Chloe at a Rave

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It is dark. Some beams of coloured light flit across the space above Chloe’s head. Her slender white body moves gracefully to the loud music playing. Her long blonde hair dances over her shoulders. Around her, the mass of people crowded around the dance floor are all hot and excited from the music and dancing.

Across the floor, Chloe spots three black guys. She finds all three of them irresistibly sexy as they move to the music. Each of them is athletic, muscular, shirtless and wearing tight jeans. She breaks away from her friends and dances herself over to join them.

Chloe moves herself into the middle of the three of them. Turning as she dances, she focuses her attention briefly on each of them in turn. Making fleeting eye contact before moving onto the next guy. One of them grabs her and pulls her to him. They move together as he runs his hands along her back and sides.

She spins teasingly away from him and moves up to the next guy. She rests her forearms on his strong shoulders as she dips and twists in front of him.

Again, she moves coquettishly away from him and approaches the last of the three guys. She turns slowly around before him and he pulls her gently towards him by her hips. She wriggles her toned ass gently against him as he pushes rhythmically back at her, in time to to music.

Again Chloe breaks away. She splits from the group, edging backwards as she looks over at them. She bites her lip, smiles and then turns and walks slowly away. The hem of her short summer dress swishing with the sway of her womanly hips, as they shift from side to side below her narrow waist.

As the guys watch her go, she stops and aims a sultry look over her shoulder at them. She beckons to them with her index finger, then turns again to continue walking. The three guys exchange glances, then hurry after her.

They wend their way through the crowds in pursuit of Chloe as she weaves away towards the side of the stage. She disappears behind a stack of speakers just as they are about to catch up to her.

As they round the corner, they find her leaning against the back of the stack of speakers. Checking around, they see they are in a secluded spot, where they are not overlooked.

Chloe glances at them seductively as she plays a florescent glow stick over her lips. She kisses the end of it before dropping it to the floor. Chloe holds her hand sakarya escort out towards one of the guys, who approaches her. She pulls him close and kisses him passionately. She wraps her left leg around him and he runs his hand over her bare, toned thigh.

She pushes him away and beckons to the next guy. She kisses him deeply too, the thud of the bass reverberating through their entwined bodies as he pins her back against the speakers. She disengages from him and invites the remaining guy over. They kiss, then she pushes him away as well and moves herself off from the back of the speaker stack.

Chloe hitches up her dress and pulls down her panties. Stepping out of them towards the guys, she drops to her knees in front of them.

The guys crowd around her as they unfasten their trousers. Chloe watches eagerly as they take out their big, black, semi-erect cocks and present them to her. She immediately takes one in her mouth and grabs the other two. She works the three of them simultaneously, switching her focus between them and blowing each of them in turn.

With them all erect, they help her to her feet. One of the guys drops to his knees in front of Chloe, pulls up her dress and nuzzles his head into her crotch to lick at her clitoris. Another of them kisses her while the other moves behind her and drops to his knees. He pulls her ass cheeks apart and begins to rim her.

Chloe puts a hand on each of their heads as one laps at her pussy and the other pushes his tongue into her ass. The guy kneeling behind her picks the glow stick up and puts it gently into her wet pussy. He pulls it out and eases it into her ass hole. He slowly pushes it further into her, until it is all the way in and her anus closes around it.

Chloe squeezes the glow stick and it slides slowly out of her ass. The guy behind her puts his thumb on the end of it and pushes it back in. Chloe squeezes it back out again, this time catching it with her hand. She lifts it to her mouth and sucks on it gently.

Palming herself away from the two kneeling guys, she moves into the arms of the guy stood next to her. He holds her as she jumps onto him and wraps her legs around his waist. She guides his cock into her pussy and starts to ride him.

Another of the guys takes the glow stick from Chloe’s mouth and puts it back into her ass. izmir escort He moves it in and out of her before returning it to her mouth. She sucks on it as she feels the tip of a cock being pushed into her anus. She gasps with pleasure and the glow stick falls out of her opening mouth and bounces onto the floor.

