Cream Filled

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Rick was running late as usual. It was Friday afternoon about four and he was supposed to meet his girlfriend at his mother’s house around two. Traffic in from the college had been hectic and a wreck out on the highway hadn’t helped. His girlfriend’s car was still in the driveway so at least she was still here, he thought as he pulled in behind her.

His mom’s car was gone but his sister’s car was parked at the curb out front. Sherrie went to business school four days a week and had Friday’s and the weekends off. Julia, his girlfriend was a few years younger than he was and a year or so older than his sister. They all got along great.

The front door wasn’t lock, which wasn’t unusual, so he went in and kicked off his shoes by the door. The house was quiet, the TV wasn’t even on. There was no one in the living room, dinning room, or the kitchen. He went down the hall to check his bedroom. No one was there either. He started to turn around to go check the backyard when there was the sound of a laugh from down the hall.

Rick grinned as he headed for his sister’s room. He figured they were talking in there instead of the living room. The door was open a few inches and he pushed it on open without knocking. He froze with his eyes open wide and his mouth hanging open. Julia was on the bed and naked as the day she was born. She was flat on her back with her knees spread wide. Sherrie was on her knees with her ass raised and her head between Julia’s thighs. She was just as naked as his girlfriend.

Talk about your shocking moments. His mind was in a whirl as questions piled up on questions. Not to mention the view he had of his sister’s asshole and pussy. He groaned softly and took the four steps to the foot of the bed. Julia had her eyes shut and she was chewing on her bottom lip as she made a soft whimpering sound. Sherrie’s head would move up and down slowly and then from side to side.

His sister ate pussy? It seemed so and she was doing a pretty good job of it from the look on Julia’s face and the balled up bedspread in her hands. That answered one question at least. That Julia was letting his sister eat her pussy opened a whole other can of questions. Was this something new? Had it happened before and with whom?

About then Julia lifted her hips and groaned deeply. “Faster, harder,” she said as she flexed her hips up and down.

Sherrie’s head moved faster and Julia’s hips stopped moving and quivered hard. “Oh yes!” She said loudly and then groaned long and loud as her hips jerked and bucked. Rick grinned, as he knew the sounds his girlfriend made when coming, very well.

His eyes alternated between his girlfriend’s face and his sister’s pussy. He knew she would open her eyes when she calmed down from the orgasm and then she would see him. He wondered what would happen next? Should he get out of the room and act like nothing had happened?

The opening to his sister vagina was pulsing slowly and there was a trace of a clear liquid in her slit below it. Had she come also or was she just really excited. So many questions and so many choices. He wasn’t sure what to do. Should he be mad about what he had seen or should he leave and forget it? He was still trying to decide when Julia opened her eyes.

She was looking in the direction of Sherrie’s face when her eyes opened. She smiled and then looked shocked as her eyes jumped to Rick mersin escort standing at the foot of the bed. “I… I… I…” she stammered with a stricken look on her face.

Sherrie looked over her shoulder and grinned. “Hello, brother dear.”

Julia’s eyes jumped to Sherrie. “You… you said he wouldn’t be here until tonight,” she said accusingly.

“No, I said, mother wouldn’t be back until late tonight. I didn’t say anything about Rick.”

“But….” Julia said as her eyes went to her boyfriends face. He was grinning. She blushed hotly and smiled shyly.

“So, how long have you been into girls,” Rick asked.

“I… uh… I…” Julia stammered and Sherrie laughed.

Rick looked at his sister and said, “I could ask you the same thing.”

Sherrie grinned and replied, “Lets just say Julia isn’t my first and won’t be my last.”

Rick looked at Julia and she stammered again. Rick chuckled as he slowly shook his head. “If it had been another guy, I would have been pissed. Another girl, I don’t think I have a problem with but my sister…. That I’m not sure about.”

“We were bored or at least I was,” Sherrie said. “I kind of seduced her but to tell the truth, it didn’t take much.”

“Uh huh,” Rick said and looked directly at his sister’s wet pussy. “You seemed to enjoy it as much as she did.”

