Daughter’s Birthday Plan

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Thanks to grey dayz for the edit and input.


Jim sat in his recliner sipping on a brandy, relaxing for the evening. For a Friday, he sure was glad the work week was over, to say it had been stressful was an understatement.

He was actually wondering if he was going to have to fire his secretary Angie. Evidently, she’d set him in her sights as she wanted a husband with money and good looking. He laughed to himself, thankfully he also had proof that she was doing the harassing.

After losing his wife two years prior to breast cancer Jim was just now getting back to himself. His partners had kept him afloat while he & his 16 year old daughter struggled with their loss.

Speaking of his daughter Kathryn he frowned, she was in her room where she spent entirely too much time alone. As soon as the evening meal was over and the kitchen cleaned she’d do her homework while he watched the news then she was off to her room.

She’d grown into a beautiful young woman yet it baffled him that she wouldn’t date. She left the house for school and shopping, that caused him worry. Another thing was the way she dressed, always in baggy clothes that were 2 sizes too big or more.

Kat was around 5’6″, long auburn hair, hazel eyes and she had a light sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She was classically beautiful and unlike some red heads she also tanned quite easily.

He himself, didn’t think he was much to look at. He stood 6’2″ with black hair with just a touch of gray, brown eyes and he stayed in shape by construction work and swimming in their backyard pool.

He heard a noise, looked up and there she stood. The day before had been her 18th birthday yet she’d to ask for anything. He’d asked her what she wanted, she’d stared hard at him for a minute the promptly said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.” He’d let it go.

“Daddy, I’m ready to tell you what I want for my birthday.” She said quietly.

“What’s that Sweetheart?” He asked.

“I want to go shopping and I also want you to promise me that we’ll do some stuff together no questions asked.” She told him.

“I don’t know about this no questions asked stuff.” He told her.

“Daddy, I promise you that no one is going to get hurt. I just want to spend some time together. You’re always working, this is something I really want.” She begged.

Jim knew he couldn’t say no so he just decided to go ahead and give in. “We can do whatever you want to do baby, I’m all yours!”

Kat kissed her dad’s cheek then bounced back to her room. Inside the room Kat shut the door while she danced around. Tomorrow night if everything went as planned she was going to lose her virginity… to her daddy.

She’d been spying on him now for the past few weeks. It had started innocently enough, she’d been coming back from the kitchen when she’d heard him moan, fearing something was wrong she’d stopped at his door.

Inside her dad was sitting on the side of the bed stroking himself. She’d never seen a penis before and was fascinated. She stood in awe as he grunted then white creamy stuff flew out the end, hitting him in the chest and his stomach. Without knowing why she felt her vagina getting wet.

Ever since that night she’d watch him every night plus she’d also read everything she could find about sex. She felt like a sponge, she thought with a laugh. She’d never even considered having sex with anyone much less her Dad but she was bound and determined for it to happen.

Kat read some stories on Literotica about incest, then she couldn’t read enough. She consumed everything from BDSM to Romance. Yet it was the incest she kept coming back to. It’s like, for some reason that’s what she was meant for, to be with her Dad.

Jim was wondering what in the hell he’d just gotten himself into. Whatever it was, it had sure made his daughter happy. He didn’t think he’d seen her smile that big since before her mom died. Jim downed the remainder of his Brandy, washed the glass then started toward his room.

Backtracking he checked all the doors and windows, he couldn’t be too careful with Angie, he hoped she hadn’t found his address yet. He was going to have to have a talk with her Monday, she either straightened up or she’d have to find another job.

Just as he got to his door he could hear noises coming from Kat’s room across the hall. He could hear moans from the other side of the door. “Oh my god, he thought, is she masturbating?” He almost ran to his bathroom.

In a matter of seconds, he was out of his clothes and stroking his 7 inch cock, while his daughter’s moans echoed in his head. It took less than 5 minutes for him to cum. He growled out Kat’s name as his spunk hit the shower wall.

“What the fuck is wrong with me? Getting off thinking about my daughter.” He thought guiltily. After a quick shower, he threw on some shorts then climbed into bed. Yet he couldn’t keep those moans out of his head.

