Couples Massage Lesson

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“To preserve some modesty”, is how it was phrased when given the apparel for our massage lesson. I look at your face down body on the massage table in front of me, nude save for the thinnest of strings around your waist and one disappearing between your cheeks. I guess the modesty is provided by the flimsy, tiny, white patch of material covering your pussy. I can’t see it but I know it’s there because I’m wearing the same g-string under the robe I still have on. With the view before me and the instructor in the room prepared to guide us through caressing and stroking each other, I’m hard already and I can feel my hardness pushing the thin material away from my body.

She moves the oils into place, making small talk about the benefits of massage and the sensuality of it, how she will teach us techniques we can use at home. I’m standing by your right side with my hand resting on your lower back inches above your naked ass, watching her set up next to you on your left. As she is talking I try to keep eye contact with her but whenever she looks from me to you, I find myself sneaking ogling glances at your body. The smooth skin of your back curving to your waist and your g-string framed ass. With your hands folded under your head I can see the side of your full breast beneath you, so exposed yet tantalizingly hidden from view.

“I think we’re ready to begin,” she says as she unties and removes her robe. She too is wearing just the tiny string and she gives us a warm smile as her body, naked save for the smallest triangle of material between her legs, is bared for us to see. She points to my robe, an indication that I am supposed to follow suit. I remove the robe and you see her eyes move down as she says, “Oh my.” You turn your head towards me…the g-string is doing nothing to conceal my hardened state. The material is covering my balls only, my shaft and head completely exposed. I reach down to stretch the material over my cock and you say, “Don’t.” I freeze in place, shocked at the word. “Take it off,” you tell me. I look for reaction from the masseuse, but she simply nods an ok. I slide the strings down my legs and stand nude before you, hard and pulsing. You reach out your right hand and cup my balls, “I like this better. I’m having fun already.”

“Just wait,” says our instructor, “the fun is just beginning. Shall we begin?” We each step to your side, her on your left, me on the right. She pours a small line of oil beginning at the base of your neck and ending at the small of your back. I follow her lead and we begin to treat your back to a adana escort four handed massage. As I rub you I look down at my own naked body…my cock is rock hard and glistening with a drop of precum at the tip.

When I look at our instructor, I see her gaze had followed mine and she is looking directly at my hard on. When she looks up, she smiles at me and says, “Remember, this is a full body massage. We need to make sure to give your partner attention everywhere.” She places a few drops of oil on each of your ass cheeks and together we begin to spread the oil until your ass is glistening. “This area of the body can be very arousing but not everyone is open to the feelings. We will increase the intimacy of the massage and see if your lover is receptive or resistant.” I watch as she puts a hand on each of your legs and with gentle pressure begins to spread your legs, inch by inch. Her hands slide up your inner thighs and her fingers trace over your exposed yet covered pussy, continuing upwards teasing your ass. I hear a soft moan escape from you and I know the answer to the question before it is asked. “Would you like some more attention in this area?” she asks.

“Yes,” is all you say.

She places my hands on the string around your waist and I grab the g-string and pull it away from your body, your hips rising to allow its complete removal. The masseuse places a hand on each side of your ass and says, “There are a number of techniques we can use, I’ll demonstrate and then you will follow.” I watch as she spreads your cheeks and lowers her face to your ass. I see your body stiffen slightly when her tongue darts out and traces tiny circles around your hole and I hear you moan as she begins to tongue your ass. I am watching an almost nude woman eating the ass of my naked and spread wife. Without realizing it, my hand is wrapped around my cock, masturbating to the scene before me. She stands up slightly and sees me stroking. “I think you both enjoyed that. Now let’s see what you have learned.”

As her hands leave your ass, mine take their place. I lean in and place my tongue on you. When I hear you moan again, I place the tip of my tongue at your opening and try to penetrate your ass with my tongue. I can feel your body react and your hips lift off the table as you push back at me. I am fucking your ass with my tongue as you grind against me in time with my thrusts. Your legs start to bend as you begin to pull yourself to your knees to allow me total access. The masseuse gently pushes me away from eskişehir escort my efforts and pushes down on your ass…she wants you to lie flat for a while longer.

