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My husband gave me an exquisite ankle chain for my birthday. It was heavy, solid gold and I loved it. Bob put it on my ankle, my right ankle, and he said, “This will really make your legs look even hotter than they already are. I love making my wife look hot!”

“Well, you know I aim to please. It is so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it when we go out.”

“I think you should wear it all the time when you are out of the house. You know I’m proud of my sexy wife, and I like it when people notice, especially when you make men stop and stare. I really like showing you off.”

“Come on, now, I don’t parade around trying to tease men. I do like the attention, but I’ll try to keep just you looking.”

“Me and every other man who isn’t gay or dead. They all look because you are truly gorgeous. You always get me going. I don’t think you even realize exactly how beautiful you are. I am one lucky guy.”

I didn’t take my new chain off for the rest of the weekend as Bob and I never left the house, continuing our birthday celebration in and out of bed the whole weekend. I think my new chain turned Bob on more than it did me, but I was not one to complain. By Sunday evening, we were both pretty sure that Bob had picked a winner for my birthday present.

Monday was a bright sunny day and I got in a little sunbathing before noon. At about one, I decided to get the mail and slipped on a pair of shorts and walked down our driveway to the box. I noticed how pretty my ankle chain looked glistening in the sun. I glanced up the street and saw a woman pushing a stroller with twins coming toward me. I didn’t recognize her and waited for her to reach me.

“Hi, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. I’m Amy. Do you live close by?”

“Sarah here. Yeah, we live just down around the corner in the blue house. I usually go the other way when I walk the twins.”

At this point, I noticed that her two boys were half Afro-American. “They sure are cute. Their smiles are infectious. Would you like to come in for a cup of coffee?”

“I would, but right now, I need to get the boys home-it’s nap time. Why don’t you give me about half an hour and come down to my house and have coffee there? It’s the second house around the corner-light blue with white trim.”

“I’d love to. See you in thirty.”

Sarah met me at the door and showed me to the kitchen. The coffee was already on and she poured each of us a cup. We sat down and I crossed my legs. Sarah immediately said my chain was beautiful and pulled up her pant leg. “I have one, too.”

“Thank you. My husband gave it to me on my birthday. He thinks it makes my legs look hot.”

“Well, I think it does the trick. What does your husband do for a living?

“He is a realtor. And yours?”

“He’s the basketball coach at the junior college in town.”

“They had a really good team last year, didn’t they?”

“As a matter of fact, Jimmy’s team went to the national finals and lost by only three points. Come on into the den. There’s a picture of them on the mantle.” We walked into the den. “Jimmy is so proud of the team. He has said they were over-achievers. That’s him on the left end.”

“The blond guy? I take it that you two adopted the twins?”

“No, actually, the tall guy on the right end is their father. That’s Dante. He’s the assistant coach. Sit down and I’ll explain. You see, Jimmy and I have sort of a different lifestyle. I am what is known as a hotwife. Jimmy likes me to date guys outside of our marriage.”

“I’m confused.”

“Some husbands get aroused knowing their wife sees other guys. Somehow it just turns them on. Some even like their wife to play without birth control. It’s called taking the risk. That’s Jimmy.”

“And he knows about Dante?”

“Dante was his idea. He introduced us.”

“Wow! I can’t believe it.”

“It’s true. There are lots of web sites on the internet about it. Why don’t I write down a couple and you can read up on it. I’ll put my phone number on and if you are not too grossed out, you can call me tomorrow and we can have coffee again. I am not embarrassed about our lifestyle, but I am a little sorry about springing this on you so suddenly. I just thought you might be into it, too, since your husband gave you your ankle chain and likes you hot. I’m sorry if I offended you. I hope you call me tomorrow so we can talk more.”

“Well, we’ll see. I better get going so I can get a little computer time before Bob gets home. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit intrigued with the idea. You seem to be so positive.”

“Amy, I hope you call. Bye.”

I hurried home and jumped right on the computer. The first site was by a psychologist who discussed the whole idea of wife sharing. It seems that it is more common than one would think. The psychologist said it was almost natural for some men. The second site was a collection of supposedly true accounts of couples in the lifestyle as they called it. I was amazed. I read about a dozen stories before it was time for Bob to get home. I was careful to delete my browser history because adana escort I didn’t want him to know what I had been reading.

