Dive, Dive, Dive!!!

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“Lisa, where’s my diveskin?” Mike asked as he packed his bag for their dive trip to the Cayman Islands.

“I packed it in with my stuff,” Lisa replied, as she struggled to close the suitcase, jam-packed with what she hoped would be enough for the week in Cayman Brac.

God, she thought, I can’t wait to get the hell out of here and out of all these clothes and into a bikini and into the sun, just dive and relax and party, no phones, faxes, emergencies at work, just fun and games. And just what games we’ll maybe play, thought Lisa. Hopefully Mike will have gotten some ideas from the Penthouse Letters magazines she had been leaving around for the past three months, ever since they had decided to take this trip to Cayman Brac with their best friends, John and Sue.

John and Sue, they had been best of friends for three years now, ever since they all met in the dive shop when they took their Open Water certification courses. Of course, Lisa thought John was just about the most handsome man she had ever met, except Mike. He was 6’2″ tall, 180 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes, in great shape from all of his Ironman training, a perfect match for Sue, 5’6″, 120 pounds, full figured, blond hair, blue eyes, dedicated karate student. They looked like a couple from a magazine of perfect people.

Quite a contrast to Mike and herself. Mike was 6’1″, 175 pounds, long dark hair, not an ounce of fat on him. She herself was 5’8″, 130 pounds, red hair, green eyes, full firm breasts, hips always threatening to spread. The only exercise she got was from Mike when she could get him in the mood. She hoped he’d get in the mood and stay there once they got to Cayman Brac and he couldn’t be distracted by the responsibilities of work or anything else, just her in her new, skimpy bikini.

She’d noticed Mike appraising Sue several times when they had managed to get away for a few days of diving in the past. Well, what the heck, she’d quite frankly appraised John herself on more than one occasion, wondering what it must be like for Sue to have a guy just as horny as she had told her he was most of the time. Well, maybe Mike will get some inspiration once we get there.

“Lisa, let’s go,” Mike interrupted her reverie, “We’ll miss the plane. We’ve got to pick John and Sue up.”

“I’m coming,” she replied, giving her hair a last quick brush before grabbing her bag and hauling it down the hallway to the front door, which was being held open for her by an impatient Mike. He seemed sort of uptight at the moment, but she had plans for that as soon as they got on the plane. They loaded the bags into the trunk of the car and drove off down the street to pick up John and Sue, who only lived about ten minutes away.

“Mike,” Lisa said, “aren’t you glad to finally be getting out of there? I mean, no responsibility, no worrying about work. Isn’t it about time? We haven’t had a break, a real break for over a year, and we have John and Sue with us. We’re going to have a great time.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, but I won’t relax until I’m on the plane with a beer in my hand, then I’ll feel safe to start thinking about it,” Mike replied.

They turned right onto Sunset Avenue and drove the half block down to John and Sue’s.

“Well, there they are, standing on the sidewalk with their bags. You’d’ve thought they were as impatient as you to get the hell out of here,” Mike observed. “Well, let’s get them loaded and gab on the way to the airport.”

“Hi, guys. Let’s get a move on. We’re late as usual,” Mike said, grinning at John and giving Sue a look over.

Man, she really looks good today, he thought. Those short shorts and that tight halter top really make her look hot. I wish Lisa would dress like that sometimes, she’d look great. But she’s pretty shy, always wearing more conservative outfits that tended to cover up more than enough, like she was afraid of people seeing what she was really like. Well, maybe this trip will help. And besides, he’d noticed a few Penthouse Letters magazines around the house lately. He couldn’t believe it at first that Lisa would even read one, let alone leave it so that he could find it. I wonder what she thinks of the things she’s reading in them. I mean, the one that he’d seen last had a whole section about swapping and orgies. I’m sure she wouldn’t be turned on by something like that. After all, it seemed like it was getting less and less frequent that they were fucking any more, and even then there wasn’t much imagination to it. Hell, he hadn’t had a blowjob in months, just get it up, stick it in, fuck like crazy for a few minutes and then cum. Nothing special.