“Your wife has responded well to your tongue, now it’s time for manual stimulation.” She pours the oil onto your ass and as it runs between your cheeks, she takes my hand and places it in the oil. “I want you to tease her with your finger, increasing pressure slowly as you insert it inside her.” I slide my finger over your hole, getting it slick with the oil as I tease you. I rest my fingertip at your opening and begin to apply a slight pressure. I watch as the tip enters you and still I slowly press. I feel your muscles relaxing and my finger begins to slowly slide inside you. Your breathing is ragged as you feel the palm of my hand on your ass signaling my finger is fully buried in your ass. I leave it there for a moment as I feel your muscles clench, and I wiggle the tip stroking you from inside. As you relax, I start to pull out of you, leaving the tip in before burying my finger in you once again.

Slowly I fuck your ass with my finger. Our instructor comes close and I watch as she slides her hands under your body and starts to rub your pussy. In response, your knees slide up under you with no resistance this time. Your body is given over to the feelings as I penetrate your ass and she presses against your clit with the palm of one hand while entering your pussy with a finger on her other hand. As we both finger fuck you I can feel her finger inside you as I take your ass. The change in your breathing is sudden and I feel your body start to stiffen. In an instant your whole body starts to shake as you cry out with an intense orgasm that seems to never end. As you begin to subside, we each slowly withdraw our hands, leaving you panting with pleasure.

“That was fantastic,” she tells you, “but we’re not done yet. Here comes the final phase of your massage but we are going to use a different tool.” She looks at me and says, “I want you on the table here,” pointing between your legs. I climb up and kneel behind you. She spreads my legs wide until my cock is level with your ass. She pours some oil into her hand and begins to spread it on my cock. I’ve been hard for so long I’m ready to explode. She tells you, “I am oiling your husband’s dick, his very hard dick. Would you like to feel how hard it is?” She places my hands on your hips and guides the head of my cock to your ass. “I want you to slowly slide your dick into her ass. sakarya escort When you are all the way in, stop.” As my head enters you, she removes her hand and I can feel her climb onto the table behind me. Slowly I enter you and as I do, she begins to slide between our legs until she is lying on her back underneath us. I feel my balls resting against your pussy and I stop.

“Do you like having something in your ass?” she asks.

“Yes, yes I do,” you say.

“Sorry,” she says, “that question was not for you.” I feel her finger press against my ass. Her access is total with my legs spread so wide… her finger is slick and slides in easily. You feel my cock, buried in you, begin to twitch in response. My dick is like iron and begging for release and I begin to pump my hips as I fuck your ass. At the same moment, she sucks your clit between her lips and begins to eat your pussy. The sound of pleasure that escapes your throat is followed by my own as I feel your ass tight around my cock while my own ass is being fucked. You grind your pussy into her lips which only seems to increase the pleasurable pressure on my cock. The feelings are intense…as I thrust into you I can feel every nerve in my cockhead flush with pleasure…as I pull out it causes my ass to rock back against her finger bringing a completely different sensation. I look over my shoulder and I can see her g-string is gone and she has her own fingers buried deep inside her. It’s all too much, the feelings on my dick, her finger in my ass, fucking you while she eats you, the sounds of your pleasure rising, watching her masturbate underneath us…I tell you I’m about to come when I feel your own tremors building again.

“Cum with me,” I hear you say. I thrust wildly as your body begins to shake, I feel the point of no return deep inside, building and building. As you begin to come again, I feel my balls explode and I plunge deep into you and then try to go even deeper. As I grip your waist I feel the first spasm and the first release, then wave after wave passes over me. My cock must pulse 8, 9, 10 times as I keep cumming. Your body is still quivering as she has not let up her attack on your clit. This climax seems to last even longer than your first. I begin to thrust again, slowly to try to extend your orgasm and beneath us the masseuse stiffens and cries out in her own climax. She is thrashing below us, fingers buried deep in her pussy. In a few moments, we are all still but still attached to one another…the bodies spent and basking in the glow of powerful orgasms. Piece by piece, we separate. She lowers her head and slowly pulls her finger from me and removes herself from the table. I slide my softening cock from you and simply lay down on the table with you. She places a sheet over our naked bodies and turns off the lights as she leaves the room. I don’t think we are going anywhere for a while.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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