Cuckold in Training

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I was a stunned by my discovery! My husband Tony was out of town for a few days on business and I needed a tool from his workroom. While digging through one of the tool drawers I found a small, portable hard drive. “Why would this be in here?” I thought, but then the little voice inside my head started to scream, “Put it back you fool! Don’t look inside; you won’t like what you’ll find!” But I never listen to that little voice anyway, so I took it upstairs and plugged it into the computer.

I figured I would find some pornography. In fact, I hoped that was all I would find. I’d never suspect that Tony would cheat on me, but my heart was racing with the thought I might be wrong. I started thumbing through the different folder names, scanning for anything that would send me straight to a divorce attorney. Luckily, it seemed to be just a stash of dirty pictures and videos. Not a big deal, right?

I breathed a little easier, but now I was curious as to what things were turning my husband on. I knew about some of his fantasies, nothing surprising, and they were certainly present here: naked celebrities, lesbian action, etc. But then I started to find things that intrigued me. There was a folder marked ‘Domination.’ Scanning through the photos and videos I saw women wearing leather and high heels commanding men to do their bidding.

I never would have thought that Tony was into this kind of thing! Although, as I thought back on it, he did like it when I took control during sex and told him what I wanted, but I had never done anything as extreme as what I was seeing in this material. Would he want me to? If he did, I wasn’t sure if I could even pull it off, but I guess I would be willing to try if it made him happy. Who knows, I might even find it enjoyable.

I kept digging. The next folder was marked ‘Interracial.’ “So,” I thought, “my husband’s into black women, eh? That’s not bad. Hell, even I have interracial fantasies.” That’s a little secret of my own that I never told Tony. Seeing an attractive black man on TV or in the movies always gave me a thrill. Once or twice I had even fantasized about a black man during lovemaking with Tony, replaying a fond old memory in my head while Tony fucked me.

You see, I had also never told Tony about that memorable encounter from long ago, way before I knew Tony when I was still single. I had a one-night stand with a young black man who picked me up in a bar and took me back to his place. He was handsome, charismatic, and extremely well-hung. It was a ‘long’ one-night stand, and I mean that in every sense of the word. We fucked many times that night and I thoroughly enjoyed my first and only taste of dark meat, but then I never saw him again. I still think of that night sometimes and it always makes me smile.

I pulled my mind back to the present and started to flip through the photos in the ‘interracial’ folder to see what kind of black ladies Tony liked, but I didn’t find many black women! What I was seeing were images of black men fucking white women. Well, not just fucking, but doing everything imaginable! There were subfolders broken down into categories: blowjobs, anal, DP, threesomes, and even gangbangs! I could see now that this interracial topic was the largest of the whole collection of porn and it truly surprised me.

There were two subfolders in there that I hadn’t looked in yet, and one of them startled me when I saw the name. It said ‘MARCIA!’ I didn’t understand what that meant. Had Tony secretly been taking photos or videos of me in the nude? I was apprehensive as opened the folder.

No, it wasn’t images of me. As I scanned through I was just seeing more photos and videos of white women with black men, same as the other stuff. It wasn’t even the same woman in all these files, although they did seem pretty similar. There was no way it was all women who happened to have the same name as me. I didn’t understand, but then I suddenly did. I scanned back through to make sure.

They all looked similar, and they all looked kind of like me! They were all blonde, with curly or wavy hair. They were all in relatively good shape, and apparently, they all loved black cock! I was dumbstruck! It was clear, one of my husband’s fantasies was watching ‘me’ fuck a black man! It was also pretty clear by the number of shots I saw that he really liked the thought of a black man, or even two or more black men at one time, ejaculating their cum into ‘my’ mouth. In most cases, ‘I’ even obliged the guys by eagerly swallowing their cum.

At that point I realized that my breathing had become very shallow and my heart was beating rapidly, so I sat back and took some deep breaths to calm myself. I was trying to come to grips with what I had found. I was shocked to realize that my husband had these unusual fantasies; unusual to my mind at least. But I had to admit to myself that I was also a little turned on by the thought of it. Although he was obviously looking at images of other women, he was in essence fantasizing about me! That sent a tingle through my pussy.

