Domination Ch. 05

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Thank you all for the comments. This has been a fun one to write and I have plans to take this a ways.

Big thanks goes out to WA001 for editing this story.


Side note: due to all the feedback regarding the name change and the confusion, I have decided to re-submit this story without the name change. My intentions was to make new names for some of the characters (along with others coming soon), especially since some are related and calling that person by their name in public could be an issue, but it came out confusing to all of you, my readers, and I decided to remove the change.


I woke up the next morning to a familiar feeling. Familiar but extremely awesome as I felt warm wet lips around my cock. As I reached up to wipe the sleepiness from my eyes, I was able to focus and see who it was. Surprisingly, it was my mother, Joslyn, whom I had taken as my slave the night before. However, this woman was not giving me a blowjob or just sucking a dick. She was making love to and worshiping her Master. It still amazed me at how different a blowjob was when it pleased the woman just as it did the man.

Mom moaned around my cock as she took me as deep in her throat, wrapping her tongue around as much of me as she could. When she would come back up, she would lick the head and then run her tongue up and down each and every inch before bobbing up and down a few times.

I moaned involuntarily as this felt that freaking good. Then I noticed movement to Mom’s left as I looked directly at Myra who was smiling like a fool as she was biting her lip. She was most likely waiting her turn or even taking pointers from Mom as Mom clearly was the best at what she was doing currently.

“Good morning Master,” Myra said as she finally spoke up.

“Good morning slaves. You two really know how to wake up a guy,” I responded as I put my hands behind my head enjoying the pleasure my mother’s mouth was giving me.

I then felt her pull back and whispering along with some giggling before I felt something different entirely. It was still warm and wet but was not like a standard blowjob. Then I sat up and saw that both women had their lips locked onto my cock from either side as their tongues played with each other around my hard member. They moved up and down and their dual pleasure felt phenomenal.

As I looked over at the clock and noticed I had about ten minutes left before I had to get up, shower and go get breakfast before I had to leave. “That is enough slaves,” I stated as I sat up.

They both pouted and whimpered wanting to continue, but I had other plans. “As you have not learned my rules just yet, you are not permitted to join in. I will allow you the same courtesy that I did to Myra yesterday. Please take your place next to me and you may cum as much as you like while I fuck my slave,” I said to Mom who looked sad but forced a smile on her face. If she was good in her training, I would be including her in my fun a whole lot more.

“Myra,” I said looking to my sister as I got off the bed, “Lay down on your back and let me get a good look at my pussy.”

“Yes Master,” Myra replied. I then realized that Mom didn’t reply the same way and would need to bring it up to Myra later when we were alone to make sure she understood.

Myra laid down on the bed and slowly opened her legs up letting me get a clear view of her cunt. “Are you wet slave?” I asked, though I should have known the answer already.

“Of course, Master. I almost always am when I’m around you.” she replied with a sinful smirk, “But sucking Master’s cock makes this slave’s cunt soaking wet,” she finished saying as she smacked her tight little cunt.

I crawled up the bed and dove into Myra’s cunt, giving her hole a few good licks so I could get her taste on my lips before I sucked on her clit. “Oh God Master! That feels soooo good!”

“Tastes good too my slave,” I replied before I sucked on her again.

This had the desired effect as she was quickly begging for her orgasm, “Please Master! Can I cum?”

“Yes you may slave. Give me your sweet nectar,” I replied. Her legs clamped shut around my head as her body jerked back and forth as she screamed in orgasm.

My eyes darted over to Mom as she was starting to cum herself. However, I knew I didn’t have much time and needed to get my own before I headed to the shower or I would be stuck here all day and I needed to go to class today.

Once Myra’s legs released my head, I forced her legs opened and crawled up her body, kissing along the way and feeling her muscles tremble with each kiss. It truly was amazing at how even my touch could send shivers up and down her body like this.

By the time I made it all the way up her body, her hips were moving on their own as her body could somehow sense what was coming next, either that or I gave away way too much and she knew she was going to get a good fucking.

