Cupid’s Valentines Day

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Most people think of Cupid as a little winged baby, flying around making people fall in love. How wrong they are though. Cupid is a little winged boy who flies around, naked not in a diaper, but he doesn’t just use his arrows to make people fall in love. His arrows have the ability to cause lust as well as love. In addition he is a very mischievous little boy, which is a very dangerous combination.

There is one day a year that Cupid has chosen to be his “day off”, meaning the day he does nothing but cause mischief. This day is Valentines Day, the day that the card and candy companies have decided that Cupid should spend making people fall in love. Because he feels like this is an unfair expectation, he prefers to use it to play tricks on humans instead.

This particular Valentines Day, Cupid found himself inside of a college Roman History lecture. He happened into the class just as it began and the young female professor began her chosen topic, Cupid. The professor was 5 ft 8 with long straight blond hair and blue eyes. Most guys loved coming to her class for no other reason than to stare at her D cup breasts and long, smooth, tanned legs. To do her part, she made a habit of wearing skirts that ended no lower than mid thigh and tank tops or midriff T-shirts that were tight enough to cause the boys to drool.

While Cupid saw potential in the professor as a target for an arrow, he decided to wait until later and start smaller. He selected a girl sitting in the back of the class as a first target. She was a small, nerdy looking girl that most guys won’t give a second look to. She had wavy red hair and brown eyes, which were covered by glasses, and was wearing a large, thick sweater and jeans. The sweater and jeans did hid her A cup breasts as well as the rest of her body. Aside from a guy a couple seats down from her, no one else was in the back row.

Cupid moved along the back row until he was over the empty seat next to the girl, on the opposite site from the guy. He knocked an arrow and took aim before releasing. The arrow flew forward and struck the girl in the shoulder. The girl’s head suddenly swiveled to the side as she caught a quick movement, and possibly a glimpse of a naked little boy, but saw nothing once she turned her head. She turned back to the lecture and continued to izmir escort take notes for a couple of moments, and then suddenly felt her body begin to flood with lustful feelings. She suddenly had the need to feel and play with a cock, but couldn’t explain why. She looked over at the guy sitting down the long table from her, and without thinking leaned over the seat between them.

Without a word she began to fondle his cock through his jeans, feeling it harden quickly under her grasp. The guy gave a quiet gasp as he looked down at her in complete surprise. She didn’t look back up at him, she just began to fumble with his zipper with one hand, as her other unbuttoned and unzipped her own jeans. Once she had her jeans open she almost immediately had her hand inside her pants and was frantically rubbing her already dripping pussy and clit. It didn’t take much longer to release the guys throbbing cock from his pants, and she almost instantly engulfed it with her mouth. All the guy could do was throw his head back and groan as her mouth bounced up and down over his cock and her hand fondled his balls.

During one of his groans, a girl directly in front heard him and turned around. Her eyes opened wide in surprise when she saw the girl sucking his cock and playing her pussy right there in the middle of the lecture. Cupid quickly pulled back on his bow and let another arrow fly into the girl. She could only stare for a moment before she too began to feel the affects of the arrow and was filled with lust. She quickly moved forward and grabbed the first girl’s jeans at the waist. She gave a yank down as the girl lifted her ass out of the seat, letting her jeans and panties be pulled down to her ankles. The first girl gave a gasp as the cool air hit her unshaven pussy. The second girl spent a moment looking at the first’s full bush, almost unsure as to whether she wanted to dive in or not. The second girl finally was overwhelmed by her rising lust and dove under the table and began to lick at the first girls pussy. The first girl couldn’t help but let out a yelp due to the sudden attack.

The guy whose cock she was sucking finally looked down, having his attention grabbed by the yelp and looked down. He saw the second girl licking the firsts pussy and it was escort izmir too much. He immediately started cumming, spraying the firsts face with spurt after spurt of cum. This was too much for the girl, who immediately began to cum as the first spurts hit her face. Instead of immediately trying to catch the rest of his cum in her mouth, she just kept letting it hit her face, turning it like she was bathing in it, letting it coat her face. The second girl was furiously rubbing her pussy through her jeans as her own face was being bathed in the first’s juices.

As was inevitable, at this point the actions in the back had become too crazy for the professor to continue to ignore. She looked back and quickly realized what was going on. Her eyes got wide and she stopped her lecture, preparing to yell at the three in the back. However, just before she could say anything cupid unleashed a 3rd arrow directly into her chest. The effects of the arrow were instantaneous because of where it hit. She was instantly consumed with lust, to the point where her nipples were so hard they poked through her bra and shirt and her pussy was burning. She hopped up on the table in the front of the class and without a second thought flipped the edge of her skirt up revealing no panties and a clean shaving pussy. Most of the guys in the class had instant erections and some of the girls could feel their own pussies begin to drip. Everyone was in a complete state of shock and had no thoughts of looking back at the recovering threesome in the back of the class.

The professor didn’t waste any time plunging her fingers into her pussy. She let out loud moans as she violently pumped in and out. A couple of the guys already had their girlfriends who happened to be in the class pulling their cocks out of their pants while some of the others were doing it themselves and stroking. The professor looked up and pointed to one of the masturbating guys in the front row. She indicated that she wanted him to come up front and he wasted no time in doing so. He continued to stroke as he walked forward.

While this happened, the few students who were disgusted by what was going on got up and walked out of the class. Cupid realized that it wouldn’t be long before things would be put to a stop izmir escort bayan and decided that it was time to move on to cause mischief elsewhere.

Just as Cupid predicted, within 5 minutes of the students leaving the Dean along with a squad of Campus Police showed up at the class. At that point, the professor was on the floor in front of the class completely naked on her hands and knees. One of the male students was behind her naked, pumping furiously inside her pussy. Another was standing with his cock out in front of her as she sucked on his cock, using the pushing of the other student to move up and down his cock. All of the other students were engaged in their own activities, some fucking each other, some masturbating as they watch the others in the class go at it.

It took a couple of minutes for the Dean to recover from his shock at what was going on. Once he had recovered though, he tried desperately to bring the class to order. His first couple of shouts got the attention of most of the students that had not been shot by Cupid’s arrow. All of them were scared by what they saw in the back door to the classroom and immediately ran toward the other exits. The classroom cleared out quickly, with the hallways being flooded by half dressed students, many with pants in hand or around their ankles. The other classes in the building had just begun to let out, and all of those students were shocked to see people running through the halls with dicks or breasts hanging out, many sweating and some dripping cum.

The remaining students in the original chaotic classroom were too full of lust to care about the Dean or police trying to restore order. The Dean finally decided that there had to be a medical reason for what was going on and ordered that all of the doors to the room be sealed. He went and called the local hospital, asking them to send down a team of doctors to sort things out. By the time they arrived everyone left in the classroom was completely exhausted. They quickly moved all of the people left, including the professor and the original 3 students on to stretchers and wheeled them out as quietly as possible.

The doctors weren’t able to find anything wrong with them. None of the 4 that were hit by arrows remembered anything between when the arrow began to take hold of their bodies and waking up the next day in the hospital. Their last memories before blacking out were a quick movement in the back of the room, some even thinking they saw a naked little boy who quickly disappeared. In the end, everyone was sent home after resting for a couple days, and none ever spoke of the incident again.

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