Cooking a Reward for Dad Ch. 01

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At 21yrs of age the last thing the Kirsty had expected was to be back living with her parents again, but here was after leaving her boyfriend of 5yrs.

Her parents had always told her that she would be back and she hated the fact that they had been right but was still grateful for the fact that they took her back without too many questions and had given her plenty of space to get back to normal.

It was here though at 1am in the morning that she felt out of place, led in her bed having to listen to her parents next door moaning in sexual pleasure. Jill and Keith were not old being only 39yrs old but Kirsty hated listening to them partially because she was jealous at not getting any sex herself at the moment.

A hand slipped down her smooth stomach, she had a good body and worked out a few times a week and at 5’6” with short fair hair and green eyes she could not really complain about her looks.

Her fingers found a moist shaven pussy and quickly she started fingering herself trying to match the tempo of sounds coming from the room next door and letting out small moans of pleasure herself and finally managing to cum with them 10 minutes later while trying to stifle a bigger moan from escaping her lips.

The next day she found it hard to look at her parents in the same way and kept thinking of everything that they were probably doing the night before and even found herself wondering how big her dad’s cock was.

“Morning you.”

“Oh hi mum” she replied as her mother walked into the kitchen.

“Hope we didn’t disturb you at all last night?”

“Good night was it?” she asked giving her a knowing smile.

“Well if you see me walking strangely today then you know why” her mother told her and caused them both to collapse into laughter.”

“Anyway aren’t you both a getting a little old for this now?”

“Watch it you – we’re not that old, just in the prime of our lives.”

“Yeah right.” she replied

“Good morning ladies!” came a full of energy voice as her father bounded into the kitchen and slipped his arms around Jill “So what’s for breakfast darling – how about I have you?”

“Yuck – will you two stop it you should be knackered after last night.”

“Its all these sexy undies that your mother keeps wearing” he said picking a lacy thong up from the washing pile “and compared to these” Kirsty went bright red as her father fished out a less than flattering pair of her own knickers not huge ones but still white boring cotton ones.

“Dad put my knickers down!” she cried out going redder by the second.

“Well if you want a new boyfriend then you’ll need something nicer than these.” he said

“I hate men anyway.”

“Yeah yeah – heard that one before.” her mother giggled

“Why don’t I take you girls shopping today.” her dad asked them both as he ran a hand over slowly over Jill’s ass.

“Now that sounds like too good an offer to refuse!” her mother quickly piped up “What do you reckon Kirsty, fancy a spot of shopping? Your dad has great taste in shops.”

“Okay deal.” Kirsty replied not being one to really argue if her dad was going to be paying.

Two hours later they found escort bursa themselves in the local shopping centre and Keith leading them straight to a very nice ladies boutique that sold some lovely dresses and skirts.

“These two ladies need a couple of skirts and a nice little black dress each.” he told the assistant, “Don’t worry about the cost.” he added.

It took Kirsty and her mother about 30 minutes to decide what they were buying with quite a bit of input from Keith, the skirts had been fairly easy but her father had a hard job persuading her to try on the dress that he thought would suit her. It was very short with cut out panels up the side and on the back and was really revealing, something she became very aware of when her father looked her up and down. Her mother had gone for an identical one but had insisted on red instead of black.

“Right time to complete the outfits.” her father told them both.

“Its okay Dad you have spent enough on me already.”

“Nonsense” he told her “A nice outfit should always be complemented by nice underwear.”

Again her fathers taste in shops seemed impeccable as he led them all into a very expensive looking lingerie store. He took a seat while Jill led her daughter into the store.

“I love this place they have some amazing stuff.” her mother told her.

“I really don’t need fancy underwear.”

“Yes you do – something to go with your nice new dress.”

Her mother told the assistant what they were looking for and the assistant guided them to a rack of lacy bras and thongs that did not leave much to the imagination.

“I don’t think we’ll need bra’s.” Her mother told the assistant causing Kirsty almost to choke.

“But….no buts” her mother quickly jumped in “A bra would not work with these dresses.”

Kirsty decided to go along with things and trust her mother’s judgement even when they started looking at stockings.

“No point getting anything that needs a belt’ Jill told her “The suspender belt would be seen through the side panels on the dresses.”

A little while later they were on the way home in the car with her father probably wishing that he had not seen the credit card receipt of their purchases but he had kept quiet.

“How about we cook dinner for you tonight darling?” Jill asked her husband “A thank-you for our presents.”

“That’ll be nice on one condition.”

“Name it.” She told him

“You have to both wear your new dresses for me.”

“I think we can manage that can’t we Kirsty.”

“Well my dress is a bit revealing really.”

“Its okay relax a bit.” her mother chided.

“I guess it’ll be okay.” Kirsty relented.

Early that evening having prepared a dinner with her mother both ladies retired to their bedrooms to put their new outfits on.

Kirsty took a shower and then went to her bed where she had laid out her new clothes, she sat down and pulled on the sheer lace top stockings followed by the black and red lace knickers with a thong back.

“Not bad.” she said to herself as she stood up and admired herself in the mirror. She felt sexy even though this was just dinner with her parents.

