Chevy in the Barn

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Once there was a traveling sales man named John, selling his wares on the back roads of Iowa. One evening, he was lost, driving down a deserted country road. When he hit a pothole in the night, it threw him across the ditch and into a tree. John got out of the car, he wasn’t hurt but the car wasn’t going anywhere. He looked up and down the road. No one would be traveling these roads this late at night he thought. So he picked a direction and started walking.

As John walked in the dark, he could hear all the sounds of the night. “What was that?… “He startled, “Oh just an owl.” Then a coyote cried out. “Holy Shit what was that?” He shivered. He picked up his pace. You might even say he started to run a little. Over an hour went by and John came across a farm. He went to the front door and knocked. Soon a old farmer opened the door. As John explained what had happened, he could see the two most beautiful farm girls he had ever seen. One was a gorgeous blonde, the other a gorgeous brunette. John finished his story then asked if the Farmer would have a room he could stay in for the night.

The farmer thought for a moment then gestured to the blonde. “This is my daughter Nellie, she is eighteen.” He then pointed to the brunette. “This is my daughter Venus, she is nineteen.” The farmer continued. “As you can see they are very beautiful and I’m not going to have you sneaking around my house trying to get in bed with one of them.” Sternly he finished “No you can’t stay. Be on your way. “

John was tired and begged. “Please sir. Could I stay in your barn? I promise I won’t go near your house or your girls.”

Once again the farmer thought. Then replied.” In that barn sits my antique Chevy it’s in mint condition. A very beautiful car. I’m not going to have you sneaking around my Barn messing it up.” Once again, sternly he finished “No you can’t stay. Be on your way. “

John looked over his shoulder into the darkness. He remembered the owl and the horrifying sounds of the coyotes. Only heaven knows what else lurks in the night out here. He was truly scared to continue walking.

“Sir.” John began. “The sounds of the night scare me.. If you’ll let me stay in the barn. “He took out his billfold. ” I’ll give you one thousand dollars. I promise I won’t touch your car or come near the house or your girls.”

The farmer thought for a moment. The girls watched their father. It had been a hard farming year the crops were short and prices low. The farmer looked to his girls then to the barn and back to the salesman. “Son you don’t know how much I need the money but I have to protect my own. ” No Travesti you can’t stay. Be on your way.”

Nellie and Venus came up behind their father. winked at John. Nelly said “Father!” He turned to his lovely daughter. She continued, “What would mother think if she knew you were acting like this.” “Rest her soul.” finished Venus.

The farmer shrank in resolve, “Ok then, you can stay in the barn,” he continued,” If you touch my car or come near the house,” he paused, you’ll meet my shotgun. You got that?” John thanked the farmer, and then disappeared into the barn for the night.

Once in the barn John saw the beautiful car. “What a ride!” He admired.” they don’t make cars like they used to. “He walked a large circle around the car. Not wanting anything to get blamed on him. “I don’t want to meet Mr. Shotgun.” He thought. John found a pile of straw and quickly went to sleep.

John suddenly bolted awake. Standing over him with a very dim light was Nellie in a very very light baby doll tee and a pair of denim short shorts that would make your eyes water.. Even in the dim light, he could see her nipples standing tall through the ultra-thin tee. Her shorts were so tight to say you could see her camel toe and butt cheeks, was an understatement. Breath taking, she was to die for. The farmers words came to mind.

Nellie knelt down beside John she said to him ” don’t worry I won’t let the night get you.” John just stammered. As she raised her tee up her nipples popped into view proclaiming her arousal, the tee continued off over her head. Her lovely breast bounced only once. They were the firmest natural breasts john had ever seen. The farmers words could not be heard.

Without a word, John dove into her breasts. Feeling, licking, sucking like there was no tomorrow. His hands travel her soft skin. He pinched her nipples softly. Nellie moaned pulling him closer. They kissed deep there tongue exploring each other’s mouths in anticipation of thing to cum. As her hands slid down his body, she unhooked his pants. She wrestled is hard cock into the open. This is what she wanted, this is what she needed, this is what she had to have. Sliding down his body Nellie took his cock into her mouth. So slow, so soft, deeper and deeper. Then with force enough to suck a golf ball through a garden hose she pulled up. Johns eyes rolled up into his head, he had never experienced a blowjob this intense. She repeated this action many times. Just as he was about to cum

Nellie rolled from him in a move he couldn’t believe removing her shorts in one fatal swoop. Nellie landed near her fathers prize Ankara Travesti Chevy. Nellie opened the door and slid in backwards her legs were spread wide and her shaved pussy gleaming wet in the dim light. In a voice so soft John wasn’t sure he had heard it Nellie said. “You want it, you eat it!”