Sherrie laughed. “Damned straight I did.” She replied as she wiggled her ass from side to side. “Want a lick?” She asked a few seconds later.

Her attitude shocked Rick more than her offer. Now it was his turn to stammer. “I… uh… I… uh… probably wouldn’t stop at just one lick,” he finally got out to call her bluff.

Sherrie wiggled her ass again. “You won’t hear me complaining. Yelling as I come maybe but not complaining.”

Julia groaned softly and whispered, “Can I get in on this?”

Sherrie shivered. “Two tongues would be even better.”

“So you do eat pussy?” Rick asked, looking directly at Julia.

“Uh, yeah, I have but I’m very selective, believe me.” Julia whispered as she blushed again.

Rick nodded. “Ok, I can go with that.” Looking at his sister, he asked, “When the hell did you get to be so sexual? I still have the pigtails and blue jeans version of you in my head for some reason and the view I’m getting now does not compute.”

Sherrie shook her ass, teasing her brother. “I thought you would just eat this view up.”

“Well, yeah, but…. For God’s sake, you’re my sister,” Rick protested.

“I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t,” Sherrie said and then laughed.

Rick groaned and Julia giggled. Rick looked at his girlfriend and lifted his eyebrows. Julia giggled again and whispered, “She’s not my sister.”

With another groan, Rick shook his head and closed his eyes. The next thing he knew, his sister had him by the front of the shirt and was pulling him forward. “Hey!” He got out as his knees hit the end of the bed. His sister laughed and pulled even harder. He fell onto the bed next to Julia.

Sherrie fell on top of Julia. Julia made a “woofing” sound as her breath got knocked out of her. A few seconds later she took a gasping breath and then groaned as Sherrie wiggled around and kissed her full on the lips. Julia groaned even louder at the taste of her own pussy on Sherrie’s mouth.

The second time Julia groaned mersin escort bayan and returned Sherrie’s kiss even harder, David grinned. He knew that she tasted her own pussy and that it drove his girlfriend wild. He rolled over on his side and reached over to pinch and roll her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She groaned loudly again and tried to arch her back.

Sherrie broke the kiss and pushed up on her arms. Seeing what her brother was doing, she smiled and looked at Julia. “Can he really eat pussy or is it just wishful thinking on my part?”

Julia groaned again as Rick pinched her nipple harder. “Oh yeah, he’s pretty good at it,” she whispered.

Sherrie grinned as she knee walked up along Julia’s body. “I’ll let you know how good she is at it in a little while.”

Rick watched as his sister climbed over his girlfriend’s shoulders and held onto the headboard as she lowered her sex down just above the older girls face. Julia moaned loudly and stuck out her tongue. She used the very end of it to lick up and down along Sherrie’s outer lips. Sherrie shivered at the feather touch on her sex and lowered her hips farther.

Julia let out a muffled moan and Sherrie let out a deep groan as Julia’s tongue swirled around the wet opening of her sex and disappeared inside. “Yeah, she’s done that a time or two,” Rick said mostly to myself.

Sherrie rocked her hips and groaned deeply again. “And she does it very well,” she said a moment later with a breathy catch in her voice.

Rick scooted down and leaned over to suck on Julia’s nipple. She jerked and then whimpered as she licked Sherrie’s pussy harder. Her hands were on Sherrie’s ass. One moved down and found Rick’s head and pushed on it. He lifted his head but the hand pushed it lower toward her sex.

He sat up, popped the snaps on the front of his shirt and took it off. Scooting down, he rolled sideways and ended up between Julia’s legs. She groaned as she lifted her knees and spread them wide. Rick slipped a hand under each of her ass cheeks and lifted as his head came down and his tongue tickled and teased her slippery slit. Her spicy, earthy flavor was strong as he teased her opening.

Julia jerked and moaned loudly as he stabbed his tongue deep into her hot juicy depths. He swirled it around and pulled it out to tickle and tease her anus. Her hips jerked and rolled up even more. She only liked her asshole messed with when she was completely turned on and she was there in spades. He probed her asshole with his tongue and got a deep groan from her.

