Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 19

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Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for help with the grammar and some technical advice.

It was early on a Thursday morning when Rick’s phone buzzed. He fished it out of his pocket; the display indicated a new text message. He tapped the screen and the full message displayed

FromTraci: Wanna hang out?

The message was from Traci. She had been his friend since third grade, and was quite possibly the most awesome girl ever. She was just as much of a sci-fi and fantasy geek as he was, wasn’t afraid to get dirty and was one of the smarter people he knew. She was also an athlete. At almost six feet tall she excelled at the unusual combination of ballet, volleyball and basketball. Her thin build kept her from being truly outstanding in the team sports, but she was a solid member of both teams. Rick always considered it a bit ironic that he was the cheerleader and she was the jock. They had not see as much of each other since the summer started. It seemed like he was either working or hooking up with someone.

He typed his response

To Traci: Sure

She replied

From Traci: Full Disclosure, I need help doing something for my parents.

To Traci: I’m in for whatever

From Traci: They want me to get the RV ready for a trip. Can you give me a ride to the storage yard?

To Traci: As you wish

Rick slipped the phone back into his pocket and headed to his car to pick her up.

The sound of gravel crunching under the tires grew louder as Rick rolled down his window. He brought the car to a stop outside the storage yard gate.

“What’s the code?” he asked.

“I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,”

Traci replied, unbuckling her seat belt and leaning across Rick to put her arm out the window. Rick smiled as Traci’s small but firm breasts pressed against him. When the gate started to move she returned to her seat.

“It’s parked about halfway down the middle row,” she said as Rick pulled through the gate.

He recognized the large travel trailer and stopped in front of it. Traci hopped out and retrieved the gas can from the trunk. Her first task was to make sure the generator worked.

Traci filled the generator with fresh gas and it roared to life. Once inside she switched on the fans and lights, making certain each bulb illuminated. She set Rick to checking all the cabinets, nooks and crannies for spiders and mice. She wasn’t afraid of them, but it seemed like a more appropriate chore than counting sheets and towels. It also allowed her to admire Rick’s body. Traci had some additional chores for Rick, ones she thought he was uniquely qualified for.

“I think we are done,” Rick yelled as he stepped back into the trailer after checking the exterior storage lockers for critters.

There was no response from Traci. Rick walked through the trailer, finally stopping at the closed door to the bedroom.

“Are you decent?” Rick asked as he tapped on the door.

“You of all people should know the answer to that,” Traci replied through the closed door,” you can come in.

Rick twisted the latch and pushed the door open. Traci was leaning over the bed, counting sheets on a shelf.

“I think we are done,” she stated.

“This is a lot nicer than that old Airstream your family had before,” Rick observed.

“Too bad this one is so large it can’t be parked in the driveway,” Traci lamented.

“Yea, it was really convenient having it right there,” Rick agreed.

“We had a lot of good times in that old trailer. It was an awesome clubhouse,” Traci said.

“We did have a lot of fun,” Rick replied.

“I was sorry to see it go, there were a lot of memories in that old thing,” Tracy said.

“Remember when we found out that is where your parents hid your Christmas presents?” Rick asked.

“Yea, I also remember you insisting that the Easter bunny was real,” Traci replied.

“Well, at least I did not insist we sleep with a light on when we camped out in it,” Rick shot back.

“I remember some other things,” Traci teased.

“Really, like what?” Rick asked.

Traci blushed and said, “Remember when you showed me your penis?”

“Yea, but that’s not what you called it. You said it was my thingy. And I only did it so you would show me your boobies,” Rick replied.

“You remember that?” Traci asked.

“Oh yea, a guy never forgets the first time he sees real live breasts,” Rick answered.

“You’re just saying that,” Traci said.

“No, I remember your nipples are innies,” Rick said, referring to Traci’s inverted nipples.

Instead of the usual bump, in the middle of her areola there was a small slit. He had been fascinated by that characteristic of her body. She was the only person he knew with nipples like that.

“Well, they don’t look much different than they did three years ago. My only hope is that I am a late bloomer,” Traci lamented.

“What are you talking about, you have great tits,” Rick replied, “I meant breasts.” He hoped he had not come off as demeaning.

“It’s okay, you can call them tits. I do. Just Etiler escort don’t call them knockers because that sounds dumb. Anyway, I’m sure you have seen better,” Traci said.

