Condo on the Beach

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The story below was conveyed to me by a dear friend as it happened to him.

I look at this story as being either a true story with fictional characters or a fictional story based on true events. Either way the names, the professions, the physical appearance of all characters portrayed in the story have been altered to prevent any semblance to anybody living or dead.

This story could have been placed in a number of categories including, Loving Wives, Erotic Couplings, Mature and Exhibitionist and Voyeur but I do believe the driving force of the story is Interracial Love.

As always comments welcomed.

Condo on the Beach

I’m in the spare bedroom lying in bed looking up at the ceiling wondering how the situation I am in got so out of hand. Listening to the constant rhythm of the headboard from the master bedroom hitting the wall as my wife of 26 years is being pummeled by two young black bulls half her age. Every knock on the wall is soon followed by a grunt or groan from my wife as they penetrate her vagina and/or ass with their big black cocks. I can only blame myself as I started the ball rolling now they are finishing it.

I just heard my wife climax for the umpteenth time along with one of her young lovers as I heard him say, “Another load for your white married pussy.”

Things were quiet for only a minute or two when I heard the other bull say, “Get on your hands and knees it’s time for a little doggy action bitch.”

I could barely hear my wife respond, “Yes sir.” The knocking of the head board resumed.

My name is David and 30 years ago I was a 3rd year resident in orthopedic surgery at a teaching hospital located on the campus of my Alma Mater, a major university located in the southern part of the United States. This evening I was the orthopedic surgeon on duty in the emergency room. I believe southern women are the prettiest and I have had the opportunity to see many beautiful coeds on campus. None of the coeds could hold a candle to the one lying on my examining table in front of me at this moment. This woman was tall, legs to die for, small but shapely breasts, thin hips, strong shoulders slightly wider than her hips, piercing blue eyes with blond almost white hair tied in a tight pony tail that extended to the middle of her back. She was wearing practice gear for the University’s Volleyball team. The EMTs had her left knee in an air splint. By looking at her face I could tell she was in a lot of pain.

I asked her name and she responded, “Amy, my name is Amy.”

“Amy, what happened?”

“I went up to spike the ball and when I came down I landed on my teammate’s foot. I heard a loud pop and then felt an excruciating pain come from my knee and next thing I recall I was laying on the floor.

I ordered a couple of studies from radiology but was pretty sure based on my observation she had torn her ACL and it looked bad. The question was how much additional damage was done to her MCL and LCL. It had already swelled up to twice its normal size. I excused myself as she was wheeled off to get the studies done.

Amy was admitted as she was going to need surgery and I was the surgeon who was going to perform the operation. The next day I went to check on her and to fill her in on her injuries and her options. When I walked in she was sitting up and looked at me and said, “Boy you are tall. How tall are you?”

I get that question a lot and answered her, “Six foot seven inches. Your pretty tall yourself how about you?”

“I’m Six foot one. Did you play basketball?”

“I did, right here in fact.”

Amy then asked, “Were you any good?”

“Good enough to ride the pine for 2 years in the NBA and then like you sustained an injury and couldn’t get on with another team. After that I decided to follow my Grandfather, Father, Mother and my Brother into the family business of medicine.”

She crushed me when she responded, “My boyfriend plays here too and he is really good and talking about going pro.”

I knew the players as I would practice with them every chance I could. The first assistant and I were teammates back in the day. The only player that had any chance for a pro career was Jerome Washington. Jerome, as you might have guessed was black; he was a forward who was known around the locker room as a player off the court as well as on. “Would your boyfriend be Jerome Washington?” I asked Amy.

Her reply was, “Yes, do you know him?”

“I know him; I practice with the team every chance I can. He is a talented player and has a bright future as long as he concentrates on the right things.”

“What do you mean by that?” She asked.

“He is good but not a sure thing. I saw a lot of players like him come into the league and bomb out due to outside influences such as money, women, agents, friends or just having a bad attitude.”

