Cupcake and Brownie Ch. 01

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“Brownie! Over here!” She yelled across the crowded club, waving frantically.

“Cupcake! Long time no see.” he said as he mussed her hair before sliding into the booth across from her.

“Yea, right. A whole two days, Dork..”

“Anything interesting?” He inquired as the waitress approached.

“Besides this sweet little number?”

He looked at the waitress standing at the tables edge. She was maybe five feet tall, toothpick skinny, cute face with angular features and bottle blonde hair pulled into a pony tail, no more than an A-cup and bony hips. She wore a teal uniform polo shirt and black yoga pants. She smiled slightly at the comment. “Can I get you something to drink? We have domestic draft on special for three dollars.”

“How ’bout a top-shelf margarita on the rocks, extra shot of Grand Marnier. And an order of pretzel sticks with beer cheese.”

“Salt?” The waitress asked. He shot her a glaring look over his glasses. “Of course, Sir. I’ll get this right in.” and she walked away.

“Not our type. But she has a cute wiggle.”

“Going high dollar tonight? What’s the occasion?” she asked, ignoring his last comment. Female and breathing was his type.

“Yea, rough day at the shop. Not gonna talk business here. So let’s check the place out. I really need some action tonight.”

“So what are you thinking? Find some college chick and ruin her faith in humanity?”

“Sounds good. Let’s see what we can find. I’d hate to be stuck with you all night.” He cracked a grin and she flipped him off as the waitress set down his drink.

“Your pretzels will be up shortly. Anything else I can get you?”

“Need anything, Cupcake?” She shook her head no. “We’re good thanks.”

Cupcake and Brownie were friends that worked together to find women. Originally employed at the same company, Brownie had opened a restaurant and hired Cupcake as his bar manager. Not a committed couple, the pair had gotten together for serious sex on many occasions. Cupcake was female, 32, five foot two, very curvy, and bisexual. She kept her hair short, shaved on the sides and dressed in jeans and t-shirts. She has a set of 38C tits that she hid under sports bras and usually wore men’s boxers. She had rainbow flames tattooed on one arm, tribal bands on the other, a silver ring in the left corner of her lip and a pierced tongue. You would definitely call her butch.

Brownie was six foot, 45, a little over weight with a shaved head and a Van Dyke beard. It had gone completely gray but he colored it to its original reddish brown. He was attracted exclusively to women but would allow other men in the room if the situation was right. He dressed the part of a small businessman, mostly polo or button up shirts and khakis, but tonight he wore jeans with cowboy boots. They had one thing in common, an obsession with sex. They made almost weekly quests to the bars in Tempe looking for suitable prey, usually college girls from ASU or even better, their sexually frustrated mothers. Sometimes they worked as wing men, helping the other one score, but most of the time they hunted as a pair, planning on enjoying their prey together.

“Target acquired!” Cupcake said, interrupting Brownie’s concentration on his potent drink. “Eight o’clock. Table of five.”

Brownie turned in the booth and looked over his left shoulder.”Got to be the redhead. You’re too predictable. You sure she’s alone? Like that would stop you.”

“Of course the redhead and yes, she’s alone. I’ve been watching her since you got here. No one has come up to her and she isn’t really into the conversation with the other two couples.”

“What you gonna do? Run the old number six on her?” There was not a set plan called number six. He said it just to poke some fun at her.

“Sure. Sounds good.” She went along with the joke. “I’ll be back in a bit. Just be ready to pay for a few more drinks.” She slid out of the booth and almost collided with the waitress bringing the pretzels.

“Easy Speedy!” he chuckled. She shot him a “fuck you” look over her shoulder and made her way to the bar.

Cupcake was in her element now. She could play a chick, straight or not, and get even the most stuck up bitch out of a bar with just a few words. She ordered two Coronas, thew the bartender a ten and headed to the table. She eased up beside the redhead, held the beer in front of her and said, “Want some better conversation?” Then she took a big swallow of her own beer.

She knew now that she had chosen well. The girl was in her early twenties with thick natural red hair cascading over her shoulders. Freckles covered her face and upper chest leading to two large creamy white beasts crammed into a push-up bra that was a size too small. She was a bigger girl, not fat but built like a swimmer with wide shoulders and narrower hips. Her black leggings hinted at strong thighs and her ample ass showed no panty lines.

Cupcake’s unexpected approach caught the redhead off guard. She hesitantly took the beer, looked at Cupcake, then bursa escort took a small sip. “Sure,” she said, then turned to her friends, “I’ll be back.”