“I would not say better. And what makes you think I have seen anyone else’s knockers,” Rick teased.

Traci glared at him meaningfully, “I suspect you’re having a different kind of fun now.”

“What do you mean?” Rick asked, not completely sure he understood what his friend was talking about.

“Didn’t you hook up with Courtenay?”

For reasons he didn’t understand Rick blushed. He was certainly not ashamed of fucking Courtenay or any of the other women that had sex with him. Although he had shared more intimate and embarrassing secrets with Traci over the years, the only thing he didn’t talk to Traci about was his sex life.

“Who told you that?” Rick asked.

“Nobody, but you two went from being textbook frenimies to pretty chummy over night, so I’m guessing Tab A went into Slot B somehow,” she explained.

“I concede to your powers of deduction,” Rick replied.

“So I guess you don’t need our agreement,” Traci said.

Rick smiled. The two of them had made a pact two years earlier. If they were still virgins when they graduated from high school they would be each other’s first. The first six months after the agreement he had fantasized about nothing else but sex with Traci and her unique perky breasts. He had assumed that she was the one that didn’t need the agreement; surely she had gone all the way with one of her boyfriends.

“I guess not, but you don’t either, do you?” Rick replied.

“Actually, I do,” Traci answered.

“Really?” Rick asked. “But you’ve had quite a few boyfriends.”

“I guess I’m Goldilocks, not one of them was just right. I wanted my first time to be special, not five minutes of clueless humping in the back seat of a car, but at the same time I didn’t want to be just another one night stand to some college guy,” she explained.

“I kind of felt the same way,” Rick said.

“So how did you find someone?” Traci replied.

“I didn’t, it was pretty much a case of hormones taking over,” Rick said. It was not far from the truth, his initial attraction to Nancy had been purely physical.

“And girls have a lot of issues guys don’t, like getting a reputation as a slut, or getting pregnant. And I heard it hurts the first time. I mean I can get my whole fist in my mouth, but I can barely fit two fingers in my pussy. If I have to deal with all that, then the guy is going to have to be worth it.” Traci said, and then wondered if she had said too much.

It was surprisingly easy to talk about sex with Rick.

“When you put it like that I can see your point. I just figured one of the guys you went steady with would have been the one,” Rick said.

“I let Steve Jackson get to second base, but he freaked out when he saw my nipples. I had to beg him not to tell anyone else. I was so embarrassed.” Traci explained.

“That was a blessing in disguise, Steve’s an idiot. He couldn’t find his ass with both hands, and treating you like that proved how dumb he is. Your breasts are fantastic,” Rick answered.

Traci stared at the bulge in Rick’s shorts, “Can I see your thingy again, I always wondered what it looked like when it was hard.”

“Only if I get to see your boobies again,” Rick replied.

Traci decided to call his bluff, “Okay. I will even go first.”

Rick stood motionless as Traci slowly pulled her shirt over her head, revealing her naked breasts. Her breasts were on the small side of average, she was probably a 34 A, and they were perky enough that a bra was not necessary. The dark areolas were just over the size of a quarter, but this time her nipples were just barely visible. Rick stared at her for a full minute before Traci’s voice snapped him out of his trance.

“I’ve showed you mine, now it’s your turn. I think you should take off your shirt as well, I don’t want it blocking my view,” Traci said.

Traci put her arms behind her and leaned back. She felt surprisingly comfortable being half naked in front of Rick. She thought letting him see her nipples were would be embarrassing, but it wasn’t. She pushed her chest out a bit, happy to display her tits to him. She watched as more and more of his hairy chest became visible. Finally he unfastened the last button of his shirt.

“Take it off, take it all off,” she cheered as he rolled his shoulders back and let the shirt fall to the floor.

The last time she had seen him shirtless was at the lake the previous summer, and that had been from a distance. His chest looked even better close up. She shifted her eyes to the waist band of his shorts. He was moving slowly, but she didn’t mind. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled the zipper down, then paused.

“You really want me to do this?” Rick asked.

“Oh yea,” Traci replied.

“It looks a little different,” he advised.

“I sure hope so,” Traci said.

Rick tucked his thumbs inside the waistband and pulled his shorts and underwear down at once. His Beşiktaş escort erection bobbed a few times when it was released and again when he kicked his shorts to the side. Traci stood up and moved to the edge of the bed, examining Rick’s cock.