Half an hour later, Bob got home and he greeted me at the door. “How’s my hot little wife?”

“I’m fine. How was your day?”

“It was ok. I met with that company I told you about which is looking for about sixty thousand square feet to lease or buy. I might have found just the right property. It would mean a big commission. Did you do anything exciting today?”

“I met a new neighbor who lives down the street. I had coffee at her house. We talked about the usual stuff, you know, husbands and kids. Her kids, that is, she has a set of twins. They are sure cute. I might go see her again tomorrow.”

The next morning, as soon as Bob left for work, I was back on the computer reading more stories. I was becoming more intrigued as I read, maybe a little aroused at some of the accounts. At noon I called Sarah and told her that I would love some more coffee. She laughed and said I could come over in a few minutes. She would put the twins down for a nap earlier than normal.

As I walked down the street, I glanced down at my gold chain. A couple stories had filled me in on one meaning of a golden anklet. Some people saw it as just a piece of jewelry, but others considered it code for a wife who had her husband’s permission to play outside their marriage.

Sarah again met me at the door and said that the coffee was almost ready. She then asked if I had been offended. “Not at all. I’ve been on the computer for six hours and it seems that a lot of people are really into it. How did it start with you and Jimmy?”

“Well, we were playing around in bed one night and we got to talking about fantasies. I told him to go first and he said that that he always thought that it would be hot if I had sex with another man-as long as he was in the loop. Not behind his back but with his knowledge. I didn’t know what to say. At first I was real quiet but I finally asked him if he was serious and he said he was.”

“And that was it?”

“No, we talked about it some more and I told him that I had dated two guys at the same time while I was in college. Twice actually. I told him that I had liked doing it. He said it wouldn’t be a whole lot different. I said I would think about it. The next morning I asked him if he would be jealous or resentful if I did go out with someone. He said that he would love it and that he didn’t think it would hurt our marriage. I asked if he was sure and he said the idea turned him on.”

“So you said you would do it?”

“Not right away. We had only been married about two years and I was worried that when it came right down to it, he might not be so sure. But he assured me that everything would be alright. Two discussions later, I told him I was ok with the idea. I dated seven guys in the next few months. I actually had a blast and Jimmy loved it. By that time I was fully into it. A month later, he introduced me to Dante.”

“He set you up with his assistant coach? Really?”

“Yes, and we sort of hit it off big time. Jimmy and Dante got along fine and we dated steady for about three months. Two or three times a week. That’s when it became serious. One night Jimmy and I were in bed talking about things and he told me that I should quit taking the pill and let nature take its course. I was floored but I also got turned on by the risk idea. He even told me that he would use condoms with me. I couldn’t believe he wanted Dante to get me pregnant. He said that having a black baby would complete his fantasy. I asked him if he was positively certain. He said yes and I said ok and here we are.”

“Wow! What a story. And everything has been ok? Jimmy is fine with everything?”

“Oh, yes. Jimmy’s fine. Having twins sort of threw him for a loop at first, but he wants me to get pregnant again.”

“And you’re alright with that?”

“Yes. I went back on the pill but I’m going off in a few weeks. We didn’t want the babies to be too close together. They’re almost two now.”

“Well, I guess the stories on those web sites were probably true. You are living proof. Did you guys have much negative feedback when you showed up with two black babies?”

“I didn’t, but I’m pretty much a homebody and Jimmy is totally comfortable with our life. What do you think about it all?”

“I’m a little conflicted. I can see that it could be a lot of fun. But it would seem to me that it would be an unusual husband to agree to this. And you’re sure that Jimmy is ok with it?”

“Hey, everything we have done has been his idea. He got me my anklet and explained

what wearing it meant. He had me meet Dante and told me he wanted me to let Dante get me pregnant. I would definitely say he is ok with it all. I love having Jimmy’s trust and the freedom to date others. I think that our marriage is rock solid and we both love our lifestyle.”

“Well, you two sure have it going on. This lifestyle does not offend me. In fact, I think I would probably eskişehir escort enjoy it myself, but I have no idea what Bob would think. I don’t even know how I could approach him with the idea.”

“Amy, you might be surprised about Bob. Most of the time when couples get into the lifestyle, it usually is the husband’s idea. Tell me, who decided on which ankle you should wear the chain?”


