Cowgirl and Indian

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Lakota (Sioux) Information

* Sioux means “Lesser Snake” in Chippawa.

* The people call themselves Lakota, which means “friend.”

* The Lakota lived on the plains with many other tribes, such as the Cheyenne and Oto.

* Traditionally, the Lakota hunted buffalo and followed the herds from place to place.

* Today, the Lakota have reservations in North and South Dakota and Montana.

* The Lakota decorate their clothing with bead work and designs to honor the spirit world.

* Traditionally, clothing was made of buckskin and elk skins.

* Women traditionally wore dresses and leggings, and men wore shirts and breechcloths.

* In cold weather, Lakota wore buffalo robes. Infants were placed in cradleboards for protection.

* The Lakota people used buffalo to provide everything they needed to survive.

* The buffalo was considered a Spirit Being by the Lakota.

* Buffalo meat provided food, the pelt, clothing, and the bones, tools.

* The buffalo is central to the traditional religion of the Lakota and of neighboring tribes.

* The Lakota called their houses “tipis” which means “the place where a person lives.”

* Because they roamed the plains following the buffalo herds, Lakota needed housing that was lightweight and could be taken apart quickly.

* Tipis were made from buffalo hides. They were warm in the winter and cool in the summer and large enough for the entire family.

* * * * * *

Part One:

lately i’ve been having dreams about this pretty little white lass… i wake up shivering

i know that she will one day be mine, like all the other foals in my life

but there’s something about her

that makes me shiver

and when i hunt

sometimes i imagine i can see her

peeking at me

but i know she is far far away

but i know she exists

i feel it in my every fiber

and when i go back to camp

i always keep an eye out

and i saw her in the clouds

peeking down at me

it’s less of an actual sighting and more of a feeling

eerie and yet exhilirating

i know when she arrives, my life will change for the better

until then, i sleep with my sluts at night, and dream of her

and sometimes, i can’t take these girls fawning all over me

admiring my muscles

and all the battles i’ve won

and i walk

the camp

for hours on end

in the dark… thinking of that funny lady

and how fast she’ll be at my feet

begging me to make her mine

and why that will change my life so much

i went to medicine women

i told her my dreams

i asked her what will be

(she said que serra serra, whatever will be, will be. the future’s not ours to know)

she told me the day is yet coming

and behold on that day i will undertand that the bull will become the cow, and the goose will become the gander

and while i don’t understand the prophesy, i know that bulls don’t give milk

i hope her coming will mean the end of darkness

and the herald of bright days

but i fear she’ll just be another failed prophesy, another slut at my feet

and i also fear that somehow she’ll reject me (hard to imagine) and embarrass me before all the tribe

and so i pace

and hunt and imagine

chief warAndPeace called me the other day

he tell me of white tribe camping down stream

he order me to go alone

and see who is there

and what they want

he warn me, don’t fight – just observe

don’t talk, don’t be seen

and so i walked at night

along the river’s edge

where my steps are muddy and quiet

the moon was hiding and know one noticed me leave

even the spirit of the river didn’t hear me

i walked quickly and i walked smart

before midnight i was by the camp

there was noise… fire and smoke

i could smell animal roasting

i could see the young men, scrappy and ripped pants

i don’t know how they move with all those clothes

that’s also how i can move faster

i see the leader, out in the open instead of in the tent

this tribe will not survive

they are too primitive

i can see they are a brave group

they brought whores with them

many groups in this area leave females at home

for fear of us, and they are right to, an indian is far superior to a pale man

i have seen it… and my sluts tell me so

i can see the females standing in a group

maybe they think that will protect them from their superior tribemates

but i can see these men… they are quickly getting drunk

and then… these whores will be in their master’s bedroom

i wait for that

i know then i will sneak closer

and listen to the chief and his concerns

he will not take a whore

i can see he is married

he will watch a while and then retire with his second in command

perhaps to discuss the day

or strategy or??? but i know he will

the spirit of the wind gaziantep escort tells me so

and so, i’m not surprised when the place starts emptying out

and that the whores leave docily with their mates

for the evening perhaps

no matter… the chief is going to his tent

and now he’s inside

i approach quietly

i am standing outside the tent

i listen carefully

i hear their concerns

i concentrate hard to catch every word

Part Two:

i am crouched just outside the pale chief’s cabin. i pay close attention to every word. Even though these people don’t know how to speak properly, my prior experiences with these peoples have taught me the basics of their language.