“Well, you didn’t run away screaming, I guess that is a good sign,” Rick joked.

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere,” she replied.

Traci thought about other times she had seen a penis. Mostly it had been in movies or porn. One time she saw a classmate passed out. His drinking buddies had stripped him naked and written on him with markers. That guy’s penis had been much smaller than the one in front of her, but it had also been soft.

“Can I touch it?” Traci asked.

“If you want to,” Rick replied. He thought it might be awkward being naked in front of Traci, but he was strangely at ease with it. He felt aroused, but the lust he usually felt was missing.

Traci carefully wrapped her fingers around Rick’s throbbing erection and heard him gasp softly, “Is that okay?”

“Yea, yea. You’re not going to break it.” he answered.

Traci put the other hand over the head of Rick’s cock. The skin was smooth and soft, but underneath it felt like an iron bar. She clumsily slid her hand along the length of Rick’s erection. Traci could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter. She stroked his cock a few more times, “Is that how you do it?”

“Do what?” Rick asked.

“Jack off,” she answered.

“Pretty much,” Rick replied, a bit surprised by her boldness.

“Show me,” Traci instructed,” show me how you jack off.” She stopped touching him and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Really?” Rick asked.

“Yes, how often am I going to have a naked man in front of me that will cater to my whims?” she inquired.

“As cute and sexy as you are, I’d say pretty often,” Rick replied.

“I’m waiting,” Traci teased.

“I do this, you have to get naked and touch yourself,” Rick replied, surprised that he didn’t use more graphic language in asking her to masturbate.

“Okay, but you go first,” she insisted.

Rick wrapped his right and around his cock and began to pump it up and down. Even with no lubrication it felt good, mostly due to the sight of Traci’s perky breasts.

“You only use one hand?” she asked.

“Yea, that’s just the way I do it,” he replied.

“How long will it take for you to come?”

“I don’t think I will. With nothing to make it slippery it isn’t that arousing,” he answered, shrugging.

Traci watched him for a few moments and then told him to stop. She sat up and wrapped her hands around it again.

“If I put my mouth on it will you come?” she asked.

Rick smiled, “Not right away.”

Traci looked up at him, “Jenny Smith said she put her mouth on Jack Thompson’s dick and he came right away, and she said it was so hot it burned her tongue.”

“That’s not going to happen unless you want it to,” Rick assured her.

“I don’t think I want it to, but I do want to see you come,” she said. Then she lowered her head and kissed the tip of Rick’s cock. Traci pulled back, and then took then entire head into her mouth. It felt big and hot. She held him in her mouth for a minute before raising her head again.

“So that’s a blow job?” she asked, knowing there was more to it, but not sure how much more.

“Kind of, there’s usually a lot more movement,” Rick replied.

“Oh, do I move or do you move?” she questioned.

“Usually you do, but some girls like the guy to move,” Rick explained.

“Show me, show me what it is like for you to move,” She instructed.

Rick couldn’t believe he was showing Traci how to get her mouth fucked. He put one hand on her head, grabbing a fistful of hair. With the other hand he guided his cock to her lips, and then slowly thrust his hips forward. When she tried to move away he restrained her, and then drew his hips back. Then he did it again, this time she didn’t try to pull away. The third time he did it he pushed a bit more of his cock into her mouth. Rick could already feel his orgasm building. Seeing her lips stretched around his cock made his balls begin to tighten. The fourth time his turgid shaft entered her warm wet mouth he stopped, then pulled back.

Traci looked up at him, “What did you stop?”

“Because you said you didn’t want me to come in your mouth,” he answered through gritted teeth. Just the sight of her lips kept him on the verge of climax.

“Really,” she said excitedly,” that was going to make you come?”

“Yes,” Rick answered, his voice showing the strain of holding back his impending orgasm, “and you talking about it are not helping.”

Traci smiled mischievously, “I want to make you come, and I want to see it.”

“Okay, but you should tell me where you want it now, because it can happen pretty fast,” Rick said.

Traci looked around. She didn’t want to explain a mysterious stain on the bedspread or the carpet, and she certainly didn’t want it on her face.

She made up her mind, “My hands, you can come on my hands. Just Taksim escort tell me when you’re going to, uh, come. Now, do we just keep downing the blow job, or would something different be better?”

