Cum Fly with Me

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So, this story all started a few months ago. The company I work for won a contract with a slightly larger company in Norway. Without going into the ins and outs of it, it meant I had to travel over to a small city in Western Norway every couple of weeks to make sure everything was running smoothly.

I like travel, and I like leggy blonde Scandinavian girls, so to be honest, this seemed to be a great deal. However, the only direct flights from my city were from the worst airport, situated a whole 2 hours away from my place. Great …

The taxis all went to my expense account, but sometimes it felt like I was spending longer in the cab than at our client’s HQ. Anyway, I also found out the route was run by a newish budget airline – which had no business class. This sweet deal seemed to be turning a little sour. So, over the next few months I flew over every couple of weeks, on a 50-75% full aircraft. The mainly Norwegian passengers were well stocked with duty free and tourist tat merchandise, I seemed to be the only business passenger most weeks. Others were dressed in ski jackets and jeans; I wore a business casual outfit to remain comfortable but also have extra options to wear for meetings.

After a few runs I got used to these flights. The food and drink offered was OK. It was far from brilliant, but I’d had worse on other airlines. I generally killed the 2 hr flight time with a novel on my Kindle but would also sometimes look up to admire the flight attendants. Now, it’s not as glamorous as the 60s and Pan-Am anymore, but there are still plenty of hot young women lured to the glamour of the skies as a career option. Of course, there are plenty of well-groomed men on the flights too, along with a few middle-aged frumpy women. But there is an undeniable pool of talent at this particular airline.

Oh and yes – I do have a bit of a thing for the uniforms. I’d bought a rather flirty air hostess dress-up set for my ex one Valentine’s day – she was pretty luke-warm about it. But there’s just something about how it’s smart and business-like, but also a bit provocative. The tight skirts clinging to the tight arses … the tights or stockings … the click-clack of the high heels …

And then there are the tight, white blouses, sometimes giving a hint of the bra worn underneath … damn it sent me crazy. And on this airline, the ladies also had those little scarves tied around their necks – I don’t know why but these sent me wild too. And then obviously these ladies would make sure their make-up was always on point too. Ruby red lipstick, smoky eyes and sleek, well-kept hair. These ladies took care of themselves. So I would often admire their skirted arses as they sashayed down the aisle …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know all about COVID-19 and the effect it had on the world this year. Jobs lost, businesses closing, governments panicking and international travel coming to a virtual standstill.

However, I was still needed in Norway. My tickets were booked and ready, with a few days to go before I departed, I thought the airline would probably cancel the flight, and I’d have to get on with some reports working from home, which was the new norm.

However, on the morning of my flight I woke up bleary-eyed and checked my phone – the flight was still scheduled to go. Jesus – these budget airlines really don’t give a fuck. I showered, brushed my teeth and threw on a pair of chinos, a nice shirt and a smart blazer, and called for the cab.

The roads leading to the airport were eerily quiet. Everyone who could was working from home, so I suppose this would be an obvious consequence. Pulling into the airport, I paid the driver, then jumped out and pulled on a now compulsory face-mask. Entering the terminal, I was met with more eery emptiness. God this was weird. I zoomed through the security process, then headed towards the coffee shop for the early morning pick-me-up I desperately needed.

Casting my eyes up at the departures board, I noted my gate number and headed straight for it – I didn’t have much time to kill now. As I approached the gate, the chairs were empty. Staff were milling about but passengers seemed few and far between. The gate agent asked for my boarding pass and passport, then ushered me through to the gate. As I entered the plane’s front doors, I was met by two stunning but very different flight attendants.

A leggy blonde of about 30 asked for boarding pass. Smiling, I looked down to see “Lotte” on her name badge. A second flight attendant beamed “Welcome onboard sir”. She was arguably more gorgeous. A petite frame supported a decent bulge in her blouse. Black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, which allowed me to see all her feminine facial features. The cute addition of “nerd” style glasses made this girl even sexier in my mind. I smiled back and thanked her, noticing her name badge sported the name Elena.

I walked down the aisle and noticed I was the first passenger onboard. However, I thought I should still find my assigned seat, so headed towards 10B. Unlatching the overhead locker sitting above row diyarbakır escort 10 another flight attendant greeted me.

“Good morning sir.”

A mellifluous Irish dialect met my ears. Damn it I’m a sucker for an accent. Next, strawberry blonde hair and freckles met my eyes, matched with a short, curvy body.

