Claire’s Transformation Ch. 01

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The lecturer’s voice was a steady drone in the background as Claire stared intently at the webpage on her laptop. Miracle Grow! Female growth hormone treatment. Become a sexier, more feminine you. Noticeable improvements overnight! Do it yourself from home today! The improbable taglines were accompanied by a single photo of a beautiful, young and ridiculously large breasted blonde in a low cut top.

Claire wasn’t stupid enough to be convinced by this. She’d seen many sites like it and knew well that almost all of them were scams. The fact was, she was desperate.

As a teenager, Claire had developed rather late – a source of great embarrassment and anxiety for her. She was 16 before her small breasts had grown enough to fill a B cup and her plain, childlike body had remained relatively unchanged since then. Now eighteen, Claire had long since given up on ‘filling out’ any further.

She’d visited a doctor once a while back to see if anything could be done. He’d told her that her slightly underdeveloped body was a result of a hormone imbalance and had prescribed her a dose of progesterone that only succeeded in giving her a bout of acne and mood swings. After that he’d said the only other option was surgery, but Claire was a broke student and besides, a pair of fake tits would look ludicrous on her childlike frame. She needed a whole body transformation and she clung to the hope that a hormone treatment existed that could turn her into the woman she wanted to be.

So ever since starting university that year, surrounded by attractive young women at the height of their femininity, Claire had begun to search for such a hormone treatment, scouring forums and reading recommendations on various sites. She’d now tried more than ten different supplements, all promising the same miracle effects but only managing to give her various manifestations of the side effects listed on the warning labels: increased libido, tender breasts, interrupted periods etc.

It was frustrating, and she felt like a human guinea pig; and yet it had become like an addiction for her. There was something exciting about popping pills and pumping herself full of oestrogen and progesterone, always seeking to transform into some kind of fertility goddess. She was miserable in her own skin and the hope of finally becoming a ‘real’ woman was an obsession for her.

Now, scouring the webpage in front of her, seated at the back of the lecture theatre so as to remain discreet, she felt that familiar feeling of excitement mixed with skepticism. She looked again at the photo of the woman. ‘Kitty Brookes – founder’ read the caption. Kitty’s huge breasts looked fit to burst out of her top and her smoulderingly sexy expression filled Claire with desire and envy. And decisiveness. She whipped out her credit card and ordered the starter kit before shutting her laptop with a loud snap.

She suddenly realised the room had gone quiet. The lecturer was looking up at her with a mocking quizzical look on his face, while half the lecture theatre turned to stare at her. Claire blushed and muttered an apology. Then, unable to bear the embarrassment, she fled from the hall with her things.


Claire dived into the M-block bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She was flushed around her neck, as she tended to be whenever she felt embarrassed or socially awkward, which was often. She slowly tried to control her breathing while examining herself sadly.

She had a pretty, angular face with big brown eyes and freckles. Her dark brown hair was straight and hung over one side of her face. Below her fine neckline, her small body was obscured by a thick fur lined windbreaker. Her skinny legs protruded from beneath a short black skirt, giving her a waif-ish look.

Claire sighed to herself, though inwardly glad this ‘mirror session’ didn’t remind her of the rest of her hopelessly immature looking body with its small mounds of breasts and narrow hips. She felt the urge to cry at the thought but then remembered the Miracle ankara escort Grow, set to arrive in just a couple of days. Maybe this was the one she’d been waiting for? It gave her a thread of comfort at least.

Just then the door opened and two girls came in, laughing. One Claire recognised as Xanthe, a curvy brunette who seemed to effortlessly ooze sex appeal. The other was a cute blonde with pouty lips and her hair in a clip. The pair were dressed in tight gym clothes, their firm asses and large tits tightly crammed into yoga pants and sports bras. Claire blushed with her combined humiliation and lust.

‘Hi there sweetie!’ Xanthe said patronisingly, coming up behind Claire at the mirror and grabbing her small ass in her hands. She gasped exaggeratedly. ‘Your butt’s so little and flat! How’s any guy gonna notice you, let alone get his cock inside you!’. Both girls laughed.

Claire blushed intensely as Xanthe leaned towards the mirror, showing off her beautiful round tits and sticking out her plump rear. She made a kissy face at herself and applied more lipstick. The other girl was similarly occupied with her makeup, so Claire brushed hurriedly past them and left, feeling deflated and humiliated beyond even her own experience. She rushed home to cry.


