Charlotte’s Defeat: Ample Stretches

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Arms Behind

Charlotte (25 year old female) clutched her head and winced from the pain, slowly picking herself up from the ground. “You’re…not bad, for a two-dimensional MMA fighter.” She spat and then rose, mounting her hands on her jutting hips and glowering at her opponent. Jordan (37 year old male) waited for her next move, breathing heavily but steadily, watching Charlotte.

“Will you now pay me the respect I am entitled to?” he asked patiently, and was not surprised when Charlotte lunged at him. Jordan parried deftly, tripping and sending her sprawling. Charlotte landed face-down, ass-up, groaning at her continued failure to scathe Jordan.

“I must be having an off-day,” she snarled, trying to rise again – but this time, Jordan seized Charlotte’s hair before she could make any progress. “Hey, what the hell!?” she asked. “Let go of me, you—”

“If you refuse to show respect, I’ll just have to drill it into you,” Jordan said. He yanked Charlotte’s head back without mercy, holding her in place as he tugged down his pants. Charlotte stared up at him with savage anger…until that gigantic mast unfurled before her eyes, and she calmed down quickly.

“Wh-whuh…” Charlotte bit her bottom lip, gazing in amazement at Jordan’s 8-inch dick. Even flaccid, it was nearly as long as Charlotte’s wrist and just as thick. When Jordan grasped the base of his monstercock and tugged it to one side, Charlotte’s eyes followed…and she gasped as he SLAPPED her with his massive dong. Spittle flew from her lips, her eyes glazed over with lust, and she groaned sweetly, overwhelmed by the heat and musk of her fellow cousin’s enormous cock. He kept his grip tight on her hair, tugging hard, letting her know exactly who had won this fight. His cock swung again from the other direction, turning her head once again.

By now Charlotte was panting for air, her big tits heaving in and out in her top. Jordan reached down, hooked his fingers inside the hem, and yanked violently at her top – freeing her breasts in a vibrant cascade. Her huge, perky tits smacked together, pink nipples stiff and erect, and she watched as Jordan’s monsterdong began throbbing to life.

“Stay where you are,” Jordan said firmly, stroking his dick up and down. He brought his cockhead close to her mouth, letting her inhale its scent, growing more addicted by the second. Charlotte leaned forwards, trying to kiss him, but his grip on her hair held her off. “Look how easily you’ve fallen, Charlotte. I expected more from you.”

His hand left his cock, and suddenly he was squeezing her hair in both fists, angling his cock up with her mouth, pressing his hot glans inside. bursa escort Charlotte groaned sweetly when his tip touched her tonsils, and raised her eyes to his. She knew what was coming, and she desired it more than anything. At last, he took a deep breath, squared his shoulders…

…And RAMMED her throat with all his might. Glrk! Charlotte’s neck bulged around his massive girth, spittle flying from her lips and spurting from her nostrils as he plugged her gullet with the biggest dick she’d ever seen. He started to thrust right away, clobbering her face with rough pumps while she glucked and gulked noisily on his rod, her eyes rolling further and further back into their sockets.

He punched his meat down her throat with the intent of spearing her stomach, watching her breasts leap and bound and smack together in response to his powerful thrusts, drool splattering over those gorgeous, bouncing udders. Her jaw was cranked to its limit, shuddering each time his hips slapped closer to her gaping maw. Ghluk! Glrk! Glttch!

As Charlotte’s neck danced, her mind swam away into a dimension of pure pleasure. She slid a hand between her thighs and rubbed ferociously at her pussy…until she remembered who she was. Her eyes snapped to focus. She wasn’t some subservient bitch – she was Charlotte fucking Judson, and if this fancy asshole from Milwaukee didn’t remember that, she’d damn well remind him—

Jordan came. He blew a sharp breath between his teeth as the pleasure surmounted his resistance, and he bottomed out in Charlotte’s throat with a harsh CLAP of flesh on flesh, driving his monstercock balls-deep inside her. Charlotte’s eyes bulged when she felt the hot wash of semen filling her belly to the brim, rolling through her guts, making her feel corpulent and bloated. She gurgled—

And tensed as hot, creamy splooge erupted from her ass, guttering and splashing across the floor, forming a wide puddle underneath her. Charlotte twitched on Jordan’s cock, grabbing at his hips, trying to push him away – but when his cock was halfway out of her, he pumped forwards again, closing the distance with a soggy SCHLOP! Cum spurted from Charlotte’s nostrils and oozed down her tits. She had no choice but to endure the heat, her guts turned into nothing but a chute for Jordan’s load to travel through.

When he finally finished, he threw her off of him in a single motion, wrenching his giant cock from her bumpy, rippling dickchute of a gullet and depositing her on the floor. As she sprawled in a puddle of cum, gasping and groaning, Jordan jacked his cock over Charlotte, splattering leftover seed on her abs and tits.

