Daughters Get what They Want

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Kirsty was a normal eighteen-year-old girl – caring, sociable and a high achiever at the sixth-form college she attended. If all went well this year, she would get an ‘A’ in art and enrol in Art College next year. She was also one of the best looking girls are the school, a trait she had inherited from her father who used to be an underwear model back in the 90s. He still had a good build and did a little modelling but it was more for things like sweaters and golf clubs.

She was popular with boys too, how could she not be with her looks. Tall, well developed with long hair, dark eyes and a beautiful complexion. After dinner she was off to a drawing class – she was doing everything she could to impress the teachers and get the best grade possible, but that was not the only reason she was going. Steven also went to the same class. He was older than her, probably by around ten years, and they’d really hit it off. They’d done nothing more than talk but Kirsty found herself strongly attracted to him and was sure he felt the same.

As she finished the last piece of pasta, she looked up at her dad who was sitting opposite her at the table and smiled.

“I’ll be back around nine. Is that okay?”

“Her dad nodded. Of course. Just go careful.”

“Will do. Thanks for cooking.”

Her dad grinned. “Yeah, it not much but your mother should be back tomorrow night and we’ll all get to eat properly again.”

Kirsty’s mother was away in Germany on a business trip. She was an engineering consultant and was always heading to Europe to advise on large construction projects.

Kirst left the table and put her plate in the dishwasher. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Ah, this and that. Y’know.”

Her dad was always a bit lost when mum was away.

“Okay, well, I’m gonna get my stuff and go. See you later.”

“Bye, sweety.”

Kirsty went to her room but before she got her drawing stuff together she changed into some of her more daring clothes. Despite technically being an adult and able to make her own decisions – her parents treated her like a child and would never approve so she’d got used to putting them on under her normal clothes and then changing outside the house. Today she had fishnets, black boots, a short skirt and very tight white t-shirt that strained to keep in her ample chest. She knew she looked a bit slutty but was thinking of stepping things up with Steven tonight and these kinds of clothes would hopefully mean he’d have a hard time saying no.

She shoved the heeled boots and drawing supplies into her bag and went downstairs. She could hear her father cleaning the kitchen.

“Bye dad.”

“Bye again sweety. Take care.”

“Will do.”

When she was five minutes from the house, she ducked into an alleyway, removed her jeans and jumper, swapped her shoes and in less than two minutes looked like she should be a centrefold in a pornography magazine. She put her knee-length coat back on to avoid attention and resumed her journey. She felt a little like an escort girl going to visit a client and could feel her pussy responding to the idea.

The art class wasn’t a school event like her parents thought and was, in fact, a private life drawing class held in a community centre about fifteen minutes walk from the house. They’d kill her if they knew. She entered the building, found an unused easel and began to set up her equipment. She looked about for Steven but it was almost time to start and he still wasn’t here.

The teacher cleared his throat. “Welcome again everyone, thanks for coming. We have a new model today and I think you’ll all agree it’s good to have a change. Okay, Mark, come in.”

And in walked Kirsty’s father. Completely naked.

She let out a small gasp and everyone in the room looked at her, including her father, who’s face registered a horrifying mixture of shock, embarrassment and anger.

He had an incredible body for a man of 45. Broad, developed chest muscles, strong toned armed and respectable set of abs. At first, Kirsty did her best not to look at his cock but she just couldn’t help herself. It was shaved smooth and even soft was long, broad and complemented by a full, rounded pair of balls. They stared at each other.

“Is there a problem Mark?” asked the teacher.

“Um, ah, no. No problem.”

Mark’s eyes were still fixated on his daughter dressed like something out of an old man’s dirty fantasy.

“Great, then perhaps you could sit here and kind of lie back a little, hands here, legs slightly apart, looking this way.”

Mark was facing his daughter straight on.

“Okay everyone.” said the teacher. “We’ll take a break in one hour. Enjoy.”

Kirsty knew she should leave straight away but there was something locking her to the seat. She couldn’t take her eyes of her father. He was facing her, his powerful body half reclining in the chair and that stunning cock was just laid there. Or was it? Before her eyes, it seemed to twinge and within seconds it was starting to grow, raising itself bursa eskort from a resting position, standing higher and getting larger.

Some of the other students were whispering between themselves and Kirsty’s father seemed to be turning a violent shade of red.