Rick paused. He felt a little like an instructional aide, but he wasn’t about to complain. He considered suggesting a hand job, but one look at Traci’s soft lips and his mind was made up.

“The blow job seemed to be working. Do you want to try moving, or should I keep…” Rick paused, not sure how to describe what he had been doing to Traci.

“Fucking my mouth, yea, let’s do that. I kind of liked it,” she replied. Honestly she had no idea how to give a blowjob. If letting him slide his cock in and out of her mouth would get him off, she was willing to play along.

Rick grabbed her hair again and once again guided his cock between her lips. He had just about lost it when she had said the word ‘fucking’. With each thrust he took another giant leap towards his climax. He felt Traci’s hands around his wet shaft and moaned. Quickly he pulled his throbbing erection out of her mouth. As his erection slide between her hands he felt his orgasm peak.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to come, get ready, I’…” Rick cried out has a thick stream of pearly liquid shot out of his cock and into Traci’s hands.

A sense of panic filled Traci has Rick’s cum overflowed her hands. She didn’t expect so much. She smeared it onto his legs and the tried to put her hands back on his cock, but she couldn’t keep up with the flow. Finally, in desperation, she wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick to keep Rick’s cum from dripping on to the floor. She winced in anticipation of having cum in her mouth. A final spurt splashed against the back of her mouth and slipped down her throat, and then a few more drops bubbled out. She could feel Rick’s erection jerking between her lips and his orgasm faded away. It was warm and salty, but not as bad Jenny Smith had said. The look of ecstasy on Rick’s face was worth the small sacrifice.

“Holy fucking shit that was amazing,” Rick gasped. He looked down and shook his head in disbelief at the sight of Traci’s lips wrapped around his cock and a thin stream of cum leaking from the corner of her mouth. She put her hands on his still rigid shaft and pulled it out of her mouth.

“Wow, so that is what it is like when a guy comes. Does it always happen that fast?” She asked.

“No, well, usually no. Not for me at least. It’s just that, well, I guess I have been thinking about doing that for a really long time,” Rick confessed.

“You mean you used to think of having sex with me?” Traci asked with a grin on her face.

“Yea,” Rick said, “especially coming in your mouth. I mean I stopped when I realized we would just be friends, but just now it all just rushed back into my head.”

“Well, you were not the only one. I used to think of you like that too,” she confided.

Traci looked at Rick’s fading erection, “It’s not hard anymore. What happened?”

“That’s just what happens when a guy comes,” Rick answered.

“How long before it gets hard again?” she asked.

“Usually about 15 minutes,” Rick replied.

“You can’t control that?” she wondered aloud.

“Not really. I don’t know why. I guess there is some hormone or something that gets released, or the muscles that make it hard have to rest,” Rick explained.

“Oh, well, I guess I have to show you mine then,” Traci replied.

“You don’t have to; I mean you have done a lot. I mean you let me come in your mouth,” Rick said.

“Oh this isn’t for you,” Traci said peeling off her shorts and underwear to reveal a neatly trimmed mound of pubic hair and a very wet pussy. “Although my orgasm won’t be as impressive as yours, if I even have one.”

“You mean you don’t always come when you do it?” Rick asked a puzzled look on his face. He couldn’t imagine stopping before he came.

“Well, I think I have, but like I said, it’s not as impressive, or obvious. Nothing spews out of me. I usually just feel really relaxed,” she explained.

Rick thought back to the other women he had fucked. It was pretty obvious when most of them came.

Traci paused and looked around,” I probably should put something on the bed just in case it gets messy.”

“Use this,” Rick said, tossing her his shirt.

She spread his shirt out on the bed and lay down on it.

Rick dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed and leaned on to the mattress. Tracy lay back on the bed, resting her feet on his shoulders.

“This is how I usually do it, unless I am in the shower. Then I just use the massage setting,” Traci said. She raised her head and glanced at Rick.

He was hanging on her every word. She started with her hands on her breasts, gently caressing them. Rick was right, she did have nice tits. She put one finger in her mouth, and then rubbed the wet digit on her areola, trying to coax her nipple into making an appearance. It took about a minute of caressing and stroking before it popped out. She did the same with the other breast. It usually took a little longer, maybe having Rick watch was helping. She wondered what his tongue would feel like on her tits. Traci tugged on both her nipples and let out a sigh, and then she put her left hand between her legs. Her pussy was already quite wet. It was time to put on a show for Rick.

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