My lips met hers and our tongues gorukle escort began to dance as I ran my cock through her wet slit. Since I knew she was already soaked down there, I didn’t need to take it as easy and instead thrust hard into her hearing her whimper and then moan.

As my cock pounded into her, feeling how wet, warm and squishy her welcoming hole was, she started moaning much more loudly before she broke the kiss, “Yes Master! Fuck your slave and use me for your pleasure.”

“You belong to me don’t you slave?” I asked as I started to speed up the intensity of my thrusting.

“Mind, body and soul Master. Now and forever,” she replied. The look in her eyes was not one of pleasure, but more one of satisfaction. Somehow, I realized that by being inside of my slave and satisfying my own needs, it brought her great satisfaction and made her feel whole. That is the only way I could think she would feel satisfaction and not pleasure in that moment as I pounded away at her tight cunt.

“We don’t have much time slave. But I expect you to cum with me. Are you close?” I asked her.

She nodded her head, “Yes Master. I was holding it back so you could pleasure yourself and not have to worry about this slave,” she responded.

I kissed her hard, not bothering to push my tongue into her mouth before I pulled back, “God I love you Myra.”

“And I you Master, now and forever.”

I then sat up, grabbed onto her inner thighs and pounded into her in fast, short thrusts. At this speed and intensity, I knew I wouldn’t last long, one way or the other. After about five minutes, I spoke up knowing my orgasm was about to burst, “Cum for me slave. Cum as soon as you feel my seed hit your walls,” I grunted through ragged breaths.

Within ten seconds of me telling her to cum, my cum rushed up from my tightening balls down my shaft and exploded into my sister slave as I moaned and grunted. The second I felt my first shot leave my cock, Myra’s body jerked and flailed on the bed as her own orgasm, which she had been holding back, erupted. Her legs wrapped around me in an instant and squeezed the life out of me as her knuckles turned white from gripping the bed sheets.

She must have had a big one as her orgasm lasted longer than it usually did. Once it subsided, her grip on me loosened and I looked over at Mom who seemed to be enjoying watching her kids have sex even more than I thought she would as she had just orgasmed as well. Her thighs were trembling as she had clamped her legs shut and turned over towards us so that her head was right near Myra’s.

“Mommy-slut. I left a treat inside of your slave sister. Clean her up and don’t let a single drop spill. Once you two have recovered, I want you two to make me breakfast. Two eggs over medium, one whole slice of toast cut diagonally and buttered, four sausage links and a glass of orange juice.”

“Y-yes Master,” she was only able to reply as she started to come to.

“Oh and make sure you make something for yourselves as well. As Myra and I told you last night, I don’t expect to eat alone,” I finished before pulling my dick out of Myra’s pussy and started to head for the bathroom. I watched for a second as Mom was still trying to get her body to work but was amazed when no cum came leaking out of Myra. I knew my morning loads were the biggest, as with most guys, but didn’t know that Myra was coherent enough to hold it in. Maybe it was just instinct her body had learned, though that would have been a feat of human evolution to learn something like that in just a couple days. Either way, I smiled and turned around and headed to take a shower.

I made my shower quicker than usual as I had used up too much time being with Myra and Mom, but I wouldn’t regret any of this as it brought all three of us happiness. When my shower was finished, I dried off quickly and got dressed before heading downstairs.

The smell of a freshly cooked breakfast hit my nostrils as I descended the stairs. As I turned into the kitchen, I was greeted by Myra who was still fully nude, which was to be expected. “Master, please have a seat. Your breakfast will be ready momentarily,” she stated as she pulled out the seat at the head of the eat-in-kitchen table. The table was not as large as our dining room table but had just enough space for the four of us to sit and enjoy breakfast, lunch or light snacks.

As I sat down, my OJ was already waiting for me along with my silverware and napkin. When I was seated and brought up my phone to check my emails and messenger app to see if there was any updates for practice, Myra quickly moved away from the table and returned a few seconds later with a small plate with my toast. About a minute later, Mom came over with my plate of eggs and sausage.

