Doris’ Itch Ch. 02

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This story is written on behalf of my friend Doris who wants to explore and enjoy one of her fantasies. I would appreciate your feedback so I can improve for the next chapter.


Well over the next two months my itch got worse, as I teased my youngest son’s friend Toby even more, and Toby seemed to respond by letching at me even more without a trace of shyness or shame for that matter.

I would start teasing him as soon as I came through the front door and started to take off my coat. I would appear to struggle with getting my arms out of the sleeves and this would cause my 44DD breasts to bounce and quiver under the tight white material of my nurse’s uniform. Toby’s eyes would be fixated on me as he sat at the table across from my son, Mike, doing their homework together.

“Hi guys, how has your day been?” I asked the pair of them after stretching up to hang my coat up and give Toby a flash of my nylon clad thighs in the process.

“School was okay mum,” Mike replied without turning to look at me.

“Getting better all the time Mrs B,” Toby responded with his wicked & cheeky Artful Dodger smile spread wide across his face.

You could not but like the cheeky little shit, so I decided to tease him some more.

Standing behind Mike, and looking directly at Toby I undid the top button of my uniform before leaning over Mike’s shoulder asking, “How’s the maths homework going?”

“Fine mum, thanks,” Mike answered as I raised my eyes to look directly at Toby across the table who was staring directly at my huge cleavage showing through the V of my uniform. His eyes were wide like saucers as he feasted on the white creamy flesh staring him straight in the eye.

“Do you enjoy maths Toby?” I asked him with a huge grin on my face.

Quick as a flash he responded “I lovvvveee geometry Mrs B, I especially like curves, radii, and circular forms.”

Gosh, this boy was quick and full of confidence in our repartee; the cheeky little shit.

Toby didn’t follow me upstairs as I expected him to do this evening, thus spoiling my chance to tease him further.

Other evenings Toby did follow me upstairs pretending to be going to the bathroom while I headed to my room to get changed. I would leave the door ajar and tease him in different ways each evening. Sometimes I would run my hand down over my ass and ease the hem of my skirt up, other times I would rub my thighs with my hand heading up under the hem towards beaver country. Another variation was to massage my own shoulder before running my hands down the slope of my upper breasts before circling my hardening nipples through my white nurses uniform. I would rub my huge breast through the material, making creamy flesh stretch the material, tighten against the remaining buttons & surge out of the V of my unbutton top section. I think this would have been the most satisfying of my teases for Toby to watch.After teasing him for a few minutes I would always walk out of sight towards the ensuite without showing Toby much flesh, but always doing enough to give the kid an adolescent hard on.

Some evenings I wouldn’t enter the ensuite, rather waiting until I heard the bathroom door close, and then I would sneak into the hall to listen through the bathroom door.

Initially I reckoned that Toby would sit in there waiting for his hard on to subside before going back downstairs to join Mike who was cooking dinner.

Some evenings the teasing made me so horny I used to play with myself in the shower before dinner. Sometimes I would stand for ages under the hot water imagining that it was Toby’s hands that were massaging my huge orbs with soap covered hands. Was the lack of regular sex with my husband Ian really making me desire Toby, my son’s best friend? The mini orgasm I shuddered through in the shower seemed to say the answer was yes.

Other evenings my pussy would get moist as the three of us ate dinner together and I would have to accept delayed gratification by waiting until my boys were in bed and I could head to my den to urgently ease the itch by bringing myself off quickly with my fingers as I imagined young Toby fingering my pussy under the dining table as we all ate dinner one evening. With such wicked and taboo thoughts such as that, one orgasm just wasn’t enough.

One evening I downloaded a movie showing a nurse in a white uniform giving a young patient a blowjob in the bathroom; well my fingers were buried in my gash in an instant. I didn’t even bother to take off my shorts I just tore open the waist band and thrust my fingers straight down my panties heading straight for beaver country. I thrust two fingers deep into my juicy gash while my thumb tormented my clit. My free hand was semi clenched in front of my mouth, imagining it wrapped around Toby’s young hard cock as my lips twitched in an O imagining them clamped over Toby’s swollen glands as I suck his gorukle escort bayan hardness in my mouth for the first time. Three orgasms later I was gagging for the boy, if he had been sleeping over that night I would have taken him there and then in his bed.