Sherrie was riding Julia’s face to a rhythm of her own as Rick tongue fucked his girlfriend’s ass. She was whimpering and moaning loudly as they did. A minute or so later, Rick came up onto his knees, undid the belt and zipper on his jeans, and shoved them down around his knees. Hooking an arm under Julia’s knees he rolled her up as he moved forward.

Julia yelled loudly into Sherrie’s pussy as he jammed his dick deep into her pussy. She continued to yell as he fucked her long, hard, and deep. Somewhere along the way, Sherrie yelled as her hips jerked against Julia’s face. She was coming and Julia wasn’t far behind her.

Rick gave Julia another dozen or so, long, very hard strokes and came deep inside her. Julia yelled again and hunched her sex against him fast escort mersin and hard. Her orgasm had shot up another notch at the very least.


Sometime later, Sherrie turned, sat down on the bed, and leaned back on the headboard as she moved her right foot out of the way. Her left foot was under her ass and pointed toward Julia’s ribs. Her well-eaten sex was shiny and wet between her spread thighs. David licked his lips and grinned. Yeah, Julia could eat pussy all right.

A minute or so later, David moved one arm and released Julia’s left leg and then he did the same with the right. Her feet went to the bed and her knees sprawled open as her ass went that way also. His dick was still deep in her pussy and would twitch each time her sex clamped down on it. She would whimper each time his dick moved.

Sherrie sighed deeply and whispered, “That was fun.”

Julia groaned and nodded.

David looked at his sister and then down at his girlfriend’s face. It was a complete mess from her eyebrows to her chin and from cheek to cheek. “Someone sure got their face washed,” he whispered and then chuckled.

Julia opened one eye and groaned. Sherrie laughed and said, “Uh, yeah, I did make a little bit of a mess.”

“I needed a snorkel,” Julia croaked in a breathy whisper. She looked at Rick and shivered. “I’m going to need a life preserver when you pull that thing out.”

“He came in you?” Sherrie asked with a shiver of her own.

“Oh yeah, at least a gallon or so it felt like.” Julia replied as she opened her other eye and grinned up at Rick.

“You felt it? He’s not wearing a condom?” Sherrie asked, as her eyes got big.

“He never does, not in the last three months or so,” Julia said softly.

“What? Are you on the pill, or an IUD, or something?” Sherrie asked quickly.

“Nope!” Julia replied and then laughed at the shocked look on Sherrie’s face. Looking at Rick, she smiled and added, “We’re getting married right after graduation and we want a family as soon as possible, so we’re starting early.”

Sherrie groaned and whispered, “No! I’m too young to be an aunt.”

Rick laughed and shook his head. “It’s not about you.”

Sherrie giggled and replied, “From my point of view, yes it is. I finally get your girlfriend in bed and then I find out you guys are trying to get pregnant. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“Other than being well satisfied?” Julia asked and licked her lips.

“You’re one to talk,” Sherrie said. “First you get your pussy ate not once but twice and then you get fucked long, hard, and deep.”

Rick laughed and his sister looked at him hard. “You don’t know how close you came to me licking the hell out of that sweet looking little pussy of yours when I first came in here.”

Sherrie groaned loudly and Julia laughed. “Being a sister isn’t much better than being an aunt, is it?”

Rick laughed and his sister looked at him again. Then she grinned and whispered, “Yeah, but the sleepovers after babysitting should be fun.”

Julia groaned as she wiggled her hips under Rick. “I’d be careful about those sleepovers, you wouldn’t want to end up cream filled like I am by accident.”

Sherrie shivered hard and whimpered as she looked from her future sister-in-law to her brother and back. “Now we’re getting into fantasy territory,” she whispered and then shivered again.

Rick looked at his sister hard but Julia laughed. “Fantasies can be fun,” she said as she pulled Rick down to kiss him. They both moaned as they kissed. Julia’s could taste her sex on Rick’s tongue and he could taste his sister pussy on his future wife’s lips and tongue.

The future should be an interesting place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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