Kat heard her Dad through the door. She’d just had an explosive orgasm that left bursa escort her shaking, she smiled to herself. “One more night.” She thought.

The morning dawned sunny and hot. Kat took a quick shower, did her make up then chose her outfit carefully then fixed her hair. Since beginning this plan she’d learned all about hair styles, make up and clothes.

She didn’t want to give away too much too soon so she threw on a pair of oversized sweat pants, running shoes and a big t shirt without a bra. She could feel her nipples graze the material ever so often making them hard and her wet. She giggled.

Bouncing into the kitchen her Dad had just put breakfast on the table, pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. “Good morning Kitten.” He said with a smile.

“Good morning Daddy!” She returned breathlessly.

“As soon as we eat we’ll head out. Do you know where all you want to go?” He asked.

Just then the phone rang. “Hello.” Jim answered. “Mister Jim, it’s Angie, your secretary, I was wondering if you could give me a ride into town, my car won’t start and I need to do some shopping.”, she asked brazenly.

“I’m sorry, you’re going to have to find someone else, I have plans with my daughter that I can’t break. You have a nice day, good bye.” Jim said.

Kat looked at her Dad, “Daddy, we’re going into town. Didn’t you want to give her a ride?” She asked. “Well truthfully, no! I don’t really want to talk about it but she’s been making sexual advances and making me uncomfortable at work. We’re planning a meeting with her Monday, she either needs to stop or she’s going to lose her job.

We feel as though she’s going to try to start trouble so we have everything either on video or voice recording.” Jim told his daughter.

“Oh my gosh Dad! What are you going to do about her? She sounds like a stalker!”

“It’ll be okay Kitten, we’ve got everything handled. Now let’s eat so we can get this adventure day started.” Jim said with a laugh.

They ate without really talking then cleaned the kitchen up. The pair got into the SUV they sometimes shared, he figured they’d need the extra room for the shopping bags. He looked over at his Harley thinking he might take a ride tomorrow. Kat’s car was at the end, she only drove it to school and grocery shopping.

Kat told him the name of the clothing store she wanted to start at, so off they went. Unbeknownst to him she’d already arranged some clothes for him to see her in. She was nervous yet excited.

The store was a specialty shop that Kat had lucked upon. She also knew the owners were father and daughter, as well as lovers that were expecting their 3rd child. She’d gotten to talking to them last week in the library parking lot when after seeing them kiss passionately the woman called the man, “Daddy.”

Even as reserved as she was that peaked her interest. Within minutes she’d explained that she was attracted to her own Dad, she wasn’t out to cause trouble. She’d also told them she was getting ready to turn 18 and wanted her dad to take her virginity for her birthday but knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

The shop was only open by appointment, so she’d set up a 4 hour block for today. It might not take the whole block but Kat needed time to calm her nerves. Jennifer met her at the door, ushered them inside while locking the door behind them. She looked at Kat and smiled.

“Welcome.” She told Jim. “Follow me please, I’ll show you to the sitting/viewing area while I help Kat choose a few items to try on.”

My name is Jennifer, I own this shop along with my Dad, Johnny.” She told him.

Jim took a seat where she’d instructed, when a guy a little older than himself brought him an ice cold beer. Since it was now afternoon Jim accepted it with a thanks. Johnny just smiled then went into the back.

A few minutes later the two women were back, both loaded down with clothes while the older of the pair rushed the younger one into a changing room. As Kat entered the room she let out a nervous breath. “It’ll be okay, you’re going to knock his socks off.” Jennifer told her as she slipped out.

Kat quickly undressed, no one had seen her nude besides her doctor and herself since before her mother died.

Jim took the time to look around the shop. It seemed to be an upscale business that was doing well, to be able to open by appointment. He didn’t care how much it cost as long as his daughter found clothes that fit. He got comfortable.

Jim had just taken a drink if beer when the door opened and there stood the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He almost choked on his beer. Before him his 18 year old daughter resembled a sex nymph.

Her long hair was free from the messy bun she’d been wearing, on her body was a form fitting emerald green dress that fit every curve, and damn did she have curves.

The dress had thin straps across her shoulders, her breasts were full and high, not big yet perfect for her slender frame. If he had to guess she was probably about a 34 C, he was bursa escort seeing quite a bit in the v cut of that dress.