“I hope breakfast is to Master’s liking?” Mom asked as she stood in the nude as well with her head bowed and her left hand on top of her right in front of her as Myra stood to her left and was in the same fashion.

I altıparmak eskort bayan looked at my plate and saw there were four sausage links along with two eggs. I cut into the eggs and tasted them and they were cooked perfectly, “Most excellent slaves. I usually prefer multi-grain bread but this is quite good.”

“Thank you Master,” they both replied in unison.

“We will get some multi-grain bread for you Master when we go shopping today,” Myra stated. “Is there anything else we could get while at the store?” she asked.

I gave Myra a small list of things I would need that I normally got myself. I then handed her the key to my footlocker where I kept my bread and other dried goods as well as other things. “Feel free to bring them down here now since I don’t have to hide them from anyone anymore.”

Mom looked up and directly at me confused, “Yes Mom. I have been buying my own food since you and Myra acted like you didn’t give a damn about me before this weekend. Did you really think that I would just eat air each night?” I stated, referring to the countless times dinner would not be there for me and I would state I would just eat air.

Her head dropped down and I could hear her sobs. “Don’t worry about all that. It is in the past and I don’t hold grudges. But from here on out, we will try to be better a family together, whether this Master slave thing works or not, understand.”

She looked back up at me as tears ran down her face and only nodded as this had hit her hard. I knew it would have since she hadn’t come to the realization that she was pushing her own son away or was too naive to know that she wasn’t. It was possible that she was too caught up in being Myra’s slave that she lost track that she was a mother to her son, but her hesitation when she would apologize for not having dinner told me otherwise.

Myra hugged Mom knowing that they may have taken this too far previously. They both moved back over to the kitchen counters and finished making their own breakfasts before joining me, with Myra on my left and Mom on my right.

When I was done with my meal, I stood up and both women stood immediately but since they hadn’t finished eating, I told them to sit back down, to which they did though part of them wanted to reject my order and not make me clean up after myself.

I grabbed my bag and gave Mom a loving kiss and whispered in her ear, “If you are a good slave today and you learn my rules, I will have a treat in store for you tonight. I have wondered just how my own mother’s pussy would taste on my tongue,” I whispered right into her ear as I licked her earlobe causing her to shudder and moan as she bit her bottom lip. That look in her eye made me regret not fucking her this morning too, but I knew she needed to know my ways before she got what she wanted.

I then moved over to Myra and kissed her lovingly just like I did Mom. I then whispered in her ear, “Your job is to teach Mom my rules. Remember that you are no longer her Mistress but you are allowed to punish her if she doesn’t learn, just not too hard without my permission. Oh and no orgasms for her or you, but you can play around with each other while you wait for me.” I then nibbled on her ear for a second before pulling back.

“Master? What time should we be expecting you?” Myra asked.

I then noticed that she was wearing her “SLUT” collar that symbolized that she belonged to me. It was going to be so much better when she no longer had that word on her neck but had my collar on her instead, “Around 5:30 or 6pm. I have practice after school through Wednesday this week.”

Myra looked as though she was thinking something for a minute, “Here, please take my car Master. You should not be seen in that old beater that you have,” she stated holding out her car keys to me.

“You want me to take your car?” I asked her confused.

She shook her head, “No Master. I want you to take your car. When you took me as your slave, you took possession of all that I have. Mind, body and soul also means all my worldly possessions like my car, clothes and anything else of mine you want.”

I realized that she was right about this. I could take what I wanted since I technically owned these three women. “Fine then. But we will need to get you a car, unless of course you want to be seen driving the ‘beater’ as you call it.” I could see her shudder at the fact of driving my older Honda and it made me chuckle. “Fear not slave. We will sell that car and get you something more worthy of your beauty.”

“Thank you oh gracious Master,” she replied with a smile. I gave her a quick kiss and headed out.

I hopped into the BMW and put my bag down. Though the car was really nice, I came to the realization that she had wanted this car for her and it wasn’t me. I didn’t mind BMWs or other luxury cars, but I was more the type of person that could be filthy rich and drive around in a Toyota Camry wearing old, worn jeans nilüfer eskort bayan and a t-shirt rather than a fancy-pants suit and a 100K car just to show off.