i can hear the chief speak of peace and security. i hear his right hander agreeing, but he can detect that he is nervous about being alone out here. Not scared enough to do something stupid, and i know i can return to Chief WarAndPeace with a good report.

i decide it would be best to have a peek inside. i creep around and find a small window. i see in. They are sitting away from me, the small flickering flame fills fully for me to see. i can see on a desk, they have death bows.

Chief WarAndPeace would not be happy to hear that. Many braves died from the rocks that come out of those death bows. And even if they don’t kill braves, they use death bows to kill the heavenly animals.

As i’m staring in the window, i see their side door opens. The chief’s daughter enters the room, carrying a small tray of apple slices. Suddenly her face come in view. i gasp!

No! It can’t be. It can’t be her. The woman of my dreams is the chief’s daughter?

I can see now that this is no cheap girl. She, a chief’s daughter, is truly of royal stock.

i sit there staring for 2 or 3 minutes, and then i realize i am outside and in a few hours the sun god will appear. i must get back my tribe immediately.

i sneak out of the clearing and within moments i am swallowed up and swiftly on my way back.

As i walk, i ponder what this all means. Do i give Chief WarAndPeace the news that we have new peaceful neighbors and try to forget she exists, or perhaps if i make them just menacing enough he’ll send me back to keep an eye on them.

As i trek back, i realize i want to see her again.

And so at daybreak i find myself in Chief’s tent explaining that the Pale men are here for peace, but they have death bows and they are not completely stable. i tell him that maybe we should send a band of men to make trouble and scare them away. i know Chief would not agree with that, and so i expect him to say…

“That’s bad medicine for this ailment. We must keep an eye on them, but we must not startle them or scare them until we know for sure that they want war.

“Go to their camp and spend a moon’s time by them. See what they do. Listen to their voices. Report back immediately if you see we in danger, but don’t be seen and don’t be heard. Don’t fight and don’t kill. Don’t scare them.”

i smile to myself, the plan has worked!

i retire to my place and sleep the day away.

When i wake up it is dusk. i get an early start and when i arrive by the enemy’s camp it still early evening. i scout a place that will be my home for some time. i like it, it is safe, it is covered, and it is secure.

i find a covered area where i can peak through the branches and see what is going on without being seen. i see the painted girls wearing fabric skirts. The men are strong and lean, and they also carry the death bows. They sit by a fire and eat their roasted animal. The smell of death is strong in the air.


Part Three:

Suddenly, i feel someone staring at me. i look around, but no one seems to see me.

i can feel the presence, it’s very close and very intense, but still i don’t see from where. i whisper in my mind to the spirit of the trees for guidance. i know now that that he’s to my left, behind me. i turn around slowly and there… she is!

She stands there, her hands over her chest, leaning back on one foot. She looks mighty comfortable being alone with me. And it comes to mind. i remember this scene in my dream!

The words of The Chief come to mind… do not talk. It was bad to be caught, i have never failed so badly before, but i will not disobey a direct order. i stand straight up, my back reaching to the heights of the eagle. We stare at each other, as the shouts from the nearby campfire are re-routed around us. For us there are no sounds and there are no trees. All i see are her brown eyes, gazing deep into mine. After some time, she clears her throat, as if prompting me to speak, but i don’t fall for that.

Finally she whispers, “Why are you here?”

So many thoughts fill my head, i want to tell her of my dreams, of our destiny, of how i saw her the other night. i want to inform her that i am here to spy on her tribe. But instead i just stand there mute.

“Follow me!” she says.

i remain rooted to the spot. i don’t know what she plans, but i will konya escort not allow her to make my mission a complete failure. i will slip away and find a better spot for tomorrow.

“If you don’t come along I will scream and all the men will come running.”

Her words don’t frighten me too greatly, i have stopped many larger groups than the one around this campfire.