“He is not like that.”

I just responded, “Let’s hope not.”

I went over the proposed surgery with her bursa escort and had to tell her that her volleyball career at the school was over. She understood and told me she was a senior and was already accepted into the University’s Law School. We then discussed her after surgery rehabilitation plan. She knew she had a long road ahead of her but had a very upbeat attitude.

The next day after I practiced with the team we were in the showers and I heard Jerome tell his mates that he is going to have to find some new pussy as his girlfriend was laid up due to a knee injury. He pissed me off when he told everyone there, “It’s time to drop her Lily white ass anyway. She has become too needy once I gave her this, (He grabbed his package) she couldn’t get enough and was always begging for it. I do hate to give her up she was a freak in bed willing to do anything and everything I wanted but I can’t wait around for her to get better. I have needs.”

A couple of days later when I was doing my rounds I stopped by to check on Amy and she appeared to have been crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “Jerome broke up with me and to top that off I found out from a friend he is now sleeping with my roommate.”

“That sucks. But I will say in the long run you are probably better off. He will be leaving soon for the pros and you will be heading off to law school those kinds of relationships usually don’t last.”

I stayed and cheered her up. I soon had her laughing. When I left she thanked me for making her laugh and how to look at the breakup as a good thing.

Over the next 3 months I made sure to keep checking up on Amy’s progress. During that time we became good friends sharing a lot of details of our lives. Eventually I got the nerve to ask her out. I wasn’t sure if she would accept being her senior by 10 years but she said, “Of course I will go out with you. My question to you is why it has taken so long for you to ask?”

As with most strong relationships we were friends first and soon became lovers. I will agree with Jerome she was a freak in bed willing to do anything and everything I wanted. For having such a strong personality outside the bedroom I found her to be very submissive in the bedroom.

We dated the whole time she was in Law School and married right after she graduated. She took a position with a major law firm in a metro area in the southern region with a population close to a million people. I applied with a couple of orthopedic practices in the same town and was soon hired as an associate. Things were great our careers were on the rise. We developed a great group of friends. On a personal note our time in the bedroom was also great.

After being with the firm for almost 8 years Amy made partner and to celebrate we decided to start a family. Our son, Jared was born 10 months later quickly followed by twin sisters Heather and Robin. The family was complete. I had started my own practice and was becoming known as the top orthopedic sports specialist in the metro area. I had a couple of well known local professional athletes in my stable.

A couple years later I partnered with my brother and opened up a sports injury rehabilitation facility which also provided developing athletes with specialized training. We also contracted with the majority of the local sports events to provide athletic trainers during their competitions. This side business was soon to become as profitable as my orthopedic practice.

I will admit with the addition of the kids and other business ventures our together time suffered. But as far as I know Amy never strayed and I know I didn’t even though I was tempted on a few occasions.

When I turned 45 I really started feeling the body telling me to slow down some but my responsibilities continued to grow. The other issue was Amy was 35 and in her sexual prime. I wasn’t the ex pro athlete that could get it up 3-5 times a night. I was playing more for the one and done team and I know, at times, I left Amy wanting. I was very concerned she might look elsewhere for attention but if she did I never knew about it.

Amy and I had become what are known as a power couple in our local community. With a joint income of close to a million and a half a year we do not lack for anything. We are invited to all the local galas and charity events. Our three children attend the best private school in the area. Life is great, our sex life not so much.

As years past the demands from outside our marriage were starting to interfere, more and more, with our sex life. She had become managing partner for her firm and I was trying to run a practice and manage some affiliate businesses at the same time. The kids kept us busy too, with all their extracurricular activities.

We barely made love anymore. We both had gotten out of shape and put on a few pounds. We would come home have a drink eat dinner have another drink and then go to bed. There malatya escort were times we would go a month without making love.