“You’re actually the only passenger on the flight this morning, would you like to sit in a row with extra leg-room?”

“Yeah, that would be great, thanks.”

God, had I hit it lucky, a flight all to myself with these three sexy flight attendants. How were they making money from this flight? Niamh (those nametags came in handy) led me to the over-wing emergency exit row.

“Take your pick, sir. As this is such an empty flight, don’t feel obligated to wear a face covering. If you don’t mind, we won’t either?”

I nodded my assent.

“If you need anything else, press the call button and me or my colleagues will help you out.”

I admired her arse as she wandered up the aircraft to converse with Lotte and Elena. This would be an enjoyable flight. Before I knew it, the aircraft was taxiing towards the runway, and a fourth flight attendant appeared to participate in the safety demonstration. Standing only a couple of rows ahead of me, a stunning, sultry brunette mimed towards the emergency exits. The tight, navy blue skirt hugged her broad hips, and the blouse barely contained her heavy bust. Jesus, this would be the best flight ever! She joined her colleagues and shared a few inaudible sentences with them, before they all burst into girlish, tittering giggles.

These four beauties all took their seats and strapped themselves in for take-off. I had settled in next to the window, stretching my legs out with all the extra room I usually wasn’t afforded. It wasn’t long before we reached cruising altitude and the seat-belt sign was switched off. Unbuckling, I took out my Kindle and began to read. Just as I was getting into the story, I heard that beautiful sound of high heels against the floor approaching me from behind. It was the beautiful blonde Lotte. In heels she must have been over six foot.

“Hello sir.”

She folded her long slender limbs into the aisle seat, and gracefully crossed her legs.

“So this is a bit funny. My colleague Elena, you know the girl in the glasses?”

I nodded, whilst looking over to her.

“Well,” Lotte continued in flawless English, “the thing is she’s a little bit shy – and well … she thinks you’re hot.”

I smirked, feigning incredulity.

Lotte went on, “She’s just too shy to come and talk to you, she only just qualified, she doesn’t know how to get what she wants yet! So we told her to come and chat to you, ask for your number. She’s just too shy! So I’ve agreed to ask for her … So, um, can she have your number?”

“She’s a cute little thing,” I responded. “I hope you girls aren’t corrupting her!”

Sharing a laugh with Lotte I reached into my wallet and took out my card to hand over.

“The thing is,” I continued, “I suppose you ladies won’t be very busy today with only one passenger, and we’ve got plenty of peace and quiet here. And I think the altitude adds a sort of romance. Why don’t you bring her over here and we’ll have a little date right now!”

Lotte’s eyes lit up.

“Great idea! I’ll get out the prosecco … just a moment, I’ll go and fetch her.”

Lotte sauntered away to the back of the aircraft. I heard some giggles followed by some reluctant whispers. The other girls were then desperately whispering to coax her down.

Suddenly, Lotte appeared with the pretty, black haired Elena.

“Sir, this is Elena. Elena, this is …?”

“Matt, nice to meet you Elena”.

I rose and kissed her on both cheeks, I got a whiff of her sweet perfume and gestured for her to sit next to me.

“It’s lovely to meet you Matt,” she smiled shyly.

Our knees were touching as we got settled, those seats were so close together!

“So, prosecco for both of you?” Lotte asked.

“Sounds perfect to me – Elena?”

“Me too, thanks Lotte.”

Lotte walked away, before returning immediately with two plastic cups filled with the sparkling wine. We thanked her before she left us to it.

“So, Elena, tell me a little about yourself. Have you been a flight attendant for long?”

Fluttering her eyelashes, she responded in slightly accented English: “No, only three months. I’ve just started, I’m only 19! What do you do?”

Damn, wouldn’t it be great to date 19-year-old flight attendants every day! I told her about my work, and we slipped into an easy-going conversation about everything – hobbies, the expense of Norway and her growing up in Romania. I learnt a lot about her as she leaned forward, giving me a glimpse down her blouse! As she listened to me intently I got a good look at the top of a lacy violet bra. God this girl was sexy.

As her large, glassy eyes glistened, I was so attracted to her I had to pull her in for a kiss. She was a little surprised, but soon escort diyarbakır relented and let me explore her mouth with my tongue. Pulling her towards me I got a good grip of her toned right bum cheek, and my penis began to stir.

As we parted, Lotte boomed, “So how are the love birds getting on?”

