Candi Gets Tutored, or Vice Versa

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Professor Kurt kissed me and took off my glasses. But I put them back on because I wanted to see what he was doing between my legs.

We were upstairs in his den, and downstairs I could hear his wife in the kitchen, making supper for the three of us, which was weird.

The professor already had my knockers out. Now he wanted more. I let him remove my skirt and lifted my butt so he could pull off my white cotton panties. We both looked down at my naked peach-fuzz slit.

And my entire body turned pussy pink

He laughed like a kid with a new toy as his big hands roamed over my naked tits and twat. As he fondled my goodies, I saw a big lump stick out in his pants. My pussy moistened, and my eager nipples swelled between his kneading fingertips.

The room got very hot… hot as fuck!

“Um, Professor Kurt…if you want to…you can… I won’t tell.”


It started after class that day. Kurt was my professor. He brought me to his house allegedly to be tutored. Really. We had one hour of privacy, and I hoped we wouldn’t waste it studying.

“You’re very pretty Candi. With such, such g-o-o-orgeous tits.” His voice was almost a growl. Girls like the growl. My friend Deedee had a crush on him, and she’d kill me if she knew.

“Really, you like my tits?” I whispered like I hadn’t heard that a gazillion times before, ever since I grew boobs. Guys like big boobs. Duh.

“And you have such big eyes.” He said, staring at my knockers. I dimpled. “And such pretty blonde hair.”

“Actually Sir, it’s Peach Blonde. I dye it to match my other hair, down there.” I winked, and he blushed. “You don’t think my chest is too big, do you?”

“Oh never, of course not!”

“You’re such a sweetheart!” I kissed his cheek, letting my soft lips slip down and nibble his lips.

“Can I hug you?” Kurt threw my arms around me before he could say no. He squeezed me, and I pressed my tits into his chest.

“Candi…I think…”

“Yes?” I pressed my body closer, so he could feel my warm and supple body. I looked up at him hopefully, pursed my lips, and gave him my best Fuck Me lips. “Yes?”

“Come sit on the day bed with me.” I suspected the bed was there for Kurt to seduce college girls. Or vice versa. I sat on the bed, and he moved close.

“Sir, it’s rather warm—would you mind if I took my sweater off?”

Of course he wouldn’t. Boobs is Boobs, and they drive men crazy. I peeled off my sweater and shook my chest. Double D’s were my best quality. Unbuttoning a few blouse buttons, I let my white bra peek out.

“People always treat me as a sex object. All because of these.” I looked down at my large chest. “You don’t, do you sir?”

“No, of course n-not.” He stammered. “I -I’m only interested in helping you with um… algebra.

“Maybe you should help me with biology.” I winked and cupped my boobs, holding them up. “These things are more trouble Escort Ankara than they’re worth.” I lied. “It’s so embarrassing being the girl with the biggest tits.” Another lie.

“All the guys want to stick their things in me… Sir, what should I do?”

“Well. Have given up your um… flower? Are you still pure?” I was as pure as the driven slush on a muddy road. But at this moment I could be virgin-ish.

“No sir, I’ve resisted the urge to fornicate.” My bra was still visible, and I noticed him staring at my cups. I took a deep breath to expand my chest. “But mating is such a powerful urge. My loins ache for something long and hard.”

“Yes, um…the mating urge.” Kurt stared at me, panting.

“Sir, shouldn’t you be tutoring me? In algebra or something.”

“Let’s start with something… softer.” He moved his hand to my bra, and I let him touch it… them. Both of us panted as he squeezed my tits through my bra. The man made me wet.

I teased his lips with mine, forcing my tongue in his mouth. We sucked each other’s tongues, and his breath tasted of coffee and cherry tobacco—a masculine taste.

I cuddled up tighter as we embraced and kissed. The door wasn’t locked, and the kiss lasted forever. I could hear Kurt’s wife in the kitchen and felt rather sinful, but sinful is fun.

We looked into each other’s eyes. I figured we had to hurry before dinnertime. So I took the lead and pulled off my blouse, revealing my bra.

“Can you unhook me, Sir? You want to see them, yes?”

But the guy got up and walked away. I felt crushed—no man ever turned down my knockers!

Then I heard the door lock. Oh goody. Kurt unhooked my bra and I pulled my cups off. Revealing my perky tits topped with red nipples, candy apple red. And my candy nipples pointed straight out, ready to be licked.

“Wow Candi, your springy tits seem to defy gravity. He jiggled them up and down. I felt Kurt’s mustache tickling me as he kissed my nipple. He kissed and liked my other nipple, brushing it with his mustache.

Then Kurt sucked both my nipples like he was starving for milk.

I let him suck my tits for a bit, but we had to hurry. I moved his hand to my skirt. He got my skirt off, and then he pulled my panties down. We both stared at my fuzzy pink slit. I spread my thighs.

“Lick it Sir. Eat my pussy.” Kurt looked shocked. “Professor haven’t you ever licked your wife?” He blushed and shook his head.

Now it was my turn to teach. “Lick my slit like it’s a piece of candy, shove your tongue in my hole, and don’t forget my clitty.”

He whispered, “Lick Candi’s Candy?” I pushed his head under my skirt.

The professor was a quick study. Before I could kick my sneakers off, he had his mouth on my twat, sucking and his tongue lapping my labia. “Ohh sir… that’s it…” His bushy mustache tickled my clit as his tongue drilled into my hole.

“Ohh… Ankara Escort oh yes… ” Then he sucked my clitty like a soda straw. And my pussy shivered with a thousand tingles. Kurt came up for air, his mustache dripping in pussy juice. But I kissed him anyway.