“I will say you attacked me!”

While i don’t fear their death bows, my mother gave me protection against the rocks, an attack against the Chief’s daughter would be a prelude to war. That would ruin the whole plan. Defeated i stepped towards her – showing my willingness to follow.

She smiled. Ripped my heart out!

“Good little boy”

i didn’t understand how she could call a mighty warrior like me, little, but i couldn’ t argue.

She walked carefully, like an native, to her cabin. Once we were inside she closed the door.

She stood face to face, i could feel her warm breath on my neck, i could feel her chest points almost touching my chest. She was almost my height and yet she never looked up at me. i felt almost like i was looking up at her, but that seems so weird.

Her hand reached to touch my face. Like so many before her, my face is such that she can’t help but touch. Her hand pauses by my cheek and for a moment i feel like leaning in to complete the transaction, but i can’t figure out why i would even want that. i just know i do.

After that moment, she lowers her hand onto me, and she pets my cheek, like i was a horse. i feel like yelling at her or asking what she is doing, but i keep to my warrior code and stay silent.

“You are just the cutest thing. You must be tired from standing all day. Why don’t you rest on the floor?”

i look around for something to relax on, seeing nothing i drop to my knees and i begin to adjust myself so i can sit normally.

“That’s a good position” she giggles, “Let’s see how strong you are. Stay like that”

i yell on the inside, ‘what kind of game or you playing. First, you tell me to relax and now i’m kneeling on my knees?’ but i remain stoic.

i find myself facing her midsection, and now i am truly looking up at her.

Her hand covers my long head hair and she pets me.

i want to run away. i want to grab her and throw her on the bed. i do nothing.

Part Four:

i feel her hand on my head. She is pushing my head, down!

i allow her to push me down, and instinctively my hands drop to catch myself.

i sat in that position for a moment. Then i felt her hand on my backside, she lifted my waist covering. i couldn’t believe that she was looking there. Now i felt her hand curved around my bottom. She patted me softly. i could feel my bottom jump and fall from her touch. i felt her hand moving about my nether region, and then i felt her finger on my hole. i almost screamed out. i almost jumped up and punished her for putting me in the position of a lass. But i did none of that. Instead i crouched there meekly, while her finger made circles into me. i’m ashamed to say i stayed there like a mare as she mounted me with her finger. i felt her finger rub parts of my body i never knew existed and i felt my snake rising up. Just as i was realizing the connection between her motions inside me and my awakedness, her other hand reached around to incircle me. With her soft hand she was stroking me, and with her hard hand she had completely penetrated me. i could feel her palm pressing against my end and i knew at this point i was her puppet.

i tried once more to summon the strength to return things to normal. i focus all my energy and called of the Spirit of Breath, and just as i was about to release my hands from the floor and push her away…

she cooed, “I see you really like this pony boy” and she gave a little laugh. Not an evil laugh. A laugh that said she was surprised at how happy it was making us.

With her casual putdown and her amaxazing laugh i gained insight. i think i really did enjoy this! Maybe not as much as sinking my snake into her rabbit hole, but still…

And so i stayed docile, tamed? and ready for her to release me;)

But, just as i felt the poison welling up within my snake. Just as her hand was about to get coated. She released me.

And then after one last twist from deep within me, pressing all my internal buttons, she withdrew her finger.

i was confused.

She took her hand up to my face and held it there. i could see her finger was clean, but i could smell my sweat on her.

“I should make you clean it with your mouth” she teased, but then she moved her hand away and wrapped it in a leaf.

“you may get up now” she said. Without another word she rose and walked out of the room. i followed her with my eyes. i enjoyed the waves Her bottom made as She sashayed out of the room. i thought to myself, next time She’ll be the one kneeling.

i slowly raised up to a standing position, my bottom hurt a little from the intrusion, but it wasn’t terrible. i made my way outside and once i found shelter kayseri escort i contemplated what i should do.

Part Five:

i knew that the right thing to do was to return to camp and report to my Chief that i had failed. i wasn’t able to hide properly and for all knew she had already told her father that i was there.