“No you won’t.” Cupcake thought to herself. “Got a booth over here, Sweetie. Come on.” She took the redhead’s hand and lead her across the floor. “Call me Cupcake.”

“I’m Jessica… er…you can call me Jess.”

Brownie watched the whole thing from his seat and shook his head. He never understood how she did it, but she never failed. The worst he had seen was the night that it took two attempts to pick a chick up. ” Brownie, this is Jess. Jess…Brownie” He extended his hand and she reached forward with hers. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. “He thinks he’s smooth. Have a seat.” She said as she slid into the booth. Jess slid in beside her.

“Here by yourself tonight, Honey? Well, other than your friends?” Brownie inquired.

“Yea. I go out with them but always feel like I’m extra baggage and they are just trying to be nice to me.”

“Oh you poor thing. No one special in your life?” Cupcake asked as she put her hand on Jess’ knee.

“Not right now. I’ve been focused on my school work”

“ASU? “

“No SCC. I’m in my last semester of Culinary Arts.”

“No kidding. I own a restaurant myself.” Brownie smiled, genuinely intrigued. “Any specialty?”

“I want to be a pastry chef.” Now that they were talking about food, Jess failed to notice Cupcakes hand moving farther up her leg and fingers shifting to her inner thigh. Cupcake would let Brownie handle the conversation while she handled the merchandise.

“So the nicknames are right up your alley.”

“Yes they…” Jess bit her lower lip as Cupcakes fingers made brief contact with her pussy before returning to caress her thigh. “…are. Where did you get them?”

“We have a close circle of friends that used to work together and we nicknamed ourselves after food. It started as a joke between two people. Then the group just grew.” Brownie was watching Jess’ face and eyes. Her lips were quivering and her green eyes widening as Cupcake slid her hand up the young girls thigh to her pussy and back down her leg. Instinctively she spread her legs giving Cupcake better access.

“I own TJ’S BBQ Shack. Ever heard of it?” Brownie continued.

“I love that…place. Best … ribs I’ve ever… HAD!” Cupcake was focused solely on Jess’ pussy now and had just cupped her mound with her entire hand. She mouthed the word “wet” to Brownie.

“You should try the pulled pork sandwich, Carolina style with slaw.”

“Mmmmmm… oh, God.” Her body responding to Cupcake’s touch. “Sounds tasty.”

“I bet you are.” Cupcake chimed in.

“Looks like you’re ready for some fun. Let’s get out of here.” He didn’t wait for a reply. He simply got up from the booth, tossed a fifty on the table and taking Jess’ hand guided her to her feet. She followed his lead and they headed for the door not giving her friends a second thought. He put his arm around her and slid his hand up until his fingers made contact with the bottom of her breast. Cupcake grabbed Jess’ purse and phone and followed. She passed the waitress on the way out. “Money’s on the table, Darling. Maybe we’ll pick you next time.” She blew the waitress a kiss and headed out the door with a grin.

As soon as they reach his Jeep, Brownie spun Jess around and kissed her. She returned it ravenously, probing with her tongue. He pulled her tank top down exposing the purple padded cup of her bra. He cupped her breast searching for her nipple with his fingers. It stiffened instantly. Just then Cupcake walked up and slapped his hand away. ” Not with out me.” she said. She took Jess’ face in her hands and turning her head, she kissed her lips. Jess went after Cupcake as feverishly as she had Brownie.

“Get in.” Brownie said, holding the backdoor of the Jeep open.

The two girls piled in the back seat, barely taking their hands off each other. Brownie jumped in front and headed toward the foothills. He adjusted the mirror trying to watch the show in back. Jess was on her back with Cupcake on top. Cupcake already had Jess’ bra cup pulled down, exposing a pink nipple. Jess’ fingers were in Cupcake’s hair, pulling her face closer. Jess’ dedication to school had built up the desire in her and now it was unleashed with all its fury. Cupcake tried to break their embrace but Jess pulled her back, wanting more. Cupcake went straight to her nipple sucking it into her mouth and biting lightly. Cupcake tried to pull the other bra cup down but Jess’ massive tits prevented it.

“This fucking thing’s in the way.” she said. “Take that bra off.” Only then did Jess let her sit up. With practiced ease Cupcake removed her own shirt and bra together but the younger girl struggled with the clasp on hers.

“Damn it. Sit up!” Cupcake ordered. Jess sat up and scooted back. Cupcake reached around and undid the unruly restraint and lifted Jess’ top and bra off, malatya escort exposing her tits to Brownie’s gaze for the first time. The two massive white orbs with large pale areoles and big nipples bounced into view. Cupcake’s lips immediately latched onto one nipple and her fingers pulled the other. She ground into Jess’ pussy with her knee and Jess humped back at the pressure.