It was finally Thursday, the day Claire’s special delivery was set to arrive. She took the day off uni to pamper herself. This one felt like more of an occasion than the others and Claire felt nervous. It felt somehow make or break, as though if Miracle Grow wasn’t for real, she might as well give up. On her dreams and… Possibly everything.

She tried to block out the negative thoughts; she didn’t want to jinx it – and instead busied herself shaving her pussy and legs, washing herself, applying moisturiser and painting her nails. She wanted to feel as feminine as possible as if to give the treatment the best possible place to start from. She resisted the urge to check the front door until eleven.

At last, holding her breath, she ventured onto her doorstep in her robe at 11:05. There it was! A large cardboard box with an airmail sticker addressed to her. She brought it inside, laid it on the kitchen table and began to unceremoniously tear open the packaging. She was taken aback to find only a small sachet of a white powder, as well as a pamphlet bearing the words ‘Directions for use’.

Feeling bemused she nonetheless opened the pamphlet. An insert slipped out, which she picked up. She was greeted by the seductively smiling face of Kitty Brookes, striking a sexy pose and wearing a short tight black dress. The text opposite simply read ‘I’m so glad you’ve chosen Miracle Grow my darling customer. Prepare to have your wildest dreams surpassed by my incredible product. This is not to be taken lightly. You are about to undertake the biggest and most fulfilling transformation a woman can undertake. Are you ready?

Claire rolled her eyes slightly at this but she could feel her heart beating faster and realised just how excited she was.

She turned back to the directions. ‘Mix sachet with cup of warm water, consume with meal. Changes begin within 24 hours.

Claire followed the instructions frenziedly, wolfing down her lunch before steadily gulping down the odd concoction. It tasted mildly sweet and gave her an immediate tingling all over her body, focused somewhere in her loins. She immediately started heading to the mirror but turned back, forcing herself to wait the whole 24 hours. It was ridiculous to expect miraculous changes in just seconds, 24 hours was bad enough.

She continued her usual routine for the rest of the day, doing some uni work before slipping into bed. Her skin felt hot and the tingling was still there. She also felt extraordinarily horny – though she ignored this, not wanting to lose any of the precious sleep in which her transformation would hopefully occur.

She drifted finally to sleep, her last thoughts of round boobs and butts and the beautiful and mysterious face ankara genç escort of Kitty Brookes, eyeing her knowingly.


Claire awoke gradually, her mind slowly coming into focus like an old TV being turned on. She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, her mind blank. Then suddenly she jolted upright as she remembered the Miracle Grow. She froze momentarily, her heart suddenly racing. Then, very slowly, she peered down at her body, pre-emptively expecting to see her normal, disappointing self.

Her breath caught in her throat as she realised she was anything but her normal self. She couldn’t see most of her body at all because her vision was blocked by a large, round pair of gorgeous breasts. Her breasts. She’d gone to sleep in her usual tank top and her newly grown tits were nearly overflowing out of it, her hard nipples just barely covered by the stretchy fabric. She could see them poking out beyond her generous cleavage.

Trying not to squeal with joy, Claire clamped her hands onto her luscious tits and squeezed them, eliciting an involuntary shiver of pleasure from herself. They were very firm and stayed high and tight when she lifted them up to bounce down heavily.

She was excited; unbelievably so – but at the same time she wanted to savour this. She wanted to enjoy revealing her newly womanly body to herself. After playing with her juicy boobs for another minute, she decided the next thing to check out was her face. She wasn’t expecting major changes to her face and of all parts of her, it was the one she had been least dissatisfied with previously. She grabbed her phone off the bedside table and turned on the inward facing camera.

The face on the screen was indeed familiar, and yet it was like an entirely new, more experienced, more sexy version of herself had materialised there. Her lips looked more kissable – slightly fuller and more pouty; her dark hair looked thicker and perhaps a bit longer and Claire thought it shone with a new lustre as it fell around one side of her face, though it was hard to tell. Everything else looked unchanged, except her eyes, which seemed to shine with a liveliness and… power. They looked so seductive that Claire nearly forgot they were her own.

I’m a totally changed being, thought Claire. Me, but… The Me I’ve always wanted to be. She felt intensely happy as, resisting the urge to take a sexy selfie right there and then, she clicked off her phone and chucked it aside. Now… what else has changed…

She trembled with hyperactive anticipation as she swung her legs over the side of the bed intending to head for the bathroom mirror. That was when she got a real fright.