All 3 women had come to join us.

“Elena’s a great girl. Very good looking and a great personality, once you get her chatting!”

“Quite a good review Elena. We told you, you definitely wouldn’t regret speaking to him. What do you think of Matt?”

Blushing slightly, Elena glanced at me before addressing the ladies: “He’s an interesting guy, and really nice. And … well, he’s pretty sexy too!”

She was a very bright shade of red now. The curvy brunette, who was called Ana, patted her on back.

“You surprise me Elena, you kissed on the first date! I thought you were a good girl.”

The girls all giggled and Elena blushed. I laughed but comforted Elena with a squeeze on her hip.

“Well, you don’t want to be a cock-tease, Elena, you’ll have to at least blow him now,” teased Niamh.

Positively purple now, Elena quickly looked away from me.

“Come on girl, don’t leave the poor guy with blue balls! Suck his dick, we’re heading back to the UK this afternoon, you won’t get your chance tonight!” Ana added with strongly rolled Spanish Rs.

Elena looked me in the eyes, and then reached for my belt buckle.

Amazed but horny as hell, I warned her, “Elena, don’t let them pressure you. Only do this if it’s what you really want.”

Her bespectacled eyes gazed up at mine adorably, “I want this Matt. I think you’re a great guy. I want to suck your cock.”

Unbuckling my belt, she undid the button and unzipped my trousers, before pulling my trousers and boxer shorts down to my thighs in one smooth motion. Out flopped my semi hard cock. Elena softly moaned. With her manicured hand, she gripped the shaft and gave it a few pumps to make it fully hard.

She smiled, “You have a nice cock – so smooth.”

I had indeed recently had my cock, balls and arsehole fully waxed by my therapist. Women always loved it.

“Good girl! Now spit on that cock, you want it nice and sloppy,” Lotte instructed.

“Erm ladies,” I murmured “Do you not want to leave us to it?”

“She needs a bit of coaching from us experienced girls – I’ve been sucking off pilots for a decade now, I’m quite the expert!”

Elena met my worried face, “Don’t worry Matt just relax, with their help I’ll be able to make this really good for you!”

And with that, she spat on my cock, before placing my glans into her mouth. Slowly bobbing up and down, and catching her teeth a few times, I managed to feign enjoyment before she really caught me badly.


“Sorry, did that hurt?” Elena raised her head, her mouth and chin covered in saliva and pre-cum.

“Erm no, it’s ok, you just caught me a little.”

“Come on Elena, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Lotte put her hand on Elena’s back and guided her out the way.

“Thanks Lotte, you’re so helpful!” Elena replied.

“Erm, are you sure?!”

To say I was surprised was an understatement. Was I about to be blown by two air hostesses in one day?

“Of course. As I said, there isn’t a pilot in Northern Europe who hasn’t had my lips around their cock. Ok, first Elena, we need to take his trousers off completely. This will give us better access to his balls, perineum, and asshole. They’re all important, it’s not all about the cock!”

Feeling a bit like the subject of some kind of weird university class, I raised my legs to allow Lotte to pull off my shoes and tug my trousers and underwear off. She nonchalantly threw my clothes away. She lifted up my legs and placed them on the seat backs like they were in gynecological stirrups, then gripped my cock in her soft right hand.

“So, Elena, as I said, the balls are crucial. Lick them whilst wanking him off like this and it will make him crazy.”

Lowering her mouth to my balls she started licking my balls whilst simultaneously stroking my cock. God it was good. She was right, her years of experience meant she did have much better technique than poor Elena.

“Also, it’s not all about sucking, you can also lick up and down the shaft like this.”

She trailed her tongue up and down the length of my cock, sending shivers down my member. I moaned out in pleasure.

“Now that’s a good moan!”

God this was amazing, one flight attendant licking the underside of my shaft as three others watched. No wonder they also call the skies the heavens!

Lotte continued, “Now, you can also use your tongue to stimulate the head. Swirl it around like this.” More moans of pleasure seeped out.

“Or this,” as she carefully and slowly traced the ridge of my glans to stimulate further pleasure.

Elena was observing studiously, she really wanted to get this right!

Lotte went on, “Now this is a bit advanced, but I really like to use it every diyarbakır escort bayan now and again. You see this little hole at the end? Where the cum usually comes out? You want to lick around the edge, really closely. You can kind of stick your tongue in it a little too, it really gets them going!”