“Nnghh…you bursa escort fucking jerk…” Charlotte groaned through bubbling seed, then turned her head aside and puked semen across the ground. “Asshole…”

“Not a bad idea,” Jordan said plainly. His cock was still erect, Charlotte realised in that moment, and she tried to scurry away when Jordan stooped to grab her. She was too late: Jordan hooked an arm under Charlotte’s left thigh and flipped her onto her front, rendering Charlotte’s ass vulnerable to his…ah…’affections’.

“N-No fucking way!” Charlotte snarled, clenching her ass tight in an effort to prevent him from entering. “If you think you can treat me like a gutter whore, think agai—hhnnn…” Her eyes rolled back as Jordan speared her ass on his giant cock, splitting her guts around his girth and proceeding to ram her without mercy.

He buried himself inches deeper with every thrust, holding her hip in one hand and her chin in the other, keeping her body in a straight line to ease the passage of his monstrous boner. Schlap, clap, clap! Charlotte’s guts were already clogged with more seed than any woman was equipped to take. Charlotte’s abs bulged around his titanic fuckrod, her tits leaping back and forth between her biceps as she held herself on all fours.

Sharp cries of bliss sounded between her teeth at first…until her mouth flew open, and Charlotte hollered like the rough-fucked bitch she was. Her swinging tits began to beat her chin with every thrust while her asscheeks clap, clap, clapped against Jordan’s hips. He drilled her with all the passion and fury of MMA fighter, leaning over her until his chest brushed her shoulderblades and his face touched the back of her head.

“Do you understand your place now?” Jordan asked. “If not…pay attention.” He looped a muscular arm all the way around Charlotte’s neck and pulled her up sharply onto her knees, holding her against him as he hammered against her inner walls. He grasped her wrist and led her hand to her belly, making her feel it bulging under her palm and fingers while her titties leapt against the open air.

“Ha! Ah! Ahhn!” Charlotte cried in bliss and despair, her pink tongue lolling from her open mouth as Jordan brutalised her asshole, drilling her guts without a single hint of mercy. Charlotte was an anal virgin, and each thrust felt like her brain was being fried. “Hnn! N-No more…!”

“Do you really want that?” Jordan growled, and delivered a sharp spank to Charlotte’s soaking pussy. She immediately clamped her teeth together and gave a deep, ecstatic groan, hitting an overpowering bursa eskort orgasm. Charlotte squirted like a whore, her hips lurching back and forth, abs clenching around the bulge of Jordan’s dick as he rocked his pelvis into her asscheeks, squishing her thick hair into flat pancakes!

He wasn’t even showing her half of his full ability: as Charlotte came, Jordan seized her tits in his hands, squeezing them tightly against her chest as he launched a salvo of merciless thrusts on her poor, unprotected asshole. Cum drooled down her chin and roped onto her breasts, dribbling through the valley of her cleavage onto the tip of her belly-bulge, which danced in and out so rapidly that Charlotte thought she was losing her mind. Jordan was fucking her into oblivion, proving just how helpless she was against his marvellous body, and showing her just how much pleasure a woman could feel.

When Jordan pushed her down on all fours again and started breeding Charlotte with a nonstop stream of savage thrusts, Charlotte knew his load wasn’t far off. She braced herself for it…and more than that, Charlotte thirsted for it, licking her lips and giving low moans as his muscular body tensed up.

Jordan exploded inside Charlotte, jet after huge jet of spunk firing through her system. Charlotte arched her back and shoved her rump against Jordan’s surging hips, gasping and moaning out loud, no longer trying to deny her feelings. Pleased by her response, Jordan slapped her ass and held himself inside her grinding his pelvis on her perfect, fatty asscheeks and pouring his lust through Charlotte’s body.

It wasn’t long before splooge erupted from Charlotte’s mouth and nose, hosing through the air in gooey arcs while her eyes blurred with lust. She shuddered, gargled, and gasped for air when she wasn’t firing ropes of her lover’s cream.

At long last, Jordan’s orgasm died down to a few spitting ropes. He groaned, smacked her ass once more, and then slowly dislodged himself from Charlotte’s twitching asshole. Her rim clung to his dick, not wanting to let him free, but inch by inch he withdrew, driving her crazy with the sensation. Just when his cockhead was about to slip out, Charlotte RAMMED her hips back, taking him balls-deep again in a single thrust. “Ahn!” The shock of sensation sent her into a spasming orgasm, squirting down her thighs, dropping her inhibitions entirely. Jordan grunted…then pressed on Charlotte’s tailbone with a palm, forcing himself out of her once again.

“Not a bad ride,” Jordan said as he retrieved his long pants, leaving Charlotte in a twitching, spurting heap on the ground. “I could get a lot of mileage out of you. But for now…adios.” He plucked a banquet of flowers from inside his briefcase and tossed it in Charlotte’s direction as he made his extravagant exit.

“Fuckin’…asshole…” Charlotte murmured into the puddle of splooge.


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