Now, John and Sue, John says they fuck three, four, sometimes five times a day. God damn, that’s the way it should be. I mean, look at Sue, what a fuckin’ knockout. She’s got great breasts, nice slim ass, and a mouth just meant for sucking. He’d sure imagined that scenario more than once in the last three years. And John says that she’s not the least bit possessive or jealous, just insists izmir escort that everything be out in the open and that she gets to play, too. John says they’ve had some outrageous times and that things keep on getting better and better. I’ve seen him giving Lisa the eye before. I wonder if he thinks she looks as good as I think Sue does. I mean, Lisa’s a real knockout, too, great breasts, just enough ass, that unbelievable red hair, legs that don’t quit. It’s just that she doesn’t seem too interested in sex lately.

“Hey, Mike, you going to get going or stare at us all day,” John asked. “We’re going to miss the plane if you don’t step on it. Once we get to the Brac, you can stare at anything you want to for a whole week. Right now, let’s go.”

So they got into the car and drove on to the airport, Lisa and Sue talking in the back about sun and fun, while Mike and John talked about what dives they had heard to do. The fifteen minutes to the airport seemed to go by quickly and then they were there. They got a porter to take their bags and proceeded to the check-in desk where they checked their bags and got their seat assignments. Boarding would start in about ten minutes.

“Lisa, aren’t you just so excited?” Sue asked. “I just can’t wait to get there and get into a bathing suit and into the water, nothing but diving and relaxing and fucking our brains out for a week. What a blast. What about you and Mike, got any hot plans?”

“I hope so,” Lisa replied. “He’s sure been distracted lately. It’s like he hardly knows I’m there sometimes. If I’m lucky he’ll roll me over and jump up and down for a few minutes once in a while, but even then it’s like he’s not there. I just don’t know what to do.”

“Well, when we get there and he sees you in that new bikini you’ve got, look out, he’ll be all over you like a bee on honey,” Sue replied. “Hell, I’ll probably have to knock John over the head to get him to keep his hands off of you. He’s got more horniness than anybody I know, maybe even me. But maybe I’ll show him a thing or two this trip. I’ve been reading some magazines and have gotten some really horny ideas from them.”

“What magazines?” Lisa asked.

“You know, like Penthouse and stuff,” Sue replied.

“That’s funny,” Lisa said, “because I’ve read Penthouse Letters magazines the last few months. They have some pretty wild letters from people in them, if they’re really from people, not just someone making them up.”

“Well,” Sue mused, “we’ve done some of the things I’ve read about in those letters, too, and before I ever read about them. I imagine there are people that do just about anything you can think of. Sometimes I get real horny thinking about what it would be like to try some of the things I’ve read. Do you ever wonder for yourself?”

“Oh, some of the things,” Lisa said.

“Which ones?” Sue asked.

“You know, ones where the man surprises the woman with some new way of doing it, something to spice it up a little,” she replied.

“I get off on the ones with three and four people, or more, in them,” Sue said. “I’ve asked John what he thinks but he just grins and says whatever. Have you ever asked Mike about it?”

“God, I think he’d probably freak out. I mean, I don’t exactly know what to ask him. He’s been so weird lately. I’ve been leaving my Penthouse Letters magazines sort of lying about lately, so maybe he’s seen them. I hope so. I’ve been trying to get a rise out of him any way I can,” Lisa exclaimed.

“Well,” Sue said, “just ask him if he happened to read any of them. At least it will break the ice one way or the other. But I think you won’t have any problem once we get there. You’ll see. I’ll even guarantee it.”

At that moment they called for the flight to board and everybody boarded the flight, found their seats and buckled in. Once they were airborne, they got beers from the service bar and settled in for the two-hour flight to Cayman Brac. Once they arrived, they cleared customs and got a cab to take them to the Dive Tara Resort where they would be staying and diving out of.

Upon arriving at the Dive Tara Resort, they were greeted by smiling Caymanians with a local punch for them to drink. As it was warm and humid, the punch went down quickly to exclamations of satisfaction. After completing check-in procedures, they were taken to their bungalow, a two-bedroom, two-bath, cottage-type structure with a large common area and stand-up wet bar. There were two large, comfortable looking couches, along with a table and four chairs and a coffee table between the couches. The bedrooms each had large king-sized beds in them, causing Lisa and Sue to exchange glances. All in all, it looked to be a very comfortable bungalow, complete with air conditioning. The Caribbean Sea was just 75 feet from the front door with a nice, protected lagoon right there for swimming. The pool was 100′ away, back in the direction of check-in and the dining room.

“Well,” Sue sighed, “I’m mersin escort going to change and go for a swim right now. Anyone want to join me?”

“Absolutely,” Lisa answered. “Come on, Mike, let’s get changed.”