If she did, it wouldn’t take very long for the second-in-command to convince the pale man’s chief that he should send out a hunting party. And while i could withstand their death bows, my tribemates could not. We would need all our finest on the front lines ready for an invasion.

i knew that if i returned i would be disgraced before the tribe. No one would ever want to talk to me. Perhaps even the Medicine Women wouldn’t heal me when i was ill. i knew that i would be seen as a failure of the lowest order. my dreams of one day leading the tribe would never come true.

More than my desire to keep my tribe safe, my still unsatisfied body wished to remain right here and figure out how to get the white woman of my dreams.

Deep down i knew She was my destiny. i knew that even if i returned to camp She would eventually be mine, but i didn’t want to wait for destiny. i wanted Her now!

And so i spent the night debating and justifying that She wasn’t going to tell anyone. i justified that She just wanted a good time and there was no reason to panic. i justified that i should be proud for having kept silent, even as she “tortured” me. Mostly i justified staying, because i wanted to be with her again.

Part Six:

Shortly before the sun arrived, i found a quiet place to sleep.

When i woke up i was instantly alert. Had i miscalculated? Was there a posse on it’s way to my friends now? i quickly stole over to the white man’s camp and saw that everything was calm. There was no hint of panic or stress. Since the sun was still overhead i tread very carefully.

Once i satisfied my curiousity i walked back silently to my hiding place.

As i walked i imagined She was watching me. i wondered how She knew where i was hiding last time. Why had She degraded me so badly last night? What did She get out of it?

i had so many questions in my head, but i was still very alert and i am extra careful to make less noise than even the ant walking the soil.

When i got back to my hiding place i surprised to find that my pile of leaves had been disturbed. i looked about and realized She was up the tree watching me!

She descended quickly and stood before me. She was so quiet i wondered again if she descended from the fox.

i couldn’t even wonder how She found my place again, or why She was here, before She grabbed my hair. It hurt! She pulled my hair down and i quickly got into the position from the previous night.

i was not surprised when her hand once again held my bottom. But this time, she started massaging my snake ( Sioux means “Lesser Snake” in Chippawa. 🙂 ), and immediately it grew and appeared furious. i felt Her rub something around it, and then She peeled it off. i looked down, but i couldn’t understand what She was doing.

i felt her teasing my hole and i found myself hoping She’d enter and relieve me, but She didn’t… and before i knew it, She was gone.

Part Seven:

i began to dread and anticipate my time here. i knew that made no sense, but i worried what was happening to me, and i looked forward to feeling her pleasure. For some reason all the girls in my camp didn’t excite me half as much as this Girl’s hair grabbing.

There’s no reason for a warrior like me to submit to her demands. Why hadn’t i pulled her hair back? She has more than i. Why did i kneel like a lovesick dog before her?

i resolved to pin her to the ground next time. i know i will hold her down and force Her to take me into her mouth. And once She tastes that, She’ll be begging me to feed it to other parts of her body. And this time i will surely empty the quiver before we finish.

The sky began to mourn the sun and the moon ascended it’s throne. i cautiously made my way to the gathering place. i listened carefully. The settlers were talking about religious nonsense and community gossip. Everything seemed calm, and i let out a deep breath i had unknowingly been holding.

i was not at all surprised when out of nowhere She suddenly was at my side.

“Come” she demanded. Without a fight i followed her again to her cabin.

“Are you going to talk tonight or will i have to torture you again.”

Suddenly, i understood. She hadn’t been trying to excite me? She was trying to make me speak! That would explain why she stopped it early, before i spewed, but why was She letting me stick around? It was then that i knew that She had been following me since i arrived. That’s how She always knew where i was, and that i was not a threat.

Did this also mean She had kept quiet about me?

“I see. Still keeping quiet. [sigh] okay drop down. or do I have to set you down?”

i saw She was preoccupied with Her silly games of domination, and seeing my chance, i sprang at her.

One of my hand reached for her neck, while the other went to circle Her waist.

As fast as i was, and as sneaky as i can be, i was not fast or sneaky enough this time. She smartly stepped to the side and my hands barely grazed her vest. i crashed to the floor and immediately She was above me, pushing my head against the floor. Hard!

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