I’m a married woman! Right!”

Then she said, ” He moved in and took my head in both hands and kissed me so soft and easy Bud, I wasn’t sure he was actually touching my lips. So I pressed into his mouth harder. It must have made him think I wanted more and before I knew it both his hands had moved from my face to my breasts. God Bud his hands were as soft as his mouth. He cupped my tits and I held the kiss for a long time. I think I even moaned in his mouth as he squeezed and pulled the nipples. That nightie was very sheer remember?”

I said, “Yea! I remember you brought it for me, for us.”

She said, “Yea before you got all pissy and made me mad.”

She said, “So…..anyway…..Bud, you might not like this next part and I apologize now for doing it. But I was starting to get drunk. I mean, I didn’t realize it then, but boy, do I realize it now.”

She held her head a minute and then she continued, Antalya travesti “Anyway he was holding both of my tits and playing with them as we kissed. I heard the waitress say, “Excuse me you guys, here are your drinks.”

He let go of me and turned to say thanks to the lady. Billy seemed so nice Bud. When she left he turned to me and tried to kiss me again. I stopped him this time. I told him he shouldn’t have touched my breasts.

Billy said, “Well I couldn’t help it Shirl. I mean they are right there in front of me and your nightie is wide open just like your coat.”

God Bud! It was too! I lloked down and I was nude with my coat opened. I told him well I guess that’s my fault and I closed the coat. He pulled me closer to him and I was almost sitting on his lap now. And guess what?”

I said, “I’m afraid to ask Shirl!”

She said, “I liked it Bud! I liked sitting on his lap. He held me and I kissed him again holding his this time so he wouldn’t get fresh. But he asked me to put my arms around him and so I did. That’s when he moved his hands around to my front. He opened my coat and then he opened my thighs. He then placed his hands high up on the inside of both of my thighs.”

She stopped and moved away from the table. She showed me where the guy had his hands. When she opened her legs and spread them her hands gripping her upper most inner thighs. It gave me a clear shot of her pussy. I could see it clearly now and it was covered with dry cum spots. There was some on her thighs, some above her pussy and a lot around the slit. It was then that I first know for almost certain that my new reformed wife had been fucked last night! While I was unbelievably pissed off it was very erotic seeing her cunt covered with stains from some other guy’s cock pumping his cum into and on her.

God! I was so hot right now! But I was also mad, sad, jealous, upset, heart broken and a few feelings I didn’t recognizes. I said, “He fucked you didn’t he Shirl?”

She looked down at her pussy and said, “Oh My God! He must have! NO!! No Bud he didn’t. I remember now I think!”

I said, “You don’t remember? You’re not sure? Don’t give me that shit Shirl! You know damn well he fucked you, the cum stains are still there!!!”

She said, To be honest Bud, I’m not sure. I remember sitting on his lay and Billy slowly stroking me as we sat in the booth. But I don’t remember him actually putting his big cock in me.”

I said, “Well Shirl. If you don’t remember him fucking you, how do you know he had a big cock?”

She said, “Oh that! Well I was getting to that part Bud. See, I told you that you may not like this part, and I was right, you don’t!”

I said, “Shirl! What real man and husband would like to hear about his slut wife fucking some other guy?

She said, “I’m not a slut wife Bud. I was drunk! I drank way to much and the drinks were sweet and that’s why I’m so sick today.”

I said, “Look just tell me what you do remember. OK?”

She said, “As long as I can before I go into the bathroom again! So I’m sitting on Billy’s lap and the next thing I know he’s holding, no make that cupping my pussy and rubbing it! Jesus Bud! I almost had an orgasm right there! He told me to lift up and I did. He unzipped his slacks and pulled his big boner out. Then he told me to sit down again. I did and we both watched his big dick move up between my open legs. He then told me to close my thighs around his cock and move up and down on it!”

Shirl stopped again and drank more coffee before continuing. She looked at me and said, “Now this is where it gets confusing Bud. Remember I didn’t have any panties on. So I was sitting on his lap and squeezing his cock between my thighs and the outside of my pussy. And boy was I wet down there! But Buddy, honest he wasn’t inside me, he wasn’t actually fuck me, not then anyway. I mean I remember that part because that’s how I knew he had a big cock. It was sticking up from between my legs 6 inches or more. I was guessing he was maybe8 or 9 inches long. But the really sexy thing about all that Bud was how thick his dick was. I mean I put my hand around the head like he asked me to do and my fingers couldn’t touch my thumb!”

She now showed me how she was holding the guys cock. She smiled as she remembered that part! She said, “I told him. God Billy your cock is so damn big and thick.”

She stopped for a moment and then said, “That’s when Billy pulled me to him and started to kiss me hard. And at that point Bud, I let him put his tongue into my mouth! We stayed like that a long time Bud. I was slowly moving up and down on his cock between my thighs, not in my pussy and he and I swapped tongues.”

