Daddy Lets Me Be Her Tonight Ch. 02

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The next morning he awakens to the most wonderful aroma, getting up he walks to the kitchen thinking he would probably find his wife in there as usual, stopping suddenly to his surprise he saw his daughter dressed only in her skimpy little pink nightie, the material was almost transparent, he could see her wonderful curves and his mind started running wild.

“ Oh no not again she’s my daughter I can’t let her get to me like this, I have to get out of here before she sees me” thinking to himself.

“ Good morning daddy, are you hungry” Emily asks in her sexy little voice

“Oh I’m hungry but its not the food I want,” mumbling under his breath softly.

“What did you say daddy?”

“ Emily everything smells wonderful but daddy is really running late I will have to grab something on the way to work” he thinks quickly, trying to cover what he had said.

Not taking no for a answer she takes his hand walking him toward the table, sitting him down she puts his breakfast in front of him, brushing her fingers through his hair gently as she turns to walk to the counter.

“Emily, you and I really need to talk, what happened between us last night can’t ever happen again, you are…her finger crosses his lips,

“ SSSHHH don’t say that daddy, I loved every minute of what happened between us last night and I don’t ever want anyone inside me but my daddy.” She whispers softly in his ear.

“Emily, I…I really need to be getting to work, I have a lot to do today” wanting to leave so she wouldn’t see the mass in his pants.

“Daddy I can’t let you go to work like that” looking down at his erection straining against his pants, he blushes.

“ I…I really have to go, we can’t do this Emily it’s just not right” he moans softly, his hips wiggling as she traces his bulge with her nails.

Opening his pants her hand slides slowly into them, his hands trying to stop her as her hand reaches his erection, he moans deeply knowing he can’t stop her now, his body beginning to relax, her hand encasing his hardened cock rubbing it gently.

“Oh daddy, I love the way your cock feels in my hand, I want it daddy just like last night” stand up for me daddy, standing she lowers his pants slowly releasing his hardened mass, “ oh my god look at that Bahçeşehir Escort thing, I want you so badly daddy!” stroking his cock gently staring deep into his eyes.

Their lips meet, a heat and passion takes over, slipping his tongue into her parted lips exploring the inside of her young warm wet mouth, her tongue meets with his as the lust takes over, kissing slowly down his chest, teasing each nipple lightly working her way gently down to her knees, looking up at him one more time as she slowly licks the pre cum off the tip of his cock wrapping her lips around the head of his cock circling the head with her tongue, his hands find their way into her hair as she takes his shaft deeper into her mouth, sucking it a gently yet firmly.

“ Ohhhhh my god Emily, that feels so good please don’t stop baby girl,” sucking him deeper into her throat running her tongue over every inch of his hardened shaft, he begins fucking her mouth slowly, she moans as he pushes it deeper into his daughters throat.

She stops for a moment looking up at him “ I want you daddy, I want to feel your cock filling my pussy again, come with me daddy.” Whispering as she licks her lips lightly.

Taking her hand he helps her to stand, “Baby I really have to go to work” he replies as she leads him off to her room.

Standing in front of him he just stares at her, “Daddy I know you want me, you enjoyed my being her for you last night, let me be her again daddy, touch me daddy.” Taking his hands placing them on her hips gently, he moans.

Slowly running his hands under her nightie, his eyes close as he feels her wetness teasing her moistened pussy lips with his fingers gently sliding one finger inside her…she gasps grabbing a hold of his shoulders slowly grinding into his finger.

“ My baby girl, oh god you feel sooo good” moaning in a soft whisper in her ear as he explores inside her hole.

“ Take her daddy, make love to the girl you want so badly”

Picking her up carrying her over to her bed, slowly removing her nightie, laying her back on the bed gently, he removes his clothes watching her the entire time, as she slips a finger inside her own pussy finger fucking herself for her daddy.