He was only the second guy to lick me, and I loved it. Raul, my prom date introduced me to pussy licking— he could make me cum with the tip of his tongue.

Kurt growled. “My turn.” The man dropped his pants and yanked out his hefty boner.

“OMG, you really are horny!” The guy was hung like a Missouri mule. His long cock was uncircumcised and ugly as sin. But that was okay, because it was rock hard and determined.

A cock that knew what it wanted. Me.

Kurt spread my legs and moved up with his prick rubbing my leg. I opened my legs and looked up at him. I still had my glasses on and watched him finger my hole. First one finger then two.

His dick moved toward my pussy and nosed its way in between my pink petals. Like all guys, he slid it up and down in my slot, trying to find the hole. Why is a girl’s hole so hard to find?

Wet as hell my pussy was still tight and Kurt couldn’t get his fat cockhead into my tiny hole. Then he tried to push into my pee hole. “Ouch. Stop that. Dammit, let me suck your cock!”

“Really… you’d do that?” Kurt got that stupid-shocked look again.

“Sir, don’t tell me your wife never sucks your cock.” Grabbing his ugly prick I pulled it to my face. “I’ll lube it up good.” But I’d never sucked an uncircumcised cock before, and I gagged.

Kurt laughed and moved his dripping prick to my fuckhole. It popped in. Yes. I groaned as his surprisingly thick organ stretched me, ripping my pink tissue. Geez, I had to spread wider as his cock plowed through my pink folds.

“Oooh, it feels good Kurt,” I whispered. “Fuck me—fuck me hard!”

“DINNER IN FIFTEEN!” His wife, Miriam shouted from the foot of the stairs.

“Eek! Hurry Mr. Kurt—fuck me faster!” He twisted his ass and corkscrewed his cock deep into my cunt. It hurt but was a thrill, feeling my pussy get swooshed and screwed.

I was shocked. The old professor sure knew how to screw!

His thrusts grew harder, drilling down into my womanhood until his pubes pressed against my excited little clit. I lifted my pussy, eagerly humping into his fuck thrusts.

“FIVE MINUTES!” His wife shouted from the stairs.

We both whispered, “Shit!” He glanced at the clock and pounded my ass hard into the bed. The thrill of getting caught made it more exciting. Should we stop? Hell no! Not now! My cunt was on fire!

Adjusting my glasses, I looked down to see his hard cock sliding in and out of me like a piston, a piston slick with my juices. Kurt moved his hand down and tickled my clitty.

“Oh shit!” My clitty popped up and tingled. His cock moved faster. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…the bed bounced on the Ankara Escort Bayan floor. I undulated my crotch under his hand and around his thrusting cock, and squeezed that piston with my pussy muscles. I felt it throb.

“Candi,” he whispered. “You’re on the pill, right?”

“NOO SIR!” I shook my head. Shit, I thought all old guys had vasectomies. “Don’t cum in me!”

The professor jerked his prick to my mouth just as it burst. I gagged and swallowed. Big, gushing wads of cum sprayed into my mouth and down my throat. I gulped down the wiggling sperms into my belly.

As soon as he finished spewing, I tried to get up. But Kurt surprised me!

He held me down and sucked my pussy again. “Oh. My. Gawd.” His wet tongue lapped up and down my burning slit, shoving a thick finger into my hole while his thumb rubbed my clitty.

“DINNER TIME!” Miriam shouted. “COME AND GET IT!”

“We’re coming in a minute!” Kurt shouted. And with that… I was… cumming.

My pussy spasmed hard, clenching his finger. It vibrated under his lapping tongue, pulsing in hot flashes that curled my toes as my shaking legs gripped his shoulders.

“AHHH….” I clenched my teeth, trying not to make noise with his wife so close. Then Kurt sucked my clitty, and I silently screamed in two more hard orgasms… and collapsed.

“We’ll be down in two minutes!” Kurt shouted. He handed me a tissue. I wiped my juices off and squirted cherry breath spray in my slit, and a squirt in my mouth. Then we threw on our clothes.

In all the excitement, I never got my sneakers off.

“That was fantastic, Candi! You’re such a sweet girl” He smiled.” Remember, you promised not to tell.” I nodded. His big hand slapped my ass and we rushed downstairs.

Miriam asked. “Honey, how was your lesson?” I glanced at Kurt and we both blushed.

“It-it was hard ma’am, really hard.”

“Excellent.” His wife pulled out a chair. “Dinner is served, dear.” Miriam served me food while her husband fingered me under the table. His wife said grace. “Thank you Lord, for what we have received today.”

Yes, I was thankful. My swollen pussy still tingled, and was very thankful. I frowned at Kurt, then turned, giving his wife my innocent Girl Scout smile. She patted my arm while she prayed.

Creeped me out, having dinner with the woman, right after humping and sucking her husband. But she should be VERY happy. I taught her hubby how to lick twat.

After dinner, Miriam told hubby to drive me home.

The man’s eyes sparkled and he winked at me. I felt a backseat screwing coming up, maybe two or three. I whispered to him, “…we need condoms.”

His wife frowned. “Young lady, did you say condoms?”

“Oh no ma’am, I said CONDIMENTS. Um, please pass me the condiments.” I took a long pickle and bit it in half. Kurt flinched.

His wife blushed. “I’m so sorry Candi. You’re such a sweet girl.”

“Yep, sweet. That’s what your husband always says.” Under the table my legs clamped shut, forcing her husband’s finger out of my hole. And I scowled at Kurt with THE LOOK.

THE LOOK that said: “Mister, you ain’t getting no more nookie until you buy some condoms.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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