“It’s okay,” called out the teacher. “It happens, it’s just a human body. Treat it as an opportunity to draw something new. If anyone isn’t comfortable with it, you’re free to go and you can, of course, have your money back.”

Kirsty hadn’t made a mark on the paper. She was still staring at her father’s erection. It was huge and full, the head was swollen and the shaft thick and strong.

Suddenly Mark got up from the chair and covered himself with his hands. “I’m so sorry, I’ve never done nude modelling. I’m going to go, sorry for disappointing you.”

“Nonsense,” said the teacher with a reassuring warmth, “just pop your underwear on or use a towel. Mostly nude is better than no model at all.”

While her father went to get a towel, Kirsty wondered if she should leave. She’d been caught in her slutty clothes and she was not sure this situation was in any way healthy, but as her dad came back in, she immediately decided she rather liked the idea of studying his body for the next two hours.

Throughout the session, her father made sure to avoid eye contact but she kept catching him eyeballing her. Oggling her fishnetted thighs, booted feet and curvaceous chest. And then, without even understanding why she did it, she adjusted her sitting position so she was square onto him, and opened her legs a little; just enough so he could be able to see her white panties.

The effect was almost instant and she could see her father shifting to try and conceal his stiffening cock. Kirsty didn’t quite understand the feeling that she was experiencing but she did know that her heart was beating fast and her pussy was aching for release.

The session ended around 8:30 and Kirsty left straight away. She knew her dad would need to dress and she did not fancy getting a lift home with him. It would be so awkward. She pulled on her coat and headed home.

After the 15 minutes walk, she could see her father’s car was in the drive – he must be home.

She let herself in quietly and went straight upstairs and locked herself in her bedroom. She didn’t hear a word from her father but that night she came harder than she’d ever cum in her life.

The next morning was a Saturday and Kirsty headed downstairs for breakfast. She was wearing her ‘normal’ clothes again and could hear her dad was already up making breakfast.

“Hi,” she said as she entered the kitchen.

“Ah, um, hi sweety. Look, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what…”

“Forget it, I have. You don’t mention my clothes, I won’t mention your…ahem. Let’s just move on. Tea?”

Her father visibly relaxed. “Okay, yes. That’s probably best. And yes please, I’d love some tea. Thanks.”

“Any plans for today?”

Her dad shook his head. “No, and I’m definitely not going nude modelling again.”

“Why not, you looked great.”

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about it?”

Kirsty laughed, “You brought it up – no pun intended.”

Her dad looked rather uncomfortable. “Oh yeah, sorry. Okay. Well, no. I might do some DIY. rejig the shelving in the walk-in wardrobe before your mother gets home.”

“Okay, well I’ve got some coursework to do, but if you need any help, just give me a shout.”

“Thanks sweety.”

Around 3 o’clock that afternoon, Kirsty couldn’t concentrate. She still had a powerful image of her dad’s rock hard cock in her mind. She got up from her desk and went into her parent’s bedroom to speak with her father. He wasn’t there. All the tools were out but he was nowhere to be seen. She peeked into the walk-in wardrobe and could see he’d been hard at work and the many of the clothes had been taken off the shelves and piled up on the floor. Among them, she noticed a small collection of extremely kinky lingerie – basques, stocking, suspenders, garters, chokers and so on.

She didn’t know why she took them but when she was back in her locked bedroom laying the stolen lingerie out on the bed, she once again felt her heart racing and her pussy tingling with anticipation.

Kirsty could hear her dad was back in the wardrobe, banging with a hammer and all she could think of was what his cock would look like if he saw her wearing these clothes. Almost in a trance she pulled down her jeans, took off her panties and removed her t-shirt and bra. She clipped a choker around her neck and selected a black basque. It was a good fit but then, her mother had always kept very trim. Next, she selected a black suspender belt and matched it to a pair of stockings that had lines running up the back. She slipped her own high heels on and finished the ensemble off with a pair of black panties that had a sheer, see-though fabric at the front that showed off her perfect, smooth lips.

Adrenaline and hormones were coursing bursa escort bayan through her system, obliterating her fear and suffusing her with lustful confidence. She unlocked the door and strode into her parent’s bedroom.