The guy behind her eases his large black dick firmly into her ass and Chloe bounces herself energetically up and down on the two cocks fucking her. She feels them both deep inside her, filling her entirely.

The guy in her ass withdraws to let his friend take his turn in Chloe. He moves up behind her and pushes his cock into her. He slowly, yet powerfully thrusts himself into her ass hole as he reaches round to grab her long, slender legs. Taking firm hold of her, he leans her back and lifts her up off the guy fucking her pussy.

He lifts Chloe’s firm white body up and down onto his big black cock, before letting her down, one leg at a time until she is standing. Pulling her hips towards him, he fucks her fast and hard as his friend grabs the back of her neck and bends her over. Pulling her head down so she can suck his dick.

As the guy in her ass pulls out of her, Chloe turns round and drops to her knees to fellate him. She feels her dress being hitched back up as another of the guys moves behind her. Chloe is pushed down onto all fours as she feels her ass being filled once more. The guy in front of her kneels so she can continue to suck him.

Chloe enjoys being pleasured from both ends by these two well hung black strangers. The guy fucking her ass plunges deep into her as his thrusts become harder and faster. Chloe feels her orgasm growing. The music drowns out her loud gasps as she reaches a shattering climax.

The third of the guys moves his friend out of the way and takes his turn in her ass. He walks around and kneels in front of Chloe and she turns to suck his dick greedily. Displaced from Chloe’s mouth, the remaining guy stands to the side to watch Chloe being anally spit-roast and wait for his turn to fuck her ass again.

The three of them continue to fuck her like this. Moving in a circle from fucking her ass to her mouth. Chloe orgasms again as they take turns pounding their big black dicks into her ass hole.

Lost in sensation, Chloe suddenly realises that they are all mersin escort now standing in front of her. She kneels up and begins to suck each of their cocks in turn.

In order to keep the momentum of her pleasure going, Chloe picks the glow stick up from the floor and pushes it back into her ass. She rubs at her pussy with her other hand as she sucks the three big black dicks in front of her face.

Chloe senses they are all close to cumming, but she needs more from them. She leans back and lies down on the ground. She spreads her legs to give them all a view of her tight white pussy and the glow stick protruding from her ass.

One of the guys steps forward and grabs her hips. He pulls her up so she is resting on her shoulders and he swings her legs up over her. Propping her up against his strong thighs, he grabs his dick in one hand and the glow stick in the other. He guides himself into her ass hole alongside the glow stick and begins to fuck her.

Leaning over her, he drives his cock powerfully into her ass. Chloe groans with pleasure as her dress rucks up around her tits. Just before she is about to orgasm again, he pulls out and steps over her. He kneels down over her and pushes his dick into her mouth as another of the guys guides his cock back alongside the glow stick and into her ass.

Chloe enjoys being fucked at either end until the guy in her mouth stands up and moves away. His friend approaches her and stands with his feet either side of Chloe’s head and pushes his dick down into her pussy. Chloe orgasms strongly from being double penetrated, as the balls of the guy in her pussy thud into her clitoris with every thrust.

Suddenly he pulls out of her pussy and takes a couple of half steps backwards. Grabbing his big dick, he aims it at Chloe’s face and drops his sperm down over her.

The guy fucking her ass pulls out too and moves round to stand over her as the remaining one of the three fills her ass hole back up with his cock.

He fucks her energetically as his friend covers Chloe’s face with more sperm. She is held there, with two loads of hot cum dripping down her face and into her blonde hair as the last guy to finish pounds at her ass. He pulls himself out of her and brings his cock to rest between her legs. He rubs the shaft of his long cock on her pussy as he holds it against her with his hand. His cum shoots out of it and splats down onto Chloe’s face.

He lets her down and she lies there fully satisfied. Her dress is hitched up to her chest, her face covered in spunk and a glow stick hangs halfway out of her ass. She gently rubs at her pussy as she watches the three guys fasten up their trousers and file out past the speaker stack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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