School went by normally with the normal drama that my friends had. I also noticed that more and more of the girls in my classes were looking at me more than usual. Now I am not the ugliest guy in my class but I’m not the most handsome either so I never expected to be the object of desire for most of these high school girls and truthfully, that was how I liked it. Handsome enough to get the girl I was interested in, but not overly attractive to where all the girls were falling head over heels for me. Something must have changed as I wondered if the smell of sex had not washed off me.

During lunch, as I was playing on my phone looking up different kinds of cars, trucks and SUVs to decide what I wanted to get, I had a couple of the hotter girls come sit at my table and chat me up. I was courteous enough but didn’t return much of their flirting.

Right before the bell rang, the hotter of the two asked the question that they both were thinking, “We have been flirting with you nonstop since we sat down and you haven’t responded to our flirting at all. We know you broke up with your girlfriend as she has been talking about how she dumped you all day, but we can easily tell, as can most of the school, that you must have dumped that bitch.”

“Actually we haven’t spoken since she cheated on me Friday night. But I have found someone since,” I replied with a newly found confidence I had. I pulled up a picture that Allie and I took while we sat on her couch, though luckily it only showed the tops of our chests to our heads otherwise it would have been a topless pick of her as we were both completely nude at the time. I showed the girls the picture and both of them told me how cute we looked together and that she was hot. I thanked them both and complimented them as they were just as hot.

Just as the bell rang and I got up to discard my plate and head to class, I turned back to them, “We have an open relationship and she lets me take other women as well. Maybe in the future one or both of you could join us. The threesomes are getting boring since I’ve already had a couple but would be fun to have a foursome or more.” They both gasped as their eyes went wide. I smiled mischievously at them before turning to head to class. I only had two more classes for the day and they were not in them. This would give them some time to stir, though I hadn’t let them know that I was my girl’s Master or that I had two other slaves that were my own sister and mother.

Once school was over, I headed to the locker rooms to get changed and ran out to my sister’s car to throw my things in before heading to the track to get my runs in.

As I was warming up, my friend, Allen, started chatting me up, “So have you decided where you are going to college yet? I got a bunch of offers but picked UNC as they are one of the top track and field schools that I found.”

That was a good choice as he was the fastest runner in our group and even though I was the second fastest, I didn’t want to make my decision based on track and field as I wasn’t going to be a runner my whole life. “Yeah. I think I will take LSU up on their offer. It was between them and UCLA, though I did have other offers as well.”

Allen laughed, “I hear that bro. I had a ton of them but was focused on either UCLA or UNC but moving out to the west coast just isn’t for me at this point in my life due to UNC being closer to my family.”

I then realized that I had made my decision and would need to take my slaves. I knew Myra would come with me, or thought she would without reservations, but what about Allie and Mom. Mom had just joined my slave harem last night and I was quickly falling in love with Allie. Allie was a sweetheart and put everyone before her, just like I did. She was also the kindest and gentlest person I had met. I began to think that if she couldn’t come with me, I would be heartbroken and didn’t know if I could continue doing this without her. Then again, I couldn’t change my mind and switch schools just to accommodate one of my slaves as that would make me look weak and indecisive in their eyes and they would not want to be under me anymore. Now being more frustrated than I thought I was, I finished up practice and came to the decision I would tell them my decision soon and would have to live with the consequences, even if that meant losing one or all of my slaves.

I hopped into Myra’s BMW and headed home just after 5:30pm. All through the drive, I came to the realization that if my harem of slaves grew any larger than the three women, I would need a large vehicle and would need to get something that could transport that many people. That left only a van or a large SUV. Now I’m not one who is opposed to vans or too manly to have one, but having an SUV would be so much better. Though I didn’t need anything specifically flashy or anything like that. I knew that once I got home I would need to decide on which one I wanted to get and then where to buy it. Then again, I did need the money to purchase it as well. Myra had stated that her money was now mine, but at least in our current situation, I didn’t want to take all of it away from her.

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