Her dad was lying on his back under a dressing table, screwdriver in hand. He was facing away from his daughter so didn’t see her when she came in.

“Is that you love?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“I’ll be there in a second. Just…trying to…ah, there we go.” He put down the screwdriver and pulled himself out from under the table and sat up. “Hey sweety, what…”

Speech left him as he took in the sight of his daughter in his wife’s dirtiest underwear. His eyes travelled from her dark sultry eyes to her swollen cleavage and then down to her barely covered pussy and stocking clad thighs.


“Kirsty…What the hell…?”

“You don’t like it?”

Her father stammered something but his gaze just travelled up and down her flawless body before coming to rest at her beautiful, veiled lips.

“I…this…this is wrong Kirsty. Wrong. Those are your mother’s clothes.”

“Do I look bad in them?”

“No, no, you look…well, you look good. Very good. But no, this is wrong.”

“Would you like to touch me.”


“Are you getting hard?”

“Please Kirsty, stop it.”

Kirsty took a step forwards so her pussy was mere inches from her father face. He could smell her scent and see up close the sensual pink slit. She reached down and ran a hand through his hair.

“Come on, let’s have some fun. I want to see your cock again.”

Her father screwed his eyes shut and got to his feet. In her high heels Kirsty was the same height as him.

“We can’t do this sweety, this is messed up. Go to your room and take off those clothes.”

“So you don’t want me?”

“Just please go to your room.”

Kirsty reached down towards her father’s groin but he stepped back and grabbed her wrist.

“No! Go to your room.”

“Okay.” and she turned and walked out of the room – knowing full well her father was staring at her smooth, firm arse cheeks.

That evening the phone rang. Kirsty’s father had left the house straight after ‘the incident’ so she answered it. It was her mother. They chatted for a while. Kirsty had still not taken off the underwear and she felt that same exciting sexual energy return talking to her mother whilst wearing it. She loved the idea that she and her mother would be sharing a lover. After a while, they said their goodbyes.

Around 8 o’clock the she heard the front door open and her father return.

“Kirsty! We need to talk.”


When he saw her coming down the stairs in the lingerie he turned around immediately. “No, please Kirsty. Put something on. I need to explain some stuff to you.”

She grabbed a heavy dressing gown from the bathroom, tied it around herself and headed downstairs. He father was sat in the lounge on the sofa.


“Yes. Much better. Right. I’m going, to be honest with you now sweety. I know you’re a young woman and you have needs. But you’re going about it all wrong. Fathers and daughters just can’t do what you want to do. It’s illegal, immoral and just, well, it’s just wrong. Besides I love your mother and this would do more than just upset her.”

“But you’d like to wouldn’t you?”

Kirsty’s father shook his head. “That’s not the point. You’re a very beautiful girl and any man would be lucky to have you, but you need to find a boyfriend. Someone your own age who you’re not related to you.”

Kirsty smiled. “You still haven’t said you don’t want to fuck me.”

“Jesus Kirsty! What’s wrong with you?”

“Well? You haven’t, have you?”

Her father stood up and looked his daughter in the eye. “I don’t want to have sex with my daughter.”

“Okay, that’s all I needed to hear.” Then she undid the belt on the dressing gown and let it fall from her shoulders. “Then it shouldn’t bother you if I dress like this.”

Once more his eyes ravaged her body. Those large firm breasts. The long legs, high heels, smooth arms and delicate hands. Her hair falling over her shoulders, the slim waist wrapped in tight black lace and of course, that stunningly perfect pussy, just visible through the see-through panties.

“But I can see you’re hard.”

Her father looked down to see the huge bulge in his trousers. “Oh fuck it! He strode over to his daughter and placed one hand on her pussy working a finger into the grove and wrapped the other around her waist pulling her so so he could press his lips against hers.

Kirsty moaned in ecstatic relief as she felt her father’s powerful chest against her breasts and the hardness of his erection pressing into her thigh. She reached down to wrap a hand around its girth.

As suddenly as it started it stopped. “No. I’m sorry. Oh god. I don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t do this.” He took görükle escort a step back. Your mother’s coming home tonight. Imagine if she’s early. It’s just not worth it. I’m married. You’re my daughter for fuck’s sake.”