“Well, the right ankle is part of the code. And he is always telling you that you attract a lot of attention from men, and that he likes it? He wants you to be hot, and he wants men to see your ankle? I really think you should feel him out on his thoughts.”

“But how could I bring it up? I don’t want him to think I’m some kind of slut. Or that I’m not satisfied with him or our marriage.”

“Maybe he wants you to be a slut. I bet I know a way you could bring it up. He tells you he likes it when you are his little hot wife. The next time he says that—just ask him whether that is one word or two. That puts the ball in his court. He might try to play innocent and ask you what you mean. You could tell him you saw on the internet that there are two meanings to wearing an ankle chain. See what he says at that point. You’ll probably be able to tell what he thinks right then and there”

“Good idea. He says something like that almost every night when he comes through the door. I hope he says it tonight. I’m going to go get on the computer some more. I’ll call you tomorrow if anything happens tonight.”

Once again, I shut the computer down before Bob got home. I was very nervous about tonight. Bob might not say the magic words, leaving it all up to me to start. The door opened-“Hi, Honey, how’s my little hot wife?”

The next morning, Bob left for work two hours late after we made love for the third time in little over twelve hours. As his car backed down our driveway, I was already on the phone. “Hi, Sarah. You won’t believe what happened. Can I come over right now?”

“Sure. Come on over. We’ll have to keep the boys occupied, but they won’t understand what we are saying.”

“Okay, it’ll be a few minutes. I have to put myself together and I’ll be right there.”

As Sarah opened the door, I blurted out, “Sarah, you almost wrote the script for last night!”

“Slow down, Amy. Come on in. We can sit in the den. What happened that’s got you so excited? Did he say it?”

“Right off the bat. And he did try to play innocent. He asked me what I meant when I asked him one or two. I told him that you have an anklet and that you said I should look on the internet. I told him that I was just curious if he knew about the other meaning. He didn’t answer me but rather reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a little package. “Here, look at this.” I pulled up my pant leg to show her the new charm on my chain. “He said it was the rest of my birthday present.”

“Oh, Amy. It is so beautiful-a gold heart with hotwife engraved on it.”

“That’s not all. Look on the back. He put an ace of spades on it.”

“Wow! That is outrageous. He wants you to do it, and with black guys, too.”

“I know. He said that he was leery about giving me the charm on my birthday because he had only hinted about liking me to be attractive to other men. He thought that I would learn about ankle chains sooner or later. He just didn’t think it would be that quick. I then told him that I had gotten a little nudge from you. I hope that you don’t mind but I filled him in about you and Jimmy and the twins.”

“Like I told you, Jimmy and I are not in the least embarrassed with our lifestyle. What else did he say?”

“He was amazed that the very first person I met with my chain on would turn out to be my tutor. It was a hell of a co-incidence. I told him that between you and the internet, I was probably an easy convert. He just laughed and we went to bed. I think that was the hottest sex that Bob and I had ever had. He went in to work late this morning, too. We really got into talking about his fantasy. We didn’t actually go to sleep till after midnight. At six this morning, we were at it again.”

“It sounds like he doesn’t have any reservations about this. What about you?”

“I think I’m going to love it. He told me that when he was in college, he and his roommate, Stan, shared Stan’s girlfriend for a whole year. Bob said that he absolutely loved making it with her after Stan had screwed her. He said that he had come to love sloppy seconds, and that his fantasy built from there. As I think about it, he has really liked it when we had gone for it twice in one night.”

“Amy, stay right here. I have something upstairs that you will really like.” Sarah then ran upstairs and came down, handing me another charm. It was a golden heart with an engraved condom inside of a red circle with a slash through it. “You can keep it. It means that you are willing to have sex without a condom. Black guys love that, and I bet that Bob will, too.”

“Thanks. Yeah. I think he’ll love it. He already sakarya escort told me that I would be in control. He just wants to know what is going on, and that he would be ok with almost anything. I’m on the pill so pregnancy will not be a concern.”

“Well, the pill is not totally foolproof, and the small risk just adds to the experience-at least for me it did. Bob didn’t say anything about getting pregnant, did he?”

“No. We didn’t bring that up. Sarah, I am so excited. How does one get started?”