These thoughts of young Toby were becoming more regular and more demanding. I wanted him, but that was taboo. But I had an itch I needed to scratch.

From then on I just couldn’t resist stepping up the teasing another notch. At dinner I would run my foot up the inside of Toby’s legs until I could just reach the inside of his thighs before I would start running my foot up and down his leg until I saw him blush. I gauged that he was starting to get a hard on under the table as it took him a long time to leave the table after dinner as he waited for his hard on to die down. Other evenings I teased him even more by showing more flesh as I did a slow strip before heading into the ensuite. By now I was sure that Toby would be struggling to contain himself in the bathroom, his level of desire and one evening I could not contain my itch any longer. My fingers just weren’t doing it for me any longer, I needed Toby, which I knew was wrong and against our faith. But our faith & my husband just weren’t giving me the satisfaction my mind and body craved.

It was a Wednesday night and I was about to cross the boundaries of Christian decency, but I craved what my husband won’t give me. I knew it was wrong but I was too far gone in my desire I mean, crave, and need a hot rigid, throbbing cock on which to feast my eyes and hopefully my tongue.

As I came through the front door I was determined to make this a night that neither of us would forget and one that Mike would not notice. I made a great show to Toby of my thrusting breasts in my tight uniform as I struggled more than usual to get out of my coat. Toby’s eyes grew large as he realised that this was a very special show for his benefit.

My throat was dry I was just filled with longing for Toby and I hoped he would follow me upstairs when I went to get changed.

“Are you guys ready for the holiday next week,” I inquired.

“Yeah,” they both exclaimed with youthful joy.

I stepped into the kitchen for some juice for my dry throat before heading for the stairs. As I left the lounge I saw Mike head for the kitchen to start dinner; and as I got to the foot of the stairs I saw Toby rise from the table and start to follow me.

As I started to climb the long flight, I slowed down and started to sway my hips as I climbed each step, feeling Toby’s eyes following every movement as we ascended the stairs. Toby paused by the bathroom door, as usual, as I entered my bedroom leaving the door more ajar than normal. I sat on the edge of the bed and slowly undid the buttons on my uniform all the way down to the waist allowing the material to ease apart revealing my full cleavage and heaving breasts, barely contained within my struggling bra. I knew Toby would be watching and I knew he would not be able to believe the show I was putting on solely for his benefit.

The landing creaked as Toby stepped forward to the door frame, unable to stay and watch from his usual perch. I eased my knees apart slowly, making my skirt ride up my thighs, exposing my panty crotch to his view; Toby’s jaw dropped open as my hands started to stroke up the inside of my silky nylon thighs, feeling my pussy twitch & itch as if it was receiving a jolt of static electricity from my stroking of my thighs. I daren’t touch my pussy as I wouldn’t be responsible for my behaviour if I did. I looked up to see Toby with his hands pressed tight to his crotch as his eyes absorbed the sight of his best friend’s mother stroking her spread thighs with her ample bosom heaving towards him as he remembered the childhood days of being cuddled into my bosom whenever he hurt himself. He obviously longed to be back there. Taking one hand from my thighs I eased the material away from my breasts so that he got an unlimited view of my bra supported breasts.

A long sigh broke the silence as Toby just could not handle anymore titillation & teasing and turned away for the bathroom.

Hearing the bathroom door close I stood up & headed to listen at the door. Through the door I could hear Toby breathing hard and his clothing rustling. Carefully I turned the handle to find it unlocked, and gently pushed the door open. Stepping inside and quietly closing the door behind me I found Toby sat on the toilet seat with his trousers round his ankles, furiously beating his meat, sliding his hand rapidly up and down the length of his rock solid virgin cock.

Toby’s cock was about six inches long and was thicker than my husbands. On Toby’s downward stroke I admired & lusted for the beautiful purple head of his cock now pumped full of blood and young lustful vigour. The head was coated with a nilüfer escort bayan thin smear of precum that was issuing from the eye of his cock. Under his sliding hand was a fair sized pair of cum filled balls being bounced around as his hand reached the bottom of his downward stroke. Toby’s breathing was deep & fast as he panted through his exertions of wanking himself off.