Next bursa merkez eskort she pulled on the dress adjusting the sides so that her knickers did not show through the cut out panels, although there was nothing she could do about her hard nipples pointing though the material.

“You ready honey.” her mother asked tapping lightly on her door

“Yes mum, come on in.”

“Wow you look as gorgeous as me.” she said while walking over to her daughter to admire both of them side by side in the mirror.

“Right lets go show you father what knock-outs we are.”

“Oh my god.” her father said as they both walked into the lounge “You both look stunning” he stood up and walked over to them both and admired them from the front and back.

“Who’s for a glass of champagne?” he asked, collecting a couple of ready poured flutes from the side.

“Here’s to two beautiful ladies.” he toasted as both ladies smiled deeply at him.

Keith put his arms around them both and guided them over to the sofa “How long until dinner?” he asked his wife.

“About another hour I’m afraid.”

As they both sat down her father stayed in between them both glancing at them both in turn.

“You really do look great – both of you.”

“Thanks for the outfit dad, its really nice.”

“That I can see” he replied “Your nipples are pointing through nicely like your mothers, you both look very similar it’s beautiful.”

Kirsty went a deep crimson at the mention of her nipples.

“Are you both wearing your new undies as well?”

“Well I certainly am” her mother told him “How about you Kirsty?”

“Yes I have them on.”

“Would you like to see them?” Jill asked

“I would darling, stand up and let me have a good look.”

Kirsty watched as her mother stood up slowly in front of her father and he ran his hand up her legs gradually pushing up the hem of the already short dress until her mother’s knickers were clearly visible.

“Yummy very nice” he told her “Are yours the same Kirsty?”

“Similar” she half stuttered in return

“Why don’t you show him?” her mother said

“I am not sure I can do what you just have.”

“Come here and let me help you.”

Kirsty got up and stood with her mother who then knelt down behind her. She ran a hand up each of her Daughter’s smooth legs until she reached the dress and then pushed that up slowly also.

“Amazing – they look great on you Kirsty, and if I am not mistaken you are all smooth underneath?”

“I do shave yes.”

“Your mother does as well you really are both alike.”

“Turn around and show him the back as well.”

Kirsty gradually turned around still not really believing that she was here and doing these things with her parents, her mothers hands were helping her turn but also running up and down her legs and she had to admit that she liked how it felt.

A hand touched her ass, gently feeling it as her mother sat back and watched what was going on her legs spread giving her daughter a clear few of her knickers.

“Kneel down Kirsty.”

Kirsty did what he asked feeling almost bursa sınırsız escort entranced, and as she knelt in front of her mother she felt her Fathers hands on her again but more urgent this time as they felt all over her ass and probed down to her moist pussy that was getting wetter by the second. Her knickers were suddenly pulled down and she felt a finger run all the way down from her asshole. Seconds later a tongue did the same and she felt a weird sensation as these tongue ran around her rear hole before proceeding to delve into her pussy.

“ohhhh.” was all she could utter

“You’ll be saying that all night darling.” her mother told her as she sat up and moved closer to her daughter. “Does she taste nice Keith?”

“Wonderful.” came the reply as her briefly pulled his tongue out before speedily pushing it back in almost pushing Kirsty over the edge already.

“Kiss me.” her mother said to her

“W-what.” Kirsty replied stunned yet again but it was too late to protest as a set of lips pushed against hers and she felt herself opening her mouth to accept her mothers tongue and they kissed deeply for a good minute before either gave up for air.

“I love to see women kissing.” her father said as he came around between them both groping them both with a hand each.

“You’ve done this before?”

“Well we are not as old and boring as you might think.” Jill replied. “Why don’t you help your father unzip there.”

She turned her attention to her father and helped him extract a very juicy looking cock that she reckoned was about 7 inches or so “Suck me my daughter” came his response as he guided it towards her mouth. Her mother’s mouth joined her also and between them both they sucked and licked until he was unable to hold back any longer and sent jets of hot cum into both of their mouths as he ran hands up and down their bodies.

“Kiss each other again.” he asked and both ladies lent into each other for another long kiss, swapping what was left of any unswallowed cum. He joined in after a while kissing each of them in turn and then helped them remove their dresses so that he could taste all of the breasts on offer.

Keith finished undressing and then got his daughter to sit back on the sofa

“Bet you never thought you would be doing this?” his said as he came closer positioning his at the entrance to her pussy

“Not exactly.” she giggled and let out a slight moan as he eased himself into her

“He has wanted to do this for years.” her mother told her

“Really – why?”

“Well both of you have good bodies and it is not easy just looking all the time.” he told them

Her father’s cock was pounding faster and faster into her and she knew it would not be long before he filled her with cum as her mother seemed to sense them same thing and climbed onto the sofa beside her and started licking her daughter’s nipples.

Her father grunted and Kirsty almost screamed in ecstasy as she was filled with warm cum although he pulled out quickly enabling her mother to drop the attention of her tongue down to Kirsty’s pussy at which point she really did let go and had probably the biggest orgasm she had ever had.

When her mother had licked her clean everyone sat back in amazement “Right time for dinner now and then if everyone is still interested we can explore more afterwards.”

“Sounds good to me.” Keith replied

Kirsty just thought, there’s more?

But that’s another story.

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