I was holding my head now and saying, “Jesus Shirl do you know what you did, what you have done to us and our marriage? I don’t think I want to hear any more of this.”

I sat there not knowing what to say. Finally I stood up and walked out of the kitchen with her just looking up at me as I went past. I went into the bathroom and I was the one that felt like throwing up now. She yelled back, “I didn’t finish the İstanbul travesti story Bud!”

It was like a bad dream. It wasn’t real, it didn’t happen but deep inside I knew better. Finally after drying my eyes and washing my face I came out of the bathroom and she was still in the kitchen. I found her with her head lying on the table with a cold towel over her neck.

I said, “OK. You might as well finish it now Shirl. Go ahead and tell me what else happened.”

She lifted up and looked at me as she held her head again leaving the wet towel around her neck. She said, “Well like I said that’s when things become unclear Bud. I knew we were doing things in the booth that I shouldn’t have been doing. But I was drunk by then and I was still mad as hell at you. I know that’s no excuse but Buddy, but Billy and I didn’t actually fuck each other.”

She stopped for a few minutes and got some ice to put in the towel before continuing. She said, No we didn’t fuck Bud. But boy I really wanted to! I was almost panting to have his big cock in my pussy to feel what it would be like. I really, really, really did want to feel that big dick inside me. Anyway I knew I was married and didn’t let that happened.”

I said, “Oh well thank God for that Shirl. You let him do everything but that. But thank God he didn’t actually fuck you!”

I was a sarcastic as I could be and she just looked at me before saying, “Well I sure could have Bud I mean he was begging me and I was hot and drunk and so fucking mad at you. I really did want to do it!”

Then she didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then smiled. I asked her what she was smiling about and she told me, “Billy. I was smiling at what happened then.”

I said, “So tell me,”

She said, “Right. OK. As Billy moaned in my mouth I felt his cock begin to throb and throb and throb against my inner thighs. I broke off the kiss and looked down just in time to watch his cock shooting cum up in the air. As it pumped out all over my nightie and me. Billy held me sucking on my tit and squeezing the other one. I held his cock pumping it just under the huge purple head helping him get off. Soon his cock was only leaking cum rather than shooting it. But Jesus Bud! He shot so much of it. That’s why I’m covered with it! And that’s all I remember until we got outside.”

Before she could say anything else, I went crazy. I grabbed Shirl by the arm and pulled her into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and she bounced a couple of times. Then I moved over her tearing the rest of her nightie off her body as I sat between her legs. I was really pissed off with her and her actions these past two days but last night was the topper. I told her, “If you are going to act like a fucking slut then I was going to treat her like one.”

I pulled open her legs wider now and without any warning or foreplay I rammed my hard-on as deep as I could into her twat with one stroke! I was so hard hearing what she did last night and remember what she told me she and Mandy had done to each other. She wasn’t real wet but she wasn’t completely dry either. I think the story she was telling me about last night had started to get to her making her wet again this morning. But as I rammed into her hole balls deep, she still cried out in pain. I think it was both in her cunt and in her head. She said, “No Bud! Not now! Oh God! I’m sick! Oh God no Bud!”

It was too late and I didn’t care if she moved at all. I just wanted satisfaction. I pumped and pumped and pumped into her body with long, smooth, hard strokes. Again and again I slammed my cock home marking my territory, so to speak. I was going to cum in her and make her and anyone else know she was my wife, my cunt, my woman, and no one else’s!

She grunted each time I pushed into her and moaned each time I pulled out. Over and over and over and over again I fucked her like some $25 whore instead of my wife. I just wanted to cum inside her and that was all! She lay there rolling her head from side to side and moving her body as I dictated with my thrusts! I said, “Oh yea! That’s it fuck me baby! Yea come on use that body and give me your pussy! Oh fuck Shirl! I’m going to cum! Oh shit! Yes! YES!! OH YES! OH FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I slammed into her one last time buried as deep as I could get my cock and holding her legs well up over her head. I cried out with a fit of rage, passion and lust I had never known before in my life! As I emptied my balls deep inside my wife, I didn’t even look at her. I just fucked her. All I could think of was my revenge!

She was sick and hung over badly and what I was doing wasn’t helping her at all. If you have ever been fucked or fucked while being hung over then you know what a feeling it is. It’s not good! Shirl didn’t enjoy any of it but I didn’t give a shit. I was pissed and I wanted to get back at her. Back at her for being with another man, back at her for being with another woman, and back at her for hurting me so bad was all I could think about. I wanted to get back at her for letting him cum all over her and for god knows what else he and she had done with each other last night! All I could see was her body sitting on this guy’s lap bouncing up and down on a huge cock. In my brain his dick was most likely twice as big as it really was. But, I didn’t care I fucked her hard! She moaned and then as I finished she cried out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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