I’ll also admit that I was getting mardin escort a little turned on by the content of some of these photos. Seeing a woman who looked a little like me being held by a strong young black man, or men, and enjoying the pleasures of his large cock was thrilling to me. It brought back very vivid memories of that one night from long ago. I closed my eyes and let my mind freely wander back to that night. I could almost smell him, feel his cock inside me again and even taste him in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and felt flushed and warm. I tried to concentrate back on the computer screen. There was one more subfolder that was still unexplored. It was titled ‘Cuck.’ I didn’t know what this meant. I opened it and there were quite a few files and another subfolder inside. I started to scan the files and it became clear to me that the theme was white women domineering their husbands as they had sex with black men.

It made some sense to me. Tony obviously had fantasies about women taking control and fantasies about black men fucking white women (or more to the point, fucking me), so this combined both fantasies into one. So, I looked to the last subfolder. I could see by the date the file was opened that it was the most recent of all the folders; in fact, it had only been created about three months ago. It was titled ‘Extreme Cuck.’ I opened it and started to scan the files.

At first it seemed like the same types of images from the ‘Cuck” folder, but I quickly noticed it took things a little farther. There were images in there of women holding a black man’s large penis while looking at the camera with added captions saying things like, “C’mon baby, you know you want some of this!” and “I need your help; suck on his dick and make him hard for me. Maybe I’ll even let you clean up his cum later!”

I was becoming concerned as I delved deeper into the files; they were becoming more and more explicit. Soon there were many images of women forcibly pushing their husband’s mouth onto the black man’s cock and forcing him to suck it! There was even one video where a woman forcibly held her husband’s mouth open as the black man ejaculated inside and then she commanded him to swallow!

My breathing was shallow again. I sat there stunned, and then the phone rang. I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was Tony! I just couldn’t talk to him at that moment, so I let it go to voicemail while I thought. I did that the whole evening, thinking about what I had seen, trying to understand what I had found and deciding what I should do next. It was late that evening when I decided I couldn’t do this alone and began searching for professional help, searching the internet for a local sex therapist that could give me some insight. I finally found just the right person, at least I hoped she was.

First thing the next morning I called Dr. Helen Andrews and was lucky enough to get an appointment for that afternoon. I was glad because Tony would be back in just three days and I needed some guidance before he returned, before I had to face him in person. When I arrived at her office she greeted me kindly.

I started slowly, haltingly telling Dr. Andrews what I had found, but soon it was spilling out of me in torrents. I told her everything I had seen and everything I had thought. I told her of my roller coaster of emotions throughout the discovery and the shock of that last folder and what I saw inside.

Dr. Andrews was a calming influence on me. She asked about our intimacy together and I told her that Tony is a thoughtful lover and seems to consistently be interested in me and my body. She assured me that what I had discovered is not all that unusual. Most men have a secret stash of items for self-pleasure, and because they are generally more visually stimulated than women regarding sex, they tend to gravitate toward pornographic images and videos.

She also reassured me that Tony’s fantasies about interracial sex, and domination are common because they represent taboo subjects, forbidden acts which enhance the sense of sexual thrill. She told me that Tony’s fantasies about me participating in interracial sex probably came about because he had picked up on my verbal or physical cues that it was a topic that aroused me. Thinking back on it then, I realized that I must have made comments or exhibited visible body language that betrayed my own secret desires for interracial encounters. Dr. Andrews said that over time he had built that up in his own mind to a full-blown fantasy.

She also told me that ‘Cuck’ was short for ‘Cuckold,’ and that was an extension of the domination and humiliation subject; essentially being dominated by ones’ own partner. In this case, Tony had focused on combining this with my secret ‘forbidden’ interracial desires. She said it was also a way for him to bring himself into the fantasy; making him not just a spectator but a participant. That left only one major concern for me.

I quietly asked, “Dr. Andrews, what about that last folder I found? The one where the men van escort were involved in homosexual behavior. Is it possible that Tony is secretly gay?”