“Mrs B!” he huskily & quietly exclaimed in utter surprise.

I knew he was very close to coming.

Slowly I reached up between my heaving breasts to grasp the centre front clasp that contained my 42DD beauties. I released the clasp allowing the overfilled cups to give way sideways as my erect nipples made their break for freedom and flesh air.

Toby’s eyes went wide as my surging breasts came into full view as they thrust my uniform and bra cups asunder.

I desperately wanted to sink to my knees & take his manhood into my mouth, and taste the salty explosion of cum that would shortly explode from his over excited cock. My pussy itched, wanting to be taken care of preferably with a hard cock, or alternately with a mouth or fingers.

He sat there on the toilet urgently stroking his burning rigid cock, pointed directly at his friend’s forty two year old mother as I stood there; my white uniform spread open exposing such an unbelievable pair of large stunningly beautiful breasts with hard nipples as I panted with need & desire as I lusted at him in return.

“Mrs B I love your tits, I really do,” Toby panted, eyes & cock full of lust.

The sight was just too much for Toby as his virgin cock surged as he wanked for only the second time in his life as he would later tell me.

All of a sudden Toby groaned “AAarrgh,” as ribbons of hot white creamy spunk exploded from his prick in my direction. It arched in mid trajectory before descending on to the front of my uniform skirt. Toby just kept coming, literally, splashing his sticky sperm everywhere over my skirt until it started to run down to the hem and then it started to drip onto the tiled floor. Toby just sagged on the toilet seat as his first orgasm came to such a spectacular conclusion, his cock still hard in his hand. A look of total relief & satisfaction on his face following such as a dramatic orgasm was a pleasure in itself to behold

Slowly Toby regained his senses.

“Mrs B I’m so sorry,” Toby groaned as he looked in horror at the scene in front of him.

I looked down at the front of my skirt, having to bend forward to see past my breasts. I smiled at how the situation had come to this.

I smiled, “Don’t worry Toby, in fact I am very flattered by your reaction to me,” I almost panted at him as my heavy breasts rose & fell in all their glory in homage to the virgin cock standing hard & proud in front of me. I so desperately wanted to drop to my knees and take his gorgeous tool between my salivating lips. But time & circumstance were against us as I heard Mike cooking dinner downstairs.

“Have you ever been to see ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Toby?” I enquired.

“Err, Yes Mrs B? why?” Toby asked in a puzzled tone.

“Were the audience dressed up and did they shout out lines of their own?”

“Yes Mrs B,” Toby’s tone was more bewildered now.

“Do you remember when Brad Riff-Raff opened it and said ‘Come in’?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Toby, totally bewildered and his cock now softening in his hand.

“What did the audience shout in response?”

“I don’t know,” Toby responded looking very confused.

“They shouted out ‘I don’t care where you come as long as you clear it up afterwards’, and I feel the same. You can come anywhere you want on me, but I expect you to do the same. Now clean this place up and I’ll see you for dinner after I’ve showered,” I informed him as I turned and let the room, when really I craved dropping to my knees, sucking him back to hardness, before turning around & staying on my knees and having him fuck me senseless with his young hard virgin cock from behind doggie style. The thought of taking his cherry was so wicked, so taboo, and so damn exciting that my pussy burned in my panties, screaming for relief & release. The itch for Toby just kept getting worse.

I was halfway across the hall landing when I realised that I had my tits out in full view and I still had hot sticky come on the front of my skirt. What would have happened if Mike or Andy had come upstairs at that moment and seen me in this condition? I knew that Andy was still at work, but the thought of my sons seeing me like this turned me on no end!! As I entered my room I scooped some of Toby’s cum off my skirt and rubbed it over both of my hot, erect nipples as I wondered which prick I would like the most – Toby’s?, or Andy’s?

How had I sunk to this level of depravation and lust, where I wanted either my eldest son bursa otele gelen escort bayan or my youngest son’s best friend? These were not the teachings of our church, these were not the thoughts I taught at Sunday school; but they were the thoughts that made my pussy itch and crave attention as I entered the ensuite still rubbing Toby’s cum into my tits.