“Okay.” said Kirsty, this time with acceptance. You can’t say we didn’t try. But if you change your mind daddy, you know where I am. I’ll take these off just like you asked.” and reaching behind her back, started to undo the clasps on the basque until it fell to the carpet, revealing her large, breasts with erect pale pink nipples.

Her dad wanted to leave but all he could do was watch as his daughter stripped for him. The basque had gone. Then the choker. Next, she removed the high heels and unclipped the stockings from the suspender belt. Finally, she was stood there in just the panties.

“You’re so beautiful, sweety.”

With practised ease, she pulled down the panties while her father just stared at her pristine pussy. She ran a finger up the wet slit. Sure you haven’t changed your mind? Just a taste maybe?

“I really do want to but I can’t. I just can’t.”

“I understand, daddy.”

Kirsty turned and left the room.


Mark was surprised he hadn’t heard from Karen, she normally called before she got on the plane. No big deal. He hadn’t eaten much that night – his mind was a mess it was all he could do not to empty the liquor cabinet. He’d had a few beers to relax but it wouldn’t look good for him to stink of booze when Karen got home.

Kirsty had been in her room all night. They not spoken since ‘it’ had happened and Mark thought that was probably a good idea. He needed some time to think. She was gorgeous and he’d nearly done the unimaginable. How he’d stopped himself he didn’t know. Something in the back of his brain must be looking out for him. Just thinking of her now was making him hard and he honestly didn’t know if he’d ever be able to look at her the same way again.

It was 11 o’clock and almost time for bed. He wrote a soppy welcome home note for Karen who was due in around midnight, finished his beer and made his way upstairs. There was no light coming from under Kirsty’s door – hopefully she was asleep. He imagined her in bed naked, her smooth thighs and delicious breasts. That incredible, warm, tight pussy. Then he imagined her legs spreading for him. His mouth pressed against her licking the salty sourness

“Get a fucking grip, Mark.”

He entered the bedroom, removed his clothes, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed. He was still hard from his recent thoughts but as he reached down to take hold of his cock he realised he’d be masturbating over his own daughter and if he started doing that…well, it could only end one way.

Fortunately, the alcohol had made him drowsy and he soon nodded off.

Mark was awoken sometime later by the front door quietly closing. He turned to look at the alarm clock – 12:09 – Karen. Then sounds of something heavy being placed down and the front door closing again. Quiet footsteps on the stairs which crossed the landing and stopped by the bedroom door. A gentle turning of the handle and the sound of the door opening though it was too dark to see anything.

“Hey babe. You’re back. God I’ve missed you.”


“What’s wrong?”


Then he felt a hand slide under the covers and grip his cock.

“Ohhh… I see.”


Mark’s cock rapidly went hard and he let out a sharp gasp as he felt Karen’s wet mouth slide over the head. This is exactly what he needed to straighten him out.

After a few minutes, Mark could feel the cum starting to well up, orgasm was not far off. “Hey, slow down, you’re going to make me cum.”

The sucking stopped, “Sorry daddy, I’m new at this.”

What the fuck! Mark scrambled backwards, banging his head on the wall and fumbled for the light switch. As the soft light clicked on he could see Kirsty knelt on the bed, completely naked, her mouth still a little wet.

“Mum called. She’s been delayed. Be home around lunchtime tomorrow.”

Her father looked down at his cock, firm and wet with his daughter’s saliva.

“You’re precum tastes nice. Come on daddy, we’ve started, we might as well finish. At least let me suck you dry.”

“I can’t hold out any more, come here.” He lunged forward, pushing his daughter onto the bed and clambering up her naked body until their faces were together. He pressed his lips against hers and using his tongue coaxed her mouth open so he could lick inside it. Kirsty let out gentle gasps and her father latched a powerful hand around her breast squeezing its firmness.

“God you’re beautiful. Daddy’s sorry he kept turning you away.”

“Shhh. Kirsty forced herself up into a sitting position and guided her father’s mouth towards her nipple.”

He licked it gently, tasting her and then took it into his mouth, sucking gently and letting out quiet satisfied noises.

“Good boy,” she stroked her father’s hair, pulling him into the warmth of her breasts. “Everything’s alright. This is the way it’s supposed to be. I’m going to look after you daddy.”


Kirsty reached down and ran the back of her finger along her father’s rigid length. It immediately twitched and he let out a sharp grunt.

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