Lotte acted out what she had said. And fuck …

She lifted her head off, “Now I noticed you could only get about two thirds of the way down before you started to gag. He’s quite a big boy but you should still manage to get it all the way down. You just need to embrace the gag-guys love it when you’re slobbering all over it!”

Before I could prepare myself, her mouth descended onto my cock, right down to the hilt. She was soon slobbering all over it, just as her eyes began to water, she bobbed up and down, intermittently shoving her nose right into the pubic bone at the bottom. After a few more bobs, her mouth left the tip of my penis, with globby strings of saliva and pre-cum connecting her lips with my cock. After wiping her mouth, she continued her masterclass.

“Now, as I said, the balls are very important. But you can head further south than there! You see this area here?”

She lifted my legs apart and up and gestured towards my gooch.

“This is the perineum, not every guy likes this but for many it’s a really great area to stimulate. He shaves here so I definitely think he’ll like it!”

I nodded my assent. Stroking my now very slick penis, she licked my gooch and elicited even more moans.

“Ok, so we’ve covered the perineum, but we can go further down! The ass!”

And before I knew it, she was rimming me like there was no tomorrow, quickly swirling around the opening of my arsehole. I laid my head back and just enjoyed the complete ecstasy, before it stopped, all of a sudden.

“So, we can rim him by licking around the hole. It’s quite pleasant, he’s clean and shaved! But we can also shove our tongue into the asshole itself.”

And yes, she did as she said. I might not be able to hold it until Elena had her turn – she probed away until she suddenly lifted off.

“Did you see how much he liked it there Elena?”

Elena nodded.

“We can also do this slightly differently; it gives us a better angle and better access to the ass. Stand up Matt.”

She proceeded to spin me around, before bending me over, positioning me on all fours across the seats.

“From here we can spread the ass cheeks and really get nice and deep into his asshole. We can also get good access to his balls, and we can stroke his dick in a nice milking action.”

It felt like Lotte was teaching Elena to drive or play golf. She spread my cheeks and gave my arsehole a deep probing with her tongue, then continued on to milk my cock slowly, causing me to moan again.

“See how much he likes that? I think you’ve seen enough now, it’s your turn Elena.”

Lotte patted me on the bum and told me to lie on my back. God I was going to miss her. Still Elena was a very sexy replacement.

“Let’s start with the ball licking, Elena. Remember how I showed you?”

Elena nodded and dove straight in. This was much better; she was definitely improving. The girls continued to coach her as she worked through the moves she learnt from Lotte. Moving from the balls up to a nice seductive lick up my shaft, she focused on my glans. She was actually really skilled licking around my urethra, causing a rush of pleasure. She was going to make me come soon, and she still had her clothes on!

“I want to eat your ass,” she declared as she guided me into the all fours position.

I felt her slender fingers spread my cheeks before her warm, wet tongue began softly exploring my arsehole. I moaned and whimpered when she I felt a firm warm slap on my arse, causing me to grunt in pleasure.

“Mmm you like that don’t you?” before a second slap met my cheek.

Another grunt of pleasure. The girls were giggling and teasing.

“You’re getting better Elena, look what a moany little mess he is now. He’ll be begging you for more when he gets to Norway – and we have to turn around,” Niamh teased.

“Ok, get up sexy boy, time for tit-wank.”

Elena was quickly gaining confidence. She led me to the edge of the seat, with my dick sticking up into the air, glistening with her and Lotte’s saliva. She began unbuttoning her blouse, and the girls all cheered.

“Finally, we get to see some skin! Yes!” Ana cheered.

After slipping off the blouse she revealed the violet bra, which she reached behind to undo. Gazing into my eyes seductively, she shrugged the bra off her shoulders. Her breasts were what you’d call a nice handful. Perky, even for a nineteen-year-old, they were a small C-Cup that would be just enough to perform a sexy tit-wank. She made to untie the scarf, but I motioned to make her keep it on. I wanted to keep the air-hostess fantasy going!

Kneeling in front of me, she leaned forward. She placed her hands on the side of her tits and scooped up my dick between them. She slowly yet surely began to rub her tits up and down my shaft. So, I’ll be honest – it wasn’t great. First of all, it was a little dry. I think we needed some lube, or at least some spit to really get it slipping and sliding well. And well, there was a bit of hesitation and uneasiness in her technique. However, I appreciated the effort, so added the odd moan to encourage her. Before long, Ana spoke up

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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