Class of 82

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That Saturday evening in late November on the occasion of my 25th high school reunion I expected to have a good time chatting with old friends, many of whom I had not seen in 25 years. Lynn Millan, a petite blond who had been my first ever date, had contacted me with a beautifully written invitation. It did not surprise me that the girl who had served two years as class president would be on the reunion committee. Without hesitation I replied that I would attend.

I thought about some of them while walking quickly across the hotel parking lot. Lynn was on my mind. I’ll bet she’s married with two or three children.

Another classmate on my mind was Jack Eden. The lean six foot blond had run track but other than that he was not athletic. He had been a quiet type who seemed to keep to himself.

James Edwin had been a good friend during those days. I had met him for the first time while trying out for Bantam hockey. From there he went on to play on the high school team while I went on to play in Midget.

The cold wind sent a chill through my body as I walked through the parking lot toward the lobby of the Marriot. Nearing the entrance I saw an old acquaintance coming toward me.

James had been a typical high school age boy in one sense. Like many others I had known, he had been sexually active. Several girls had been notches on his belt.

Lynn sat behind the table flanked by two other members of the reunion committee, both of whom were males. Neither was anyone in my small circle of friends. I knew them only vaguely though both were handsome.

“Todd Henry how are you?”

“I’m good. It’s been a long time.”

Some memories flooded my mind. There were those evenings on the sofa in front of the television kissing. There was our first sex in the back of her car parked at a spot where we did not belong.

“I’ll see you inside in a few minutes.”

With the name tag now pinned to my lapel, I walked into the function room. There several former alumni mingled in groups of two or three or four. It was not long before I caught someone’s eye.

Jane Maroney had not changed except for her auburn hair being cut shorter. We had been platonic friends for four years.

“Todd how are you?”

“I’m fine,” I replied.

“What’s new?”

“Not a lot, ” I replied. “I’m a graphics artist these days.”

“I always suspected you would be working in that field.”

For three of those years we had been in the same art class.

“I’m married now. The name is Callahan. Sakarya Escort Hubby works for a construction company. He’s a manager.”

“Is he here tonight?”

“He’s home watching the game. Are you married?”

All sports to her were just ‘the game’.

“Divorced,” I replied.

I had changed. I could think of women as friends but I could not be open to dating and romance. I had not dated one since leaving my wife.

The curiosity about sex with a man had begun secretly while Carrie and I were still married. That curiosity led me to frequent gay webcam chat rooms. My first occasions were spent just viewing and making comments. By the third Tuesday I began posing naked. The more I posed and enjoyed doing so, the more I realized I wanted a man.

“That’s too bad.”

“Carrie and I have not been together for a long time, since I was 32.”

Like everyone else there, I had been 32 ten years ago.

“My daughter is a typical fourteen year old. She’s just starting to wear make up and she wants all the expensive outfits.”

“Carrie and I didn’t have any children together. The last time I saw her was two years ago. She’s remarried and has two boys.”

“It sounds like you guys don’t stay in touch.”

“We do,” I replied.

The curiosity about man on man sex grew until, on a hot summer day, it brought me to my first pride parade, a major life changing event. It was there I met Mark.

My gaze fell upon the gorgeous five foot eight inch blond as he stood several feet away on my right. A few seconds passed before he looked in my direction and our eyes met. That night I lost my virginity.

While our little chat continued Lynn came bye and joined us. She and Jane, best friends during high school days, embraced. The conversation quickly devolved into girl talk.

Eric Scofeld was having a beer when I approached him to say hello. He had been another in my small circle of friends, perhaps a little closer than most.

He had grown a neatly trimmed light brown beard. Thin rimmed glasses sat over his straight nose.

“Todd my man, It’s been a long time.”

His hand shake was firm. His blue eyes met mine. Maybe it was the way his eyes locked on to me or the way his gaze moved down that betrayed wanton desire.

Off in one corner of the function room the disc jockey stood behind his table with a tall stack of CD covers. In another moment he put on a song. I recognized Huey Lewis “Giving it All Up for Love” from the album Adapazarı Escort called “Picture This.”

I looked out toward a dance floor that was rapidly drawing couples.

Eric and I remained on the sidelines.