Her stomach was flat, her ass plump, hips flaring just enough to give her damned near the perfect figure. Her legs were slightly muscular yet toned, he wondered what she did to exercise all of a sudden.

The dress stopped about 3 inches above her knees, it was made of some kind of stretchy material with a lace look. On her feet were these black strappy sexy heels. Jim’s dick felt like it was trying to bust through his jeans, which made them tight and uncomfortable suddenly.

Right at this moment she looked about 25 instead of 18 and if she hadn’t been his daughter he would definitely be coming onto her. Never in his life had he even imagined she was that sexy under all the clothes she wore.

Those sexy moans from last night started playing in his head, which didn’t help his throbbing cock in the least. A picture of him hovering above her with him completely sheathed inside her popped in his head, an image so vivid he almost groaned.

“What do you think Daddy?” Her voice bringing him back to the present, asked.

“Wow, Kitten you look absolutely gorgeous! Why have you been hiding in those baggy clothes? I’m probably going to have to buy a shotgun now to keep the boys away and maybe even a few girls as well.” He said with a laugh.

Kat blushed. “Thank you Daddy, do you really think the boys will like me?” She asked quietly. “Sweetheart, you’re absolutely beautiful. You’re so grown up, how did I miss this?” He told her, all the while thinking to himself, “Hell yeah, you’re fucking hot and they aren’t blind.”

Kat got excited, she had hopes because she could see the bulge in her dad’s jeans so she knew he thought she was attractive. She smiled at him, “Thanks, Daddy.”

Just then Jim realized that in the past few weeks she’d taken to calling him daddy instead of dad, damn if that didn’t make him want her all the more. He sat there sipping on his beer while she showed him several different outfits.

Jennifer had come back to tell them she had lunch ready for them. Kat came out dressed in a pair of khaki shorts, a pale green tank top without a bra, her nipples were like 2 erasers through the thin fabric. He knew he was going to have to take care of this hard on as soon as he got home.

He followed the pair into the back of the store, down a hallway into Johnny and Jennifer’s house. He was willing his erection to go down before they reached their destination so it wouldn’t be obvious he was lusting after his daughter.

Johnny was holding what looked to be a 2 year old girl while holding the hand of a 4 year old boy. “Welcome to our home Jim, you have a lovely daughter. She and Jenny hit it off from the start when they met at the library.” Johnny said, giving Jim some clue as to how they’d met.

“Thank you for the lunch invitation, I thought I was going to starve watching that modeling show.” Jim told Johnny with a chuckle. “Daddy!” Kat exclaimed. Johnny had the feeling Jim wasn’t talking about food.

They ate, laughed and talked like old friends, it was obvious the girls had a good friendship between them. Kat helped Jen clean up the kitchen before they headed up front to add up Kat’s purchases. He figured it was going to cost a pretty penny but his daughter was so happy and vibrant he knew he’d pay whatever it came to.

As Johnny led him back to the store he could feel the tension building in his body, soon he’d be at home alone with Kat, would he be able to control these feelings he was having for his daughter. Pulled from his thoughts as he realized they’d stopped short of the door, Jim looked at Johnny, who was watching him closely.

“I know it’s none of my business, but I just want to give you some advice. I saw the condition you were in when you walked into my house, from watching Kat model for you, I’m not judging you, I’ll tell you something if you can keep it to yourself.” Johnny said. Jim nodded his agreement. “Jennifer is my daughter and these are our kids.” He said.

“Why are you telling me that?” Jim asked astounded.

“I think you know the answer to that Jim. I can see that you just realized how grown your daughter is and just a word to the wise, she wants you too. She’s acting the same way Jennifer did when she decided she wanted me.

I was still married to her mom, but she’d been cheating and Jennifer had seen her in the act by coming home early from school one afternoon. She’d all but cut me off anyhow and I was getting ready to find someone to fill that void when I came in from work one night, Jenny asked me if I’d take her to get a book she needed from the library.

Jennifer took it upon herself to both tell and show me what her mother was up to, then she told me that she wanted to be my lover. I told her she was my daughter that wasn’t permitted, she quickly changed my mind. I divorced her mother, sold my old business, house and cars then we found bursa eskort this place.