John never hesitated. He slid head first into the car, between her legs lapping, and sucking the sweet fluid of her honeypot. Her aroma intoxicated him. John was beyond thinking, all he wanted was to drink from her over flowing fountain. Nellie bucked wildly, moaning in the orgasmic pleasures the sexually drunk man was bestowing upon her body.

Nellie grabbed John roughly by the ears pulling him up into position to enter her. His ears hurt but he didn’t care, his cock needed to find her love canal. She reached down to lined him up. When John felt her warmth he thrust forward unable to think of anything but to be swallowed up by her hungry wet pussy. Nellie cried out in orgasm. Like a wild horse he could not tame. She bucked and he rode her into the most awesome orgasm he had ever witnessed. With his eyes full of lust sweat running all over their bodies john moaned unloading into Nellie. They collapsed sexually drained and tired they slipped out of the car back into the straw kissing and snuggled together to slowly fall asleep.

John bolted awake again, not knowing what time it was. “Where is sheeee.”

His thought trailed off. There before him stood the beautiful Venus. As beautiful as her sister Venus was wearing a cross tied button down shirt and a glorious pair of short shorts that could only have been painted on her. The gates of heaven had opened to him this night. John didn’t hesitate this time. He stood floating into the arms of this goddess. The soft light dropped to the floor as he engulfed her lovely body with his arms.

They backed into the side of the car, With passionate wet kisses on her neck John untied her shirt driving his lonesome face into her Firm breast. Her nipples were standing tall and proud. He cupped her breast with his hand while sucking on her nipples .Venus opened the door and they fell into the Chevy. The feel of her smooth skin quickly aroused his man hood so he anxiously removed her shorts. John kissed her smooth skin as he so slowly slid down her body, her mouth, her chin, her neck, her breast, her nipple, her tummy, her thigh. Venus moaned as john began to lap at her womanly delight. His tongue dove deep into her sweet honeypot. Well…, Almost Sweet. John was not going to allow this beauty to report to her sister that she had been shorted.

Venus istanbul Travesti lovingly retch down and drug John up her body. Kissing him they rolled over she moved down Johns body taking his member in her mouth. Her soft mouth slid down his shaft swallowing him to the hilt. Johns eyes popped open as Venus created a vacuum from the depths of space its self. John couldn’t believe twice in one night to receive a blowjob like this. As he reached the edge of orgasm she moved back up his body, she held him tight and whispered “Take me lover.” They rolled over and she guided his cock into her pussy. She moaned in ecstasy feeling his cock slide in. John decided to give Venus a long slow ride to the stars. He started so slow enjoying every stroke. Her wetness made his mind spin. Speeding up with her pleading voice. He loved the look of orgasm building in her very being. John wanted to hold this feeling forever. Finally, with the plea from this desperate beauty he drove her hard to the orgasm she needed so desperately. As Venus orgasmed, she twisted her body and John fell out just before he shot his load. He came on her ass crack and the car seat. Their bodies were soaked in sweat so they rolled out of the car into the straw kissing and cuddling into a blissful sleep.

Once again, John bolted awake. “Wake up boy, Time to get you on your way.” Said the farmer. John was so tired it had been a long night. They crawled on the tractor and headed down the road to the young mans car. It didn’t take long for the farmer to tie on and pull the car back on the road. With a little bailing wire and duct tape, the farmer had John ready to go.

“Thank you for the help sir.” John said as he handed the farmer the money he owed him.

“And one hundred more for the toe and quick fix.” The farmer gave John directions to the nearest town to get the car fixed to last. John then gave the farmer his business card and drove away.

A month later John received a letter from the farmer. It said.

” Are you the one that done the pushing and the pulling…. Left your foot prints on my dashboard upside down… If you’re the one that messed with Nellie she’s had trouble with her belly and I think you best be comin’ round.”

John thought for a moment. He was very afraid of the farmer. He didn’t want to meet MR. Shotgun. What was he going to do? A few days later John drafted a letter to the farmer and sent it.

“Yes I’m the one that done the pushing and the pulling…. I left my footprints on your dashboard upside down. But ever since I messed with Venus I’ve had trouble with my penis. So I think we are even round and round.”

John never returned to Iowa. He knew Mr. Shotgun was waiting. Although he really missed the two beautiful farmers daughters. He would never forget the taste of heaven he had received form the girls that night. Special thanks to Venus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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