“All right. Why not?” Mike replied, at which time Sue and John went into their room and Lisa tugged Mike into theirs.

Once Sue and John entered their room and closed the door, John grabbed Sue from behind, cupping her full breasts in his hands and biting her neck. Sue arched her neck, eyes closing in delight as John continued to nibble and kiss her neck. With her left hand, Sue reached back behind her to caress the cock she felt throbbing against her ass. As she rubbed it through John’s pants, he groaned and squeezed her breasts tighter, rolling the nipples between his fingers as they got harder and harder, seeming to match his growing erection.

At this point, John pulled Sue’s shirt up over her head, releasing her breasts to the air, her nipples hard and thrusting up, begging for attention. John leaned over and took the left nipple in his lips, his tongue lightly circling it, softly sucking it into his mouth. Sue arched her back, holding his head in both hands as he continued to lick and suckle her nipples, first one, then the other, until they were both in a state of rock-hard firmness.

At this point, Sue reached down and fumbled at John’s pants, undoing and unzipping them to free his now raging cock from the confines of his shorts. It sprang loose, all eight inches of it, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip like a jewel in the light. Sue knelt down, John’s cock just inches from her face, and took it in both hands, squeezing softly, her tongue darting out to catch the droplet as it dripped from his cock. She then ran her tongue softly around the swollen purple head of his cock, occasionally darting the end of her tongue into the small slit in the end, causing John to groan out in pleasure. Then she opened her mouth and let his cock slide into her mouth across her tongue, closing her lips around it and letting it slide all the way to the back of her throat, her lips just inches from the base, before letting it slide back out, all the way to the head where Sue locked her lips, swirling her tongue around the head and attempting to suck the life’s juices out of him.

At this point, they fell onto the bed, John’s head buried between Sue’s golden thighs, tongue probing up into her smooth-shaven pussy. He ran his tongue along the length of her pussy lips, sometimes sucking the lip into his mouth to softly nibble on. He then began to tease the little button at the top, swirling his tongue around and around and around, never quite touching it the way Sue wanted to be touched as she sucked his cock for all it was worth. Then suddenly John plunged his tongue into her hole, as far as it would go, sucking up the juices as they started to flow down his tongue, bathing his face in them.

Sue was going wild on his cock, sucking it right down her throat to the base, then lathing it with her tongue as she drew back, only to plunge back down on it, jamming it deep into her throat, pulling back again to hold the head in her lips, teasing the little slit with her tongue, lightly sucking on it, making John groan with pleasure and he continued to suck her hole and lick her slit, almost drowning in her juices.

Suddenly, Sue started bobbing up and down on John’s cock, sucking all the while, her tongue tapping a tattoo of terminal delight on the end of his cock, driving him into a further frenzy of tongue lashing on her clit, causing her to bob faster and faster, all the way down, sucking him into her throat. All of a sudden, John felt Sue start to shudder and spasm as her orgasm started to overtake her, while at the same time John felt his cock ready to burst as he flooded her mouth with his jism, her orgasm flowing over his tongue as he furiously tongued her clit. Sue just kept on sucking and sucking, swallowing every drop of cum that she could, just a bare dribble running down her chin.

Then they both collapsed on the bed, breathless and worn out with their pleasure, John’s face covered with Sue’s juices and Sue wiping the dribble of cum from her chin into her mouth, determined to have it all.

After a moment, Sue sat up, looked at John and said, “Welcome to the Caymans, sir. We hope your stay here will be pleasurable.”

John just groaned and sat up, saying, “I just hate this place. I just hate this place,” then fell over laughing. “I guess we’d better get our suits on and go swim, otherwise they’ll wonder what happened to us.”

At that they got up, gave each other one more deep, tongue-swirling kiss, then pulled their bathing suits on. John pulled on his Ironman bikini briefs while Sue pulled on her thong bikini, a nice pale blue, just barely enough material to give a hint of coverage. John took a look at her and shook his head.

“People are just going to be dying to get sakarya escort into your shorts, Sue. You’ll drive them nuts. I can’t wait to see Mike’s reaction. You always affect him.”

“Well,” Sue said, “we’ll just have to see about that. Lisa seems to be having trouble getting him interested lately. I don’t want to make it harder for her. If Mike starts paying attention to me and not paying attention to Lisa, she’d feel pretty bad and so would I. I’d just assume they started getting off on each other, then we’ll see about some other fun and games.”