Here no one knows who we are and she got her degree online, I’m a silent partner in the shop but mainly I’m her man and these kids’ Dad. I’d now be lost without her. Think on that, sometimes you can have everything you ever wanted, you just have to be willing to step up and get it.” Johnny finished as he opened the door.

By the time Jim got to the register Jennifer had his total so he just gave her his card. Johnny helped Kat carry the bags to the car then came back inside. He shook the man’s hand as his daughter hugged his daughter. He was beginning to wonder what Kat’s plans for today actually were now.

Jim opened the door for Kat, checking her out as a woman as she climbed in, he still couldn’t believe the transformation in his daughter. She’d been beautiful before but right now she was flat out gorgeous. He wondered if she was having sexual thoughts about him. He most certainly was about her even though he was still trying not to feel guilty about it.

Looking over at her she smiled at him. “What would you like to do now, Sweetie?” He asked her.

“Actually Daddy I’d like to go watch a movie then order from our favorite Italian restaurant then go home eat and relax.” She answered. Jim liked her answer but he could feel himself start to swell again, with every passing minute Jim was hoping to be buried inside her.

Stopping at the 4-way just below the movie complex Jim felt himself tense, just as they started through the intersection a car came from out of nowhere plowing into the rear passenger side. He could hear Kat screaming.

A police cruiser was across the street and pulled over there within seconds of the accident.

He was frantic, asking Kat if she was alright and trying to get the officer’s attention. But he was busy trying to get the woman that hit them out of her car. Once Jim saw who it was he was livid.

“What in the hell is wrong with you Angie?” Jim shouted.

“You know this lady, Sir?” The officer asked. “Yes, she’s a secretary at my construction company.” Jim answered.

“Who’s that little whore you’re with Jim? Don’t act like we ain’t together. I’m carrying our child!” Angie screamed at him.

Jim looked at the officer, “That’s not possible, I knew she was disturbed but I didn’t have a clue it was this bad.” The paramedics had pulled up and were checking Kat out, Jim excused himself and went to her side. They informed him that she was fine, she’d just be sore for a few days, most likely due to the impact and the seatbelt, then they said that if she hadn’t been wearing it, things would have been worse.

One of Jim’s partners just happened to come along just then. He offered to give them a ride home once they were free to go. They went ahead and loaded their stuff into his car while he told the tow truck driver where to take the SUV.

Jim told the officer where he lived, that he was taking his daughter home and his lawyer was going to meet them there so they could give their statements. Once at his house his partner came in, together they told a couple of detectives everything that had been going with Angie. After giving their statements, Jim and Kat were alone once again.

“Are you really alright Kitten?” He asked her. She just nodded her head but there was tears in her eyes. He pulled her into his arms and just held her, she felt so good and he was so thankful she wasn’t hurt.

“Why don’t you go change into one of your outfits. I’m going to order us some dinner and I’ll come knock when everything is ready, we’ll have our date night right here.” He told her as he kissed her forehead.

She squeezed him tightly for a minute then, she could feel his hard on pressing against her stomach, part of her ached to touch him but she walked to her room instead. She closed the door behind her and called Jennifer to tell her about the accident.

Jim ordered their favorite meals then went into his bathroom. He stripped quickly then climbed under the water. He imagined himself buried in his daughter with her whimpering with pleasure as he stroked himself, even though it was wrong his knees almost buckled when he ejaculated.

Leaning against the wall he gathered himself together and finished his shower. Drying off he found a pair of dress slacks minus his briefs then put on a buttoned up dress shirt. He padded barefoot to the kitchen, then he went throughout the house shutting all the blinds for privacy in case things went where he thought they might go.

He set the dining room table, they never ate in here anymore so hopefully it would show her that he was treating this as a special occasion. Just then the door bell rang, he answered the door, paid for the food along with a generous tip for the delivery then locked the door again. He set everything up poured them both a glass of wine then headed to her door.

Knocking he could hear her moving around. “Is my date ready?” He asked as she opened the door. Jim was once again stunned by his daughter’s beauty.

Dressed in a black dress that would stop traffic with those damned black heeled shoes she was wearing earlier Jim felt his hard on come back. Kat looped her arm through his as he led the way to the dining room.

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