Dr. Andrews paused and then smiled and said, “Maybe.” My mouth dropped open; it was not what I was hoping to hear, but then she continued, “but I don’t think so, Marcia. Tony’s other fantasies don’t support this. He appears to have a strong attraction to women, and you in particular. I believe this homosexual activity is only an extension of the taboo subject for him, the forbidden nature of the event.”

She continued, “Although, it is certainly possible that Tony has some innate bisexual tendencies; many people do in fact. For example, let me ask you a very personal question. Did you ever have a sexual encounter with another female at any time in your life?”

I immediately blushed and Dr. Andrews smiled knowingly at my response but waited for me to answer. I spoke quietly, “When I was a senior in high school I kissed another girl, a friend of mine. We didn’t have sex, really, but we did explore each other’s bodies. You know, kissing and touching…”

Dr. Andrews responded, “You see? It is a most natural occurrence, I assure you. Human sexuality is complex and one’s desires are not always logical and clear cut in one’s own mind. I don’t think you will find your husband suddenly announcing he is leaving you for another man. He is simply exploring his own desires and fantasies during self-gratification and they are leading him into new areas of potential interest. The real question now is, how are you going to respond to your husband now that you know his secrets?”

I sat there in silence not sure of the answer. I asked, “Do you have any suggestions?”

Dr. Andrews thought for a moment and then said, “I think you have four options. First, you could ignore it; put the hard drive back where you found it and try to go on with life as if it didn’t exist, if you can do that.

“Second, you could confront your husband with the evidence and ask him to explain himself, or even ask him to destroy it all and never look at these images again. Personally, I don’t think that will be successful because it doesn’t resolve his desires in a satisfactory way. I think he would secretly return to these images and behavior in time.

“Third, you could simply divorce him and move on with your life, but from what you are telling me I don’t think you really want to do that. That leaves the fourth option, to work with your husband to explore his desires, and yours too, together as a couple. Are these encounters that he truly wishes to see happen in real life, or are they simply fantasies for his own personal pleasure, while maintaining the status quo in your sexual relationship?

“Personally, I think that the fourth option is the healthiest approach, but you must also decide what you are willing to do. Do his desires coincide with yours in any way? If they don’t, are you willing to expand your boundaries and try something new?”

I sat there quietly for a very long time with all of these thoughts racing around my mind, but there was a strong voice inside my head and this time I decided to listen to it. I said, “I love my husband and I want us to both be happy together. I want to try the fourth option, but I need your help!”

Dr. Andrews was wonderful! She cleared her schedule for the remainder of the afternoon and we spent the next several hours together. She helped me think through the next steps and evaluate my own desires. I had to be completely open with her about all of my intimate thoughts and feelings, but this helped me clearly develop my plan for Tony’s return. I decided to confront Tony with this issue directly, test his willingness to explore these feelings in reality, and then see how Tony responded.

I also benefited from Dr. Andrews’ contacts within the specialized world of sexual therapy and the sex professionals available to assist. This included an agency and individuals that operate near the fringes of the law but who would be useful for my purposes. Dr. Andrews simply gave me some names to call and I did the rest. I’ll admit that as the plan came together I became more and more excited at the possibilities.

I had spoken to Tony several times over the intervening days, but never let on to my plan other than to say that I was excited for his return and I was planning a special evening together. On the phone Tony seemed truly excited about this. I was a little worried about his reaction once I sprung my plan on him, but I was also fairly confident he would be excited and pleased once he got over the initial shock. Worst case scenario, I thought, I can always stop it at any time. He surely couldn’t blame me for trying to please him, right?

Over the next couple of days, I was busy getting everything arranged. I even spent quite a few hours watching Tony’s stash of videos to learn what he likes so that I could copy it and make it totally convincing. I was memorizing dialogue and studying the physical interactions of the men ankara escort and women. I had to be convincing and natural in my role. More than once I found myself very aroused and I even masturbated once while watching the material. As the day approached I was very nervous, but I felt I could pull this off. I was actually quite excited!