“ Oh my little Emily, you look so good doing Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan that for me” taking her legs putting them over his shoulders his tongue gently explores her wet lips, parting her lips he finds her clit, sucking it into his mouth nibbling it gently, Emily’s moans grow louder in intensity, the sound filling the room, deeper inside her his tongue explores, her hands pushing his head deeper into her mound, her body begins to shake as it tightens.

“AAAAHHHHHHH DADDY I’M CUMMMMMING” she screams as he pushes her over the edge. He licks and sucks all the sweet nectar he could get his face now covered in it he licks his lips savoring the taste of his sweet Emily.

Looking over to her door she could see her daddies surprise awaiting in the doorway wearing her daddy’s favorite red satin bra and thong set, her red stockings and heels.

“Daddy do you remember when I told you I had a surprise planned for you tonight? She asks with a devious smile.

“Yes baby I do…why do you ask? He replies in wonder

Suddenly he feels a set of nails tracing up his back lightly around onto his nipples…”OHHHHHHH Emily who in the heck is behind me?”

“ Daddy tell me about that girl and how she makes you feel” trying to avoid the question he had asked her.

“ She makes me feel so good and so wanted, she makes my body burn, I can’t even begin to really tell you what she does to me.”

“ Then why don’t you tell me what I do to you baby!” a magical voice is heard sending electricity through him that was indescribable

“Surprise daddy!”

“ Is it really…really you?” he asks almost in shock.

“Yes baby its really me…who else has the honey pot that you want to make love to so badly?” We have been planning this surprise for you for months now Emily came to talk to me one day when you were at work and we have been planning this ever since, she tells me how unhappy her daddy is when mom’s home and yet how happy she’s seen you when you’ve talked to me.

Looking at him she sees the tears in his eyes, “ I’m so sorry for what you might have just saw.” Ashamed he turns his head away.

“It’s alright baby I told her to do that, she’s been working with me since I wasn’t able to be here with you, Escort Bahçeşehir looking deep into his eyes she kisses him for the first time. wrapping her hand around his cock gently, he lets out a scream that he had been waiting to release for a long time.

“ Are you happy with your surprise daddy?” Emily asks smiling, as she knows he is.

“Oh my god yes, thank you so much baby, you knew I needed her didn’t you?” he asks holding her tightly against him

“Yes daddy I did, and last night I told you that I only wanted to see you happy.”

Looking deep into her eyes,” you know what you do to me don’t you baby?”

“ I sure do baby…and now I’ve got something that I want to do to you” taking off her bra and thong she pushes him back on the bed gently…laying next to him as one leg crosses his mid section, her pussy grinding against his leg, her tongue exploring his mouth as her nails tease his nipples.

“OHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS DON’T STOP PLZZZ DON’T STOP” his hips grinding against her leg, Emily slips down between her daddies legs taking his cock into her mouth sucking him deep and long, he moans as his girl straddles over his head, lowering her pussy to his awaiting mouth, as his tongue buries deep inside her she tweaks his right nipple gently, scratching over both lightly with her nails…his moans growing in intensity along with hers and Emily’s as well…deeper Emily sucks her daddy into her throat as his girl grinds her honey pot against his mouth.

“They could see him tensing and his body tightening, his cock swelling in Emily’s mouth, suddenly Emily grabs hold of the base of his cock tightly to keep him from Cumming as His girl slowly slides her pussy from his mouth and down onto his awaiting screaming cock. Sitting straight up on it as Emily now straddles her daddy’s head, his tongue probing deep inside his daughter once again.

Riding his cock harder and faster his back arches off the bed as her pussy squeezes down on his cock, like he had dreamt of it doing soooo many times before, as he pushes her into the most unbelievable orgasm, his balls tighten as she strokes off his main vein while she grinds him, and with one last scream and hard deep thrust he explodes deep inside the sweet honey pot he’s been wanting for so long, as his body settles suddenly Emily screams as he pushes her over the edge harder then the time before, she lets go in her daddy’s mouth one more time.

The three of them lay together on the bed as his girl lays her head on his chest…he was the most happy daddy at that point he finally had his two favorite girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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