As she moved, she felt something that had been resting between her legs flop into her thigh. She gasped, and jumped upright, expecting to feel whatever it was drop down the leg of her pyjama bottoms. Instead, she felt the mass resting against her, and she could feel its weight between her legs. It was attached to her.

She was completely perplexed for a second or two, before an awful idea started forming in her head. Slowly, so as not to stir whatever it was as she moved, she pulled her pyjama bottoms down. She met more resistance then she expected, but then as she finally wrenched them off, her sneaking suspicion was confirmed. There, swaying between her legs where her pussy should be, was a thick, flaccid cock.

She stared at it in horror. It hung there like a fat snake, extending more than half way to her knees. Veins stood out from its thick shaft and as she watched, it throbbed noticeably, leaving its length quivering. Tentatively, she reached out to wrap her hand around it and found that her fingers couldn’t quite meet around its girth. Lifting the heavy appendage, she noticed a pair of large, round testicles swinging from its base.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Claire’s mind decided to go into denial mode. She kicked her pants from around her ankles before slowly and deliberately walking to the bathroom. antalya escort She still hadn’t checked out the rest of her body yet and if it meant ignoring this… thing… then so be it. Naked from the waist down, she stepped in front of the large bathroom mirror. Trying to blot out the huge throbbing member hanging low between her legs, she checked herself out.

Her legs were still slender but seemed to have gained more shape, especially at her thighs where they thickened and widened into what were now sexy, curvaceous hips. Her waist was the same but due to her now bulging breasts and curvier figure, it looked comparably tiny and her body now formed a delicious hourglass. As she spun around to look at her ass, she felt her massive cock thwack into her thigh, giving her an odd tingle of pleasure. She bit her lip and continued to ignore it, looking over her shoulder at her ass which was now round and plump with barely a hint of a crease. The curve of her back accentuated its bubble shape and reaching back, she could feel its firmness. Still ignoring the huge cock and balls dangling down from between her legs, she spread her ass cheeks and looked appreciatively at her hairless asshole.

Her examination complete, Claire felt a thrill as she looked at herself front on again. Her tits looked amazing, stuffed into her tiny tank top, further sexualising her now permanently seductive face. Damn, I looked so sultry and slutty! This is what I’ve always dreamed of! She thought, but then remembered the immense cock she’d almost managed to forget about.

She gawped as she looked down, for her cock had hardened, lengthening considerably and rising so that it stood just higher than perpendicular to her body. It was now thicker than her arm, and still growing larger, flexing rhythmically of its own accord. She turned to see it side on and saw that it protruded all of sixteen inches from her, the weight of its thick quivering shaft causing it to bow slightly. Its throbbing head was as large as her fist, and from its tip, a glistening bead of pre cum appeared.

Had she done this to herself? Had she been turned on by her body? She was turned on now anyway, and looking at her monstrous, meaty cock was beginning to drive her wild. Without knowing what she was doing, she grabbed it near the head and began stroking it about half the way down, before sliding back up. It felt amazing. Her thick phallus seemed to get even harder in her hand, and more pre cum rolled from the tip.

She watched herself in the mirror as she wanked herself, her immense member looking ludicrously big jutting out from her still petite frame. Her tits strained against her top and her nipples were so hard they hurt. With her free hand she released them to spring over her top. She grinned wildly at herself. She looked so incredibly, sinfully sexual in that moment, stroking her huge cock with her ass and tits out. What a slut, she thought. What a fucking sexy slut.

She felt a building of pleasure in her cock and she stroked faster, moaning softly as she felt an almighty orgasm approaching. She felt the urge to slam her new cock into someone and she animalistically bucked her hips as she felt her climax begin to wash over her. Still frantically rubbing up and down her long shaft, she felt her knees buckle as her cock suddenly erupted, spurting ropes of thick cum to splatter up the wall. She could feel her heavy balls tensing with each shot, the spasm rippling up her length before the head bobbed with another massive blast. The pleasure was indescribable.

After shooting what looked like bucket loads of cum all over the walls, floor and mirror, the flow finally subsided. Claire was left in a dazed heap on her back on the bathroom tiles, her twitching cock resting against her tits. Her chest heaved as her rapid breathing slowly returned to normal. She gentle stroked the thick shaft of her endowment, milking the last drops from it, before leaning forward and surprising herself with being able to suck the tip.

She breathed a blissful sigh. The transformation she had longed for had at last come to pass, only she had become a far more divine and sexual being than even she could have hoped. Looking down at her still semi erect cock resting on her round, pillowy tits, she giggled to herself. This was going to be fun.

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