Approaching 60 made me step back and take a good look at my life. What I had accomplished and what I wanted moving forward. Amy was would soon be 50 which was a major milestone for her and she did the same. We both knew our relationship was strained; finally we sat down together and had a heart to heart conversation as to where we were and where we were going. The one thing we agreed on was we still loved each other and we wanted to be together.

Our three children were attending our alma mater on sports scholarships. Our son was a sophomore on a basketball scholarship and starting at small forward. I never thought someone 6′ 8″ would be considered a small forward but the game has changed since I played. Our daughters were both on volleyball scholarships, both are 6′ 3″ and they should get plenty of playing time as freshmen.

With no one at home we decided to take our first two week vacation of just the two of us. We spent one week in the Napa Valley wine country and then flew to Hawaii for a week. We only allowed ourselves one hour a night on our phones which we used to check in with the family and our businesses. That was tough at first I felt like an addict looking for a fix when I didn’t have my phone.

We made love every day sometimes more than once. We committed ourselves to get back in shape. This was a major turning point in getting our relationship back to where it once was. When we returned home we were once again committed to ourselves both physically and emotionally.

I was 61 and Amy would soon be turning 51. We felt we were in the best shape of our lives since our college days. Amy recently got a breast enhancement. The three kids had taken their toll on her boobs. She didn’t get them enlarged just lifted and filled in. We both felt fantastic and we were planning on running in a half marathon held locally by one of our big entertainment facilities.

As they say, “All good things must come to an end” and our good things came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with stage 3 of an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I had to go through both chemo and radiation treatments which left me drained, sick and impotent. Amy was by my side the whole time. She was dealing with this and going through menopause at the same time.

Due to my condition our sex life became non existence. To add to this some women during menopause lose their sex drive but some women during menopause become hyper-sexual. Amy was one of the latter. We bought toys, I would when I could do oral but those times were few and far between. Due to my condition and having to get up during the night I moved into our guest room. Most nights I didn’t sleep well and would lie on the bed hearing the vibrator sounds coming from the master bedroom and then hear Amy orgasm. It wasn’t that uncommon to get up in the middle of the night and hear it again. During those evenings knowing I could no longer satisfy my wife made me feel inadequate as a husband.

About a year after my diagnosis my cancer was in remission and I was gradually working on getting myself back in shape. Everything was near normal except I was easily fatigued and still impotent. Not even the little blue pill helped. Due to the illness and being in my 60s I decided to retire from my day to day duties of the practice. I stayed on the board so I would at least know what was happening to the businesses I had developed over the past 25 years.

Amy had taken a leave of absence to take care of me but was now again at the helm of her law firm. She was looking great with her new boobs and the fact she had become a workout warrior. I think she did that to help curtail her hyper sex drive. She might have been 51 but looked not a day over 35. Unfortunately my illness aged me I was 61 looking 71.

I was reviewing some investment opportunities and came across a new high rise condo development located right on the beach in a town a little over 3 hours directly east of us. They were offering a free 3 day 2 night stay if you were willing to listen to a sales presentation on buying a unit and were pre-qualified. We had been discussing getting a weekend getaway property that would eventually end up being our retirement home. This sounded like something we would be interested in. I scheduled us a weekend coming up to see the complex.

Our appointment to meet with a sales rep was for a Friday at 4:30 PM his last appointment of the day. We did that due to Amy had a morning meeting she could not miss. When we got there we were introduced to Tyrone Spenser our sales agent. Tyrone was a tall, about 6′ 4″, black man. Ty appeared to be in his mid 20s. He was very slim but also very fit. He definitely was an athlete of some sort. His name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place from where.

They were collecting data about Amy çanakkale escort and I and our college came up. Ty said that is where he graduated from too. It hit me where I knew his name. I interrupted him and asked, “Ty, did you play defensive back for our school.”

He said. “I did.”

I said out loud, “I knew, I knew your name from somewhere. Amy and I were both athletes there. I played basketball and Amy was a volleyball player. In fact our 3 kids are on scholarships there right now.”