I couldn’t believe the sight of myself as I stopped in front of the sink and looked up into the mirror. My uniform hung either side of my massive tits as I watched my hands maul my nipples, sending ripples through the mass of warm tender flesh as I abused the tenderness of my nipples. I could still see some of Toby’s cum still on the front of my skirt. I hitched the front of my skirt up and scrapped the rest of his cum off my skirt, before pulling the front of my panties & pantyhose down to expose my hot itchy mound. Instinctively my cum covered hand snaked its way to hunt down my throbbing clit. Like a hunter in the bush my fingers found my erect clit and started to rub the still warm & sticky liquid over the hard bud of my clit.

“AArrrgghh,” I groaned loudly as waves of pleasure surged through my sex starved body and I went weak at the knees. I quickly sat on the cover of the toilet seat, looking directly at the mirror opposite as I watched myself pleasure both my nipple there was a nurse with her uniform wide open molesting a pair of heaving 42DD breasts topped with hot pink nipples; with her panties down to her knees while busy fingering her clit. Who was this person that looked back at me with such lust filled longing in her eyes? Was this the upright pillar of her church community who taught Sunday school to the local kids? No here was a hot woman with urgent needs that needed satisfying, and her husband wasn’t there to do it.

I just couldn’t believe the sight of me masturbating so openly & so forcefully, looking like some slut off a porno movie. But my needs were growing by the minute as my body begged for the release from its cravings for orgasm.

My fingers were a blur as they passed over my now exposed clit with one hand; and my other hand alternated between the summit tops of my two full heaving breasts. The aches in my body and the itch emanating in circles from my pussy needed and demanded satisfaction & pleasure. My fingers had every intention of honouring that demand as they took me to unknown heights of self induced pleasure that I had never experienced before in all of my evenings of solo sex.

I peeled my hood back with my fingers to give full access to my clit, my fingers now rubbing Toby’s come into the sensitive tip that sent electric shocks arcing through my body.

My nipples seemed to burn as the hot skin of my breasts absorbed & dried Toby’s cum, and now my pussy juices were literally running as my long awaited orgasm broke in massive & tiring heaves over my body. I bit my lips hard to silence the screams of pure pleasure that wanted to burst from my mouth as wave after wave of pleasure & relief surged & eddied all over my skin as I thrust two fingers deep into my pussy. I humped & bounced on the toilet seat as I wished that Toby & Mike were taking their own pleasure from my once prim & proper body and soul. Oh God, the sensations, the throbbing, the quivering, and the pulsing, of feelings through the velvet walls of my pussy drained the energy from my body as my orgasm ebbed at an end and I sat totally washed out looking at the wanton hussy in the mirror.

Did I really crave the attention & pleasure of Toby and Mike so much?

Slowly as strength returned I pulled my clothes off and threw them in the wash basket, before dragging myself into the shower. I was only in there a couple of minutes soaping myself all over when I heard a knock at the bedroom door.

“Mum, are you okay in there? Mum?” Mike asked in a worried voice.

“Yes Mike, I am just tired, and I was letting the hot water revive me, but yes I am OK,” I replied.

“Well dinner is ready,” he answered a little testily.

“I’ll be straight down, thanks,” I replied as I stated to haul my tired, but satisfied body, out of the shower & into some clothes for dinner.

By the time I got into the kitchen Mike & Toby were tucking into their dinner with gusto. I wasn’t sure if Toby was famished or if he just wanted to be away as soon as possible. He looked a bit sheepish as he rushed through his dinner. I may have been satisfied after my orgasm, but I still wanted to tease him as I slid my foot up his thigh under the table. The poor guy nearly choked on his food in shock, as I smiled sweetly across at him. Mike looked slightly puzzled as he realised that something was definitely different tonight but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

Fortunately I was saved by the bell! quite literally as the phone started to ring and Mike rose to answer it.

“Hello, Mike speaking………….. Hi Dad, how are you?…………… Yeah, I’m good we are just finishing dinner…..” Mike continued his conversation with Ian as I phased out the sound and began to run my toes up Toby’s thigh again. Toby tried to close his legs, but this only trapped my foot as I wiggled it against his denim covered thighs.

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