The sound of gravel crunching under the tires shattered everyone’s focus on sex. Brownie jerked the jeep back onto the highway, throwing the two girls hard into the door. “Damn it Brownie. Keep your eyes on the road, You trying to kill us? You’ll get plenty of this soon enough.”

“Sorry, Babes. You OK?”

“We’re fine. And don’t fucking call me Babes, damn you.” Cupcake had a mouth on her. She could use enough swear words to cause a preacher to burst into flames, but she only used them when she was drunk, horny, mad, getting laid, or wanted attention. Which was most of time.

“Watch your language little lady.” Brownie snickered.

“Fuck you, Asshole”

“Oh I plan on it. And your new friend too.”

She flipped him off in the mirror with one hand while turning her attention back to Jessica. Still flying the bird in Brownies direction she pulled Jess’ head in close with the other and kissed her again. The girls settled into a make out session in the back seat, never breaking their kiss. Hands were everywhere, on hips, tits, and pussies. Brownie kept his eyes more or less forward and navigated the twisting road above Scottsdale. He only paused at the electronic gate long enough for the transponder to register and the gate to the private community to open. The restaurant business had been good to him and he had purchased a small mansion on a large lot that gave him privacy for his sexual antics, both indoors and out. Cupcake lived in the one bedroom casita on the site, partial compensation for her work at the bar and partly for her sexual prowess.

He killed the motor in front of the door, hopped out and opened the back door. Jess climbed out and Brownie wrapped his arm around her again. This time he fully cupped her naked boob and toyed with her nipple. Cupcake crawled out of the Jeep. “You’re not fucking gonna wait for me?” she hollered.

“Wait for you? You had a twenty minute head start.” he said with out turning around. He punched the buttons on the control box and the front lock clicked open. He had spared no expense to make this place a technological wonder. Everything that could was designed to function electronically. Just inside the door he paused to deactivate the alarm then turned to Jess shoving her hard into the wall. He attacked her mouth again and she wrapped a leg around him. His hand went inside her leggings and straight to her clit.

“Get a fucking room.” Cupcake said sarcastically, entering the house and closing the door. Still topless, she was carrying their clothes and Jess’ belongings.

“Technically…”Brownie returned to kissing tonight’s young toy.

“Yea I know… This is a room.” she sneered, completing a bad joke he had used way too often.

Brownie broke the lip lock he had on Jess. “Why don’t you make us some drinks and I’ll get the music. He reached behind Jess and tapped a few buttons on a large control panel. The house filled with soft romantic music.

“Jesus, Brownie, we’re going to fuck the girl, not marry her.”

“OK. Fine. Have it your way.” he tapped a couple more buttons and Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” came through the speakers. “Better?”

“Definitely.” Cupcake was holding Jess’ phone. “Hey Jess. Kathy wants to know where you are.”

“Tell her I found a better offer.” These were the first words that Jess had spoken since they left the bar.

“K. Got it.” Cupcake typed a quick text and set the phone on a nearby table. “What are we drinking?”

“I’ll take Don Julio.” said Brownie. He appreciated fine tequila and always had several bottles on hand.

“I don’t know.” added Jess. “Whatcha got?”

“Full bar.” he answered. “Why don’t you make her a red headed slut?”

“Cause she already is.”

“You two are nuts” said Jess. “Do you hate each other?”

“No, we really do get along.” replied Brownie.

“Could have fooled me.” Cupcake chimed in and smacked his ass.

“Don’t threaten me with a good time.” was Brownie’s return. “Come on kid, let’s go get comfortable.” He lead her through the massive commercial grade kitchen and down a long, gently sloped flight of stairs with glass railings. “Welcome to my man cave.” he said as they entered a lower floor that could have been a night club.

“Bullshit. It’s a sex dungeon.” piped in Cupcake.

“Only when you’re chained to the pool table.” he said with a sarcastic tone.

“Do what?” queried Jess, starting to wonder what she had gotten herself into.

“Just kidding.” said Brownie, sensing her anxiety. Except he wasn’t kidding. There had been more sex on that pool table than billiard çanakkale escort games.

He took Jess over to a custom sectional couch that looked like a giant square bed. It was the size of most bedrooms. Cupcake headed to the bar. He sat Jess down and grabbed the waistband of her leggings. She lay back on the couch and raised her ass, letting him pull them off. She pulled her feet up then spread her knees, exposing her shaved pussy to his gaze. “Like what you see?”