With that, they went outside and walked down to the beach where Mike and Lisa were already floating in the beautiful turquoise water. As they approached the water, Sue could see Mike giving her the once-over from head to toe, lingering just the slightest at her chest and the intersection of her legs where the thong bathing suit molded itself to her every curve, clearly displaying her prominent camel toe. Glancing over at Lisa, Sue could see she didn’t notice them coming as she was floating on her back, her attention away from the beach and her huge breasts spilling out of the top of her one-piece suit as she lay there.

“Hey, guys,” Sue said as she splashed into the water, “sorry we took so long, but you know how it is.”

“Yeah, getting dressed can be so distracting,” laughed John as he noticed Lisa scoping out the bulge in his suit, still somewhat swollen from their pre-swim fun. “I’m surprised you guys didn’t take longer too.”

“Well, there’s time enough for everything, I guess,” said Mike, the image of Sue’s suit molding her pussy lips still burning in his head. “I imagine there’s going to be plenty of distractions here this week.”

“Oh, I think you can count on it,” said Sue, smiling at Lisa as she thought of all the possibilities. “This is going to be the best vacation we’ve ever had, you’ll see.”

As Sue swam over to Lisa, John waded into the water to talk to Mike.

“Lisa, I thought you were going to be wearing your new bikini this trip,” Sue said. “What happened? Why are you wearing this one?”

“Well, when I tried it on, it — well, it doesn’t fit just right,” Lisa explained.

“What do you mean? I saw it on you, it looked awesome. Mike’ll just shit himself when he sees you in that. What’s the problem?”

“Well, you know, when I put it on, I just don’t quite fit into it. I can’t seem to get all of me inside,” Lisa replied.

“So what, all you have to do is get enough inside of it to not get arrested and to get Mike’s attention,” Sue said. “You try it on for me and I’ll see what’s what, if there is anything we can do to make it fit better. We’ll send the guys for drinks and do a quick change and see if we can’t straighten things out, first with your bathing suit and then Mike’ll straighten out when he sees it.”

“Oh, it’s not important right now,” Lisa replied, “we can do it tomorrow.”

“Whatever you say, but let’s get you guys with the program,” Sue exclaimed.

At that moment, Mike and John erupted in laughter, falling into the water.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” Sue asked. “How about including us.”

“Oh, John was just telling me a joke,” Mike said. “I hadn’t heard that one before.”

“Which joke?” Lisa asked. “Tell us too.”

“Okay,” John said, “What’s the hardest part of eating bald pussy?”

“Oh, God,” Lisa said as Sue started cracking up, “what now?”

“Putting the diaper back on when you’re done,” finished up John as Mike just fell over backwards into the water, laughing hysterically. “Is that politically correct enough for you,” he asked as he laughed at the incredulous expression on Lisa’s face as she absorbed the intent of the joke.

“That’s pretty terrible,” Lisa said. “Thank God neither of us have any children.”

John roared with laughter at that. “Why, what difference would that make?” he asked. “It’s just a joke anyway. I don’t recommend eating bald pussy if it’s underage.”

“God, that’s disgusting,” Lisa said.

“But you do recommend properly aged, bald pussy, don’t you,” Mike asked, “just as long as it’s aged properly,” giving a glance over to Sue, remembering again the way her suit clung to her.

“Most certainly,” John replied, “nothing better. Saves on dentist bills, too,” he laughed.

“Hey, you guys,” Sue said, “why don’t you go round us up some drinks and bring them back to the room. We’ll meet you there.”

“Now that’s an idea,” Mike said. “We’ll go find the bar and see you two in a bit,” as he and John left the water in search of the bar.

“Come on, Lisa,” Sue said, “let’s go.”

So Lisa and Sue walked the short distance to their bungalow. Once they got inside, Sue told Lisa to get her new bikini and show it to her so she could see what the problem was. When Lisa brought the suit, Sue held it up and smiled.

“What’s wrong with this,” she asked. “It looks just delicious.”

“I just don’t fit into it right,” Lisa replied.

“Try it on,” Sue insisted. “Let me see.”

“All right. I’ll be right back,” Lisa said.

“No, just put it on right here. Let me see,” Sue said.

“What if they come back,” Lisa asked. “I’d be too embarrassed.”

“Well, come into our room, that way if they come back, we won’t be out here in the living room,” Sue said. “Come on.”

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