By 10 the reunion was beginning it’s third hour. I had chatted with everyone there who was a friend on any level during high school. Gradually I made my way back to Eric.

Outside the function room two cushion chairs were placed in the foyer for those who wished to relax away from the crowd. I slouched into the blue chair on my right. My friend was in front and to my left.

“Eric you never married.”

“No,” he replied.

“I did but it didn’t work.”

He paused for a second while taking a breath. It was as though he had to work up some nerve.

“Todd I’m gay.” His voice was soft, almost cracking.

“That makes both of us.”

He sighed.

“I knew since high school, but I was denying it.”

I remembered Eric as another typical teen boy.

“How many girlfriends did you have?”

“Six or seven,” he replied. “I lost count.”

“That many eh?” I replied.

We chuckled over my reply.

“As soon as I was old enough I went to a bar.”

“I made that scene too.”

The chat from that point revolved around the bars we had visited, and web sights we had viewed.

“I was married at 26 and divorced by 32.”

“And you told your wife?” he said.

“I told her after five years.”

Eric and I, having left the reunion early, approached the reception desk in the hotel lobby at 10:30. There a tall fellow with hair turning gray around the temples, and dressed in a dark blue suit turned his attention toward us.

“We like a room for two,” I said putting my Visa card on the counter. “One bed is fine.”

“Yes sir,” he replied taking the hint that Eric and I intended to make love.

An elevator ride and a short walk down the corridor brought us to room 415. I closed the door quietly behind us and locked it.

Standing face to face only inches apart Eric and I stared into each other’s eyes extending our hands lightly around one another at the buttocks. Our lips pressed together in a passionate, long kiss.

Love making began. I could feel his hands move slowly and softly around me. To my delight my pants being opened and falling.

“Oh baby,” I whispered.

Within a few seconds both of us were naked and playing. Still kissing him, I took his cock lightly in my hand Serdivan Escort tugging gently. At the same time he worked my own member into a throbbing erection.

Taking him down onto the queen size bed I guided his head down to a raging hardon. His lips brushed against my cock then his tongue came out licking it back and forth and around and across my balls. Then he closed his lips tight taking my throbbing man meat slowly in and out.

At the other end I sucked his delicious cock down to my throat.

We both longed for anal sex. Eric lifted his head and sat upright on my lap. With the back of his hand he wiped a streak of cum that had reached the bottom of his chin. Cum was also oozing from my lips as I looked up at him. He lowered his ass onto my lap.

Sitting on my lap he reached back with his left hand to guide my throbbing member into the orifice. He began to ride slowly making soft guttural moans. My cock, being gripped tightly, slid slowly inside him. After a second or two I was moving in rhythm with him.

Being a bottom brought me as much indescribable pleasure as being top. I lifted and spread my legs. Eric moved into position pushing his cock deep into me. As it slowly penetrated my ass began to tingle.

“Put it inside me.”

His huge cock slid forward and back at first in a slow deliberate rhythm then rapidly. I moaned softly.

“Don’t stop! That feels so fucking good. Don’t stop!”

We slept late in the morning and stayed in bed for perhaps another hour until 8. Pushing the disheveled blanket and sheet down toward the foot of the bed, I gazed upon Eric’s five foot seven, medium build naked body. We kissed lightly and caressed each other around the nipples.

“Let’s shower together.”

“Yup,” He replied.

That said we swung our legs around, met at the back end of the bed, and took each other’s hand. That high school friendship between two straight boys who had nailed their share of girls had blossomed into a torrid romance.

With the soap in hand Eric caressed my body from the clavicle down the torso to my flaccid cock and my ass then down my legs. Lather built up on my body. During the five plus years with my X wife before filing for divorce and moving out we had never bathe together. Though I had gone into the shower with Mark I had forgotten how good it was.

“I need a blow job.”

Having spent the last couple of minutes stroking his manhood while he lathered my body then his own I was now ready to suck him. Going to my knees I licked him first then closed my lips around his delicious meat. Eric massaged my shoulders as my head bobbed back and forth.

We left the hotel headed for home in our separate cars. Home put us a mere twenty miles apart, close enough to see one another frequently, close enough to date.

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