“Oh, yes I do.” he said as he leaned forward licking his lips.

“Dibs!” Shouted cupcake as she came around the bar with the drinks. She was naked now too. Her pussy as bald as Jess’

“When did you shave?” Brownie asked. He had never seen her without some pubic hair.

Cupcake leaned into the couch and set the tray of drinks on the table built into the spacious couch. “This morning. You like?”

“Very much.”

“Good. Now get your damn clothes off and feed this bitch your dick.” She was already between Jess’ legs. She kissed her way up the girl’s thigh. Quickly, she licked the length of Jess’ slit, giving her clit an extra flick. Jess’ body shuddered. “I told you she was tasty.”

Brownie was naked now. The thick mat of chest hair was peppered with gray but from the waist down he was as bare as the two vixens on front of him. Only he had paid to have it waxed. His cock was raging hard now. It was nothing special, six inches of circumcised male flesh. He walked up behind Cupcake and slid it along the length of her well used gash. With out thinking she wiggled her ass drawing him in. “Damn you, Shithead. Wear a rubber.” Cupcake shouted into Jess’ dripping wet pussy. Jess was moaning now, bucking her hips, fucking Cupcake’s face. Her eyes were closed and her hands were on her tits pinching her own nipples.

Jess’ body stiffened causing her to raise her ass off the smooth leather of the couch and clamp her thighs around Cupcake’s head. “OH GOD… OH GOD… OH GOD!” she cried as the orgasm crashed through her. Cupcake never relented, continued the assault on the young girls clit.

Brownie had hold of Cupcake’s hips, pounding into her pussy and driving her face deeper into Jess. “Don’t panic. I’m just flavoring it for Jess. You know food has to be seasoned properly.” He thrust into Cupcake one more time and pulled out. He could have that piece of ass anytime he wanted. It was bought and paid for. He crawled up on the couch beside Jess’ head but before doing anything with her, he reached for the glass of tequila and pulled a slow sip. Then he turned back to the young thing laying on his couch. Her red hair was scattered everywhere. Her breathing was becoming less ragged. He placed the tip of his cock at the corner of her pale peach colored lips. She turned her head taking him in her mouth and grabbed the base of his dick, stroking slowly. She began to bob up and down on his hard cock, matching the rhythm of her mouth with her hand. She flicked the underside of his cock head with her tongue each time she reached the tip. She could taste Cupcake’s juices on him. It was the first time she had ever tasted pussy.

“God, Cakes. Wait till you feel this tongue. She’ll have me cumming in no time.”

“I can’t fucking wait.” She had finally stopped torturing the girls clit and soaking wet pussy. She slid up beside her as Jess focused her whole attention on Brownie. Cupcake lay beside Jess, leisurely playing with the redhead’s nipples and enjoying a close up view of the lewd show in front of her. She reach across Jess’ body and cupped Brownies full balls. She knew well the potential flood of cum that they held and was going the help bring it out. Her fingers traveled past them, and she slid a finger across the bud of his ass. She tickled it while whispering in Jess’ ear, “He won’t cum in your mouth. Keep your eyes closed.”

Brownie was enjoying the feeling of two hands and a mouth playing with him and the sight of two naked women in front of him. His endurance was never good the first time but he was good for at least two orgasms. Cupcake sensed he was close as his balls tightened. Still coaching the young redhead she whispered, “Stop sucking. Just stroke him. He’s ready.”

Jess let his dick slip from her mouth and stroked all the way to the tip with her hand. Cupcake knew just how to push Brownie over the edge. She began to lightly tickle the sensitive area behind his balls. He came with a groan. The first shot missed Jess completely and landed on Cupcake’s nose and eye. The second caught both of them on the cheek. The next two covered Jess’ eyes and one landed squarely on her mouth. She quickly licked it off her lips. Brownie took over stroking his own cock. He forced the last of the cum from it and let it dribble on Jess’ tit. Cupcake wiped the cum from her own face and put her sticky fingers in Jess’ mouth. Jess greedily sucked the cum off them. Not one to be wasteful, Cupcake leaned over and began to lick his seed off of Jess’ face. Once she had it cleaned, she moved to the white globs on Jess’ right tit. Jess cradled Cupcake’s head in her hands while Cupcake licked and sucked on the hard nipple. Her fingers began to tease Jess’ pussy again.

Brownie had moved up behind Cupcake and spooned against her, his soft dick against the crack of her ass and his hand cupping her tit. “She has a great mouth. Almost as good as yours.”

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