Ty completed the presentation and then gave us a tour of the facility which was very impressive. Three pools one was adult only. Easy access to the beach, bars for cocktails close by and a full service restaurant in the lobby area. They had a fully equipped workout room with steam and sauna. Massage therapists were available and they had fitness classes’ too. It was like a little city once there you would not have to leave.

We asked about dinner and Ty said the restaurant on site was good but he had a teammate that had a place down the road that had the best steaks within a 100 miles. I said, “Sounds good to me, would you care to join us Ty?”

Ty said, “I was planning on having dinner there tonight anyway so why not.”

Ty went to get our key for the condo but was told the people there before us had just checked out and the room wasn’t ready. It was already dinner time and Ty said, “We can go eat and then I can show you the room after we get back from dinner.”

Amy said, “I was hoping to freshen up before we went out tonight.”

Ty was smooth, he locked eyes with Amy and said, “You don’t need to do anything you look great just as you are.”

I thought I saw a little twinkle in Amy’s eye and a slight blush to her cheeks when he said that. Ty then said I will go get my car and pick you up out front.

As he walked away Amy said, “He seems to be a nice young man.”

“He is handsome too, reminds me of your old boyfriend Jerome just a little shorter.” I added in.

She nodded her head in the affirmative and said with a smile, “He does doesn’t he.”

That was probably the first time in the last 20 years that Jerome’s name had been mentioned outside the bedroom. When we were first together we would share stories of past lovers and he was prominent in those conversations. I also knew that Amy has never lost her sexual attraction to black men. She never hesitates to comment when she sees a handsome black man in public. It was always in the back of my mind that if she ever cheated on me it would be a black man.

I don’t think she ever knew that I knew that when we were first dating she would visit Jerome from time to time for a booty call. I found out from a mutual friend on the team who knew I was dating Amy. He had seen her leave Jerome’s room on more than one occasion. Jerome would brag to him when he calls she comes running. He waited until after Jerome left campus to tell me. I am not a jealous person and we were in the early stage of our relationship so I let it slide and never mentioned it to her.

For the drive over for the presentation Amy had changed out of her work suit into a light blue flowered sundress that showed off both her legs and some cleavage. With her new perky breasts she needed no bra. She topped off this outfit with a pair of white sandals.

Ty was a gentleman and held open her car door as Amy sat in the back. As she entered the car she swung her legs in and gave Ty a good look at her long alabaster legs. We even caught a glimpse of her matching light blue panties. Not sure if the show by Amy was intentional or not.

When we arrive it became apparent this place was more than a restaurant it was a night club too, with live entertainment and a dance floor.

The owner came out to meet Ty and I recognized him immediately as Reggie Johnson. Reggie was an All-American linebacker 6′ 2″ probably went 250#. He was a

pick signed a big bonus played and started 5 years in NFL but had to retire early due to too many concussions.

Ty introduced us as fellow grads and we were shown to a table just off the dance floor. It was still early and the band was setting up but some good tunes were playing. Ty told us Reggie and he grew up together. They have been best friends since grade school. Reggie came over and said to us, “Friends of Ty are friends of mine your dinner and cocktails are on me tonight enjoy.”

Due to some medications I was taking my alcohol consumption was limited to one glass of red wine per day. So that is what I ordered. Amy ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and Ty had a Jack and Coke. I was surprised by Amy’s order as she usually only drinks them for special occasions when we want her to get a little crazy. I guess she wants to get a little crazy tonight.

We had a great meal. Ty and I had perfectly cooked New York Strips with a Caesar salad, baked potato and asparagus. Amy had the same except she prefers filet mignon. By the time we were done with dinner the band came on and started playing and the dance floor was soon full.

We sat, talked and Ty and Amy had a couple of more drinks. Ty asked why I wasn’t drinking and told him the Reader’s Digest version of what I have gone through over the past year. He said he was sorry to hear that and hoped I was better soon.

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