“Jimmy and I just started going to clubs together and when I felt confident enough to go alone, it was a piece of cake after that. You won’t really have to do much of anything. As pretty as you are, the guys will be all over you. If you want, Dante and I could probably take you to get your feet wet. And don’t be surprised when you are just out and about that you’ll run into guys who know what the anklet is all about. Especially if they get close enough to see the charms. More black guys than not know all about it. They’ll spot you a mile away. Wear it proudly and don’t be embarrassed. Attitude is everything.”

“My attitude certainly has changed over the last couple of days. Just think, my twenty-fifth birthday and four days later, I’m a hotwife.”

“You’re not quite there yet. You haven’t done anything yet.”

“Yes but you said that attitude is everything. I am a hotwife now. Do you think Dante would be ok with Friday to go clubbing?”

“I’m sure, and I’ll bet he can get some of his friends to show up at the club. Dante will probably dance with you to get you started. That way you won’t feel so on your own. Of course, you don’t need to feel pressured. It took me almost a month before I slept with anyone. You can be very picky because you will meet a lot of eager men.”

“That’s what Bob said. He didn’t think I would have to settle for any thugs. What should I wear?”

“Oh, just about anything smart and sexy but not slutty. I’ll probably wear a nice blouse, short skirt and boots. If you want to feel really naughty come without panties. You wouldn’t believe how that feels knowing that a guy could reach under your skirt. Of course, he wouldn’t know you are going commando.”

“I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

“By the way, sometimes you might find that a thug is just the right ticket for the evening. The right thug might just fit the bill.”

“Uh, maybe. I better get home and read up some more. I hope Bob hasn’t changed his mind today. I’m going to tell him that I’m going to do it for sure. I need to grab a shower, too. I didn’t have time this morning. I’ve got to get ready. I have a feeling that Bob will be all over me tonight.”

“Well, Amy, let me know if anything comes up. I’m sure that we’ll talk before Friday. Why don’t you plan on being here about eight on Friday and we’ll take Dante’s Escalade.”

Bob loved the new charm on my ankle and was very excited to learn of my first foray Friday night with Sarah and Dante. Wednesday and Thursday nights were like another honeymoon. He even came home early on Friday to help me to get ready for the evening. I had to tone down his preference of attire. He wanted me to be dressed slutty to the max, but I told him that Sarah had cautioned against that. He finally bowed to Sarah’s expertise in such matters, and I followed her advice and chose a short, tight dress with nylons, and, of course, my ankle chain with both charms.

“Amy, I want to walk you down to Sarah’s. I’d like to meet everybody.”

“Bob, you don’t have to. It’s just down around the corner.”

“I just want to see what’s going on and who you’re with. I want to feel that I’m part of your adventure.”

“I told you that I would tell you everything that goes on. We are in this together. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Every detail.”

We walked down the street holding hands. I think Bob could tell that I was very nervous. When we got to the door, he told me to have a good time and not to fret if things turned into an overnight deal. Just to let him know. “I don’t think anything is going to happen like that tonight.”

“Amy, I am excited as hell for this, and know this-that I am behind you all the way.”

I rang the bell and Sarah met us. “Oh, Amy, you are gorgeous. And I take it that this is Bob?”

“Yes. Bob, this is the Sarah I’ve been telling you about. Isn’t she pretty?”

“Wow! That is an understatement.”

“Bob, you are very kind. Would you like to come in and meet everybody?”

“Yes, please.”

“Follow me. They’re all in the den. Everybody, this is Amy and her husband, Bob. And, you two, this is my husband Jimmy and, of course, this is Dante and our twins.” We all exchanged greetings and sat down.

Bob immediately jumped in and asked Jimmy how the team was going to be this year.

“Well, it’s going to be hard to live up to last year, but Dante is working heavy-duty with the front line. Those big guys hardly listen to me. They know that he can teach them a thing or two. He played for the Pistons two years and he is the man.”

Dante chuckled. “Two years on the bench is not exactly playing with the Pistons. They finally cut me and nobody picked me up. But now I’m getting a lot of coaching experience as assistant. Don’t let Jimmy fool you. He knows his stuff. He just doesn’t happen to be six-seven. The little guys don’t listen to me either.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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