The evening arrived and I had a candlelit dinner in place ready for Tony’s scheduled appearance. I was wearing a slinky evening dress when he walked in the door and I greeted him with a warm sensual kiss and led him directly to the dining room. He was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful the surprise was as we ate dinner.

As we finished dinner Tony said, “You look so beautiful Marcia and that meal was fabulous. I can’t wait to discover what you have planned for the rest of the evening. Maybe I should go away more often!”

I smiled wickedly and said, “I think you will be pleasantly surprised, but I need to ask you to do something for me first. I want to try something a little different for us and I want your promise that you will keep an open mind and do what I ask. In fact, I insist upon it!” I said that last part with a strong tone as I looked directly in Tony’s eyes.

I could tell Tony liked this commanding tone and he immediately nodded and said, “Absolutely Marcia! I trust you completely.”

I said, “Good! Then clean up the dishes from the table and meet me in the bedroom in five minutes.” I left him to get ready. Exactly five minutes later Tony walked into the bedroom. I walked over and kissed him again and began to remove his clothing. Soon I had him completely naked and firmly told him to lie on the right side of the bed near the edge. He obeyed immediately with a big grin on his face.

I said, “You promise to do as I say, right? Then I want you to place your hands up by the headboard. I am going to restrain you, but don’t worry I am not going to harm you. Quite the opposite in fact!” Tony didn’t hesitate at all so I used some soft cords to tie his hands gently but firmly to the headboard followed by tying his ankles to the footboard. He was now comfortable but completely subject to my whims and desires.

I leaned down and kissed him again and then slowly kissed and licked down his body. When I reached his penis, I found it to be engorged and rigid and I could tell this was very exciting for him. I gave it a few little licks and a kiss and then told him, “Don’t go away, I need to grab a few supplies, you know like whipped cream. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I left the room to make sure everything was ready and to change my clothes. It took longer than a few minutes, but I thought the extra time would add to his anticipation and make him feel even less in control.

After ten minutes I walked back into the room and Tony’s eyes bulged at what he saw. I was wearing one of those dominatrix outfits very similar to what I saw in his videos. It was bright red leather and vinyl with matching high-heeled, knee-high boots over mesh stockings. There was very little material to the outfit and it left my tits, ass and pussy completely exposed. I had also let down my long curly blond hair and applied bright red lipstick. I topped off the look with a short leather riding crop.

I strutted over to him, the outfit helping me to get into the role, and ran the tip of the riding crop from his feet up his legs and then gave his penis a little tweak as I smiled down at him. He was speechless. I said, “I hope you like my new outfit.” He just nodded with a dumbstruck look on his face. I continued, “We need to have a talk now, Dear!”

I climbed on top of Tony, straddling him, and lowered my face just above his. I said, “There’s going to be some big changes around here. You see, I know that you have been a very naughty boy and now you must be punished!” Tony gave me a mixed look of confusion and excitement as he tried to understand what I meant. Then I added, “I found your secret stash of pornography in your workroom.”

Tony’s eyes grew even wider and his face went cold as he started to stammer a reply. I put my finger to his lips and said, “Shhh! No, don’t speak. I’ll do the talking. I’ve seen everything and I know all of your dirty little secrets. You have been looking at some very disgusting images and jerking off your little penis. Haven’t you?” While I said that, I reached down and tweaked his penis with my hand. It had lost much of its stiffness at this point.

I could see Tony was becoming emotional at the thought that his deepest, darkest secrets were revealed to me and for a moment I thought he might even start to cry, but his expression immediately changed when I said, “But the worst part is that you aren’t letting me play along with your fun. That’s just not nice!”

I gave him another wicked smile, my mouth hovering just above his and our eyes locked together. I continued my verbal torture, “I know you like watching black men fucking white wives while their husband’s watch. You even fantasize about me doing that, don’t you?” I could feel Tony’s penis stiffening below me so I continued, “Tell me, Dear, do you fantasize about me placing my lips around a big, black cock? Do you want to watch me as I lick it, sucking a black dick in and out of my mouth? Do you imagine a large black man fucking me while you watch, jerking off your little penis the whole time?”

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